Sick Beauty [Rebirth] Chapter 117

Chapter 117 Marriage 

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Shen Shu stopped talking. 

Ye Yunlan patted him gently on his back, and his long eyes stared at the empty spot on the ground, slightly disordered. 

For Shen Shu, this disciple, he always had no way to be entirely cruel. 


Shen Shu wasn’t just his disciple. 

Even more, he was his…lover from his previous life. 

He couldn’t define the word ‘love’ clearly. 

The Change Sentiment Curse had removed all his love and desires. He couldn’t discern his own likes and dislikes purely based on love and desires. Most of the time, reason preceded emotion, and rules were above impulse.

Perhaps because of this, he still couldn’t tell the difference between the previous life’s Demon Lord and this life’s Shen Shu clearly. 

It was hard to distinguish too clearly but also not. 

There was always an invisible shackle in his heart, reminding him of the distance between life and death and teaching him not to get used to the temperature of life in this world. 

But Shen Shu had done a lot for him over the years. As far as he was concerned, was he really untouched? 

And falling in love with him like in his previous life, did Shen Shu make a mistake?

He thought. 


It’s just… 

Ye Yunlan’s hand stopped rubbing Shen Shu’s back. 


He was silent for a long time before he broke it. 

“You don’t have to lock me up. I will stay with you here and not leave again.” He whispered, “This time, it is true.” 

Shen Shu’s state was obviously already a little abnormal. 

He knew little about the backlash of the Nine-Turn Celestial Demon Body. It was an eminently wicked technique that relied on the grievances and immoral thoughts of devouring evil spirits to strengthen oneself. However, as long as one cultivated this kind of demonic cultivation, nothing would end well. The Demon Lord of his previous life was the only person who had cultivated this technique to Immortalization, and he still suffered backlashes on full moon nights. However, in this life, Shen Shu arrived at the Immortalization level of the Nine-Turn Celestial Demon Body much earlier than in his previous life.

He had forcibly and quickly raised his realm. Thus, there would inevitably be a price. 

He needed to look after Shen Shu. 

Whether the Demon Bone, Demon Star, or something else came to this world, as long as he had not died one day, anyone who wanted to hurt Shen Shu would have to cross the sword in his hand. 

For each day he was still alive in this world, he would take care of Shen Shu for one day. 

Just like what Shen Shu did to him in his previous life. 

…Except for the dual cultivation and human furnace matter. 

Only with this matter, he still…couldn’t accept it. 

“Believe it or not, the thing I wanted to retrieve from Chen Weiyuan back then was about your future life.” 

Ye Yunlan explained again. 

“I never wanted to deliberately leave you.” 

Shen Shu, who was leaning on his shoulder, smiled slightly. 

“So, Master’s reason is that everything you did back then was for me?” 

He pressed Ye Yunlan’s back and shoulder blades with his palm and whispered, “I also want to believe what Master said.” 

He paused, then continued. 

“But they have been making noise.” 

Ye Yunlan: “… Who’s making noise?” 

Shen Shu: “A lot of people. Some people are laughing; others are crying. More seem to be crying. Many laugh too… It’s noisy.” 

However, Ye Yunlan did not hear any crying or laughing around him. 

He was silent for a while: “What about you? What are you doing?” 

Shen Shu: “When I hold Master, Master’s area quiets it a lot.” 

Ye Yunlan was mute again. 

He let him hold him in stillness. 

The incense in the hall was rich, making his hands and feet soft. The chains on his wrists and ankles were heavy.

In the silence, Shen Shu suddenly said: “I want Master.” 

Ye Yunlan felt a heat source sticking to him and said: “… No.” 

Shen Shu let out soft laughter that gave people goosebumps. “I didn’t even say what I wanted, yet Master refused- Sure enough, Master’s recent words were just misleading me.” 

Ye Yunlan: “… What do you want?” 

Shen Shu did not immediately answer. 

He rubbed Ye Yunlan’s white hair around his neck and said in his ear: “Master, do you know what the world cursed me for during the thirty years you left?” 

Ye Yunlan didn’t answer, then he laughed again. 

