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Ye Yunlan was held by the Demon Lord, listening to the other party talking in his ear. 

“I’m sorry.” 

A slight hoarse, nasal sound was in the other’s voice. 

Ye Yunlan was exhausted. 

Most of the qi in his meridians in his body had flowed into the Demon Lord’s body, making him too drained to even lift a finger. It was even harder to reply to the Demon Lord’s words. 

The Demon Lord leaned over, kissed his lips carefully, and fed him a sip of the spiritual liquid that replenished his spiritual energy. 

Some blurry lights were in those bloody eyes, resembling the bloody sky after being washed by rain. He was also akin to a traveler who saw the light in the long night, much better than his previous appearance brimming with hostile corpses. 

The other party rubbed his red-scarred wrist, courtesy of the chain, to spread the clotted blood present. 

Then he hugged him again, sending spiritual power back into his body one portion after another. 

This time, the other party remembered to use the exercises. 

Yin and yang engendered each other, and the cycle went back and forth. 

Ye Yunlan felt that his fatigue was palliated a bit. 

He breathed a sigh of relief, raised his hand strenuously, and stroked the Demon Lord’s face. 

The man’s face no longer held the childishness of his youth, but right now, he could still vaguely spot the stubbornness and innocence of his early years. 

His facial features were beautiful and mature. They were not much different from the face under the Demon Lord’s mask he once imagined. 

They were the same person. 

Although they had different experiences, both walked up to him and into his silent world.

With warm spiritual energy poured into his meridians, Ye Yunlan felt as if he was immersed in hot spring water. His whole person was soft and loose like water. 

Sweat dripped from his forehead. 

His golden eyes burst into gleaming lights. 

He said: “… Enough.” 

However, the Demon Lord did not stop running the exercises and instead clung to him stubbornly: “Master’s body is inherently weak and has sacrificed a lot for me. I just want to help Master to replenish more, so you and I can achieve satisfactory results.” 

“Master has run the exercises for one round, and now…we need at least ten more rounds.” 

Ye Yunlan closed his eyes. His eyelashes were trembling lightly, and he cursed in a low voice: “Madman.” 

But the Demon Lord said hoarsely: 

“Senior Immortal has saved me with his mortal body, and now I only wish to serve Senior Immortal for a long time, laboring like a dog.” 

His eyes were obsessive and devout. 

Ye Yunlan panted, already speechless. 

If all the attendants under immortals were like him, and these celestial beings had to withstand being chased by a mad dog every day, one would fear the dog being stewed and slaughtered to diminish the hatred in their hearts. 

That was the mad dog he had personally raised into an adult so he could be…this presumptuous before his eyes. 

He raised his hand to cover his eyes. 

The Demon Lord leaned close and sniffed his hair’s fragrance. He seemed a bit crazy. 

The mad dog started licking his cheek again, his wet breath gushing around his neck. 

He instinctively wanted to turn his face to avoid it, but he didn’t have much strength in his hands and feet, and he could only be held back by him. 

After some time, the Demon Lord’s state alternated between being awake and mad. 

When he was awake, he hugged him and said, “I’m sorry.” When he was mad, he licked him like a mad dog. It’s just that now he remembered to run the exercises and to be reminded again. 

The young man he saved at the time had been shattered and fragmented in these 30 years. The Demon Lord could no longer remember the original appearance of the world, nor could he remember his initial appearance.

But Ye Yunlan still remembered. 

He hesitated for a long time, then finally reached out and hugged the remaining fragments of the other party, trying to piece him together. 

It might succeed. Perhaps it would never return to the past. 

But they still had a long time to come. 


Eastern Continent, Sky Sect.

He Lanze was processing the letter. 

Since Yin Ling contacted the various factions of the Daoist Sects in his name, the letters have been sent over like snowflakes. In the past 30 years, the Daoist Sects had a visible, deep grievance against the Demon Realm. 

He Lanze frowned and raised his head and looked at the window sporadically. 

He looked at the dark clouds above Wangyun Peak. They had been there for a month without clearing up.

This was peculiar. 

Qiyun Jun had been severely injured when he passed through his transcendence catastrophe and disappeared for three years. And this time’s heavenly tribulation seemed even more immense than that mortal heavenly tribulation. Whether Qiyun Jun could survive was unknown. 

He Lanze had some ominous feelings in his heart but didn’t dare to think about it. 

It was just like how he didn’t dare to think deeply about Ye Yunlan, who was married to the Demon Lord and suffering under him in the Demon Palace at this moment. 

Suddenly, the ban outside his cave was touched. 

The person who walked in was donning red and had beautiful facial features. It was Yin Ling. 

Yin Ling: “It’s late at night. Senior Brother Helan is still busy?” 

He Lanze set the pen and paper in his hand and rubbed his eyebrows: “I can’t help being busy. The Demon Eliminating Conference is going to start soon. Various sects will send disciples to discuss how to suppress the Demon Lord, and our time is running out. What’s more, Junior Brother Ye…” 

He stopped talking and didn’t resume. 

However, the worry between his eyebrows was hard to hide. 

Yin Ling had the same worries as him. It wasn’t only her; it was also many sect disciples who Ye Yunlan had aided and the sect cultivators from all walks of life who had longed for Ye Yunlan. 

“More virgins and babies are missing in Demon Realm’s surrounding areas. I’m afraid there are nearly 10,000. Who knows what the Demon Realm’s people are planning.” Yin Ling said, “Rumor has it they only went demented after being instigated by the Demon Lord. ” 

He Lanze’s voice was cold, “That beast had done a lot of similar things in these past years. Demons are inhumane, so there is no need to look at him with ordinary eyes.”

