Si Tian Guan Chapter 64

Chapter 64 Truth

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Qu Chenzhou was caught off guard. He touched the teacup on the table and hurriedly took a sip of water before he raised his head in disbelief. He was certain from the eyes of the other party that he heard it right.

Did he climb into Zhongming’s bed?

Impossible…but also…not necessarily.

What he worried about all the time was him saying the wrong thing unconciously, but he never thought that he would hear such a terrifying statement.

“Do you remember?”

He could only bite the bullet and answer: “I don’t remember.”

“It’s fine if you don’t remember,” Liu Zhongming said with a satisfied smile on his face: “Then say it to me now – I took the initiative to climb into the bed of Lord Shizi.”

Qu Chenzhou blushed, the other party was sincerely trying to make it hard for him. This hurdle could not be easily passed, so he stood up and was about to kneel down to offer an apology, but was stopped by someone.

“Didn’t you say, you only tell the truth? Say the sentence for me to hear.”

He froze in his heart, and these words corresponded to a previous confusion, but at that time Zhongming was already thousands of miles away, and no one was there to answer him. He was also a fan of the authorities, and had never been able to see through the situation that bound him.

“…” He sat upright and said it silently in his heart, but when he opened his mouth, he couldn’t make a sound.

“What?” Liu Zhongming put away his playful expression, watched him move his lips silently, and asked, “You don’t want to say it, or you can’t say it?”

“I can’t say it…”

“Then say this to me — I did not take the initiative to climb onto Shizi’s bed.”

This time, Liu Zhongming’s answer was still silent.

Qu Chenzhou was more aware of the problem than anyone else. It used to be his perplexity for a long time – between no and yes, one of them must be correct, but he couldn’t say which one.

He had tried to use this method before to find the truth that would happen in the unknown, but he never discovered anything.

Everyone said that he was always right, but he knew that no one really knew what happened for everything, including himself.

Liu Zhongming leaned over to him, the shadow on his body weighed more than a thousand gold, making him unable to dodge.

“Chenzhou, you said before that you can only tell the truth, right?”

“Yes.” This affirmative answer came out easily.

“But I don’t think so,” Liu Zhongming took out a few pieces of paper from his arms and threw them on the table: “Do you still remember, you said before that once you get to the root of Dan Lang, Jiang Xingzhi will never be able to escape. It’s a pity, you miscalculated.”

Qu Chenzhou was stunned. He glanced at it quickly, and asked in surprise, “Is it Ling He?” 

Everything happened as he expected. Qi Wang was in the limelight flourishing, while Jiang Xingzhi because of Dan Lang was implicated into the chaos between Qi Wang and Huai Wang, he would not be protected by Qi Wang.

But what he didn’t expect was that Jiang Xingzhi’s case was actually taken over by Ling He of Dali Temple.

Across the court, apart from Ling He, there would never be a second person willing to take the risk of offending others to clear Jiang Xingzhi’s name.

That is, wash off his crime.

Even if Cao Shilang was insinuated and sent the person to Liu Zhongming, even if Dan Lang really stole the account book and Dan Lang, the important witness, is missing, the crime that fell on Jiang Xingzhi could be big or small. .

The only difference is who heard the case.

Ling He had always been known for being rigorous and meticulous in the criminal department of Dali Temple, and he was also not selfish.

Only when this case fell into the hands of Ling He could it be Jiang Xingzhi’s chance at life.

But… this chance was very small, normally, it would be impossible.

As if seeing Qu Chenzhou’s surprise and confusion, Liu Zhongming motioned him to look back.

“It stands to reason that this matter of Jiang Xingzhi should be sent to the Ministry of Punishment first, but the old Empress Dowager said that Ning Wang was speaking nonsense and Huai Wang was wronged, while Jiang Xingzhi has a long history with Qi Wang. This matter was very important and must be thoroughly investigated, so the Emperor personally appointed it to Ling He to take over.”

“The Empress Dowager…” Qu Chenzhou heard the dazzling words, leaned back a little, and murmured, “Someone…for Jiang Xingzhi’s sake, asked the Empress Dowager to come forward…” 

“This is the second thing to talk about later,” Liu Zhongming pointed his finger at him, reminding: “You have miscalculated. The case is not over yet, but Ling He’s side is moving. I heard that there is not enough human and physical evidence, I’m afraid Jiang Xingzhi will be released soon.” 

“No need to imprison him?” 

“No. Looking at it this way, the person behind Jiang Xingzhi must be really protecting him. ” 

Qu Chenzhou stared blankly at the paper in his hand, as if he couldn’t understand the words on it – he miscalculated, he actually miscalculated, this is something he had never encountered in his life. 

But what shocked him even more was that he actually said something contrary to the truth. Could it be that he had always been wrong in the past? This is impossible! 

