Si Tian Guan Chapter 63

Chapter 63 Awakening

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“We’re returning home.”

The pace was slow and the corridor became very long.

The person in his arms curled up and fell asleep peacefully, his wet cheeks rubbed against his chest, and one hand clenched his front, as if he was afraid that it would disappear if he let go.

Liu Zhongming lifted the man up, looked back at his shadow, and was alone.

But somehow, he was so sure that this person would stand up again and stand beside him, and whenever he stretched out his hand, someone would hold it.

This little fox, whether he was iron-boned, or wet and weak, he had deeply embedded himself in an important place in his heart.

So this is liking someone.

“We’re home.”

After entering the bedroom, he went around the screen and entered the inner room. He put the person on the bed, leaned over on the outside, and patted the thin back with one hand.

“Chenzhou, we’re home.”

When Qu Chenzhou opened his eyes, he saw cotton wool-like flying snow falling from the sky, as if a shattered curtain was covering his head.

It wasn’t home.

It turned out he returned here.

It turned out that the resurrection from the dead was just an unimaginable dream. He dreamed of Zhongming laughing and scolding him, but the real him was still curled up under the flagpole. He didn’t know where this dream started.

He wanted to get up and look at the corpse that was hanging to the side, but found that he didn’t even have the strength to lift his arms.

Someone passed by in front of him, and he quickly saw Steward Lin, who was not so gray-haired and younger.

He couldn’t hear, and couldn’t moan, he just felt as if his whole body was torn to shreds. When he moved his lips, his face was also shattered, and the pain could not be suppressed even by the cold.

It turned out he was not dead, it was just that time.

Qu Chenzhou closed his eyes wearily. The past was dug up again, who dug it up? Himself? Was he such a person who couldn’t look past things?


He also didn’t know who those words should be for. Maybe it was to his frightened parents. If they knew this earlier, why should they give birth to him and why should he be raised.

Just for a mere three taels of silver?

Perhaps it was for himself. He should have seen clearly that he was covered in scabs and pus, so why bother disturbing the lives of others.

Not only was he unable to escape, he had nowhere to go.

The snow was accumulating higher and higher beside him, the height seemed to cover the sun, and then it gradually turned into water. The water surface was high, far, and mottled.

The mottled and bright light couldn’t shine in. He was lying in the bottom of the water, surrounded by darkness and silence, only himself.

Quiet shadows floated from above, corpses swaying with the water. They once struggled to survive in the turbulent flooded river water, but now they were all stiff.

At first there were only one or two, but soon they formed in groups, covering the sky and the sun.

He opened his eyes suddenly, and those undead came unwillingly.

He couldn’t hear those terrifying screams and roars and couldn’t see the swollen faces, but he could distinguish the few people who were connected with his own blood as if he was blessed.

They also saw him. They were hideous crying faces with claws. He opened his mouth in the quiet world, but there was only silence and a sharp cut on his neck, chest and abdomen.

He couldn’t feel the pain. Maybe it was because his body hurt too much, maybe it was too cold underwater, and he was already frozen.

Or maybe he was already dead.

Qu Chenzhou couldn’t move, but he grinned at them. Just in time

——they have no home anymore, they should hate each other.

——I will return flesh and blood to you, let me go into reincarnation. I have created too many karma and I no longer want to be a human being.

Someone was pulling his hair, someone was scratching his face, someone was sticking their hand into his chest. He struggled to stand up and he watched as he was being eaten.

——Take it, take it all. Use it to build nests, to build a safe and secure home, no longer able to be washed away with no evil spirits eyeing them.

But in an instant, the haze above his head dissipated, revealing a ray of light. His body broke through the encirclement of the evil ghosts and slowly ascended.

Someone was holding him up.

“Don’t…” He groaned in a low voice, struggling desperately.

An evil ghost like him should never see the light of day again. 

“Be obedient.” The man imprisoned him in his arms, only his voice made him fight: “I’ll take you home.” 

He couldn’t not listen to it, he didn’t dare not listen to it, and wasn’t willing to not listen to it.

Filth couldn’t be washed away in water, but the man didn’t mind being tainted with him. The sunlight above his head was dazzling and the suffocation disappeared in the moment it surfaced. 

