Sick Beauty [Rebirth] Chapter 110

Chapter 110 Frost and Snow

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The sun shone down in ripples, and the waves were surging. 

On this day, another particular guest arrived at the busy Tongzhou Ferry.

Zhu Xiaodu eyed the person in front of him. 

He was a young sword cultivator with black hair and a handsome face. 

The sword cultivator’s appearance didn’t look to clash with those of passing cultivators. 

It’s just that he had a pair of blood-red eyes. 

Like a demon cultivator. 

Except that there was no such chilling demonic qi of an ordinary demonic cultivator on his body. 

But Zhu Xiaodu still felt freezing. 

The midday sun was fierce, illuminating the young sword cultivator before him. Even so, the black clothes dressing his body appeared to be absorbing him fully, leaving only a cloud of thick ink in his vision. 

Zhu Xiaodu stepped back. 

He sensed the danger. 

The young man stepped forward. 

The shadow smothered Zhu Xiaodu. 

It was like blood was about to fall from those approaching blood-red eyes, such as a ferocious beast on the brink of lunacy.

“Do you know where my Master went?”

The other party said hoarsely. 

Zhu Xiaodu wanted to withdraw further, but he suddenly registered that something in the distance was gluing his legs in place.

He swallowed, then replied: “There are usually many that come and go at the ferry port. I dare to ask what your master looks like. What clothes did he wear? I need to think about it carefully before I can answer if I’ve seen him…” 

“You have Master’s qi. You’ve seen him.” The other party said. 

Zhu Xiaodu cried without tears, “I greet guests at the ferry every day. I see hundreds of people every day. How do I know which one you’re seeking?” 

The other party looked at him blankly. 

This sent Zhu Xiaodu to assess if he would unsheathe his sword and impale him. 

But he heard the other person hoarsely say: “You only have to meet someone like Master once to never forget them.” 

Hearing this, Zhu Xiaodu instantly recalled the ghost-faced person he had encountered earlier. 

Half a month had elapsed, and he still couldn’t forget the awe-inspiring sword move enacted by the ghost-faced man when the sea beast attacked the ship.

He couldn’t forget when he opened the door in the middle of the night and how he had glimpsed the other party’s beautiful and indescribable face. 

He hesitated and asked: “Is your Master also a sword cultivator with a red tear mole at the end of his eye?” 

He watched a crazy expression swiftly etch onto the black sword cultivator’s empty face. His red eyes were deadlocked on him.

“Tell me where he went.” 

Zhu Xiaodu wanted to speak. 

But with that deranged look on the youth’s face, he suddenly dithered. 

Even though the signs of danger kept alarming him inwardly, Zhu Xiaodu suppressed the fear in his heart forcibly. He forced his mouth to speak. “Since your Excellency is his disciple, why don’t you at least know where your master has gone?” 

This sentence seemed to have ignited something. 

Zhu Xiaodu’s eyes widened in horror. 

His neck was raised. The young man’s hand had seized his neck, and his complexion was sinking into a deep shadow. The blood-red light in his eyes seemed to separate from his body, flashing in the air like splashes of blood. 

The black clothes on the young man appeared to become fuzzy in a flash, leaving only a thick black shadow that roughly resembled a human. 

The wind blew, and the waves slapped against the shore. 

The black shadow also distorted its form with the sea breeze. 

Zhu Xiaodu’s toes no longer touched the ground. He wanted to scream for help, but he found that apart from the sounds of the waves and wind, no human voice was audible in his ears.

It was obviously a lively dock, but he seemed to be isolated from the world. 

He had never seen such a terrible power that surpassed mortals in his life, only hearsay from some occasional passing visitors. 

The person in front of him——if he could still be called a human, his cultivation might have broken through the six realms of the mortal body and reached the legendary Transcendence Stage.

Zhu Xiaodu’s vision gradually turned blurry while facing the two scarlet lights. 

Some pictures in his mind seemed to flow out involuntarily, and they were being looked through frame by frame, thoroughly. 

“Northern Territory, Cangzhou.” 

The man spat out the location Zhu Xiaodu wanted to conceal in a low voice. 

