Sick Beauty [Rebirth] Chapter 107

Chapter 107 Immortal Boat 

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Facing Chen Weiyuan’s probing, Ye Yunlan only said indifferently. 

“Chen Weiyuan, you planted a Change Sentiment Curse on me. It’s been two hundred plus years since my bond with you. Did you really think I wouldn’t notice?” 

When he was outside the three thousand steps of Sky Sect, Chen Weiyuan rescued him and brought him back to the Chen Clan to mend his wounds. During this period, the other side’s gentle care moved him. After another three years, he promised to form a bond contract with Chen Weiyuan. 

It was perfect, as if it was fate. 

He became Chen Weiyuan’s dao companion. He would be happy for the other’s joy and sad for each other’s sorrow. He would cook tea and wine for the other during the day to relieve boredom and wait for the other to return home amidst the heavy snow at night. 

Because of his previous life-saving kindness, he always listened to Chen Weiyuan’s words and obeyed the other in everything. 

He perceived nothing unusual. 

Indulging in the fabricated love and lust, for a long time, he really regarded the Chen family as his home. 

Until Chen Weiyuan sent him into the Demon Sect. He opened his eyes and saw the Demon Lord’s awfully unsightly ghost mask. 

It was like thunder shocking his dream. The beautiful dreams of his past shattered, and he became the lonely self from his past days, deserted in the heavy rain and strong wind again. 

The Demon Lord picked him up from the box, took possession of him, and asked him why he was crying. 

He didn’t speak. 

The other party kissed the tears on his eyelashes. 

The mask on his face was taken off, and the man’s fingertips brushed the criss-cross scars on his face. He hoarsely said to him: “Don’t cry.” 

“Since your dao companion has abandoned you, why do you still think about him?” 

“Follow this Lord obediently,” the man leaned close to him and muttered, “Let this Lord love you.” 

Afterward, the other party treated him extremely well, as he said.

But he still couldn’t forget Chen Weiyuan. 

Like being caught by the drug of addiction, he longed for the other every night in his dreams, having difficulty sleeping. 

This shouldn’t be. 

Chen Weiyuan had already treated him like this, so they should be strangers. 

Why did he still miss that person? 

He mused over it for a long time. 

When Chen Weiyuan came to see him in the Demon Palace, he once again felt that kind of surging, sweeping, and unstoppable love and lust. 


He couldn’t understand. 

What kind of thing is love? 

Over the past few years, he kept brooding. 

He resided in the Central Continent with the Demon Lord, but after the Demon Lord left, he entered the world alone. He avoided meeting with Chen Weiyuan. Wandering in the Western Continent, turning to the southern border, and crossing the plains, he walked across the five continents and four seas. 

Until he walked all over the world and entered the Buddhist hall, and the Seven Emotion Needles pierced him. 

There were two ancient temples in the world with the longest heritage. 

One was the Fusheng Temple, located on the Western Continent. It was known to be a Buddhist temple able to suppress everything. The second was Fukong Temple. With its mysterious vestige, it had the Mirror Sky Pavilion, which had accumulated the secrets of the world. 

“Ten Thousand Demons under the Buddha Pagoda, and in the Mirror Sky Pavilion, countless scriptures.” This was the world’s commentary on these two ancient temples. 

He took his oaths in Fukong Temple and was already considered half a disciple of Fukong Temple. The master who oversaw Fukong Temple granted him entrance to the Mirror Sky Pavilion and stay for ten days. 

At that time, he was already an Immortalization swordsman, and most of the secrets in the world weren’t so enticing for him. 

In the Mirror Sky Pavilion, he only flipped through two things.

One was the secret method of burning the soul to condense a sword, called “Jian Ping Sheng.”

The second was the secret technique of emotion manipulation. 

There weren’t many secret techniques in the world able to birth love. 

He only found two kinds: Hehuan Gu, and the Change Sentiment Curse.

Their distinction was that the Hehuan Gu only hinged on the Child and the Mother Gu worms’ connection. This made the Gu receiver develop an illusional love for the giver. The person affected with the Child Gu would always wish to mate with the possessor of the Mother Gu. Furthermore, as long as the Child Gu was removed, this effect could be eradicated. 

However, the Change Sentiment Curse could wholly remove a person’s memories of the one they loved and transfer all their lust toward the individual onto the spell’s caster. Moreover, after the curse was finalized, lifting it would be nearly unachievable. 

The only counter was if the cursed found the forgotten loved one, and then they opened their heart and drank their heart’s blood. 

When Chen Weiyuan cursed him, if he thought about it carefully, it should be before they made the bond contract. 

Since then, he had no more true love and desire, only false delusions. 

If love was just a feeling. 

Then he had already lost this kind of feeling, so he couldn’t answer the Demon Lord’s question. 