Hidden in the darkness for too long, he floated on the junction of light and shadow. Bursting into tears in the light, he lost the last bit of strength to struggle, and heard the man whispering in his ear. 

“It’s not your fault.” 

“Let’s go home.” 

Qu Chenzhou slowly opened his eyes. In front of the tip of his nose was a blue and thin cloud, smoked with a faint agarwood. Without turning his head, he knew whose bed it was. 

The man behind him was leaning beside him, next to him. He had his head turned, talking impatiently to a person. 

“I haven’t seen him for a few days and he went out for a drink again? How is he busy? I think he’s actually idle.”

“Go tell Bai Shiyan, I’m busy.” The voice stopped for a while, then seemed to be looking down at him: ” I’m busy raising a fox.” 

The servant responded, went out and closed the door.

“Fake sleeping again?” The man turned back to him and looked at him. Seeing his eyes gradually focus, he finally breathed a long sigh of relief and smiled jokingly: “Are you awake? If you are, blink.”

He blinked.

“You’re finally awake,” Liu Zhongming turned sideways, patted his cheek, and asked, “Did you sleep until you become dumb? Do you recognize who I am?”

Qu Chenzhou rolled his eyes stiffly, looked at his hand, then slowly spread it out to Liu Zhongming.

Liu Zhongming looked at his stupid eyes. His heart sank. He lightly held his hand, put it on his face, and whispered, “Chenzhou.”

Qu Chenzhou moved his lips gently, but he couldn’t hear a sound.

Liu Zhongming’s heart was in his throat, and he asked again with great care: “Do you remember anything? Do you know who I am?”

“I remember…” Qu Chenzhou raised his voice and said hoarsely. He was still showing his five fingers, with a shallow smile in his eyes: “I remember… Shizi still owes me five hundred taels of silver.”

Liu Zhongming’s words were stuck in his throat, his words being cut off. This person is really sober and his words were already not easy to hear. How can he be so good at annoying people?

He lost the bet between them about Dan Lang.

“This Shizi is faithful to his words, and I won’t wrong you.” He got up and off the bed. He wanted to pick up the person habitually, but after looking at each other for a while, he retracted his hand embarrassingly.

He was a little regretful. Before, he was worried that the little fox would never come back and didn’t realize he took advantage of his difficulties to carry him a few times.

Now he has turned back to the annoying sensitive things and it is estimated that it will be impossible to touch him again for a while.

“Get up if you are awake, this Shizi’s bed is not so easy to crawl on.”

He didn’t know how long he slept this time, but his muscles were sore and his bones were soft. Qu Chenzhou stood up only after a long while. The body temperature on the bed had not yet dissipated in the middle, it is estimated that this person has been here for a while.

The old warmth in his heart floated up and was suppressed. He didn’t argue with the person any more and he just replied, “Thank you, Shizi.”

Liu Zhongming was sympathetic that he couldn’t walk a long distance after recovering from a serious illness, so he had people arrange the meal in the outer room. It was fragrant, no wonder it made him dream of the days when he used to starve.

The two sat down opposite each other. Liu Zhongming raised his chopsticks first. Seeing that Qu Chenzhou’s hand holding the spoon was still shaking, he took the rice bowl and scooped up the fish meat of the sweet-scented osmanthus fish with the rice to Qu Chenzhou’s mouth.

His movement was very skilled.

As if being scalded, Qu Chenzhou suddenly got up and took a few steps back, his pale cheeks gradually turning crimson.

“Now you know how to be embarrassed?”

Liu Zhongming was overjoyed. Seeing this man’s arrogance being extinguished, the hard work of the past few days was not in vain.

“After sleeping for five or six days, did you not ponder who fed you?” He pouted: “Sometimes, when it can’t be stuffed in, it had to be fed like this.”

Qu Chenzhou’s breathing became rapid, His face was so red that it almost burned, the corners of his eyes were wet, and he still pursed his lips and said nothing.

“Not to mention feeding,” Liu Zhongming leaned his elbows on the table, and chased after the victory with a smile: “This is the first time this Shizi has served someone to take a bath. I have seen you up and down, and your body is pretty good. The fat and thin parts are just right, and the hug is very soft.”

