Sick Beauty [Rebirth] Chapter 118

Chapter 118 Dao Companion 

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Eastern Continent, Sky Sect. 

A cauldron of loud voices boiled on Wendao Slope. 

Several disciples were gathered together, quarreling over a sword technique problem. Saliva flew wildly, hands were thrown in the air, and their swords were nearly drawn to ask for advice. 

Suddenly, one of the disciples in the dispute saw a man with a high crown in black clothes come up, and his eyes lit up. He hurried over. “Senior Brother, I have a technique I don’t understand. Can Senior Brother give me pointers?”

The person called “Senior Brother” had a handsome face and looked very young, but a little silvery white was already on his temples, sandwiched between the black hair. It was quite eye-catching.

He Lanze looked at the disciple, “What’s the problem? Please elaborate more.” 

The disciple: “It is the thirty-ninth style in the Frost Flower sword technique, ‘North Swallows Return South.’ For Northern Geese Flying South Across the Heavy  Mountains, I think the sword power should have a sense of being indomitable, but Senior Brother Xun said that the Northern Geese Flying South is the thought of parting in autumn, and the sword power should have the meaning of hardship. We are arguing about this.”  

He Lanze said: “Swordsmanship and sword intent comes from the heart. People of different ages, or people with different experiences in the world, have different understandings of one style of swordsmanship’s definition. There is no right or wrong. Why bother arguing about it?” 

The disciple said: “How can it be equivocal? For practicing swordsmanship, isn’t it the more you understand the sword intent of the creator, the more you can use the power contained in the sword technique?” 

He Lanze patiently said: “Although the sword technique was created by a person, the person who learns the swordsmanship is yourself. If you only try to figure out the hearts of others without asking your own heart, you will never overcome your obstacles and reach great success.”

The disciple’s face reddened, and he seemed somewhat enlightened: “Senior Brother is right. But I still want to ask Senior Brother, if it is Senior Brother, what kind of sword intent understanding do you prefer?” 

He Lanze said: “Me…” He looked over this disciple, then at the distant mountains as if looking at an unknown place, “I am more inclined with the latter. When there is nostalgia in one’s heart, every emotion, scenery, sight, and thought, that longing will never leave your heart. You are still young, so you do not understand this. Go practice first, and if you do not understand, then ask me. ” 

That disciple observed his facial expression, then discovered he seemed to have triggered his Senior Brother’s sorrow. He apologized and left. 

Seeing this, the disciples on Wendao Slope sighed: “Senior Brother is still patient and meticulous to young disciples as always. The geniuses of other sects are usually reserved and arrogant. Only our Senior Brother is so approachable and would answer our every question.” 

Someone laughed: “You entered the sect late, so you probably do not know, but Senior Brother also had once shown off his abilities and disdained mortal affairs. At that time, Senior Brother wouldn’t even bother with a disciple who can’t handle three moves of his sword.” 

The disciple was surprised: “There was such a thing?” 


The person next to him sighed, paused, and said again. 

“It’s just that it was a long, long time ago.” 

Yanhui Peak, Green Bamboo Forest. 

He Lanze raised his hand and brushed the bamboo leaves in front of him. When he raised his head, he saw the bamboo building standing in the faraway sea of ​​flowers. 

He walked over and picked up the wooden shovel and watering can on the side of the bamboo building routinely. After tidying up the flower garden outside, he planned to go inside the bamboo building to sweep. 

Since Ye Yunlan’s disappearance, he had done these things for more than 30 years. 

‘Why did he keep doing it?’ he thought. Maybe it’s the obsession of his ungranted longing. 

Or maybe it’s because of guilt.

If he could spot Shen Shu’s strangeness earlier, instead of rushing to retreat because he lost the competition, or if he had a more sincere attitude when meeting Ye Yunlan for the last time, would Ye Yunlan not be forced into leaving the sect and disappearing? 

Longing and guilt blended, then became unspeakable love and desire. 

He Lanze knew that Ye Yunlan didn’t like his appearance of being above others back then. 

