Sick Beauty [Rebirth] Chapter 122 Teaser

Chapter 122 Obsession 

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Chapter Teaser Below…

The scorching sun was glaring high. 

Elder Xue felt he was already a useless person. 

Although he knew the Demon Lord might not have utterly quelled his anger and hated strangers wandering around the Demon Palace, Elder Xue didn’t think there wouldn’t even be a shadow in sight in such an immense Demon Palace. 

The beautiful concubines in the Demon Palace the outside world had envisioned didn’t exist. Meanwhile, even the maids were all dressed strictly. They had to shroud their faces with black gauze, so one couldn’t tell whether they were people or ghosts. 

Because of cultivation techniques, demon cultivators primarily indulged in their desires, while ones like the Demon Lord were so rare that they were almost like a white swan emerging from a group of black ducks in a quagmire. 

However, the Demon Lord wasn’t a white swan. 

When he raised his wings to flap, they were probably even darker than the world’s darkest crow.

And a slap could slap the black ducks into the quagmire, spawning corpses all over the field. 

Just like Elder Xue now.


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