Sick Beauty [Rebirth] Chapter 106

Chapter 106 Love and Hate

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The bones in the coffin were overflowing with golden brilliance.

Ancient qi blanketed this underground palace, making blood pump in his body. 

The world didn’t know if the Divine Phoenix had ascended. 

Some said that the Divine Phoenix had ascended successfully, so no more traces existed on earth. Some said it didn’t. However, thousands of years have passed, yet the Divine Phoenix’s corpse remained undiscovered. Thus, opinions differed, and there was no definite answer. 

But now, the Divine Phoenix’s corpse was ​​here. 

The uncanny attraction that Ye Yunlan had felt since entering the Ancient God Ruins was too intense to disregard. 

Chen Weiyuan had a merry expression, and a scorching light was flashing in his eyes as if he was waiting for Ye Yunlan’s praise. 

Ye Yunlan didn’t comment on the Divine Phoenix’s bones at all. 

He only looked at Chen Weiyuan coldly. “What exactly are you trying to do? Where is Xu Zice?” 

The Seven Emotion Needles in his soul began to hurt, ill-timed. However, he had always been accustomed to endurance, and his face didn’t expose any clues. 

Chen Weiyuan sighed, “Naturally, I just want you to stop suffering.” He displayed a compassionate look, “For hundreds of years, you were all alone in the world. But when you think of me, the Seven Emotions Needle would be agonizing. Even if I go to the yellow springs, it will be unbearable.” 

He paused, then said: “Don’t worry, I didn’t hurt your friend. I just sent him out of the secret realm. Speaking of which, your friend is an important person in the future, so I dare not to hurt him.” 

Ye Yunlan’s eyebrows jumped. 

“Chen Weiyuan, you must take yourself too seriously. The road I have traveled and the distress and suffering I’ve endured are all my own choices. What are your qualifications to intervene?” 

His expression was veiled under the cold mask. He held out queying in front of his body. 

The cold blade was honed, prime to shoot out at any time. 

Chen Weiyuan acted as if he didn’t sense it. He only warmly said: “Yunlan, you and I are husband and wife, so why have your daggers drawn?” A peculiar gentleness and fervent determination were on his face, “Whether you admit it or not, more than one hundred years have passed, and you still love me deeply from our past life to this life.” 

Ye Yunlan: “Shut up.”

“Does it hurt?” Chen Weiyuan asked, “The Seven Emotions Needles suppress the root of love. The more it hurts, the more you love me. Yunlan, no matter what, you have no way to refute this.” 

His handsome and gentle face illustrated a cruel expression. 

“Think about your previous life, that person you valued so much. Ultimately, you couldn’t fall in love with him from beginning to end. Now, you’re searching for the demon bones for him to break his calamity——but have you forgotten all the sufferings you bore in the demonic palace back then? Yunlan, have you ever loved him?” 

“Senior Immortal, do you love me?” 

In the gloomy and dark demon palace, the candlelight faintly swayed. The heavy curtain collapsed, and the sticky incense burned quietly. 

The chains were shaking. 

A muffled cry accompanied the crashing sound. 

The Demon Lord’s eyes were burgundy, and when he looked down at him, it was like he would shed blood and tears at any time. His powerful arms embraced him deeply as if to crush him into his abdomen. He repeatedly asked him the same question.

“Senior Immortal, for so many years, have you ever loved me for even a tiny bit?” 

He couldn’t speak. 

He was shaking and trying to curl up, but he was opened up even more. 

The darkness had completely enveloped him. He was tossed into the cold and slippery darkness, and the fire scorched him. He couldn’t help sobbing, tears streaming down his face.

But the other party didn’t take pity on him. 

From night to day. 

He couldn’t remember how long he spent in the deep palace. 

The other party’s madness would get worse on the night of the full moon but would be reduced at the beginning and end of each month. However, it also made him feel uncomfortable. 

The chain was wrapped around him, creating bruises on his wrists and ankles. 

He couldn’t go out, and others couldn’t come in. He was forced to think about the same problem in the darkness of isolation. 

——Had he ever loved the Demon Lord?

