Sick Beauty [Rebirth] Chapter 126

Chapter 126 Tonggui* 

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*Returning Together

“Does everyone know the Demon Eliminating Conference was held in Sky Sect three days ago?” 

Among the crowd in the Xuanji Building, someone checking the Tianji List’s latest issue said:

“Naturally. Rejuvenating the Daoist Sects, eliminating demons, and defending the dao should be us righteous cultivators’ responsibility! If it weren’t for the long journey to Sky Sect, I would’ve also liked to go to the event together. But now, all the Daoist Sects have drafted promising diverse people to board the flying boat to the Demon Realm and slay the demon together.” 

“Dear friends, the Demon Realm has oppressed us Daoist Sects for a long time! How can you not participate in this event and go to the nearest Tan Qing Sect’s flying boat? ! ” 

“Fellow daoist, let me join! “

“Let me join!” 

Amidst the chaos, a fledgling cultivator asked the person beside him, “We hear that demonic cultivators are dense with killing intent and sin and their techniques are treacherous. When we’re at war, numerous casualties will arise, so why is everyone so fervent about it?” 

The man laughed and said: “Under righteousness, many people are just showing momentary enthusiasm. It’s just all talk. Many more are going for the rewards of magic weapons, cultivation techniques, and the Ye beauty.”

The cultivator: “The legendary number one beauty in the cultivation world?” 

The man continued to laugh, “Yes. I heard Immortal Lord Ye has been imprisoned by the demon for more than 30 years. Whoever can snatch him away from the demon’s hands will be his next dao companion and husband. A hero saving a beauty has always been a popular topic of discussion.”

But some person disdained: “No matter how beautiful a beauty is, they’ve already been played with by the Demon Lord for more than 30 years, yet you guys still keep him in mind constantly? Maybe he has been destroyed by the Demon Lord, so there will only be a body left. Whoever saves him won’t even be able to put him on the big stage, let alone be his dao companion. It’s a bit ugly to say, but it’s like picking up a torn shoe. Letting him be a pampered concubine is already the end of it.” 

His words caused shallow commotion around him. 

Someone glared at him, “Immortal Lord Ye is fairylike and elegant, and it is not his fault to be imprisoned by the Demon Lord. How can you be so insulting?!”

“It’s not his fault?” he sneered, “If he identified the person with clarity and didn’t save a beast, how could the Evil Dao suppress the righteous Daoist Sects for 30 plus years? I heard the evil beast was originally about to burn to death in the divine sea of ​​fire. It would’ve been wonderful if he burnt to death. That way, there would be no more Demon Lord now. In my opinion, this is all self-inflicted and his own fault.” 

“A bunch of nonsense! When Senior Immortal Ye saved this evildoer, how could he know he would become like this now? Is it wrong to save people?” 

The racket encompassing him quieted down, and there was no response. 

The previous cultivator shook his head and sighed: “If one just looked at the antecedent, he was not wrong, but the bitter fruit that came about was caused by his body.” 

“Yes, if he didn’t save the person in the first place, it would be good… “

“Saving a white-eyed wolf, accepting it as an unteachable apprentice, and adding so much killing and evil karma to the world…” 

“Him suffering from this is indeed because of a mistake of not knowing people…” 

The initial irate and opposing voice was submerged in the whispers. 

Outside the Xuanji Building, raindrops began to descend one after another. 

The incessant sound of precipitation drowned out all the noise. 

It was showering on Liuming Mountain. 

In the drizzle, a formation spanning the entire mountain had begun to take shape. 

Xu Qingyue looked at the black box in Chen Weiyuan’s hand. 

“Is that what you mentioned before, the Primordial Demon Bone?” 

Chen Weiyuan: “Yes.” 

Xu Qingyue: “As long as we have it, the formation can completely wipe out the Demon Lord? Don’t forget, the Demon Lord could cut down the Soul Devouring Ancestor, who was also a Transcendence Realm cultivator, back then. His cultivation level isn’t just as straightforward as Transcendence.”

