Si Tian Guan Chapter 13

Chapter 13 The destined person 

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Qu Chenzhou knew that he was finished. 

Hiding for such a long time, he didn’t expect to meet Jiang Xingzhi, and never expected that the person who broke his secret would be Jiang Xingzhi. 

He didn’t have time to think about whether he had given Jiang Xingzhi a divination in the Qisheng Building, but he recognized this person. This was the counselor who hid beside Qi Wang. 

He used to think that Jiang Xingzhi was Huai Wang’s man, but then he gradually rejected his speculation after many confusing things. 

Before the night they forced the emperor to abdicate, Jiang Xingzhi’s whereabouts were unknown. He didn’t know where Jiang Xingzhi went in the end and what the result would be, but he knew that this person could not be provoked.

It’s impossible to divulge it in front of Pan He, and even more so in front of Jiang Xingzhi. 

Especially about… 

His eyes finally fell on Liu Zhongming, and then he lowered his head. 

From the first time he saw Liu Zhongming clearly in the old wood shed, he saw the same divination as when he first saw him in Jinxi Academy. 

The destined person 

Qu Chenzhou smiled bitterly in his heart. If he wasn’t the destined person, how could he possibly escape from the catastrophe of the Liu family or how could it be possible for him to ascend and change the dynasty. 

This terrible divination was still hanging there brightly.

No matter whether the divination will reach Liu Zhongming or not today, he would rather be beaten to death than speak. 

And with Jiang Xingzhi’s words, no matter whether he opened his mouth or not, Du Quan would be alerted. Knowing how many times he had been cheated and how much money he had lost over the years——this time he was afraid that he was really doomed. 

He really couldn’t live this time. 

Du Quan was really agitated, and his mind became immediately clear. 

He was a businessman. His life goal was only to make money, otherwise he would not buy such a small child. 

Everyone knew that if a slave was too small and weak, being able to raise him until he became an adult would be an issue, let alone making money. No one would buy him. At first, he only wanted to deceive people with his pair of demon pupils, but he didn’t expect the sign to be hung out a few times, and it actually worked again and again. 

It was so effective, he also became convinced. He even occasionally went for a divination. Because Qu Chenzhou was usually silent like a mute, he accepted the child’s silent shaking of his head without any doubt, acquiescing to no result. 

Moreover, since the brutal beating a few years ago, the little beast had been really deaf and mute for more than a year. Even if he was unwilling, he could only accept his inability to reject reality.

Nowadays, the ones who occasionally came to ask questions, most of which were introduced by previous customers, but without exception, they left with disappointment. 

Until today, hearing those words of divine enlightenment and thinking back to the events of these years, his hands were trembling with the thought of the money that had slipped through his fingers.

This beast who didn’t know how to repay his gratitude actually lied to him for so long?

He never expected that a child shivering under the whip would have such courage. 

However, he still had his reason. Even if this angered him until he wanted to run around like crazy, he couldn’t show it here. Thus, he could only smile reluctantly. 

“Young Master Jiang must be joking. He originally didn’t like to talk. Him shaking his head just means that there is no great fortune or misfortune. Everything is business as usual, safe and auspicious.” 

“This kid has another advantage. He will never lie, what he says is absolutely true. This person has raised him for more than ten years and would never lie!” 

Everyone laughed when they saw that him acting so earnestly, and they didn’t care about the small things with him. 

It’s just a businessman, the more amusing he was, the more he could ask for a high price. 

Watching carefully that the young man’s face didn’t look angry, Du Quan laughed and added: “This small person dare not lie to you. Furthermore, Jiang Changshi has been here, and you should know that if this kid shakes his head, the shop won’t take any money. It would be just treated as entertainment for the guests.”

“How fresh.” someone yelled: “Boss, I didn’t really see it clearly just now. Is it possible that you want to ask for money for a glance?” 

“How would I dare, how would I dare, this kid is just shy. If everyone wants to see it, just look at it.” 

Du Quan stepped back and pinched Qu Chenzhou’s chin, forcing him to raise his face. 

Liu Zhongming listened to the exclamation sounds around him, his eyes stopped on the fruit plate on the tabletop, and he did not stare at him like the others. 

For some reason, he was extremely resistant to this situation, just like how he did not know why he was attracted by that gaze. 

Maybe it was because he saw those eyes in that dream? 

When the pair of demon pupils looked over, he was in a daze. 

At that moment, his calm and forbearance did not match his age. The beautiful eyes of different colors seemed to just flash by. 

The child was like a piece of beautiful jade hanging above the abyss, which made people want to fly over to save him desperately, but also wanted to see the appearance of this beautiful jade when it was broken due to despair. 

But he wanted to break it up himself, instead of having the child kneeling there like a pig or sheep waiting to be slaughtered, letting others admire him without any resistance. 

Mu Jingde didn’t make a fuss like the others. He watched for a moment with interest, then asked, “Why is he still tied up?” 

Du Quan answered quickly, “Repying to Gongzi, because this kid leaked the secrets of heaven, now he is suffering retribution. He has contracted madness, and I am afraid he might hurt the the guests.”

His answer was very pleasant. On the one hand, he secretly said that the divination of Qi Sheng building was not a lie, and on the other hand, he saved some face for Pan Gonggong who he had offended before. 

Hearing what he said, some people at the table naturally thought of Pan Gonggong and couldn’t help but snicker and whisper. 

“Boss Du, what is on his face? It didn’t seem to be there a few years ago.” Jiang Xingzhi asked. 

“Young Master Jiang, that’s why one should be afraid of retribution. Now he can see people with his eyes, but the lower half of his face is very scary. For fear of offending you, he will put on a mask when he comes out to meet guests.” 