Back then, Chen Weiyuan had sent him to the Demon Palace. He thought he would be tortured, but he never thought that the Demon Lord that the world rumored to have an extremely violent temperament would treat him so well. 

The Demon Lord allowed him to move freely in the Demon Palace. He played the qin, and the other party would listen to his qin. He practiced the sword, and the other party would learn the same sword technique, then turn around to teach him. When he was immersed in reading, the other party would come to the library to find him. When he was injured, the other party would be even more nervous than himself. 

From the deep and cold palace of his childhood to the deep valley peach forest covered in downpours, and then to being slandered and driven out by Sky Sect, his dao companion who had been with him for many years personally sent him into h*ll.

Over the years, he was abandoned time and time again. 

Only the Demon Lord cherished him in his heart. 

He should like him. 

But why won’t his heart beat? The loving words he had always wanted to say were always locked in his throat. Even if he shed tears in pain, he could only silently lose his voice. 


He didn’t understand. 

The Demon Lord questioned him, and he also questioned himself. 

He curled up in the darkness, asking himself, over and over again: Why?


He quickly lost weight. 

His consciousness was dizzy. His arms went around the other party’s shoulders, and he buried his head in the other party’s neck. He was floating and sinking along the other party’s neck. 

Finally, one day. 

The Demon Lord didn’t ask him the same question again. 

The other party kissed his lips deeply, hugged his thin, broken body, and said hoarsely. 

“Senior Immortal, let’s get married.” 

On the first day after the night of the full moon, he was sent away from the groggy palace and returned to his original room. 

He still carried heavy chains on his hands and feet, and traces of purple ambiguous marks decorated his body.

His body was so tired that he didn’t want to move a finger anymore. 

He was like jello on the bed. He looked sideways at the distant moonlight outside the window. He hadn’t seen the moonlight for a long time.

“Yunlan.” Someone called him. 

It was Chen Weiyuan who entered the room. 

The other party had said he was passing by the Demon Realm by chance and wanted to visit him. He also wanted to ask him to do something. 

A knife was put in his palm. 

“There is a slaughter curse on this knife. As long as the tip of the knife can pierce the Demon Lord a little bit, it could seriously injure him.” 

“The position of my Chen Clan’s official wife is always reserved for you. As long as you kill the Demon Lord, we can be together forever again. In life and death, we will never be apart…” 

To h*ll with him, together forever? 

He had abandoned him and sent him to the demon sect, and now he was asking him to help and wanted to live and die with him? 

He found it ridiculous. 

But his heart was beating uncontrollably and sharply as if the other party’s voice was filled with deadly poison, endlessly bewitching. 

How could it be? he thought. 

“Yunlan, I know you still love me.” Chen Weiyuan said assuredly. 

He suddenly felt a little dizzy, and his head roared as if it wanted to explode. 

His heartbeat became fiercer and fiercer. The turbulent feelings made it difficult for him to refuse Chen Weiyuan’s words. 

He bit the tip of his tongue to barely stay awake. He yelled at Chen Weiyuan to get lost. 

“Yunlan, you should call me husband.” The other party said, “Tell me, do you still love me?” 

He opened his mouth and almost blurted out his agreement, but bit his tongue to stop his impulse. 

He tasted blood in his mouth. 

“No… I don’t love you anymore…” 

He said intermittently in pain. However, the pain swept over him, surging. It was unstoppable, and it forced his Yang acupoint to jump. He felt like he was going crazy. He was suffering as if he had exhausted his life’s strength. He spat out his remaining words. 

“Who I love is… is the Lord——” Chen Weiyuan’s expression completely froze over. 

He watched him as if looking at something rare. 

Then, he took out a blood jade from when they formed their dao bond and forcibly controlled him. 

The wedding night.

He was wearing a bright red wedding dress, holding the cold blade in his hand. 

The Demon Lord walked into the room with a red suit on his body. He approached him and hoarsely asked: “It’s almost our big moment. Lan Er, don’t you have anything to say?” 

Seeing that he didn’t respond, the Demon Lord extended his hand and lifted his jaw. 

“Why are you still having a temper? Do you blame me for the way I treated you before? The question I asked you before, is it really so difficult to answer?” 

He still didn’t answer. 

