Si Tian Guan Chapter 66 Teaser

Chapter 66 A feast

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Chapter Teaser Below…

“When will you lend me the one in your house to play for two days?”

Bai Shiyan snorted a sip of alcohol and said kindly, holding Fang Wuyang’s neck: “I advise you not to have any funny ideas with Zhongming’s side you little punk or your little help won’t be enough to pay it back. If you have free time these few days, go take a look at the mourning appearance of Ning Wang and you’ll understand.”

“Ah, I have seen Ning Wangye,” Bai Shilei finally had a chance to interject: “He has a teary face that can’t cry out to anyone. Was he disciplined by the Emperor again?”

“Basically the same as being disciplined by the Emperor. This is another thing you can ask Zhongming. Ning Wangye almost lost his pants trying to compensate him.”

Liu Zhongming asked back innocently: “What’s the point of asking me, Wangye gave it voluntarily.”


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