Then he would change. 

But now, he had become the acclaimed and extremely responsible Senior Brother in Sky Sect, so why had Ye Yunlan still…not returned. 

The sun gradually rose, and he put down the shovel in his hand. He raised his hand and wiped the sweat from his forehead. 

He stepped into the bamboo building, and the internal furnishings were still the same as they were thirty years ago. 

Perhaps, in his heart, he still hoped that Ye Yunlan could return one day. 

When the time came, and he saw that this place was intact, would he be touched a little bit by him waiting all these years? 

He Lanze thought. He smiled bitterly and shook his head. 

He swept the ground first, then entered the study. 

He Lanze subconsciously went to look at the bamboo basket on the table to see if the little chick was still asleep. 

When Ye Yunlan left that year, only such a small thing was left behind. 

The little thing was cute but very lethargic. 

For more than 30 years, He Lanze hadn’t even seen that little thing wake up once. He slowly watched its hair getting richer, body shape swelling, and the little thing soaking up the spiritual energy encircling the bamboo building. 

Since it was the creature left by Ye Yunlan, He Lanze naturally liked it. Every time he visited, he would put a few top-quality spiritual stones in the bamboo basket for the little thing to absorb. 

This time, He Lanze walked over, inspected it, and saw that the spirit stones in the bamboo basket had been expectedly, completely absorbed. 

To his surprise, the little thing, formerly sleeping, had disappeared. 

The little thing woke up?

He Lanze was surprised and happy. He hurriedly checked around. 

He didn’t see the small thing’s figure in the bushes earlier. He walked to the backyard to look. 

He found a small figure squatting next to the hot spring in the backyard, looking at his face dazedly.

It wasn’t a little chick. 

From He Lanze’s perspective, he could only see that the figure was very thin, like a child’s. He had golden hair like a sparkling little sun. 

He Lanze frowned and walked over. 

“Which peak’s disciple are you from? Where are your parents?” 

Little Sun turned around. 

He looked remarkably beautiful and androgynous. He possessed a pair of large golden eyes, and the hair on the top of his head shook with his movements. 

At this moment, he was looking at He Lanze with two pools of tears in his eyes. 

“Do you know where my mother went?” 

It was a boy’s clear voice. 

Helan Ze frowned deeper. 

The boy’s blonde eyes were really not very similar to the characteristics of ordinary humans. Reminiscent of the missing little chick, he had an extraordinary guess. 

“Who is your mother?” He asked seriously. 

Little Sun was in tears. 

“Mom is, Mom is… Mom…” He seemed confused, stumbling and crying, “Why is Mom gone? Is it because I slept too long, so Mom doesn’t want me…” 

He Lanze: “…” 

It was the first time he saw the matter of a beast transforming into a human being. 

But in his memory, didn’t the books say most spirit beasts able to transform into humans have precious blood and reached a very high level of cultivation? Only then could they earn the chance to survive a thunder tribulation and transform into a human body? 

How did the little chick in Ye Yunlan’s study only sleep for a little bit, then grow into the appearance of a little boy?

… And it didn’t look particularly clever.

He Lanze didn’t know how to communicate with the child. He was silent for a moment, then said: “Your…mother’s affairs are a bit complicated. You should come with me first. I will explain to you slowly later.”

Little Sun: “No, I won’t go with you. I only want my mother.” 

He Lanze had a slight headache.

He walked over, trying to catch the little boy at first. However, he found the little boy was showing a look of vigilance. The golden hair on his head exploded, and he was crying with tears streaming down while staring at him, “You, what do you want to do?” 

He Lanze: “Come back with me first. You have the body of a spirit beast. If you live alone at such a young age, you will be coveted.” 

Little Sun said: “No! I just want my mother!” Then He Lanze saw the little boy give birth to a pair of chubby golden wings. He seemed to want to fly into the sky. 

However, because his wings were terribly fleshy, he flopped only about ten feet high. He fell diagonally and twisted into the bamboo forest behind as if he couldn’t hold up his body. 

