Si Tian Guan Chapter 12

Chapter 12 Jiang Xingzhi

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Liu Zhongming could feel Bai Shiyan’s feet touch him lightly under the table. He put down the teacup quietly. 

“It was also a coincidence. Our merchant ship picked up a sinking ship at sea. There happened to be a share of Pan Gonggong’s on board. I was afraid Pan Gonggong was anxious about it. Thinking of telling him the news earlier, I coincidentally passed by.” 

He smiled: “His Majesty often talks with my father. Killing would build bad karma, even if it is slave. Presumably, this is also something the emperor was not happy to see, also having such great fanfare outside, if it reached the ears of the emperor, that would be bad. “

When he talked about the emperor, no one dared to say anything more. 

Bai Shiyan was a little unhappy. 

Are these people in the city staring at the Liu family too closely? Could it be possible that every time Zhongming gets in contact with someone, they will have to make a big alarm for it? 

Liu Zhongming shook his head slightly to tell him not to make a fuss about nothing and scare himself. 

“Zhongming is right. After all, it is a human life, not to mention that child is a rare monster. It would be a pity if he died.” Jiang Xingzhi said casually.

“Monster? How is it a monster?” Mu Jingde was curious. 

Many people could answer this question. 

“Wangye does not know, but this child’s eyes look different from others. One is golden and the other is blue.” 

“Boss Du said at the beginning that the child never lied. It’s not that he didn’t dare, it’s that he can’t. He was born unable to lie.” 

“Forget it, can you even believe Boss Du’s words? He also said that out of hundred divinations from this child, a hundred would become true. Last time I came here, I didn’t hear a word. He was obviously a little mute.” 

Yes, how can you believe what he says? The more extraordinary they describe it to be, the higher the price. Is it your first time coming out to play?” 

“Not necessarily. Last time I went to hit the Zhuang Xian building, the teacher said to me the next day, I would lose all my money, so I didn’t go out for a day, and I was safe.” 

Someone laughed and said, “This is a pure lie. I don’t know if you will run into trouble when you go out. I only know that if you meet him, you really lost your money.” 

Mu Jingde also laughed amidst the roar of laughter. “Techniques in Jiang Hu are all used for bluffs. Just listening to it is fun, how can you take it seriously?” 

“Wangye, I think that kid is very interesting,” Jiang Xingzhi smiled faintly: “I also came to him a few years ago for a divination.” 

Mu Jingde listened to him and asked hurriedly: “What was the result?” 

“He didn’t say anything, just shook his head. Boss Du explained that this meant everything will go smoothly. As a result,eEverything really went well.” 

Mu Jingde couldn’t help laughing: “Xingzhi, you telling this kind of joke seriously, it’s not funny at all.” 

A group of people laughed.

“It’s my honor to make Wangye laugh.” Jiang Xingzhi turned his face and asked Liu Zhongming next to him: “What about Zhongming? Have you played with those?” 

Liu Zhongming smiled and shook his head. 

He had already said that although he did not believe it, he would not be disrespectful. While those people looked forward to someone divining their future, these people also used the word “play” to talk about it. This was really a horrible story. 

Jiang Xingzhi laughed: “For this kind of thing, if you believe it, it’ll be the case and if you don’t believe it, it won’t be. If Zhongming doesn’t believe it, you will save money, but you will lose a lot of fun.” 

“Brother Xingzhi, have you heard a story?” Liu Zhongming asked. 

“What is it?” Jiang Xingzhi asked. 

“There used to be three scholars who rushed to the capital for the exam. Before leaving, they asked a fortune-teller about the results of the exam. The fortune-teller raised one finger. As a result, only one of the three really passed the exam.” 

Mu Jingde exclaimed in admiration: “That seems like a very precise calculation.” 

“Wangye is praising it too early,” Jiang Xingzhi smiled: “This fortune teller played with one’s heart. Whether the three of them were admitted together, or failed together, only one person admitted, or one person failed, it was all calculated with one finger.” 

Only then did Mu Jingde understand the story. He could not help laughing: “How cunning.” 

“You can’t believe it all but can’t not believe it.” Jiang Xingzhi poured him wine, then changed the topic: “Wangye, even if there is no divination, you should look at the child’s eyes, they are really exquisite and inhuman.” 

Having heard someone mention the “little monster” before, Jiang Xingzhi’s words made him even more interested. 

“Xingzhi, because of this, you re-elected Qisheng building today?” 