Liu Zhongming sneered. 

After he had that weird dream, he sent someone to chat with the steward of Qisheng building. After he heard that the child could not do divinations, his life was more difficult than other slaves. 

Just like that day, being hung and beaten in the woodshed and scarred. It is said that it was commonplace for the child. 

How could the scars on that face be retribution? It was drawn out with a whip, and now there were such deep marks, who knows what it looked like before the beating. 

That’s why Liu Zhongming didn’t understand what kind of environment could give birth to such a look. It was tranquility beyond life and death, just like the one he gave after looking at himself. 

He also couldn’t think of how such a person would suddenly go crazy and smash Pan He. 

“Boss Du,” he stared at the small group that was kneeling there, and said casually: “How much does one divination of his cost?”

The people around knew that he had money and guarded his money well, and they all started to make a fuss, even Mu Jingde did. He smiled and looked over: “I thought Zhongming doesn’t believe in this? Why are you willing to squander your money?” 

Jiang Xingzhi also teased, “Boss Du, this is the gold master, you might as well speak up.” 

“To have fun, what would it be to just look at it.” Liu Zhongming laughed casually: “With Gongzi’s safe return, it is something worth celebrating. Also, since it is rare for Brother Xingzhi to choose such a good place, how could we just look?” 

Already not having made money in a long while, Du Quan almost burst into tears. He hurriedly replied: “Three hundred taels of silver for one time, no money if there is no result!” 

“This expensive? No wonder Shiyan persuaded me to do fortune-telling business,” Liu Zhongming smiled: “Then counting all of us, each one with one chance, how much is that?” 

Jiang Xingzhi grinned: “Gongzi, Zhongming is willing to go so far to scourge out his own meat, it must be really tough for him. I have seen Zhongming’s sincerity.” 

“Boss Du.” Liu Zhongming raised his eyebrows and smiled: “Brother Xingzhi was excused that time.” 

Mu Jingde laughed: “Xingzhi, I will compensate you for that time.” 

“Thank you Gongzi. Xingzhi would be impolite to refuse. “Jiang Xingzhi smiled and cupped his hands, then looked at the kneeling person on the ground: “Boss, you have to let me hear something this time, don’t fool me by shaking your head.” 

Du Quan was delighted. He rubbing his hands and squeezed Qu Chenzhou: “Chenzhou! What are you doing in a daze! Why aren’t you going over yet?!” 

In the laughter around, Qu Chenzhou looked down at the ground, slowly moved his knees, and knelt closer. At the table, he whispered very lightly: “Oracle bone…” 

Someone who was close heard it, and asked puzzledly: “What is oracle bone?”

“Replying to Gongzi, this child when doing his divination must hold his oracle bones for it to work.”

Du Quan hasn’t seen him so obedient for a long time. He hurriedly asked someone to retrieve the oracle bones, then untied him. He was so happy that he hurriedly stuffed the bones into his hands: “Quick!” 

Qu Chenzhou leaned on the ground with one hand, panting slightly, as if he was strangled by the bondage just now. After a while, he slowly raised his head and set his eyes on Mu Jingde’s body. 

“Presumptuous!” someone scolded. 

That gaze moved to Jiang Xingzhi again. 

Jiang Xingzhi also looked at him, frowning slightly. 

The taste of being stared at by these eyes was not good. It was as if every action was really being seen thoroughly. 

It was also because of this uncomfortable strangeness that Jiang Xingzhi was even more impressed with this person. 

Someone laughed: “It looks like it will be the case. Muttering to himself and choosing people himself, it seems that Brother Xingzhi should be the first…” 

Before he could say finish, Qu Chenzhou suddenly jumped up like crazy. This time, instead of throwing out the bones, he grabbed the nearest teapot. 

“Grab him!” Du Quan was the first to react, his scalp tightened, and he rushed forward desperately while he halted. He threw Qu Chenzhou to the ground fiercely. 

But it was too late. 

The teapot was thrown out forcefully, but because Du Quan’s eyes were quick and fast, the teapot that was going to hit Jiang Xingzhi shifted and the pot of tea was poured on Liu Zhongming’s face along with the green tea leaves.

Everything happened so suddenly that Bai Shiyan next to Liu Zhongming didn’t even have time to react. 

The room suddenly became quiet. Only Qu Chenzhou, who was held down by the feet of Du Quan, was letting out an uncontrollable muffled groan. 

Everyone looked at Liu Zhongming, who still held the teacup… With a head full of tea leaves, the green tea dripped down his temples and chin. 

Du Quan kicked and snarled: “Drag this brute out for me! Beat him to death! There is no need to keep it!” 

The door was closed, and the servant dragged the man out. Then he cried and trembled, kneeling at Liu Zhongming’s feet, hurriedly trying to help him wipe. 

“Sir Prince, please be magnanimous and don’t lower yourself to deal with the crazy beast, he is really crazy! This small person… this small person is obsessed with money and shouldn’t have let him out. I will beat him to death to calm your anger.” 

“Is he really crazy?” Liu Zhongming’s face was so cold that it could scrape a layer of frost. 

Du Quan almost burst into tears. If this grandfather wanted money like Pan Gonggong, he was afraid he wouldn’t be so easy to appease. 

“It’s really madness, everyone in the building knows. Otherwise, why would this small person not make money and remove his sign?”

“Madness? Good, I am best at curing madness.” Liu Zhongming sneered and wiped the dripping tea off his head: “If he dies so easily, who shall I treat? Boss Du, don’t you think?”

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