He Lanze’s heart tensed. He channeled his qi, flew to the bamboo forest, entered, and didn’t see Little Sun’s figure. It was as if the little person had disappeared into thin air. 

He searched in the bamboo forest several times to no avail, so he had to return to the bamboo building and stare at the sunset from the window. 

He felt a little depressed. 

He hadn’t seen Ye Yunlan in 30 years. He didn’t even know about his life and death. 

Now even the only little thing left by Ye Yunlan disappeared? 

What’s the point of him stubbornly waiting here alone now? What’s the point? 

As the setting sun gradually fell towards the West Mountain, He Lanze walked out of the bamboo building silently. The wind chime at the door rang as he pushed the door. 

In front of him, he suddenly saw a woman in a red dress with a charming face, standing close to the bamboo building and watching him.

“Yin Ling?” He Lanze was slightly surprised. Regarding the female cultivator in the sect who had been pursuing Ye Yunlan with fanfare, he often would run into her when he was cleaning the bamboo building over the years. 

They could be regarded as rivals in love. When they first met, they just nodded and passed by each other. It’s just that Ye Yunlan had been without a trace for more than 30 years, and all their intense longing and hostility have turned into collective worries. Gradually, he and Yin Ling would also occasionally exchange a few words. 

However, Yin Ling had not been to this bamboo house for five or six years. 

——Since she became a dao companion five or six years ago with a disciple in the sect who had passionately pursued her. 

“Senior Brother Helan.” Yin Ling was dressed in red, looking at him. There seemed to be some sadness on her charming and warm face. 

She hesitated for a moment, then said, “Does Senior Brother Helan know that an invitation to the Demon Lord’s wedding banquet was sent at noon today?” 

He Lanze frowned. He was at Ye Yunlan’s residence at Yanhui Peak for most of the day, so he verily didn’t hear about any invitations. He wondered: “Wedding invitation? Which demonic cultivator is getting married and dares to send the invitation to our sect?” 

Yin Ling bit her lip and said, “It was the man who betrayed the sect back then. The invitation said the man will be at the Demon Palace wedding banquet, marrying his own master.” 

He Lanze was taken aback when he heard the words and immediately paled in shock. 

“What? The beast, Shen Shu, said he will marry his own master? That is to say, Junior Brother Ye…didn’t die?” 

Yin Ling, “That’s the case. So as soon as I learned about it, I hurried over to look for Senior Brother. Just now, I didn’t find you in your residence, so I thought you must be in Junior Brother Ye’s residence. Junior Brother Ye is now in the Demon Palace, and Shen Shu has cultivated forbidden techniques in the Demon Path. His cultivation isn’t something I can deal with by myself. Now, I can only ask the Sect Master to take action and perhaps rescue Junior Brother Ye back from the beast. But currently, the only one I thought of who can contact the Sect Master in the entire sect, is you, Senior Brother.”

After thinking for a moment, he clenched the sword in his hand and said, “I will immediately go to Wangyun Peak to find Sect Master and explain the situation. It is just that the Sect Master’s retreat is longer than all his previous times. I am not sure I can notify the Sect Master. Then, Junior Sister Yin Ling, you first contact the other sects in my name to discuss a crusade against the demon sect.” 

His brows showed a little awe-inspiring intent, “In the past 30 years, the demons have risen, and the dao had fallen. Many people in the daoist sects have lost their spirit. It is time to regain our strength.” 

Yin Ling nodded, then watched as He Lanze raised his sword and beelined to Wangyun Peak. 

She was brimming with misery. Beautiful eyes looked at the bamboo building in the sea of ​​flowers, remembering the glimpse of Wendao Slope many years ago. She saw that person, then became obsessed with him ever since. 

It was not until many years later, after experiencing all kinds of things with her current husband, that she finally let go of her obsessions and married her Junior Brother, who had admired her for a long time. Her current life could be considered joyful. 

