Sick Beauty [Rebirth] Chapter 111

Chapter 111 Beauty 

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North Territories, Cangzhou City. 

A booming voice thundered in Qingyun Inn. 

A towering cultivator with a long sword and a black gauze hat walked in. 

The waiter greeted him with a smiling face, saying: “Please come this way, guest.” 

The cultivator: “Give me a place on the top floor by the window.”

He took out a second-grade spirit stone and set it in the waiter’s hand. 

The waiter’s eyes lit up. He took the spirit stone and hurriedly led the person to the second floor. 

“What kind of dishes does this guest want?” He asked diligently, “The most recently imported top-notch crabs from the shore of Xishuang Lake made into drunken crabs is quite marvelous. There is also white pine pork meat. It replenishes the spirit qi, and the meat is tender. It also has the chance to increase cultivation…” 

The cultivator put his sword on the table and interrupted softly: “You don’t need to bring dishes, just a jar of Ziuliuxian is enough.” 

The waiter rubbed the spirit stone in his hand and replied sharply: “Good!” 

An altar of Ziuliuxian was soon brought up. 

The cultivator poured out a bowl. He just put it on his lips and drank it, then he heard a scholar’s voice from downstairs. 

The storyteller’s voice was abundantly animated. 

“Last time, I parted with ‘the wind and rain changed in the past 30 years.’ On the big stage, the rain and the wind (trials and hardships) will always blow the outstanding away. After the Soul-Eater Ancestor broke through the Mortal Realm, he thought he was on top of the world. When they were fighting in the extreme north desert, the Demon Lord sliced his head off with a sword. The corpse was hung in the Northern City tower and dried alive. As a result, the Soul Refining Sect, the number one sect of the Demon Sect in the past, was scattered. The Demon Lord even snatched the Shura Sword, the Demon Sect’s treasure!” 

“After this battle, the Demon Lord was born. He held the Shura Sword in his hand and unified the Demon Realm, spreading a supreme, fierce reputation. Since then, the Sky Sect Sect Master has gone into closed-door training for dozens of years. Tianji Pavilion also hid from the world. With the remaining list of the dao factions, no one could prop and support these warring times. Three decades passed, dao dissipated, and demons arose. In this world, is there anyone who can’t stand as vanguard?” 

Speaking to this, the storyteller smacked the table.

“Therefore, this time, I will talk about the Yaori Crown Prince! Ten years ago, in the battle of the unification of the Western Continent, his Royal Highness’s Demon Emperor Sword moved to restore justice and destroyed the Xingyue dynasty fortress formation and received great merit. He earned the Ancient Demon Emperor Sword’s acceptance, was born with uncanny luck, and entered the Transcendence Realm before the Demon Lord’s birth. If they brawled, it might be a draw.” 

“Now to speak about the younger generation. It can be said that the stars are dazzling, and many people are about to break through the Six Realms of the Mortal Body. For example, Sky Sect’s He Lanze of the Eastern Continent, Master Fawu of the Fusheng Temple of the Western Continent, Xu Qingyue of the Tanqing Sect of the Northern Territory, and the Senior Disciple of the Ink Sect Wang Daoyan of the Central Continent. Among the individual cultivators, there was the graceful, unrestrained Xu Zice…and since the Demon Lord had purged and unified the Demon Dao, anyone who rejected the ruler would be cut by the Shura Sword, making the rest tremble. There has been no new Demon Dao being born. In time, once the new generation of stars grows up, even if the Demon Lord becomes stronger, a pair of fists are no match for four hands in the end. How can he cope with all the heroes in the world? By then, our dao sect would have recovered to its brilliance of thirty years ago! ” 


“Well put!” 

The inn people clapped their hands one after another. 

Suddenly, someone whispered: “But I heard that the Demon Lord himself was also a disciple of the Sky Sect. His age is actually much younger than those of the aforementioned new generation of stars. However, his cultivation base reached a frightening realm thirty years ago. When the new generation of stars grows up, will he have already broken through to the Void Tracing Realm?” 

The needle dropped instantly in the inn. 