It’s just that after the person’s demise, many years passed, and he contemplated this question. 

Now he thought, he was able to answer. 

Love was more than just a feeling. 

It was a long-term company, and a willingness to give. 

It was the joy of wanting to spend a lifetime with another. 

The Change Sentiment Curse could influence a person’s love, but it couldn’t influence a person’s choice. 

And he had already made his own choice. 

Chen Weiyuan’s expression changed. 

Ye Yunlan’s words were beyond his expectations. 

The Change Sentiment Curse was an ancient technique, and it was rarely circulated in the world. He didn’t expect that Ye Yunlan could detect it. 

After all, the former Ye Yunlan was so attached to him, admired him, and unconditionally regarded him as his husband. 

“Yunlan, even if you know, what about it?” Chen Weiyuan asked, “I did curse you before you and I concluded the bond, but you’ve already forgotten who the person you loved was in this life. You can’t resolve the curse. Now, all the desires in you can only be attributed to me. Regardless, the result will not alter.”

“And since you know the Change Sentiment Curse, you should know that no matter the past and present, you will never fall in love with the Demon Lord. You’ve done so much for him, but it’s just false feelings, so why bother?” 

A cruel expression manifested on Chen Weiyuan’s face. 

“Even if the person you originally loved wasn’t me, it’s not him either.” 

He raised his hand, and the starlight entwined at his fingertips lit up. 

“And now, you can only love me.” 

Ye Yunlan’s expressions were concealed under the bronze mask’s face. It’s just that his hand, holding the sword, presented blue veins that resembled a winding river. 

If he wasn’t looking for the Demon Bone’s location, he would’ve already shot out at Chen Weiyuan. 

Chen Weiyuan saw his appearance, and he had a crazy smile among his features. He abruptly turned his head. 

“Yunlan, do you know where this is?” 

Before Ye Yunlan could answer, he laughed and said: “The Ancient Divine Phoenix built this place to make his entire clan soar…” 

He paused, then slowly spat out. “Primordial Immortal Boat.” 

“The entire Primordial God Ruins is part of the Primordial Immortal Boat. And where we are standing is the core of the entire Primordial Immortal Boat: Time City.” 

The crazy smile was still on his face. He stared at Ye Yunlan. 

“One day in Time City is equivalent to one year outside.” 

Ye Yunlan’s complexion changed marginally. 

Whenever time was involved, it became a taboo area that went against the ways of heaven. 

And with one day here being equivalent to a year outside, such a terrible passage of time must cost a huge price. 

Where did the energy for opening Time City come from? 

Ye Yunlan said coldly: “What on earth do you want to do?” 

He saw the light of countless stars entwined around Chen Weiyuan. Then, they extended into the tall ancient black towers everywhere. 

The ground vibrated, making it rumble. 

Chen Weiyuan stared at him scorchingly and said softly.

“Yunlan, don’t you understand? I’ve done so much, all just to be with you again.” 

There was something in his hand. 

It was a dark blue color. It seemed to be an astrolabe condensing countless stars. 

Ye Yunlan recognized this article. 

Ancient Gathering Astrolabe. 

This thing was the most important formation item of the Chen Clan formation. 

It was also the true foundation of the Chen Clan. 

The mysterious light of Chen Weiyuan’s vestment flickered, and countless runes faintly connected. It converged with the Ancient Gathering Astrolabe, revealing a powerful force. 

Ye Yunlan finally understood. 

Chen Weiyuan transferred the entire Chen Clan array to himself, and at the same time, all the energy that the Chen Clan had amassed on the Ancient Gathering Astrolabe from the ancient times to the present. 

This meant that he had hollowed out the Chen Clan’s background, and the Chen Clan’s vast land was now undefended! 

Ye Yunlan: “You’re crazy.” 

Chen Weiyuan, who valued the Clan’s interests more than everything in his previous life, was obviously insane by acting like this now. 

Chen Weiyuan smiled and shook his head. 

“I’m not crazy.” 

“There is always a time when manpower will be exhausted. This fact is something I finally understand after I was reborn.” He laughed, “Since the tribulation of heaven and earth is going to come no matter what, and there is no way to stop it, why should I be so exhausted and even sacrifice my life to protect the trash in the clan?” 

“If it wasn’t for the Clan’s calculation, how could I lose you?” 

In his tone, there was a sudden hostility. Then, he took it back in a flash. 

“The inheritance of the Chen Clan cannot be cut off, but not every trash needs to survive.” Chen Weiyuan said slowly, “I am the patriarch of the Chen Clan. As long as I still exist, the Chen Clan will exist.”

He stepped on the land under his feet. 