A hand pressed lightly on top of his head, and then slowly descended, covering his dazed and confused eyes. 

“Chenzhou, calm down and listen to me.” 

Liu Zhongming’s voice was calm and firm. Until the restless eyebrows under his palms stopped trembling, he said softly: “It’s not wrong to say you only tell the truth, but have you ever considered, what exactly is true?” 

“What is true…” After thinking for a moment, Qu Chenzhou replied: “Reality is…the truth…” 

“Not necessarily so. I think this ‘truth’ is judged by your heart.” Liu Zhongming let go and let him open his eyes: “Chenzhou, what you are sure of in your heart is the truth.” 

These words were like a blessing, and the fog that had been in front of him for the past few decades was dissipated. 

Only the things he had no doubts in his heart…are true. No wonder he couldn’t judge the truth of what he didn’t know, past or future.

“If…if I also have doubts about my divinations,” he murmured, “Isn’t it possible that I will no longer know how to divinate?”

Liu Zhongming’s hand fell on his heart: “You will doubt your divinations? Can you deceive your own heart?”

Qu Chenzhou suddenly covered his head and laughed sullenly – as expected, he couldn’t deceive himself, not only was he unable to doubt his own divinations, he even discovered another big joke.

He once thought that his life was bumpy because of these eyes that shouldn’t exist, and he even thought about stabbing himself blind to end it all.

But just when he thought that he might not be able to do fortune-telling, he felt an infinite panic.

This innate power was the best thing to help him settle down. If he didn’t have this power, what qualifications does he have to stand behind Zhongming?

“Thank you.”

For the first time in his life, he shook hands with himself to make peace.

Only then did he realize that God was not unkind to him, that he gave him such a person in every lifetime, someone who knew him better than himself to give him guidance.

Qu Chenzhou got up, put away his pride and arrogance after his rebirth, and no longer despised Liu Zhongming, who was younger than himself, and gave a deep bow.

“Thank you for your guidance, I am willing to go through fire and water for Shizi.”

Liu Zhongming didn’t stop him, he allowed him to bow before pointing him to the seat.

“Consider what’s in front of you first – this case is in Ling He’s hands, this person will definitely get to the bottom of it. Try not to go out these days, I will naturally stop him.”

“The account book…” Qu Chenzhou had to remind him.

“You don’t have to worry about this. I thought about it when I was doing it. I have collected the in and out items of Qisheng Building in these few years, and it can’t be considered a fake account. Dan Lang must not know too many words so when he saw Qisheng Building and your name, he took it away.”

Qu Chenzhou breathed a sigh of relief, Zhongming was as careful as a fine hair, it was not his turn to worry too much.

It was really inconvenient for him to go out these days. Not mentioning Jiang Xingzhi, just from investigating who has been in contact with Dan Lang, Ling He will ask him about it.

If Ling He is not sticky, but if he stuck on to you, he is not easy to get rid of.

In his last life, he was a second-rank Si Tian Guan, but he was still forced by Ling He to have nowhere to go, so he had to kill him. At that time, in order to protect Ling He, Lin Xiang did not hesitate to remonstrate with death.

At that time, he was in the limelight. Lin Xiang’s blood on the Hall of Supreme Harmony had just dried up, and Ling He died in his hands.


He lowered his eyes and smiled slightly: “Then I will trouble Shizi to shield me from the wind and rain.”

The dream that he had longed for for a lifetime had come true before his eyes, and God treated him well.

But before his smile filled the corners of his eyes, Liu Zhongming took out the last piece of paper to show him. He only glanced at it and couldn’t help exclaiming, “Huai Wang?”

“Yes,” Liu Zhongming pointed out the name. He looked at it: “The person Jiang Xingzhi met back then was Huai Wang, Mu Jingyan.”

Qu Chenzhou stared at it for a while, then frowned and asked, “This result… who found it?”

“South of Changshui Town, fifteen miles away, near the branch of the Xijiang River. It is sparsely populated, so I had no shop there. Luckily Fang Wuyang was going there and I had him check.”

“Fang Wuyang…” Qu Chenzhou threw the paper on the table: “Shizi just said that what I can say is what I believed in my heart, then Shizi listen to what I am saying now.”

He raised his eyes: “The person Jiang Xingzhi met back then was not Huai Wang.” 


After Chushu (sept 7), the weather cooled down quickly and rain was less frequent. Compared with June, more stalls has been opened on the street one after another, attracting pedestrians.

The window on the second floor facing the street was open with a slit and someone leaned against the window. A cup of tea was put on his lips for a long time but he didn’t drink it, he just quietly watched the people in the distance getting closer and closer.

A man walked around aimlessly, stopping at the stalls from time to time to pick and choose items with interest.

From upstairs, it was impossible to see the man’s face, only the headband lined with black hair, which was bright and eye-catching.