Yin Ling: “I also heard that after that guy fell into the demon dao, his temperament became surly and unpredictable. A person as pure as frost and snow like Junior Brother Ye might not be willing to succumb to his actions. How did he get by in that guy’s hands over the years…” 

He Lanze had a painful expression. He said solemnly: “Now we can only do what we can do and save Junior Brother Ye from the bitter ocean as soon as possible.”

“Senior Brother is right.” Yin Ling put away her worried face, “This time, I came to Senior Brother’s cave to ask about the Great Formation in the Demon Realm. In the beginning, the Demon Lord sent a wedding invitation to Various Daoist Sects, which was arrogant. Many Daoist Sectss closer to the Demon Realm rushed over, but the Great Array intercepted everyone. It’s visible that the Demon Lord was not a person who really wanted to entertain the Daoist Sects. With this matter, he was playing with us, declaring possession, and making the Daoist Sects lose prestige. Now, it looks like you must eliminate the Demon Realm’s Great Formation first.” 

She hesitated and said: “Brother Helan, I know a lot of fellows accomplished in formations. If necessary, I can write a letter inviting them to the Demon Eliminating Conference to discuss the method of breaking the formation together.”

He Lanze said: “Alright. You can write and contact them first. I’ve also contacted the Ink Sect disciples. Regarding the formation, I fear it’s difficult for any sect in the world to be more proficient than the Ink Sect. In addition, today, the Tianji Pavilion Master sent a letter stating they’ve mastered the way to deal with the Demon Lord. If the demon can enter the trap smoothly, it doesn’t even need the Transcendence Realm cultivators’ help. We’ll gather all our strength when the conference starts, then begin our crusade on the Demon Realm.” 

“So…” Yin Ling’s expression was still a bit worried. She raised her head and glanced at the sky outside the window. “Although this formation doesn’t need Transcendence cultivators’ assistance, do we still need to consider before proceeding with the plan if the Sect Master had not yet exited the closed-door training then…”

He Lanze asserted: “We can’t wait any longer! Junior Brother Ye doesn’t deserve the years of humiliation he has suffered. Do you know how far the rumors have reached out now? How can someone like Junior Brother Ye suffer all these grievances in vain? The demons are rising, and the dao is falling. Things must be reversed. Now, it is time for the dao to make changes.” 

Yin Ling: “Senior Brother is right…” 

Before she finished speaking, she suddenly heard something outside the window. There was a loud thunder. 

Helan Ze suddenly rose from his seat and looked at the distant horizon. An incomparably thick thunder and lightning slashed straight towards Wangyun Peak. This Thunder Tribulation had been brewing for a long time, and it was frightening just to look at. A deafening thunder rang through the entire Sky Sect. 

The white light covered the human field of vision, and after the white light, the top of Wangyun Peak had been utterly scorched black. 

The wind and snow were gone, and black ashes mixed with broken petals of peach blossoms filled the sky. 

The gloomy sky that had enveloped the entire Sky Sect for more than a month began to clear. 

The thunder calamity had passed. 

He Lanze had already risen with his sword and ran towards Wangyun Peak. 

It was Deputy Sect Master Cheng Zixu who arrived faster than him. 

Cheng Zixu had retracted his usual smile, and his expression was a little heavy. 

He saw the Yuntian Palace’s gate open, and someone slowly walked out from it. The silver crown of hair on Jun Qiyun’s head was messy, and his white hair was scattered behind him. The crane cloak was blood-stained. He had a broken sword in his hand. 

The moment he saw the broken sword, Cheng Zixu’s heart thudded.

That was the Taiqing Du Er Sword.

No one knew better than him what it meant for his life sword to break. 

He initially thought Qiyun Jun had asked him about the Dao of Extreme Affection as a joke before entering closed-door training. 

Although his Senior Brother never joked. 

However, now that the thunder calamity stopped, his Senior Brother didn’t fall to death except for seemingly being injured. Changing from Ruthless Dao to Extreme Emotion Dao seemed to be a success. 

But Cheng Zixu had absolutely no way to imagine his Senior Brother cultivating the Extreme Affection Dao. 

The level of horror was comparable to seeing crows swimming and sows climbing trees. 

But no matter how horrifying, that person was his own senior. 

So he hurriedly walked over. 

He saw that Qiyun Jun’s pale pupils seemed a bit hollow, and his expression was slightly blank. 

Something was wrong. 

Whether it was the Ruthless Dao or the Extreme Affection Dao, it was all about cutting through one’s own delusions and firming up the dao one wanted and walked. There should be no confusion. 

Was there something wrong with his brother’s cultivation? 

Also, the transformation from Ruthless Dao to Extreme Affection Dao were two completely opposite paths. His brother dared to do this only because he was crazy and was too swift for others to say anything. 

Cheng Zixu was very cautious against people suspected of qi deviating. 

Then he heard his Senior Brother’s hoarse voice and every word he said. 

“Fu, Tu, Temple…” 

Cheng Zixu was very befuddled. 

The Buddha Pagoda was far away on the Eastern Continent. What did it have to do with their Sky Sect? 

But then, something more frightening happened to him.

His brother, who hadn’t cried or smiled since he was a boy and was always expressionless, blinked slightly. Then something rolled out of his eyes. 

Cheng Zixu was close, so he could see clearly. 

It was a tear.(T/N: T-T)

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