However, a girl’s feelings could always be moved by others. Having no news of Ye Yunlan was fine. However, now that there was news. News that he was forced to marry the Demon Lord. She couldn’t help but fret. 

She hoped he was all right… Yin Ling prayed silently in her heart. 

Wangyun Peak.

As always, wind and snow cocooned Yuntian Palace. But compared to the pure whiteness of the past, many bright reds were blossoming among the ice and snow now. It was a vast peach blossom forest. And in the deepest part of Yuntian Palace, in the largest and earliest peach blossom forest, a man in white with frost hair was sitting cross-legged under the peach tree. Peach blossoms blanketed his clothes. 

A long sword was beside him, silent. 

The man didn’t move, akin to a piece of ice. He had been sitting there for countless years. 

Different from the silence of his whole body, his eyelashes were trembling slightly. His eyes shook under his closed eyes as if he entered a nightmare. 

The snow-white outfit was full of bright red petals, but when you looked closely, large tracts of blood tinged his attire. 

When Ye Yunlan rejected the dual cultivation bond contract’s proposal, he suffered a merciless backlash. 

Later, after Ye Yunlan disappeared, he endured his injury and left closed-door training to search the continents and seas, but still could not find a trace of Ye Yunlan. Instead, he met Shen Shu, who became the Demon Lord and fought several battles. 

The source of Shen Shu’s strength was treacherous. Even though he advanced to Transcendence not long ago, he still had tyrannical strength and was ruthless and unstable. The Demon Lord was skilled in their fight, and the old injury worsened. 

Finally, he had to return to Sky Sect for recuperation. 

It’s just that his Ruthless Dao was about to collapse. His cultivation had been regressing for several years since he healed his injuries. 

Only by re-firming his dao heart could his realm be secured.

Every time he wanted to cut his love thread with a sword, he saw that young man in the peach forest amidst his nightmare. Then, he couldn’t do it. 

Wind and snow stayed all year round in Yuntian Palace. He had been cultivating at this high place for a hundred years and had never felt cold. 

But now, it felt cold. 

And lonely. 

His ruthless dao was about to collapse. 

Every time he woke up from his heart demon, he couldn’t cut off the obsession in his heart. Thus, he would plant a peach blossom in Yuntian Palace. A few years later, peach blossoms filled the garden. 

Ten years ago, he made a decision. 

He left closed-door training, went to the cave of his Junior Brother Cheng Zixu, and asked a question under Cheng Zixu’s puzzled eyes. 

“What is the world you see like from cultivating extreme affection?”

Cheng Zixu looked at him in shock, “Senior Brother, haven’t you always dismissed the dao of extreme affection? Why did you come over to ask me this?” 

He looked at his Junior Brother in silence, expressionless, but his clothes were stained with blood. 

Cheng Zixu seemed to peep out something from his appearance. He panicked and hurriedly said: “Brother, your ruthless dao…how did it become like what it is now? Who in this world can make you tempted?” 

He didn’t answer. 

He only said: “Tell me, what is your so-called extreme affection?” 

Cheng Zixu could do nothing to his relentless Senior Brother. After turning around twice, he said: “The so-called extreme affection is having only one person in the center of his eyes, and he will only worry about and miss one person. Reality is him, and it’s also him in dreams.” 

“Reality is him, and it’s also him in dreams…” He murmured.

Cheng Zixu: “Senior Brother, your ruthless dao has been cultivated to Immortalization. Master also said you are a natural genius to cultivate the ruthless dao. Right now, you wouldn’t want to change your path to extreme affection, right?” 

He didn’t reply. 

He just looked at the distance in silence. 

He was still hesitating, unable to reply to Cheng Zixu. 

He only could give himself an answer ten years later. 

He really can’t forget Ye Yunlan. 

The Taiqing Du Er Sword suddenly trembled violently. 

Qiyun Jun stretched out his hand to hold it in his palm and slowly smoothed it for a long time. 

Then his palm pressed down hard. 

Taiqing Du Er Sword let out a mournful cry, then broke into two. 