After that, Zhu Xiaodu saw the shadows spreading from the sky with teeth and claws, sweeping towards the blue sky. 

Zhu Xiaodu collapsed to the ground. 

With a bang in his ear, the noise of the surrounding people all returned in an instant. 

And the black sword cultivator he had met, who was like a devil and a ghost, had vanished. 

As if he was never in front of him. 


Xu Zice was running away. 

Once, the Ghost Sect disciples had pursued him from the Northern Territory to the Central Continent. He had a lot of experience in escaping. 

The cosmic spider puppet behind him extended countless limbs to chase him, causing rubble to fly in the corridor. 

This thing had been chasing him for more than half a month. 

In fact, he didn’t know what was going on. 

Since he followed the Ghost Face Man into the Primordial Palace, he had tailed the other closely. In the long corridor underground, he was only slower than the other by half a step, but he lost his way after a corner turn. 

Ghost Face Man wasn’t in front of him anymore. The hallway was gloomy and dark. He waited in place for eons, alone and holding the sizable sword. Not seeing the Ghost Faced Man coming back, he had to bite the bullet and continue to walk forward. 

After walking for a while, he grasped that something was off—the original corridor felt like it was going down, but he identified that right now, he was going up continuously. 

He set foot in a dark underground space and picked up a few treasures while he was on the way——he swore, he really didn’t grab much. However, this caused the spider puppet guard to hunt him down. 

The corridor was narrow, and there was nowhere to hide. He could only continue to sprint forward. 

He had no knowledge of who had refined this underground palace nor what it was for. Nevertheless, the winding roads were endless.

Xu Zice was worried that if he continued to be pursued like this, he would first die from exhausting his spiritual power. 

Finally, a bright light appeared in front of him. 

Xu Zice ran out and discovered that he was still inside the ruins that were from before entering the palace, and behind him was an open tomb. 

He raced out of the grave. 

Different from previously, large swaths of blood and corpses of the cultivators had been spilled within the ruins.  

There seemed to be a fierce battle here, and everything was just a great tragedy. 

Xu Zice blinked. 

Suddenly he noticed a cultivator who was still half-breathing not far away. Moving to his side with difficulty, he extended his hand towards him. 

“Help, help me…” 

Xu Zice ran over, trying to pull this person up, only to find that half of his body was gone. 

The one who swallowed half of this cultivator’s body was actually the cultivator’s own shadow! 

Xu Zice felt his blood run cold. 

Along with the sound of gnawing, the cultivator on the ground showed a look of despair on his face. His hand slumped down. He kept muttering: “It’s a monster, a monster has come here…” 

The sound of spider puppets’ movement stemmed from the tunnel exit behind him. Xu Zice had no time to think, so he could only fly away. Pulling out of this bloody battlefield, he dashed into the dense forest. He looked back and saw that the ancient palace towering high inside the ruins, where he and the Ghost Face Man entered from, had disappeared without a trace. Only an empty black hole remained now. 

There seemed to be a dark shadow standing next to the black hole, dancing in the wind. 

Xu Zice rubbed his eyes suspiciously. 

The shadow was absent when he looked once more. 

The orange-red sunset was sinking, cocooning everything in a bloody veil. 


Drip, drip. 

Was it the sound of blood? 

Queying firmly nailed Chen Weiyuan to the wall. The long sword penetrated his heart, and blood dripped from the blade. 

The Ancient Gathering Astrolabe had fallen on the ground, and a deep crack had manifested on the front of the Astrolabe. 

Ye Yunlan’s slender and pale hand was holding Queying. 

Cyan blood vessels slithered on his hand. 

It looked fragile, easily shatterable, but indestructible. 

The star robe on Chen Weiyuan’s body was stained red with blood, and his pupils were a little dazed. He raised his eyes with difficulty and looked at Ye Yunlan. 

“Yunlan, I didn’t expect that you would actually draw a sword at me…” 

The sword intent of the Void Tracing Realm stirred in his body. Not only was his heart penetrated, but his entire body and soul were on the edge of collapse. 

Chen Weiyuan had simulated the power of a sword in the Void Tracing Realm countless times. However, Ye Yunlan made very few moves in his previous life, and most of the people who had seen him wield his sword had already reported to the King of H*ll. Thus, he could only deduce from limited clues. 