A Sky Sect disciple was passing by Cangzhou City in the inn. He immediately got up and said, fuming: “Don’t label the demon who deceived his master, destroyed his ancestors, and betrayed his sect as a disciple of my Sky Sect!”

Another Sky Sect disciple next to him pulled his sleeves and gave him a look, but he was thrown aside angrily, “That guy concealed his identity and asked to be Senior Brother Ye Yunlan’s disciple but secretly practiced demonic skills. After being discovered by Senior Brother Ye, he threatened Senior Brother Ye not to tell the truth to the sect. He forced his master to leave. Senior Brother Ye was already severely injured, and his life span was short. No information about him has cropped out for 30 years. I am afraid that he is already dead. Shen Shu, that beast, forced his master to death!” 

“Senior Brother, although there has been no news of Senior Brother Ye, you can’t make false claims about his life and death…” a Junior Brother persuaded him. 

The Senior Brother was overflowing with outrage. When he heard this, tears swiftly streamed down his face. 

“I was rescued by Senior Brother Ye in the divine fire of the secret realm. How severe was Senior Brother Ye’s injury, I know it very clearly. Even with the help of Sect Master, his injuries could not be eradicated. How can Senior Brother Ye be alone all these years and get better? I only hate the fact that I didn’t see through that beast’s true face in the first place so that Senior Brother Ye wouldn’t have to suffer…” 

He said this while crying, then he had to sit down in embarrassment and take a few sips of the wine jar next to him. 

After a brief silence, voices busied the inn again. 

Someone opened their mouth: “Speaking of Ye Yunlan, for the Tianji Ranking, it still seems to be him.” 

“That’s right. It’s already been thirty years, but it has never changed. Rumor has it that both the previous and current Tianji Pavillion Master has feelings for him. Now that there is no news of Ye Yunlan; his life and death unknown, they aren’t willing to let it go.”

“I also heard that this Pavilion Master Ren Tianji is a painter. He once illustrated a portrait of Ye Yunlan. It was breathtaking, and it spanned several years. It is unforgettable even among dreams.”

But some person was dissatisfied: “No matter how heavenly he was, isn’t he just a dead person now? A dead person on the Tianji Rankings, then what about the living? After thirty years, there have been numerous changes. How many people have actually seen the legendary face of this celestial being? They’re just rumors circulating in the streets. Legends are always spreading to become more and more mysterious. The fragrance across the bank is the world’s imagination. I have seen the ranking of Immortal Xu, who is second on the list. His face, voice, and appearance are unforgettable. Moreover, he has superb swordsmanship. He is truly a heavenly person. Who can surpass him? Isn’t he more amazing than that sick person? You should also know that the variance between mortals and cultivators lies in the body’s flawlessness: uncontaminated and a long lifespan. Even if Ye Yunlan was still alive, he would have become a hideous withered flower yesterday. As far as I can see, this Tianji List should have been changed long ago!” 

The Senior Brother, who had his head down and was downing alcohol, suddenly heard these words and slapped the table angrily: “You haven’t seen Senior Brother Ye. How can you utter such nonsense?” 

The person who had just spoken didn’t fear him, saying: “I’m just telling the truth. Those who have the ability should occupy the Tianji List. How can a dead person with an unseen face be kept on the list for this many years? Immortal Lord Xu is a great man and this year’s younger generation of stars. How can he not secure first place?” 

The storyteller stood in place, helpless after seeing the two kick off a fuss. 

Obviously, he had deliberately avoided the topic of the Tianji List. Ergo, why was it still being dragged out here, brewing up a quarrel? 

That Sky Sect Brother had unsheathed his sword. 

The other person could not show weakness and took out a medicine cauldron floating in front of him.

Just as it was about to happen, two wooden chopsticks were shot from upstairs like sharp arrows! 

The two took a step back vigilantly. The wooden chopsticks plunged straight into the ground between the two, entrenched. 

“Junior Brother Qi, enough.” 

The cultivator sporting a black gauze hat floated down from the top floor. The long sword on his back was still unsheathed, but he was overflowing with sword qi. 