The Demon Lord had a hideous mask on his face, and his blood-red eyes looked at him quietly before he suddenly leaned over to embrace his body. 

He softened his voice and whispered: “Senior Immortal, call me your husband once. After getting married, I will not force you again.” 

The Demon Lord gave up on requesting him to answer. 

However, the sharp blade in his hand suddenly shot out and pierced the Demon Lord’s body. 

The spell on the knife heavily injured the Demon Lord, and he was bleeding incessantly. 

The dao cultivators took this opportunity to break into the Demon Realm. 

Chen Weiyuan took him out of the Demon Palace. The Primordial Demon Refining Array had been placed on Liuming Mountain. The Demon Lord fell into the formation alone to chase him back.

Chen Weiyuan and the other cultivators had been waiting for a long time. They looked at the trapped Demon Lord with a smile. 

The Primordial Demon Refining Array needed to refine the trapped monsters for forty-nine days. After that time, even if it was a powerful monster like the Demon Lord, they could only perish. 

Chen Weiyuan was with him at the core of the formation. 

He was very obedient. 

Therefore, Chen Weiyuan didn’t expect that he would shift the most vital piece of the formation, making the formation flawed. 

The Demon Lord broke out. Risking the aggravation of his injuries, he tried to kidnap him in the formation to escape.

He was trapped in a cave. 

The Demon Lord had imprisoned him in the deepest darkness. 

The clothes on his body were torn away, and slippery things entangled his hands and feet. He was kneeling on the cold ground, and his hands were suspended in the air. 

The Demon Lord had serious bodily injury and received the backlash of the nine-turn celestial demon body. His mind was on the verge of madness. 

What he did was worse than before in the demonic palace. 

His neck was locked in place, and he was forced to raise his head. He heard the sound of gnashing teeth. 

“This Lord hears of a spell able to eliminate every memory one person has of another and transfer all his love for that person to the person who casts the spell.” 

“If that is the case, this Lord really wants to cast this kind of spell on you.” 

The other party bent over and hugged him. 

He let out a low and long sound, then tears slowly flowed from his profile. 

At that time, he thought. 

If there was such a spell in the world, he was willing for the other party to cast it on him. 

Afterwards, the Demon Lord’s mind gradually recovered. The dao cultivators caught him, and he was locked in the Buddha Tower. 

The Demon Lord rescued him, and they went to the Central Continent. 

They lived in the quiet and peaceful courtyard of the Central Continent for many years, just like the most ordinary mortals, the closest lovers.

It’s just that the Demon Lord never asked him that question again. 

After the Demon Lord’s death, he travelled the world alone, the wind and rain pouring down on him. 

He knelt in front of the Buddha and requested to take oaths. 

The Seven Emotions Needle pierced into his soul. 

Since then, his love roots were cut off. No desires nor longings. 

Nothing in the world could stop him from swinging his sword at Chen Weiyuan. 


The pain from the Seven Emotion Needles gradually became unbearable. 

It was as if it was cutting open all his shells and piercing his softest inside, stirring it up. 

Ye Yunlan closed his eyes and said hoarsely: “Of course I… I loved him.” 

“Impossible!” Chen Weiyuan immediately interrupted, “Yunlan, don’t lie to yourself. The Seven Emotion Needles in your body bring you pain every time you see me. Doesn’t that represent your heart?” 

Ye Yunlan: “What is love? Regarding him, I am already in shackles. My love root has been cut. No desire nor longings. I only wished to gather his soul to see him once again. But for you, I get tired of just looking at you.” 

Chen Weiyuan’s expression fell completely cold. 

“Yunlan, you can only say this so confidently because the Seven Emotion Needles are in your body. If you remove the Seven Emotion Needles, you wouldn’t be able to draw a sword against me, can you? You hate me, but at the same time, you love me deeply.” 

He raised his hand. Countless stars met him at his fingertips like silk threads, “I’m meeting you this time to help you untie your shackles, no longer bearing the repeating pain from those years, recognizing your own heart.” 

Ye Yunlan: “The feelings stolen by disgusting means, why did you think it is right to do that?” 

Chen Weiyuan’s expression changed. 

“Yunlan, what do you mean?”

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