Seeing that the visitor was no more than three or four shops away from him, the person in the house closed the window and opened the door of the wing.

But before he could take a few steps, someone quickly came up from the stairs at the back door, grabbed him, pushed him back into the room, and closed the door with his back.

“Jiang Xingzhi! What are you going to do!”

Jiang Xingzhi shook off the man and was about to open the door, but was stopped by the arm that blocked the door: “Answer me! What are you going to do!”

“You don’t know?” He glanced back at the window, estimated the distance of the person outside, grabbed the hand blocking the road in front of him, and sneered: “If you don’t know, why are you blocking me!”

“Do you want to take him away?” The person must have come all this way in a hurry. It was unclear whether he ran in a hurry or was too angry, but his voice was full of heavy breathing: “Don’t you know that he is Zhongming’s person!” 

Seeing that today’s goal could no longer be achieved, Jiang Xingzhi crossed his arms, leaning on the flower stand. He laughed angrily: “If he wasn’t Liu Zhongming’s person, would I be where I am today?” 

The man was even more angry: “Since you know, don’t make any plans on him!” 

Jiang Xingzhi stared at him for a moment, before slowly opening his mouth: “I’m useless, I couldn’t even make you a king, but he definitely can. For you, I need to hold him in my hand.” “Jiang Xingzhi! Wake up!” The man was speechless. He kept his voice low: “Those are all your daydreams, how could there be such a person?! Are you foolish! Have you been scammed by those swindling Si Tian Guans’!” 

“I was careless this time, and the ship capsized, do you think it is also fake?” 

The man hesitated: “The three of them are fighting back and forth, and it is possible for anyone to be affected. You are by Qi Wang’s side, you have long been their goal…” 

“What if I said… without him, I wouldn’t have traveled thousands of miles from the capital to Xiyan, and I wouldn’t have met you?”

“I used to think it was just a coincidence, but look at me now, do you still think it’s nothing?”

Jiang Xingzhi put his hand on the man’s shoulder very lightly. Seeing that he was not pushed away, he touched his back: “Trust me, Jingchen.”

Every time he heard his name being called like this, Mu Jingchen’s words would be suppressed, he lowered his head and thought for a while before sighing.

“Yes or no, you need to stop now, I can save you this time, but it may not be possible next time.”

“If there is another next time, you don’t have to bother to save me,” Jiang Xingzhi laughed at himself: “I can’t even help you, yet I have to make you take risks again and again, there is no need.”

Both of them fell silent.

“Xingzhi…” Mu Jingchen held his arm, but without raising his eyes, he whispered, “I told you a long time ago, I don’t want to be king. I don’t want to get dragged in with them. The only wish I want is that Concubine Xian’s health will be better. You don’t need to make unnecessary efforts, I don’t need it.”

“If you have a place in the Emperor’s heart, how could Concubine Xian’s illness still not be found out?” Jiang Xingzhi grinned his teeth secretly, he hated that iron could not become steel (things don’t meet expectation): “For the sake of Concubine Xian, you should fight for it!”

He half-knelt down.

“Your Royal Highness, Jiang Xingzhi is willing to go through flames for you and offer my life in sacrifice.”

Mu Jingchen’s heart was on fire, and he pulled him up.

“Jiang Xingzhi! What right do you have to worry about me! Remember! The past is over! Just pretend it never happened!”

Jiang Xingzhi lowered his head and did not speak. He could only harden his heart and throw away Jiang Xingzhi’s hand.

“Go ahead, I know what you want, but don’t make decisions for me without authorization. Even if you hold something in front of me, I don’t want it. If you act rashly today, whether you live or die, it has nothing to do with me. .”

He turned around and put his hand on the door, as if he was about to flee at any moment.

“Do you think that as long as you kidnap that slave now, you can have many ways to make Zhongming unable to find him and the only thing left is to educate that slave?”

“Don’t underestimate Zhongming. “

“He is nearby, and the slave was released on purpose by him. Once you get close to the slave, he will stop you at the most suitable time.”

“You think you have caught the cicada, but in fact you are just the mantis about to be arrested.” 

“What about you…” Jiang Xingzhi’s voice was calmer than he thought: “You begged the Empress Dowager for me first, and you even came to stop me today, is it intentional?”

Mu Jingchen didn’t want to look back to see Jiang Xingzhi’s expression.

“Yes, if there is no accident, he will soon guess the relationship between you and I. If you don’t want to implicate me again, don’t act rashly.”

He opened the door and walked away. When he was about to go down the stairs, he looked back and saw Jiang Xingzhi still kneeling on the spot, staring at him blankly.

The author has something to say: As I mentioned before, Qi Wang made a fool of himself, and Jingchen was almost crowned a king, which was manipulated by Jiang Xingzhi

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