Si Tian Guan Chapter 65

Chapter 65 Mirror

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“Second Brother!”

The door of the wing was pushed open with a bang.

The strength of the person who came in was not small. The door pushed, caught a gust of wind, turned more than half an arc, slammed into the wall, bounced back, and was held back by the person who opened the door.

The man glanced at the room and was taken aback: “Huh? There are two other people!”

“What do you mean there are two other people!”

Bai Shiyan slammed the alcohol glass on the table and knocked on the table with a displeased expression.

“Zhongming, look at what this little b*stard looks like now! Does he even see his real brother in his eyes? You’ve completely spoiled him!” 

The person on the side couldn’t conceal his happiness, added oil and vinegar and jeered, “Zhongming, hurry up and bring the person home, how could you get such a big ready-made younger brother alive and kicking.”

Bai Shilei closed the door with his backhand, came over and sat next to Liu Zhongming and curiously asked, “What are you talking about?”

Liu Zhongming gave him a smile. He poured the alcohol: “We’re saying that you have worked hard all the way in Jinnan Prefecture, and today I will take care of you in welcoming you back.”

Fang Wuyang ignored Bai Shiyan’s face that was as black as the bottom of a pot, and laughed: “Shiyan, if you want to be a good person, if you send your brother away, you must take care of him well, so as not to allow Zhongming to teach him the wrong ways.”

“Okay,” Liu Zhongming smoothed out: “Shilei has worked hard this trip, and it was hard for him to come back, so don’t steal others’ happiness.”

“It’s not hard work.” Bai Shilei wiped the sweat from his head and drank his alcohol in one gulp: “It’s mainly being sullen because of the panic. You didn’t see it, but it’s really miserable in Jinnan Government, that side…”

Liu Zhongming touched the handkerchief and gave it to him: “Tell me slowly. It’s not even hot, so why is there so much sweat?”

Bai Shilei grabbed the handkerchief and wiped it randomly: “I just came out of the palace. I was afraid that you guys will get impatient, so I hurried over here.”

Liu Zhongming and Bai Shiyan looked at each other.

Although the four of them often got together, Fang Wuyang was from Jianghu, and he didn’t like to hear them talk about court affairs, so they didn’t say much.

This time, the flood in Jinnan Prefecture completely helped Qi Wang turn it into a beautiful turnaround battle.

Jinnan Jiedu envoy Ren Rui ate inside and out, colluded with bandits, and even stole money for the disaster relief, so that thousands of people in Jinnan Prefecture were destitute and homeless. Luckily Qi Wang’s subordinate General Feng investigated it clearly and arrested Ren Rui to the capital.

Just by looking at the attitude of the Emperor after this flood, you would know which person he was the most proud of at the moment.

When Liu Zhongming entered the palace last time, he was just in time for the Emperor to discuss a game with Qi Wang.

He stood by and watched. Seeing that the Emperor calmly gave in two moves, so that Qi Wang could clinch a tie, he couldn’t help heaving a sigh of relief in his heart.

So tiring.

It’s really tiring that the Emperor has to be patient with such a simple-minded fool. 

Shilei was called into the palace by the Emperor this time, and what he spoke about must be the experience of going to Jinnan Government.

With Qu Chenzhou speaking to them in advance, he and Bai Shiyan rehearsed with the outspoken Shi Lei in advance, and when Shi Lei entered the door, he winked smugly at him. The Emperor’s questions were probably guessed quite accurately.

Liu Zhongming couldn’t help but sigh. Qu Chenzhou said that he knew the Emperor well, and as a result, it was true.

Who could he be…

As soon as this thought came up, it was immediately cut off.

The two of them had just gotten along a little more during this period of time. Since the serious illness, Qu Chenzhou had become a lot more obedient. Apart from being unpleasant to hear when speaking, as always, at least he wasn’t acting alone and would discuss with him first.

He also didn’t have those weird dreams for a while. If they were entangled again, maybe the two of them would have an unpleasant scene.

Liu Zhongming thought a lot over on his side, while the three people over there were already drunk. They were very familiar with each other, so it was just a joke to say that they were getting together to have a welcoming, why do they even need any reason for getting together?

“Guess what I saw when I came out?”

Seeing that Liu Zhongming’s alcohol glass was also filled again, Bai Shilei was even more excited. His voice had just been raised by one degree when he was slapped hard on the head by Bai Shiyan, and he could only lower it again. 

“What did you see?” Liu Zhongming responded to his words with respect.

Otherwise, why would Bai Shilei prefer talking to his Second Brother? He swept away his pitiful appearance and straightened his back immediately: “I saw Chen Sitian!”

Bai Shiyan turned his glass and smiled: “You’re still calling him Chen Sitian now. “

Of course not!” Bai Shilei glared at him and gestured with his hand around his neck: “Without your head, what kind of official can you still be?”

Liu Zhongming raised his eyes: “His head just fell off? I thought he was dead long ago.” 

It’s been over a month since the rouge scandal. Chen Sitian was pushed up by Ning Wang, but unfortunately he said a few bad words about Huai Wang, and he was dragged down before he had time to be proud.

“His Majesty was too busy and forgot it, he only remembered it now.”

Bai Shiyan counted with his fingers.

“People who come back from Jinnan Prefecture will be rewarded. After the rainy season, it is time to rectify the scattered displaced people in the villages and towns. Seeing the autumn season, we have to prepare for performance appraisals in various places, and in the winter we have to prepare sacrifices for the New Year. How can there be so much time to worry about one person’s head? “

That’s not necessarily true,” Liu Zhongming grabbed the candied fruit and chewed it carefully: “These things happen every year, and I haven’t seen anything forgotten by the Emperor. I’m guessing that Chen Sitian has been suffering for more than a month, they were probably hoping to get something out of the torture.” 