The Chen Clan’s great formation was left in ancient times, and the original patriarch of the Chen Clan was also a figure who stepped in the Void Tracing Realm. The Ancient Gathering Astrolabe and formations he left behind were, logically speaking, able to withstand Ye Yunlan’s hit.

It’s just only now did he know. 

There were unreasonable things in this world. 

Like Ye Yunlan’s sword. 

Ye Yunlan didn’t spare him half a glance. 

Exerting himself, he pulled Queying Sword from Chen Weiyuan’s body. Chen Weiyuan’s body and soul were on the verge of collapse. After he drew his sword out, he would be absolutely destroyed. 

“…Hold on,” Chen Weiyuan whisper-shouted to him, “Yunlan, don’t you want to know who I made you completely forget when I used the Change Sentiment Curse?”

Ye Yunlan: “I don’t need to know.” 

Chen Weiyuan: “The Change Sentiment Curse is incurable. Even if I die, you will never escape the bondage of this curse. Only by drinking the blood of the person you have forgotten can you be allowed real freedom.” 

Ye Yunlan remained indifferent. 

He had already used the forbidden technique, and he no longer wanted to live. Chen Weiyuan’s words were like bull to him.

Chen Weiyuan saw that he had a poker face, and his expression twisted slightly. 

“Ling Er,” Chen Weiyuan said suddenly, “The name of the person you loved back then is Ling Er.” 

“Back then, I rescued you outside of Sky Sect and brought you back to the Chen Clan. I cared for you greatly, but although you were grateful to me, you still thought of her.” 

Chen Weiyuan’s lips curled up into a twisted smile, “You loved her. Even in your dreams, you muttered her name. But now you have forgotten all about her, and you keep saying that you love another, willing to sacrifice yourself for him.” 

“But Yunlan, even if you have forgotten, you can’t deny that the person you love is her. Even if it’s not me, it’ll never be the Demon–” Chen Weiyuan’s voice stopped abruptly. 

Ye Yunlan had already pulled out Queying Sword, splashing blood all over the wall. 

Chen Weiyuan’s pupils dilated. The color inside slowly faded, utterly losing its vitality. 

A little dim remnant soul floated from his body. 

At this moment, a tiny light suddenly shined in the Ancient Gathering Astrolabe on the ground. Wrapping Chen Weiyuan’s remnant soul, it sank into the walls of Time City and into the void. 

Ye Yunlan couldn’t stop it and didn’t intend to stop it. 

Outside the Time City was the Chaos Void. Anyone who had not stepped into the Void Tracing Realm would not be safe. 

Majority of the Ancient Gathering Astrolabe’s energy was injected into Time City to make Time City work. The remaining small part was nearly all consumed when resisting his sword just now. 

Chen Weiyuan only had a little bit of a remnant soul left. Relying on the remaining energy of the Ancient Gathering Astrolabe and escaping into the void was something he was forced to do as a result of the circumstances. Ten out of ten people would die. 

Ye Yunlan didn’t look at Chen Weiyuan’s body again. 

The sword in his hand dropped to his side, and blood kept falling from his lips. 


The blood descended to the ground like red plum blossoms. 

The hand that held the sword had completely lost all its rosy color, and his complexion was almost transparent. 

Even his waterfall of black hair began to fade from the end of the stands. 

Life was passing like sand between his fingers. 

The soul quickly withered and faded after burning to its maximal splendid moment. 

Ye Yunlan staggered back. 

Under the ancient tree, in front of the dark coffin. 

This was the burial site of the Divine Phoenix. 

His life originated from the Ye Clan, and the Ye Clan’s blood was inherited from ancient times. 

After going round and round, he reunited with the origin of the bloodline. 

This location would also be suitable as his graveyard. 

He sat, leaning against the coffin, with the Queying Sword by his side. 

His long hair was scattered over his shoulders, and a few strands fell down. 

Hair like frost and snow. 

His life had come to an end. In his trance, it was like he spotted the Naihe Bridge. The flowers on the other shore were red and gorgeous. Someone was waiting there, reaching out to him. 

He closed his eyes.

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