Sick Beauty [Rebirth] Chapter 123

Chapter 123 Enlightenment 

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The library was quiet. 

The wind outside the window was also tranquil. 

The Demon Lord hugged Ye Yunlan on the wicker chair, kissing his hair. His eyes were half-shut, his whole person was soft as spring water, and the exposed skin looked rouge-dyed, exhibiting a rosy red. 

Night had fallen presently.

Cold moonlight shone into the library, soaking his profile, and his eyelashes formed deep shadows. 

He allowed the Demon Lord to play with his white hair, then suddenly said: “Nine-Turn Celestial Demon Body technique, how much have you practiced it?” 

Demon Lord: “Immortalization, long ago.” 

Ye Yunlan: “A celestial demon’s body differentiates itself when leaving the mortal body and promoting to Transcendence. How many of the five tones, colors, and flavors do you have left?” 

The Demon Lord said leisurely: “I can still hear, see, and taste.” 

It’s just what I hear, the world I see, and the flavors I taste are already different from ordinary people’s. 

Ordinary people could hear birds and insects, but his ears were roaring and screaming with grieving ghosts. Ordinary people could see all the colors of spring, but his world was only a thick red. 

He walked into the bloody purgatory with boundless shadows following him. Ordinary people could taste the sour, sweet, bitter, and spicy, but dryness alone was in his mouth. He could only perceive the sweet taste of flesh and blood.

But these had nothing to do with him. 

Ye Yunlan alone was enough in his world. 

For the appearance of all other items, he didn’t care about those. He also didn’t want to see, listen, or taste. 

Ye Yunlan was silent for a moment, then said, “Don’t cultivate it again.” 

The Demon Lord had eaten his fill just now, so he wasn’t angry. He just kissed his profile and asked: “Why?” 

Ye Yunlan: “The demons dao does not belong to this world. Cultivating to Transcendence is already at its peak. If you want to break through it, you have to touch the world’s laws, attract heaven’s fear, and suffer devastating consequences.”

The Demon Lord laughed and said, “Master, my relatives imprisoned me in the cellar because of the difference between me and ordinary people since my birth. They wanted to starve me to death. Later, the Devouring Soul Sect disciples took me back and wanted to refine me into a demon puppet, so they threw me into the Ten Thousand Snake Cave, wanting me to be swallowed up by a poisonous snake and die. I escaped, but Liu Qing took me. He dragged me back and brought me to Sky Sect. He and those disciples treated me like a dog, trying to tame my physical body and annihilate my consciousness. When Liu Qing went crazy, his remaining disciples also tried to plot my death.” He paused, and his slender fingers continued to help Ye Yunlan straighten out his hair deftly. 

“Later, after Master left, I entered the Demon Abyss,” he continued. 

“Many monsters were in the Demon Abyss. They were all starved crazily. At that time, I was still a living person, weak. In their eyes, something delicious. They came in swarms, fighting to bite my flesh and blood and devour me. They invaded my soul. They all wanted me to die. But I didn’t die in the end.” He laughed again, “I swallowed them all clean and crawled out.” 

“Master, look, many people want my demise, but they couldn’t stop me in the end.” Although he laughed, his words were full of madness and hostility, “No one can stop me. Heaven can’t.” 

Ye Yunlan leaned in his arms and listened, then raised his hand to grasp the Demon Lord’s wrist suddenly. 

The sound of delicate chains shook with his movements. 

He was clearly a prisoner, but his expression still carried the coldness of standing high above everyone. He raised his eyes to look at the Demon Lord, his golden eyes reflecting the other party distinctly.

“Then, what about me? Can I stop you?” he asked. 

The Demon Lord’s hand stopped in Ye Yunlan’s palm, and the winding and chaotic shadows around him lulled simultaneously. 

He looked down at his master in his arms and was silent for a long time. Within his gloomy expression, a relaxed expression slowly emerged.

He leaned forward and touched the other party’s forehead with his forehead. He whispered: “How does Master want to stop me?” 

Ye Yunlan raised his hand to clasp his chin and stared at him quietly. 

The Demon Lord didn’t resist. 

A thin red appeared on his handsome face, and his hot breath sprayed on Ye Yunlan’s cheeks. At this moment, he seemed to have changed back to the boy who watched his master with enthusiasm. 

Ye Yunlan raised his head and gently kissed the Demon Lord’s lips. 

Like the breeze blowing, a vestige of the past. 

Abruptly, it passed by and disappeared. 

The Demon Lord holding his hand trembled. The static shadows suddenly went crazy and twisted and danced. 

Those shadows climbed onto Ye Yunlan’s white clothes and entangled his long white hair, trying to snuggle tightly with him. 

The Demon Lord’s eyes have turned bright red. 

He turned passive to active. He bit Ye Yunlan’s lips eagerly and fiercely, kissing the person in embrace until his chest rose sharply. Then he said hoarsely: “Master, did you want to tell me that you want to feed the demon with your body just now?” 

Ye Yunlan took a hard breath and didn’t answer his question but intermittently continued: “Your demonic body is unstable. You can’t…keep helping me with the furnace method.” 

The Demon Lord inquired: “Then what does Master what?” 

Ye Yunlan: “The sun and the moon are surging, and the yin and yang are in harmony. The road of dual cultivation is for…coexistence.” 

Together, coexistence existed. 

Yin and yang engender one another, the sun and the moon rotate, and the lack of one side would be filled by the other side to complete a perfect circle. This would go back and forth evermore.

This was the true essence of dual cultivation. 

The Demon Lord suddenly hugged him tightly, tasted his lips, licked the ends of his eyes and cheeks soggy. 

His five fingers interspersed into the Demon Lord’s hair, and he raised his face for him to taste. 

After a long while, the Demon Lord picked him up, carried him all the way back to the bamboo building, and placed him on the soft bed. 

Ye Yunlan’s body wasn’t very strong. 

But he still held up his body. 

The long snow-white hair ran along his shoulders like cold moonlight. It reflected his icy face like he was the god of the moon palace. 

The Demon Lord looked at him fascinatedly and whispered. 

“… Senior Immortal.” 

Ye Yunlan quivered suddenly. 

The Demon Lord: “Senior Immortal fell to the mortal world to enlighten me and prevent me from continuing to enter the demonic dao?” 

Ye Yunlan looked at him wordlessly. 

Then, he leaned his body close. His slender fingertips touched the center of his brows. 

The brilliant golden eyes seemed to have no sorrow or joy with an unspeakable nostalgia hidden within. 

He asked softly:

“My Lord, would you like me to enlighten you?”

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