It’s an old trick, people are valuable when they go up, and they are still valuable when they fall.

Bai Shilei clapped his hands and agreed: “Right, right, I saw Commander Liao, what good fruit can he have in the hands of Jinxiu Camp?”

Someone impatiently knocked on the table: “Hey, hey, I’m a big living person, put here in vain, don’t you feel any pity?”

A few people laughed and walked over. Fang Wuyang didn’t like to hear their intrigue, so they didn’t say anything more.

Only Liu Zhongming couldn’t help but glance at Fang Wuyang after laughing.

As a Jianghu person, ignoring the affairs of the court – is that really true?

“Who is Fang Wuyang? Where did he come from? His parents, brothers and teachers?” Qu Chenzhou asked him: “Why is Shizi so sure that Fang Wuyang is a person who is completely credible?

If it was before, he would turn cold and warn Qu Chenzhou not to try to alienate him and his friends.

But he personally confirmed that the person who met Jiang Xingzhi privately was His Highness Mu Jingchen, not Huai Wang.

Based on his knowledge of Fang Wuyang, either he would readily admit that nothing has been found, or it was conclusive verified news.

He would never throw him fake news like this time. What if there was no Qu Chenzhou to remind him? Would he believe it right away?

He really didn’t know Fang Wuyang’s birthplace, and they had never fought against each other. He only knew that Fang Wuyang was good at fighting. If he fought, he might be able to compete with Liao Guangming.

What’s more, Fang Wuyang was in charge of a Jianghu gang that was neither very large nor very small, and occasionally needed him to help with some money. The majority of the time, he was all over the place, enthusiastically helping him a lot.

Other than that, nothing was known.

He trusted Fang Wuyang. Besides the contacts and exchanges over the years, it was because the person who introduced Fang Wuyang to him was the father of the Bai brothers, his uncle, Bai Shining.

His uncle solemnly introduced Fang Wuyang’s situation to him. He would not forget it, nor did he think that his uncle was so easily deceived.

Not to mention Fang Wuyang has always been in close contact with the Bai family.

Liu Zhongming’s eyes shifted from Fang Wuyang to the talking and laughing Bai brothers, and he remembered the shock when he saw Jingchen’s carriage go away.

The person who prevented Jiang Xingzhi from entering his trap… was Jingchen.

He remembered that he and Jingchen used to play together often, but he didn’t know when, Jingchen suddenly disappeared for a while, and when they saw each other again, he had lost his mild and shy smile.

It’s just that his brother’s affairs made him have no time to think about other things, and the relationship between the two became weak.

The time when Jingchen disappeared seemed to be the year when Qu Chenzhou was nine years old.

Liu Zhongming drank a glass of alcohol, and the warm alcohol flowed down his throat, but he couldn’t tell what it tasted like.

He felt that Qu Chenzhou was like a terrifying mirror, revealing the people he knew beyond recognition.

“Why should we pity you?” Liu Zhongming didn’t answer, and Bai Shiyan choked back: “You still need pity? What about those who have been ruined by you?”

Fang Wuyang slammed the table in pain: “Big Bai, you don’t understand. If you want to pity me, you can, come on, make me lie down willingly, let’s see if you have the ability. This kind of thing is just a feeling, do you understand – but you probably don’t understand just from one glance “

“I…” Bai Shiyan wanted to argue, but was blocked by someone with a glass of alcohol.

“I won’t speak with you, this wood lump, I will speak to Zhongming,” Fang Wuyang turned his face and sighed: “Zhongming, the Eldest Madam really, if she doesn’t want the person, that’s fine, just give them to me, why kill them? What a pity.”

“What? Are you still thinking about Danlang?” Liu Zhongming squinted at him: “Didn’t you say you got tired of him later?”

“I am thinking about him. Jiang Xingzhi’s eyes are really good, but it’s a pity that it became too familiar. Sleeping for a few days in a row, I really got tired of it. But after taking a rest for a while, I still think about his turbulent energy.”

“You even had to rest for a few days?” Liu Zhongming sneered: “Were you squeezed dry by him and couldn’t do it?”

“Why can’t I? I can…”

“Hey, hey!” Bai Shiyan stopped them: “Be careful when you speak, Shilei is still here.”

Fang Wuyang stared at him innocently: “Shilei is sixteen, it’s time to wake up.” 

It’s like this every time. When the three older ones chatted together, there was nothing for the small one. Bai Shilei looked at them with a puzzled expression: “What are you talking about? What’s wrong with Sixteen? Second Brother is only two years older than me.”

“It’s useless to explain this, this Older Brother will take you another day…”

“Fang Wuyang! How dare you!” Bai Shiyan scolded: “Be careful or else I’ll tell my uncle!”

“Don’t!” Fang Wuyang and Liu Zhongming were frightened at the same time.

After carrying Marquis Anding out, several people became honest for a while, but when the words came to this point, Fang Wuyang scratched his ears and scratched his cheeks for a while, but he couldn’t help but lie down on the table, pretending to be mysterious and ask: “Zhongming, is there anything new and fun recently?”

“You’ve traveled all over the country, what new and interesting things haven’t you seen yet, you want it from me?” Liu Zhongming asked casually: “When everyone else is busy, you still have the energy to go to Xiyan to play. Were you not able to meet a good one?”

“What good things can be found in the wilderness.”

“And my things are good?” Listening to him not mentioning his trip to Xiyan, Liu Zhongming didn’t ask any further questions, he just said, “Which one are you interested in? Zhiwei? That one is not for you.”

Fang Wuyang simply said, “That one is really not interesting, when will you lend me the one in your house to play for two days?”

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