Chen Weiyuan slowly stroked the black box in his hand and faintly smiled. “This thing originated prior to the primordial age and was left by the Heavenly Demon King, whose strength rivaled the Void Tracing Realm. It is one of a kind. The Demon Lord’s Nine-Turn Celestial Demon Body varies from the human race because as long as there is supplemental filthy qi, he’ll be immortal and endless, difficult to utterly kill. The Soul Devouring Ancestor back then also died because of this. He is a monster a regular cultivator cannot deal with.”

He seemed to think of something. His face turned a little blue, and then his knuckles clenched the black box in his hands, “But with this Demon Bone’s suppression, it’ll be different. The Demon Bone is higher than his realm and can suppress the gathering and reorganization of demon qi. He will disintegrate in the formation. If he is not supplemented in time and then refined by the formation for a long time, we can completely eliminate him from the world.”     

Xu Qingyue nodded slightly.     

However, he looked at the formation cloaking the entire Liuming Mountain and still felt vaguely uneasy for some reason.     

A question that was hovering in his heart for a long time was raised.

“But Brother Chen, we don’t know how the Demon Lord treats Daoist Ye. We don’t know whether Daoist Ye is willing or not. These things are all our hypotheses. After setting up a killing array here, what should we do if they’re in love?”     

Chen Weiyuan was sitting in his wheelchair, stroking the black box. His expression was marginally distorted.     

He said: “Everyone knows that the Demon Lord is unstable. You also know Yunlan’s temperament. Although he is weak, he is very arrogant. When he falls into the Demon Lord’s hands, how can he be comfortable and compromise? It is impossible for them to have an affinity with each other.”

Chen Weiyuan loosened his grip on the black box slightly.     

“What’s more, if you have cultivated the Nine-Turn Celestial Demon Body, you are on the road of no return. For a long time, it has been listed as a forbidden technique in the Dao and Demon Sects. It would cause one to kill surrounding living creatures and even relatives and friends indiscriminately. Qingyue, such a monster staying in this world is a disaster. Even if it is not for Yunlan, we must resolve it.” 

Xu Qingyue pursed his lips. His elegant and beautiful face was immersed in the mist and rain. Within it, there was still a touch of worry.

Chen Weiyuan didn’t persuade him anymore and just pinched his fingers, calculating something carefully. He looked towards the westward sky. 

A faint smile finally appeared on his face. 

“The one we are waiting for has finally come.” 

It was night. 

The rain was still falling. 

Black mist was visible above the Demon Palace’s high pavilion.

Ye Yunlan’s body was engulfed by the black mist, and his long snow-white hair was spread over the bluestone ground. 

The Demon Lord was doing exercises. 

The exercises were channeled, and hot sweat dripped on his cheeks. The sound of pattering rain was in his ears, accompanied by the white mist that came out when he breathed. 

Warmth flowed into his body, and he seemed to be wandering between heaven and earth. 

It’s like raising his hand could allow him to hold the stars in the sky. 

He was in a trance. 

In his field of vision, the sky and the earth seemed far away yet very close. 

Some of those stars converged and flickered, some were shining far away in the sky, some were scorching bright, and some were dim. 

Suddenly, a smidge of fear emerged.

He wanted to curl up. 

But he was hugged tighter. 

Demon Lord: “… Master…is feeling exceedingly sensitive today. Is it because you are not used to practicing in such a place?” 

His lashes fluttered, and he muttered: “The stars are watching me.” 

The Demon Lord laughed, “Is Master shy?” 

Ye Yunlan shook his head. 

He stretched his hand around the Demon Lord’s neck and hugged the other party’s back, moving harder than usual. 

The Demon Lord breathed heavily. 

His hand was stuck at Ye Yunlan’s waist.

But it seemed that his whole person was taken by him into a deep-sea vortex, unable to break free and escape. 

Early the next morning. 

The rain was still falling. 

It was a misty mizzle. 