Qiyun Jun suddenly spat out a sizable mouthful of blood. 

The aura of his whole body was rapidly weakening, descending from the Supreme Transcendence State. His sword aura ravaged his body, destroying the ruthless foundation laid over the years. 

However, his cold and indifferent complexion suddenly became tender. He could finally look directly at his heart. 

He saw the young man in the peach forest looking back and smiling at him. 

And he could finally walk over and hold the other party’s hand. 

(T/N: (T-T) I feel kinda bad for him)

His dao was being reconstructed. 

The clouds in the sky gathered on Yuntian Palace. 

Different daos needed one to go through the test of heaven if they wanted to cross the tribulation, shed the world, and reach Transcendence.

But now, his Taiqing Du Er Sword had been destroyed. 

He took the handle of an ordinary iron sword from his storage ring and held it in his palm. The young man’s reflections presided over his deep thoughts. 

Those reflections dispersed and then reconstituted and converged, turning into a cold and snowy silhouette after growing up. 

The gentle color between his eyebrows became worse. 

Just as he was preparing to cross the catastrophe, his divine consciousness suddenly sensed the sound of hurried footsteps outside Yuntian Palace. 

Someone came to find him. 

Qiyun Jun didn’t intend to see him, as he was about to cross the catastrophe. Any distraction would ruin all his preparations. 

He was about to set up a barrier to isolate the outside world, but then he heard the voice of someone outside the door saying: “He Lanze asks to see the Lord. Today the demon sect sent someone to send an invitation. The original sect member who rebelled and is now the Demon Lord will be forcibly marrying our sect disciple. Junior Brother Ye had saved several fellow sect members in the secret realm back then. Now that he is suffering, the sect disciples are filled with indignation. However, the Demon Lord is so powerful that it is difficult for ordinary disciples to rescue him, so I had to come here to harass the Lord in retreat. Can I request Lord to leave closed-door training?”

His voice was loud but wavered slightly. 

Qiyun Jun was indifferent and didn’t care about many trivial matters. This had been the case for years. This time, he went up to the mountain to see him. In fact, he didn’t even know if he could meet Qiyun Jun. 

But in the peach forest, Qiyun Jun, who was closing his eyes and preparing for the catastrophe, quivered. 

The blade of the ordinary iron sword cut into his hand, cutting out a bit of bright red. 

Bright and dazzling. 


A ginormous valley was among the Northern Territory’s mountains. 

Compared with the continuous snow on the mountains of the Northern Territory, the valley was pink with willow green, and a thick medicinal fragrance wafted. Located here was the famous medical cultivation sect, Tanqing Sect. 

At this time, an elegantly furnished courtyard was inside the Tanqing Sect. 

Xu Qingyue held a medicine bowl in his hand. Walking into the courtyard, he saw a man in a wheelchair sitting on the edge of the grass, leaning over to touch a white peony in full bloom. 

It’s just that his legs were damaged, and it was inconvenient to move. After several attempts, it was still strenuous to reach. 

Maybe he moved too much, or the wooden wheelchair was not too stable, but the person in the wheelchair lost his balance and fell to the ground. Struggling, he couldn’t get up. His legs were cut in half, making the people seeing it shocked. 

Xu Qingyue sighed in his heart. 

Who could have imagined that the Tanji Pavilion Master of that year would fall into this downcast state? It was awfully pitiful. 

He walked over, helped the person on the ground back onto the wheelchair, and gently said, “Brother Chen, it’s time to drink the medicine.” 

The man turned his face. 

His appearance was ordinary. His face was a little scruffy, his eyes were long and slender, and he looked a bit wretched. When his soul had wandered back from the void on death’s door, Chen Weiyuan had to take a beggar’s body. 

His eyes still remained a little sluggish. He stared at the medicine bowl in Xu Qingyue’s hand for a long time before reaching out and taking it. He put a little bit to his lips and drank slowly. 

Xu Qingyue sat beside him, looked at his sluggish state, and sighed again. 

