Sick Beauty [Rebirth] Chapter 121

Chapter 121 Good Dreams 

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Elder Xue was pacing outside the Demon Palace. 

Beside him, Elder Li looked at his troubled expression and sneered, “I’ve already warned you, don’t brew up little schemes against the Lord, but you won’t listen.”

Elder Xue said: “If I knew that person wasn’t dead and would be brought back by the Lord to marry with great fanfare, why would I send Chu Lan in to probe? That person returned crazy, didn’t speak, and provoked the Lord. Now, the Lord held me accountable and sent me to deliver the wedding gifts. With the Lord’s remarkable abilities, I’m afraid he long knew Chu Lan’s incident was my doing. If he sees me, I’m afraid I’ll be slapped to death. Who should I complain to? Elder Li, tell me quickly, how should I apologize to the Lord?” 

Elder Li: “I’ve already said the Lord is erratic. Instead of trying to please the Lord, you might as well meet with the Madam and show your goodwill. With the Lord’s love to the Madam, maybe this matter can be ironed out with a few good words from the Madam.” 

“Yes, yes.” Elder Xue murmured, “However, the Lord and his wife haven’t been seen in the Demon Palace for half a month. Can the Lord’s wife bear it?” 

Elder Li: “Tut! Shut up. This is the matter of the Lord and the Lord’s wife. When is it your turn to speak, especially before the Demon Palace Hall? Xue Mingchu, you’ve been in the Demon Realm for so many years already. Please speak carefully. Do you not f*cking understand this at all!” 

After hearing this, Elder Xue looked sheepish. Holding the big red gift, he scowled like an aged chrysanthemum. 

Elder Li was about to mock him with a couple extra words, but suddenly, he saw the Demon Hall’s gate steadily open. 

Cold air flooded from it with a slight candied fragrance. 

He hesitated momentarily and didn’t dare to go closer. 

However, Elder Xue, who had been waiting for ages, couldn’t rest. He ascended two steps simultaneously like a stupid duck diving into a fire. 

Elder Li yelled “idiot” privately and had to follow him. 

Through the gap, he could vaguely see the faint candlelight inside. 

On top of the steps, the Demon Lord sat in a high seat.

A white-haired beauty was in his arms. 

It was the Lord’s wife. 

The other party’s skin was flawless, his face was lowered, the teardrop mole on his cheek was red, and his white hair was like snow, pouring down the Demon Lord’s body. 

The Demon Lord’s arm was wrapped around his shoulders, and he held his hand as if writing something. 

The honeyed scent lingering around their noses turned extra redolent.

Elder Li had never seen flowers or incense in the Demon Palace, so he couldn’t help being somewhat uncertain. 

The Demon Lord’s low voice was audible from the high seat. 

“You guys stood outside the palace for two days and nights. What’s the matter?” 

Elder Li was startled and sighed that the Demon Lord was indeed powerful. He knew they had been waiting outside the palace hall for two days. 

Elder Xue’s eyes were still fascinated by the Lord’s lady. It was hard to avert his gaze. 

The man’s face was like frost and snow, and even in the gloomy hall, it was a thrilling white. Only the cheeks were full of spring and possessed a thin red. His lip color was as bright as vermilion. Even if he didn’t glance at him, the slight tremor in his eyelashes made one’s heart vibrate. 

He couldn’t help visualizing that person’s utterly emotional state and how he would memorize people. Would the spring water entangle everyone and lure their souls out? 

A beauty of heaven. 

If it weren’t for the Demon Lord embracing him and the Demon Lord’s distorted and violent temperament that had left a terrible name in the Demon Realm, he didn’t know how many people would storm forward without concern for their lives to get close to him.

It turned out this was…a celestial being’s face.

Elder Xue felt pain in his left foot. Beside him, Elder Li had harshly stomped on his foot. 

This step could be described as eminently cruel. Elder Xue almost jumped up and rushed to the top of the Demon Palace. But, his attention returned, and he didn’t dare look at that person again.

He felt a smidge of fear and even horror in hindsight. 

If he dared to offend the Lord’s wife abruptly before the Lord, he wouldn’t dare to picture how he would end up. 

Elder Li didn’t look at Elder Xue’s face, flushed in pain from when he was stepped on. He stepped forward and said: “I’m respecting the sects to deliver a wedding gift to the Lord. Congratulations to the Lord. Lord and Lord’s wife will always be of one mind and be together for life, never to be separated.”

The Demon Lord: “Didn’t you give it before the wedding banquet?” 

Elder Li winked at Elder Xue, and Elder Xue hurriedly stepped forward and knelt. Opening the gift box in his hand, he trembled and said: “This Subordinate didn’t know the Lord’s heart had belonged to another and acted without authorization. Now seeing the Lord has a deep affection for the Lord’s wife and treats the wife as a god in this world, he is a worldly treasure incomparable to the fakes. This gift is sent from Subordinate, and I hope the Lord will forgive us for our mistakes. May the Lord and the Lord’s wife be stronger than gold and love like a rock.” 