“This Primordial Immortal Boat is a magic weapon refined by the Divine Phoenix for crossing the catastrophe and becoming an immortal. If it can be activated, it can break through this barrier and enter the void. The void lands don’t belong to this world. Arriving in the great void lands, the great catastrophe of heaven and earth will have nothing to do with us.”

“Even though the Primordial Immortal Boat is damaged most of the time, the core- Time City still exists. Just abandon the damaged shell and use only the core. This Immortal Boat will still activate and fly us into the void.” 

“I’ve exhausted the heritage of the Chen family and can activate Time City for a year. We’ll stay in Time City for a full year, escaping into the void. And one year here is equivalent to the outside world for more than three hundred years. At that time, all the catastrophes in the world and earth will be over.” 

Chen Weiyuan said this in high spirits. His handsome face smiled even more. 

“My cultivation base is now in Transcendence. As long as the catastrophe is over, the world will be reborn, and breaking through the shackles of changing my fate will be enough to make my dao break through and reach Void Tracing.” 

“And the Divine Phoenix skeleton I’ve gifted Wife, do you like it?” 

Chen Weiyuan looked at the golden red skeleton in the coffin, and his eyes flickered. 

“You probably don’t know that it was your brother Ye Xuanguang who entered the Primordial Divine Ruins and obtained the Divine Phoenix Bones that year. During the catastrophe, he wanted to completely revive the ancient bloodline and forcibly merged with the Divine Phoenix Bones. But ultimately, he suffered a backfire, and in the end, perished within the great calamity. At that time, I knew that the Divine Phoenix reincarnation wasn’t him, but you.” 

“Divine Phoenix, the Lord of Fire, as long as you’re willing to fuse with the bones of the Divine Phoenix and revive your bloodline, the divine fire in your body will no longer hurt you and let you use it obediently. And with my wife’s experience and sword dao aptitude, you can break through to Void Tracing naturally with no problem with your life.”

Chen Weiyuan raised his hand, and his five fingers curled, as if he wanted to grasp something. 

“When the world’s catastrophe ends, us husband and wife will be together in the Void Tracing Realm. We will return to the world, and the chaos in the world will be restored. No one will be our opponent. Then, the world shall honor us, and with the great, big world, wouldn’t we be free and unfettered?” 

He became more impassioned. His star-filled eyes seemed to be on fire, and he looked up at the tall sky, ​​his expression immersed in endless madness. 

After a while, he looked back at Ye Yunlan, and his expression softened a bit. 

“Yunlan, I really like you. So all those various schemes were to put you and me together. In the future, we will always be together.”

“The moment you stepped into the Immortal Boat, it was activated. Everything will proceed as planned.” 

“There is only one thing left now.” 

Chen Weiyuan said. 

“Let me help you pull out the Seven Emotion Needles to relieve all the pain. We can be together forever, Yunlan.” 

Ye Yunlan: “An idiot dreaming.” 

The ground kept shaking, and the entrance to this place had been closed. The entire underground palace was shaking. 

The Immortal Boat had indeed been activated. If he wanted to escape from the void, he would at least have to reach Void Tracing. 

But Ye Yunlan had no intention of fleeing. 

He also didn’t intend to accept any of the seduction of Chen Weiyuan’s words of spending one year on the Immortal Boat and going to the world three hundred years later. 

He slowly concentrated his energy on his sword. 

Chen Weiyuan didn’t seem to realize it, and there was another dark thing in his hand. 

“I’ve studied for a long time, the Seven Emotion Needles in Wife piercing the soul. Unless you agree to dual cultivation, it is difficult to take it out by ordinary methods.” Chen Weiyuan said slowly, “Wife, we’re already been separated for a hundred years, and you’re probably unwilling. Therefore, I can only use another method.”

 Ye Yunlan’s body suddenly shook. 

He scowled deeply, feeling a tearing pain in his spirit, as if something was being tugged and wanted to leave his soul.

It was the Seven Emotion Needle. 

Chen Weiyuan shook the dark object in his hand and smiled: “This is the Nine-Heavens Magnet. I went through many hardships and spent countless spiritual energy in the past few years to lure the distant star containing the Nine-Heavens Magnet here. The Seven Emotion Needle was originally refined from a Nine-Heavens Meteorite, and the Nine-Heavens Magnet is the singular item able to attract the Seven Emotion Needle in Wife’s divine soul.” 

“When the Seven Emotion Needle is taken out, you and I will no longer have any misunderstanding or barriers. I still have a lot of words from these years that I want to say to Wife slowly.” 

He injected spiritual power into the Nine-Heavens Magnet.

The black stone suddenly brightened. 

Ye Yunlan only felt the sensation of tearing intensify in his soul.

There was a soft sound. 

A thin black and reddish needle exited from the center of his eyebrows and plunged to the ground.

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