In the stone pavilion of the lotus pond, the Demon Lord accompanied Ye Yunlan, trying new dishes.

Jade tofu. Stir-fried bean sprouts. There was also a bowl of red jujube, longan, and white fungus soup. 

Emerald green and vermilion intertwined, eminently pleasing to the eye. The aroma rose in spirals, and the taste was light and delicious. It should be cooked with elixir in it. After Ye Yunlan finished eating, he felt a lot of exhaustion in his body dissipate. 

When he put down the bowls and chopsticks, the Demon Lord took out a few jars of wine. 

There was still mud on the wine jar, and the red paper that sealed the jar had turned white. 

“This is the Peach Blossom Wine that Master left me back then. I still have a jar and still haven’t been willing to drink.” 

The Demon Lord stretched out his hand and brushed the dirt and dust off the wine jar. After uncovering the sealing paper, the light wine fragrance diffused out. The aroma of the peach blossoms next to the bamboo building seemed to come from far away. 

“Master said in his letter that these jars of wine were originally reserved for me to use for the crowning ceremony (turn 20) in the future. It was unfortunate that you couldn’t wait until the year of my crowning ceremony when you left.” He poured the light red wine into two white jade cups. He rarely talked about the letter without the slightest sign of going mad, only having a soft smile, “But I’m past that age and still have never done the crowning ceremony.” 

Ye Yunlan’s eyes flickered for a while. 

He saw the Demon Lord look sideways, kiss his lips affectionately, take out a silver crown, place it on the side of the table, then stand up with the wine. He took a knee and held the wine glass with both hands before him. 

“Master, please crown me as an adult.” 

Ye Yunlan was startled. 

The most horrible monster in the world knelt at his feet, his black hair scattered, asking him to crown him. 

There was a deep smile in those bloody eyes and some youthful enthusiasm and stubbornness as if he was still the boy who bowed his knees to become his apprentice in front of him. 

And now, thirty years have passed. 

He took the wine and drank it. 

The fragrant aroma of wine lingered in his mouth. He looked down at the Demon Lord, his golden eyes a little blurred.

The silver crown on the table looked familiar. 

Ye Yunlan had a good memory, so he could recognize that it was the hair crown he had worn during the years he was in Sky Sect. It had been kept by the Demon Lord until today.

He picked up the hair crown and put it on the Demon Lord carefully. 

The long black hair was tied up and the silver hair crown was flowing with light. 

He pulled the Demon Lord up and looked at it cautiously momentarily. It was like a father looking at his newly grown-up son and akin to a lover watching his lover about to go out. 

He raised his hand to tidy up the slightly wrinkled lapel of the Demon Lord. 

The Demon Lord lowered his eyes to look at him, then took him into his arms. 

He whispered in his ear.

“Since I have been crowned, Master, select some words for me.” 

Ye Yunlan leaned on his hot chest and heard his heart beating. His long silver eyelashes lightly fanned, and he felt his chest, also agitated. 

Again and again. 

The Demon Lord didn’t have his own surname in his previous life, and he didn’t have a word for himself. The world’s impression of the Demon Lord had always been shrouded in the shadows. The rumors were only brimming with horror.

He didn’t know where the Demon Lord was from. He didn’t know where the Demon Lord was before, and he didn’t know what his face was under the ghost mask. In the beginning, he was in a desperate situation when he met the Demon Lord. He was forced to snuggle with the other. Later, he gradually got used to it and became entangled with love, and then he couldn’t do without the other. 

However, everything had been done again now. 

He raised his hand to stroke the Demon Lord’s handsome cheek and murmured in a low voice. 

“Last night, it was windy and rainy. The curtains rustled in autumn. The candles frequently dripped on the pillow, and one can’t stand up calmly. The world resembled flowing water, a dream floating.” His voice suddenly became very hoarse, “Yes. Wake up in the floating dream, and the spring light is here. A faraway place. The mortal world. As before, a smile…like spring warmth.” 

“Your name is Shu. Now, you will be known as Tonggui*.”

*Returning Together

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