The precious light in the gift box was shining, indicating much work had been put in. 

However, cold sweat dripped from Elder Xue’s forehead. 

The Demon Lord’s temperament was twisted and violent, something the entire Demon Realm knew. He felt a marginal coolness in his neck, his life and death hanging at this moment. 

The person in the seat suddenly let out a low laugh. He seemed to be in a great mood.

But it was not for him. 

“Master wrote it wrong again.” 

The Demon Lord held Ye Yunlan’s wrist, then changed the “he” on the white paper to “he.” 

*Different words with the same pronunciation.

“Midday, the afternoon declines, and the moon is full. The yin and yang are divided into two, and they go back and forth.” He said slowly, “Master, do you remember this time?” 

Ye Yunlan leaned in his arms, and his body softened. 

The hand holding the brush quivered weakly, and he could only reluctantly write the next few words after the Demon Lord held him.

Elder Li and Elder Xue in the seat stared at their noses, and their noses stared at their hearts. They just pretended they didn’t hear them. 

Ye Yunlan stopped again. 

“What’s next?” The Demon Lord held him. He let out a low and hoarse laugh, “I obviously have read the Dharma Tactics to Master several times before, and I personally demonstrated it. How can Master not remember it?” 

How could he recall it in this situation? 

What’s more, the aura of two strangers outside the hall door was shining in his perception. One was moving non-stop, and who knew at what point they would push the hall door and come in. He had exhausted his strength to hold back his voice, but his body trembled more sensitively in this situation. The sound in his ears was thick, and it was already not bad to be able to write down the words he heard. 

Lustrous water stains were still at the table’s corner. He still remembered his left waist had bumped there. He felt sore and numb when he had been pushed and bumped against the table’s corner.

“Stop before you go too far,” he whispered. 

The Demon Lord, seeing his face was thin and red and his angry appearance, rubbed his wrist lovingly and decided not to tease him for the time being. 

When the bloody eyes peered down at the two kneeling and shaking people, the trivial gentle glint in his eyes turned into hostility and indifference. 

Normally, if one dared to guess his own mind and sent obtrusive things to the Demon Palace, it was already enough for the fool named Xue to lose a hundred lives. 

But today, he was still in a good mood. 

The stupid man’s remarks were still in line with his liking. 

So he casually said. “Lay down the gift. Say what you want as a reward.” 

Elder Xue said, wavering: “I don’t dare to ask for a reward, I only wish for the Lord and his wife to have a happy life, harmonious and joyful.” 

The Demon Lord smiled. 

“But it seems to me that Elder Xue seemed very concerned about the personnel in the Demon Palace. You want to solve the problems for this Lord, don’t you?” 

Elder Xue perspired. “Lord, please forgive this one’s sins. This Subordinate…don’t dare anymore.” 

The Demon Lord waved his hand lazily. 

Potent wind passed by. Elder Xue had been sent out of the Demon Palace, and a mouthful of blood was suddenly spat out. The Demon Lord’s faint voice sounded in his ears. 

“Since you want to solve problems for this Lord, this Lord will naturally not dissatisfy you. It just so happens the Lord’s palace lacks a sweeper, so tomorrow, you will come over to run this errand.” 

His voice fell, and Elder Li was also swept out. 

Seeing the Demon Palace’s gate slowly close, Elder Li glanced sympathetically at Elder Xue, who was vomiting blood.

He consoled: “The Lord asked you to come to the Demon Palace to sweep the floor. He is already forgiving you.” 

He stood up and patted his shoulder. 

“Work hard in the future. I’ll go back to help you report to the Lord. In the future, you will still be a Sect Elder. You won’t be considered as losing your name if you say you’re holding two positions in the Demon Palace.” 

Elder Xue wanted to cry. 

And in the Demon Palace. 

Ye Yunlan was being held in the embrace of the Demon Lord, smoothing his hair. 

His white hair wasn’t as smooth as silk and satin like his black hair before. Perhaps it was caused by his spirit’s exhaustion, and his death also killed and dulled his hair. Thus, it was often knotted with the Demon Lord’s hair, especially after moisture exposure.

The Demon Lord hugged him and untied the knots one by one. 

The darkness surging around had calmed down plenty at this moment. It was no longer as fierce and chaotic as before. 

The Demon Lord untied it leisurely. 

Based on previous experience, it would take an hour or two. And soon, it would be messed up again. 

But this person was still happy and didn’t get tired of doing it. 

Ye Yunlan felt a sense of sleepiness, so he leaned in his arms and found a suitable position when this person had a rare pause. He curled up and closed his eyes. 

Because he was too tired, he soon fell into a dream. 

The Demon Lord looked at his peacefully sleeping face. 

He still patiently combed through his knotted white hair. 

The paranoia and craziness in his eyes seemed significantly lessened at this moment, showing a bit of tenderness. 

After smoothing his hair, Ye Yunlan was still not awake. 

The Demon Lord lowered his head and touched his eyelashes with his fingers. 

Then, he gently dropped a kiss on his eyelids. 

“Good dreams, Master.”

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