“Wangye is so knowledgeable. I racked my brain to remember that there will be some pleasure here, so if Wangye is happy, don’t forget to heavily reward oneself.”

Liu Zhongming and Bai Shiyan looked at each other. Borrowing divination to say something alarming and unclear, they have seen this situation more than once. 

There was once a Si Tian Gual who played a pivotal role in similar situations. 

At that time, Huai Wang was implicated and was confined for three months. It was not until the last Si Tian Guan was taken to prison for torture that the truth was revealed. 

Although Huai Wang was released, the emperor suppressed the root cause of the incident and did not allow a greater wave to rise. 

The current situation was unclear, so Liu Zhongming couldn’t think whether the fact that Jiang Xingzhi, who was an aide to Qi Wang mentioning “that child” was really pure interest, or if he had some other motive.

Facing Bai Shiyan’s questioning gaze, Liu Zhongming could only shake his head apologetically. 

Because Jiang Xingzhi mentioned it, he couldn’t help but remember when he was outside Panhe’s residence. He didn’t really feel pity for a person’s life or something like that, but unexpectedly, he actually saved a small slave. 

But what he really remembered was that child desperately getting close to him in his arms. He was like a flustered, helpless little beast that finally found a peaceful place to rest his mind. 

And those few whispers that became clearer and clearer. 


Liu Zhongming’s head hurt a bit——he couldn’t figure out why a low-status slave dared to call him by his name. 

And with such a feeling of nostalgia, they can only be regarded as having met two times at best. 

Why was he always encountering all kinds of weird things recently? 

While talking and laughing, some people have already looked for the little attendant outside and to request a divination. 

Not long after, there was a mess of footsteps on the stairs, and the owner of Qisheng Building, Du Quan, walked through the door with a smile on his face. 

“Greetings to everybody, dare I ask who is going to ask for a divination?” 

His eyes quickly looked around. Many people here were distinguished guests who often showed up in the capital. He recognized them, and naturally recognized the prince of An Ding Marquis at the table. But there was another person sitting with the prince. 

There were many noble people in the capital, but there were only so few people at this age who could sit with the prince. 

Du Quan’s heart was both in ecstasy and panic. He didn’t dare to look more, and he didn’t dare to keep his eyes on anyone. He could only look at the table cautiously, waiting for someone to answer him. 

“Boss Du’s business is booming,” Jiang Xingzhi smiled and relieved him: “I haven’t come to see it for years and didn’t expect that the divination sign at Boss Du’s has been withdrawn. What happened?” 

Du Quan smiled awkwardly: “It has been busy, and nothing major has happened, it’s…” 

He hesitated for a while. Although he would lose most of his money when he said this and many people just left after hearing it, if he didn’t tell the truth first, in case there is no result, these nobles will feel that they have been played. He would then have to suffer the consequences. 

These people are not fools.

“That’s…” He smiled bitterly: “Little Brother Qu is getting older. I think he has taken in a lot of smoke and fire of the human world. He is not as bright as he was when he was a child. Out of 20 opportunities, he will only say one good thing. The rest of the time, he just shakes his head. This small person doesn’t dare to make profit from this, so I could only withdraw his sign.” 

“Only shake his head?” Jiang Xingzhi keenly caught the words: “What does shaking his head mean?” 

Du Quan was surprised and didn’t know how to explain it. He just shook his head in a panic: “This…this means he doesn’t know…” 

“That’s it.” Jiang Xingzhi gently hit the palms of his hands with a fan, smiled and said to Mu Jingde: “Gongzi, I just suddenly have a suspicion.” 

When it was not convenient to reveal their identity, they all called Mu Jingde this way. 

“Okay, don’t leave us hanging.” Mu Jingde knew his subordinate, and knew that he would never have such a twisted way of thinking in his life, otherwise he would not need these counselors and staff: “Just say it.” 

“It’s not a matter of importance. I just remembered that the last time the kid only shook his head and Boss Du explained on his own initiative that I was fine and everything would go well.” 

Jiang Xingzhi chuckled: “Just hearing the story from Zhongming, I suddenly want to know what this ‘shaking his head’ means. Is it that he doesn’t know, that he couldn’t divine it, or can’t say it?”

With this, the young man with his hands tied behind his back was pushed into the door. He staggered two steps before he was kickedand fell to his knees. 

Hearing Jiang Xingzhi’s words, he gasped slightly and slowly raised his head. 

Qu Chenzhou knew that he was finished.

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