The young man called Junior Brother Qi held his medicine cauldron. He then inquired in a frightened and angered manner: “Who are you?” 

The cultivator raised his hat off his head, revealing his face and making everyone in the inn slow down. 

Junior Brother Qi’s eyes widened in surprise, “Senior Brother Xu!?” 

Xu Qingyue nodded slightly, then said softly: “Go and apologize to the Sky Sect Daoist.” 

Junior Brother Qi was unwilling. “For what? Senior Brother is exceptional in appearance with excellent swordsmanship. He’s better than that sick, tuberculosis-having, dead person from Sky Sect. I only gave the truth. Why should I apologize to him?” 

Xu Qingyue’s complexion sank slightly. 

“You know that the sick, tuberculosis-having, and the dead person you mentioned to me, is partly a teacher I owe grace to. My swordsmanship reaching the present state was all thanks to Daoist Ye’s pointers. Daoist Ye’s superb swordsmanship, I probably will never attain it in this life.” 

Junior Brother Qi was flushed. 

“As for appearance…” Xu Qingyue paused, “If you saw that person, you would not say such a thing. I’m not comparable to Daoist Ye in terms of looks. The heavenly moon is dazzling. Where can you find another moon? It’s just that the full moon is exhausted, and the return date is still undetermined…” 

He was silent momentarily, then said a shocking sentence. 

“I’ve admired Daoist Ye for a long time.” 

Junior Brother Qi was unreconciled and averse to believing it. 

Xu Qingyue had already passed him, slid out a spirit stone, placed it in front of the shopkeeper counter, and exited the inn.

The sun was shining outside. 

Xu Qingyue closed his eyes and intended to don a new hat when he heard a hoarse murmur close by. 


That voice was awfully alien. 

Xu Qingyue frowned. He turned to check it out and saw a ragged beggar sitting in an alley near Qingyun Inn with a broken bowl in front of him. The beggar only retained the upper part of his body while his lower limbs had been severed. His face was messy and bearded, and his eyes were turbid and glazed. A damaged bowl was in front of him, but it held no money. 

The qi was very unfamiliar. 

However, Xu Qingyue’s cultivation had reached Immortalization, and his five senses were unbelievably keen. There was no likelihood for him to have misheard the other party’s prior call. 

He could conceivably be an acquaintance who had bumped into him someplace before, he thought. 

A plethora of troubles followed the addition of his name on the Tianji List of Heavenly Secrets. He routinely had to obscure his face with a hat. 

Xu Qingyue had always paid minimal attention to these people, but this beggar looked particularly miserable. After thinking about it, he took out a spiritual stone from his arms, walked forward, and threw it into the broken bowl in front of the other. 

A hawker nearby saw this and interrupted and persuaded: “Immortal, why are you giving this fool a spirit stone? This fool can’t use it even if it was given to him. It’s basically a waste of resources. Besides, he doesn’t need to eat and won’t perish out of starvation. He has no need for Immortal’s sympathy. ” 

Xu Qingyue was a little unsettled: “Is he a fool?” 

The vendor said: “Yeah, he has been a fool for several years, and even calling him will not produce a response. Street rascals had beaten him, and he didn’t defend himself in the slightest. He just stays there in this position. One person kindly transported him to a ruined temple, but it wasn’t long before he crawled back to his initial place. As time passed, people stopped caring about him.”

Xu Qingyue felt even more weirded out.

Not to mention, food wasn’t a necessity for this person; he wouldn’t starve. It’s strange that he knew his name and called him in this familiar tone. 

He scrutinized the beggar. 

His face was sullied, his facial features were unsightly, and his legs were hacked off at the waist. The surviving half of his body was not of someone he could identify. 

He went mute for a time, then opened his mouth: “Do you know me?” 

The beggar’s eyes were unfocused, and he appeared silly and doltish. After hearing this, an inkling of coherence surfaced in his eyes. 

He stretched out his hand fretfully, his fingers inscribing a star symbol in the ground’s black mud. He said in a rough voice:

“… Qingyue, it’s me.”

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