“They all call me a beast that betrayed his own Master and exterminated his ancestor.” 

Ye Yunlan frowned: “You did not betray the sect, and you are not a beast.” 

Shen Shu: “Maybe for now.” 

Ye Yunlan suddenly gave birth to a bad feeling. 

Then he listened to Shen Shu’s words. 

“I want to let the world and everyone know that the relationship between Master and I is not only one of master and disciple,” Shen Shu looked at him straightforwardly with an obsessive expression, “It’s even more blended together. A married couple; a close and intimate dao companionship.” 

“On the seventh day of September, I have decided to host a banquet in the Demon Palace.” 

Shen Shu took his hand and held it in the palm of his hand. His blood-red, cold eyes were revealed, scorching like hot, burning lava. 

“I’ve checked. It’s a wonderful day to get married.” His eyes curved slightly, “Master, at that time, we will get married.” 

Ye Yunlan was frightened and angry.

“You haven’t asked me of my opinion yet-” 

“I know Master will definitely not allow it, so I said before that I will be a beast that deceives my master and exterminates my ancestors,” Shen Shu said softly, holding down his hand entombed in the shadows and trying to struggle. A thin red etched onto his handsome face, “In these few days, I will have to trouble Master to take care of your body. After we get married, we will officially be bond contracted dao companions. Then, we will enter the bridal chamber together. For now, Disciple will collect some interest first.” 

He held Ye Yunlan’s hand, and his fingers intertwined. 

The chain on his wrist perpetually rocked, producing a continuous, crisp sound. 

The pitch-black shadows entangled, and more had nowhere to go. They danced frantically around Ye Yunlan’s eyes, dangling and overlapping before his eyes. 

Shen Shu bit his shoulder and gasped in a low breath: “Master, I miss you so much.” 

Ye Yunlan took a deep breath, and a few tears were forced from the ends of his eyes. His voice was hoarse, “Tell your demonic qi…to go away.” 

Shen Shu didn’t make the demonic qi go away. 

He only repeated and murmured: “… I missed you so much.” 

The shadow in the sleeping hall shook. 

It seemed that something was broken, and a fragrance permeated out. It was as if the vase fell to the ground and shattered into pieces, and the gorgeous flowers in it fell out. The sweet floral scent lingered, making it rich and thick. 

It made people intoxicated. 


Demon Realm, Jialan City.

The blood-red lanterns were shining on the long street. In a tall building, several demonic cultivators were gathered in one place, drinking, talking, and laughing. 

Someone said: “Did you hear the news that the Lord is about to get married?” 

The person next to him laughed and said: “The wedding banquet invitations have been publicly sent to the hands of the righteous and demonic factions. This matter is now in the entire cultivation world. Who does not know? Especially the righteous factions. They basically exploded.” 

The person before said: “I heard that the person the Lord wants to marry is their own master.” 

The next person tsked: “The Lord must be playing.”

One person raised his glass and laughed: “The Lord’s master, as in the number one beauty ranked on the Tianji list for more than three decades? If it were me, being able to face such a beauty every day, I wouldn’t be able to hold back either—What morals of master and disciple; the distinction between righteousness and evil, it’s all bullsh*t!… Holding a beauty is the only truth.”

“But hasn’t it been rumored that that person is already dead?” 

“Rumors are only rumors, after all,” the person beside him slowly downed a glass of wine and said lightly, “How can you and I figure out the Lord’s methods? However, I have a guess.” 

“Oh? Young Master, please explain.” 

“Isn’t there a rumor that the Lord personally forced his master to death? I think the facts are not that different.” The person next to him opened his folding fan and shook it slightly. “He was not forced to death but forced to a dead end and was hidden by the Lord. After hiding for more than thirty years, I am afraid that he had been tossed around until he became obedient, and now he can be liberated again and given a status.” 

The original person suddenly realized something. 

The other demonic cultivators in the audience were accustomed to these things, laughing in understanding.