When Chen Weiyuan was drinking the medicine, he thought of the rumors he had heard in the sect before, and his worries became more serious. 

He couldn’t endure it and turned towards the sluggish Chen Weiyuan and confided in his thoughts, “Today, I am extraordinarily concerned.” 

Chen Weiyuan did not respond. 

Xu Qingyue continued: “There was an invitation from the Demon Palace for the Demon Lord’s marriage. The Demon Lord is going to marry his master.” Chen Weiyuan’s muddy eyes suddenly showed a little clarity.

Xu Qingyue didn’t realize it and only muttered to himself: “Daoist Ye’s life is safe and sound, and I should be grateful for this, but the Demon Lord is not of the good sort. The world had said he forced Daoist Ye out of the sect. I still don’t know whether this is true or false, but I can’t help but believe it. Daoist Ye was a half teacher, half friend to me. Now that he is in the Demon Palace, I don’t know how he is doing and whether he was willing, so I am immensely worried.” 

“The seventh day of September is the day of the Demon Lord’s wedding. I have already planned to take a look.” Xu Qingyue’s worried face slowly turned firm. He looked at Chen Weiyuan, “Brother Chen, your soul is extremely damaged, and your body is without cultivation. You should stay in the Tanqing Sect to recuperate first. I will ask the sect disciples to take care of you. I have also sent a letter to Tianji Pavilion. Today, the Tianji Pavilion Master is your brother. He will send someone over to find you soon.” 

“The Demon Palace is dangerous. Once I go, it may be difficult to return. Brother Chen,” Xu Qingyue paused. He had no affection for Chen Weiyuan since a long time ago. So now, he was only saying a simple goodbye, “You need to take good care of yourself.” 

He saw that Chen Weiyuan had finished drinking the medicine, so he wanted to take the medicine bowl and turn to leave, but Chen Weiyuan suddenly grabbed his hand. 

“… Qingyue.” Chen Weiyuan’s voice was hoarse, and his words were intermittent. “The Demon Palace… You can’t go there.” 

Xu Qingyue was taken aback. 

After Chen Weiyuan was brought back by him, he was always a little confused, and now was the first time he had communicated with him. 

He listened carefully. 

“If you go to the Demon Palace…you will die,” Chen Weiyuan said, “If you want to completely eradicate the Demon Lord, it is not the task of one person…I have something…I need you to help me get it back.” 

Xu Qingyue said: “What is it?” 

Chen Weiyuan’s slender eyes darkened a bit.

“Things that can… put the Demon Lord to death.” 


The seventh day of September. 

The Demon Palace.

The red silk was flying in the dark Demon Palace, and countless red lanterns were hung in the meantime, rendering a festive atmosphere. 

In the dim palace, Ye Yunlan was lying on the bed, his limbs sunk deep in the incense weakly.

Shen Shu seemed occupied with other affairs and didn’t come to the palace to disturb him for a few days after the first, where he woke up in the Demon Palace, met Shen Shu, and spent the night with him.

It’s just that every night, he would bring medicine for him to drink. He didn’t want to drink. Therefore, Shen Shu clasped his chin, took a sip, and poured it into his mouth gradually, forcing him to drink, taking advantage of the opportunity. 

Ye Yunlan didn’t know what those medicines were. He only knew that after drinking it, his blood circulated smoothly, his spiritual power was abundant, and his body was much better than when he woke up just after Nirvana. His cheeks also had some color. 

It’s probably some elixir that nourished qi and blood and was harmless to drink.

But when Ye Yunlan thought of Shen Shu’s concern about feeding him medicine to replenish his body, he also touched something he didn’t want to touch.

Although Shen Shu didn’t touch him immediately, sometimes he couldn’t help it. He gently stroked it in his palm. 

After the presumptuousness at the beginning, this person’s temperament turned viler and viler. It was not enough to solve it by himself, so he had to pull him to have fun together. 

Ye Yunlan couldn’t stop him, but he himself had been abstinent for many years and wasn’t used to it. When he touched it, he soon felt unbearable. 