His eyes swept carelessly and Qu Chenzhou covered his face which made him roll with laughter in his heart.

This little wild cat was full of ridicule when he said that his skills were shaky, so he thought he was an experienced person. He didn’t expect that he couldn’t stand even a touch and would soften if rubbed. He actually blushed after two nasty remarks, an unripe melon, worse than him.

“Shizi, you can’t…” Qu Chenzhou gritted his teeth angrily, the tip of his nose was so red that he seemed to be crying as if he was bullied: “You can’t…”

“What can’t I do?”

Perhaps he was drowsy for too long and Qu Chenzhou hadn’t regained his usual eloquence for a while, so he could only rush out the door angrily.

Liu Zhongming snapped his fingers and the people outside brought Qu Chenzhou back, placed him at the door, and went out to close the door again.

Qu Chenzhou clenched his fists.

A wise man submits to his circumstances. Since you are caught by your weakness, you should be obedient.” Liu Zhongming raised a spoon and motioned for the person to come over: “Do you still remember the rules I set for you?”

Qu Chenzhou still has some Impression. He turned his face away and replied softly: “First, it is forbidden to refuse to answer. Second, it is forbidden to disobey an order.”

“Third, it is forbidden to escape,” Liu Zhongming added, then called: “Come here for dinner, this is an order.”

He didn’t know if it was his own delusion, but Qu Chenzhou felt that his hateful gaze had been circling around his waist. However, just being stared at like this, it was like an ant biting through his skin, trying to get in. It was numb and itchy.

He even recalled the feeling of being rubbed between his hands by this man.

After weighing it again and again, he could only sit back and slowly take the food on the spoon, chewing it in his mouth, his mind still a little confused.

He lost this fight.

There was a huge disparity between them. The other party wanted to understand his position. If he wants to regain his dominance, he has no power to resist.

Thirty years of Hedong, thirty years of Hexi, he is now in the fence of another and had no choice but to bow his head.

He didn’t mind losing to Liu Zhongming, but he didn’t know for a while how to convince Zhongming to listen to his advice in the future.

He was too eager for quick success before, and consumed Zhongming’s patience in advance.

Too impatient.

He could sense that the eyes on the other side were always landing on him. He thought he was waiting for him to speak first, but he didn’t expect to hear the other person’s question so soon.

“Do you still remember how you climbed into this Shizi’s bed?”

Qu Chenzhou spat out his rice.

The author has something to say: In the afternoon, I saw a long comment in the comment area. I want to explain first, in the previous life, Zhongming killed Chenzhou, not because Chenzhou was born with divination powers, but because Chenzhou killed people. Even aside from the Liu family which had thousands of mouths [Zhongming knows that Chenzhou can’t help himself in the palace, it is not easy to consider Xiao Qu’s position in the face of so many lives], I also wrote it before. After the Liu family, Xiao Qu said in front of the Zhonghe Palace that the Bai family would rebel, so Bai Shining was shot to death in the palace as soon as he came back from the battlefield. The Bai family was gone and this was under the circumstances that no one forced him [reason explained later]. After that, Concubine Liu died because of Chenzhou, and after that, Chenzhou expelled and killed loyal ministers and generals. Standing in the position of Zhongming, what would you think?

Do you think he should think: Chenzhou is doing this all for my own good…

Second, Zhongming is only eighteen years old now. The biggest pain he experienced was losing his brother. He had tried his best to kneel in the rain before Xiao Qu when he was the most confused. Was he wrong?

Zhongming answered this question for him.

Third, Zhongming paid a lot of money for his rebirth? There’s something wrong with this logic.

[I traded my life for my own rebirth], with such a great thing, if they were more than ten years younger, who was not willing? This is not an exchange, it’s like I bought 200 yuan for 100 yuan [of course, buying and selling RMB is illegal].

The normal logic should be: Zhongming used [the greatest price that Zhongming can pay] in exchange for something equivalent [the rebirth of Chenzhou], and it was his best effort to leave a trace of memory. Fourth, why Chenzhou being reborn? Because living is hope.

For a smart, stoic and strong person like Chenzhou, living is the best hope. Zhongming believes in him and knows that he will never go down the same path again.

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