Someone clapped their hands, “The Lord did this matter beautifully. This beauty is the bright white moonlight in many righteous daoist hearts. Once this matter comes out, the righteous daoists will explode. I don’t know how many cultivators of the great sects will grit their teeth. I heard that even the previous and current Tianji Pavilion Master still can’t forget about him. This makes us wonder how beautiful this beauty is.” 

Someone laughed and said, “Maybe it’s not just the face. A beauty’s body is naturally also a top-notch instrument… The Lord’s luck with women isn’t bad. It really makes me envious.” 

A Sect Master next to him shook his folding fan and suddenly looked at the fat demon cultivator in the corner, “Speaking of which, Elder Cen, didn’t you say that the one you are raising in your family was also a beauty on the Tianji List before? How was the taste? Quickly, tell us.” Then he looked at the thin man standing beside Elder Cen, who poured wine for him. “You’re a beauty; why cover your face with a veil?” 

Elder Cen smiled: “His taste is not bad. He is full of vigor in bed, and only slightly playing with him causes waves to come out. But his appearance is mostly ruined, and it looks unsightly, so I ordered him to cover his face with a veil. If the Young Sect Master is interested, you can also take him back and enjoy him for a few days.” 

But the Young Sect Master became somewhat disappointed when he heard the words ‘appearance ruined.’

Either it was boring to drink, or he wanted to see what a beauty from the Tianji List looked like. 

But he fanned the fan, and a powerful wind blew. The veil of the man who poured the wine was blown away, revealing a half hideous and half beautiful face. 

The flawless half of the face was glamorous with red lip cream applied and tearful eyes. It aroused immediate pity.

It’s just that the other half was really terrible, accompanied by embedded winding scars. It was like countless centipedes crawling around: black with tints of red. It looked disgusting.

The Young Sect Master frowned for a moment. He barely pieced together what the original face might have looked like from the small half of his white face. After half a glance, he didn’t want to look at it again. The folding fan was turned and the wind passed by. The person was thrown into the corner. He spat out a mouthful of blood abruptly. 

The Young Sect Master said lazily, “Unfortunately if his appearance was complete, it would not be impossible for this Young Sect Master to honor him. However, now the ugliness looks like this. It’s fortunate that Elder Cen still could touch it. You even took it out for drinking. Elder Cen’s taste is quite unique.”

Elder Cen climbed to his present position in the Demon Sect of Extreme Desire because he could discern people’s thoughts from their body language, so he said hurriedly: “It is this b*tch who is shameless. Today, he begged me to take him out while in bed with me. I didn’t expect him to dirty Sect Master’s eyes. When I return this time, I will definitely discipline him and teach him how to control his unrestrained character, so he won’t cause any more trouble.” 

Turning around, he yelled at the person in the corner. 

“Hurry up and get lost!” 

The man, struck by the robust wind, got up from the ground in embarrassment. He walked a few steps outside the building, spit out a generous mouthful of blood, and fell on the leaning fence. 

The strong wind blew his clothes, and he looked far away in a vague gaze. 

Rows after rows of blood-red lanterns meandered far away in Jialan City. 

The massive Demon Palace was at the end of the scarlet image. 

“Ah Lan…” 

“You aren’t dead…” 

He muttered, his cheeks flushed from the alcohol. Lustrous waves of desire filled his eyes. 

Endless hatred and resentment were also buried deep within them. 

His shadow shook and twisted in the wind, then suddenly, a voice rang from his heart. 

That voice was neither male nor female, nor young or old.

Countless voices of countless people seem to be mingled, overlapping, and entangling. It aroused the deepest desires and evil thoughts in people’s hearts. 

“Human, what are your thoughts on what This King mentioned?” 

Rong Ran looked into the distance madly. 

“You said that as long as I do what you say later, all my wishes can be realized. Is that true?” 

The voice laughed and said, “Naturally.” 

Rong Ran’s pupils were slowly immersed in black. He didn’t seem to be aware of it. 

“I just want you to help me kill the beast, Shen Shu, after the matter is done. Let me take Ah Lan to a deserted place, so no one can disturb us anymore.” 

The voice said: “No problem.” 

Rong Ran laughed. The scars on half of his face were distorted by his smile. 

“Okay, I promise you.”

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