Sick Beauty [Rebirth] Chapter 120

Chapter 120 Reaching the shore 

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The daylight shone into the house. 

He pinched Ye Yunlan’s chin. His eyelashes were half-closed, and his face was white and flawless, akin to exquisite ceramics. 

The Demon Lord scrutinized him as if to thoroughly survey his facial expression. 

Ye Yunlan reacted somewhat sluggishly. 

Being sluggish was natural. 

Although the misty scent in the room was innocuous to the body, it would make one tired and weak, and it would be difficult to concentrate and think comfortably. 

——If one couldn’t think, it would be hard to refuse.

In short, a person would become more obedient than average. 

The incense’s effectiveness was finite. It was only for temporary delight and interim needs. After about an hour or two, one would regain consciousness. 

It’s just that Ye Yunlan was obviously not clear-headed currently. 

His eyelashes trembled twice like butterfly wings, and his breath lightly hit the hand of the Demon Lord, who clasped his jaw. 

After a long time, he said leisurely: “What do you want to hear?” 

The Demon Lord: “I want to hear the answer in your heart.” 

Ye Yunlan’s words stopped again. 

The Demon Lord waited patiently. 

Ye Yunlan slowly said: “You’re…my disciple.”     

Demon Lord: “What else?” 

Ye Yunlan was disoriented, “There’s still more?” 

Demon Lord was positive, “There’s still more.” 

Ye Yunlan contemplated and caught a phrase from the blurry dream. He hesitated and asked: “You’re…my dao companion?” 

The Demon Lord laughed, and the hostility on his face vanished. He kissed his cheek and said: “You finally said it this time.” 

The Demon Lord helped him walk out the door. 

The outside air blew on his cheeks, mixed with the morning mist and slightly damp. 

Ye Yunlan was a little more awake, and the confusion on his face faded narrowly. He emitted a sense of loneliness like the distant mountains and snow. 

His body rejuvenated, and his golden eyes looked around. He broke away from the Demon Lord, dragging the chains on his limbs, and went before a flower.

It was a very, very small flower. It was pure white, incompatible with the surrounding scarlet flowers. It probably dropped onto the ground after a bird brought it over and took root here. 

Ye Yunlan squatted and reached out to touch it. 

A drop of dew on the flower rolled to his fingertips, then slowly fell into his palm. 

The Demon Lord walked over with great interest and watched him fiddle the little flower. Embracing his body from behind, he kissed his earlobe, “Does Master like this kind of flower? If you like it, I can plant some around here in the future.” 

Ye Yunlan said hoarsely: “It may not want to be planted here.” 

The Demon Lord was silent for a moment, then said: “But it’s already here. Once the flower takes root, it will stay here forever and not leave. Spring goes, autumn comes, and flowers bloom and fade. Repeatedly and endlessly.” 

Ye Yunlan paused his fingertips. 

He stroked the flower’s soft petals, then leisurely slid off its immature rhizome, pinching it. 

The Demon Lord suddenly held his hand. He said: “The scenery here is monotonous. Let’s go and walk elsewhere, Master.” 

Then, Ye Yunlan was taken away from the sea of ​​flowers. 

The Demon Palace was vast, and many buildings were inside. However, the layout didn’t vary much from his previous life. Plenty was very familiar. 

It could be seen that even if things were repeated, some would still happen orderly. 

Just like how he kept admonishing Shen Shu not to fall into the demon dao, but as time passed, Shen Shu still embarked on this path and became the entire Demon Realm’s Demon Lord.

Perhaps, he messed up from the start. 

The wheel of life rolled by. He wanted to hide in a quiet corner to escape, but he was still pushed forward in the end. 

What he wanted to avoid wouldn’t cease to occur because of his avoidance. 

This world couldn’t tolerate people’s avoidance. 

The closest person in his past and present life was in front of him. 

The other party clasped his fingers together, entangling them tightly. 

It seemed in this life, he would never let him go again. 

Just like this, they would walk this path. 

To the end of heaven and earth; to the end of destruction. 

Ye Yunlan looked at their clasped hands. 

For a long time. 

In the end, he didn’t break away again. 

He had already calculated his own death, but he was caught off guard and had his life returned. 

His extended life was aimless, and he still couldn’t see through the fog of the road ahead. It’s just that eventually, he would have to go with this person. 

Willingly or unwillingly. In fact, there was no difference. 

The Demon Lord took him to the high pavilion overlooking the Demon Realm’s four fields. 

The robust wind blew their cheeks. 

Ye Yunlan’s white hair and clothes fluttered in the wind. 

The Demon Lord was holding him behind his back, and his black crow’s hair was entwined with his. He turned his head to kiss the side of his neck, lifted his hand, and kissed his pale fingertips. 

His action was pious and a bit obsessive. 

Dark shadows surged in the corner of the wall like turbulent waves gushing endlessly. 

He closed his eyes. 

A bitter wind was in his ears, and the clamor was undulate.

He seemed to be holding a solitary boat, floating in the endless sea of ​​time. 

Staggering, floating up and down in the waves. 

Suddenly, he was touched by the reef and stranded on the shore.

Someone held his hand and forcibly pulled him onto an isolated island. 

He turned around to look. 

The waves had swallowed the ferry boat that came, and it was nowhere to be seen. 

And the chest of the man behind him was burning.

The heat entered his heart and soul, wanting to melt him and the other party together.

They melted together.

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