Shen Shu said he was still in poor health and should drink more elixir for him. 

At that time, Ye Yunlan just wanted to slap Shen Shu’s face carrying a thin, red blush and full smile. 

He didn’t know what incense Shen Shu smoked in this sleeping hall. He only felt that his body was tired and weak, and he was often in a daze as if he was in a dream and falling into the clouds.

He had no knowledge of the passage of time in the silence and darkness.

Suddenly the hall’s door was pushed open. However, a few maids in black walked in this time, not Shen Shu.

The faces of the maids who walked in were all wrapped up tightly. Ye Yunlan couldn’t see their faces, only a few pairs of eyes. The maids were holding a red wedding dress in their hands. 

The maids helped him get out of the bed, put on a joyous outfit, and pushed him to the mirror. 

A pale face with light lips and a little vermilion dot at the end of his eye appeared before the mirror. Long white hair flowed down his shoulders like moonlight and mercury. The hijab pattern on his body was gorgeous, festive, and auspicious. 

The pale hair color overlapped with the bright vermilion, and it felt thrilling for no reason. 

The maids around him had an obsessive admiration in their eyes. The maids combed his hair, pulled up his white hair, and inserted a hairpin. They also helped him draw his eyebrows and paint his lips. 

The thin lips were dyed with deep red lipstick, gorgeous. 

The maids all praised:

“If the Lord sees you like this later, he will be very satisfied.” 

“There is no one more beautiful than you in the world.” 

“A dao companion who can match the Lord should be like you.” 

Ye Yunlan only felt upset at the praise. 

He wanted to escape, but he was so tired and weak that he couldn’t even move his fingertips. What he saw in a trance seemed real and illusory. The shadows were flickering, and he couldn’t spot the way out. 

Who knew what spell was cast by the Demon Lord, and the maids couldn’t see the chain on his hand. Only he could hear its sound and feel its heaviness. 

The red candle burned slowly in the hall.

A maid said softly. 

“The hour is here. Please come with us, Your Highness.” 

He was lifted up, supported by a few maids, and walked out of the hall door. He passed through the colorful corridors and came to the Demon Palace’s main hall. 

In the distance, the man was waiting for him on the high seat of the main hall, also wearing a red wedding dress. His red eyes were full of burning passion. 

A plethora of guests was in the hall, and countless pairs of eyes looked at him. 

Amidst the noise, the Demon Lord walked down from the high seat, walked towards him, came to him, and held hands with him. 


He opened his mouth to speak and took him from the maid’s hands. Ye Yunlan was quiet, but the guests at the banquet didn’t care whether he could talk or not. They just looked at him with praise and blessing as if he was the happiest bride in the world. 

He felt dizzy and dazed. 

Everything that he had experienced seemed to overlap with his previous life. 

It seemed like a ridiculous farce. 

The Demon Lord led him to the high seat. In the eyes of the public, he was held by the other party’s hands and dripped blood on a piece of blood jade. 

The dao companion bond was finalized. The guests thunderously applauded. 

The other party held him in his arms, watching the singing and dancing rise and fall. 

The Demon Lord wanted to drink a cup of wine with him, cup after cup. He was made drunk by the other party and leaned in his arms vaguely. 

The hustle and bustle around him slowly ceased to be heard. Only the man’s chest was audible, knocking in his ear again and again. 

He suddenly saw a sea of ​​red flowers. 

A profoundly gorgeous, large tract of blooming flowers. 

There was a path in the sea of ​​flowers. 

The path extended to a bamboo building standing in the sea of ​​flowers. 

The bamboo building was very similar to that of the Sky Sect. 

The Demon Lord hugged him and walked all the way inside. The furnishings inside were also almost identical to Sky Sect. 

The Demon Lord gently laid him on the bed, drunk. 

“A splendid and wonderful night.” 

The man smelled his body’s scent and said with some satisfaction. 

“Tonight, Master is mine.”

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