Sick Beauty [Rebirth] Chapter 130

Chapter 130 Resolve the Curse 

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Chen Weiyuan looked at him from behind. 

He called out “Yunlan” again. 

There was no response. 

As early as the sword blow on the Immortal Boat, he knew Ye Yunlan would no longer answer him in this life. 

How ridiculous. 

He had calculated a lifetime’s worth of Tianji and used assorted methods, yet he still couldn’t hold onto a person’s heart.

His soul was cut to pieces as he traveled through the void. He looked at the distant light of this world and gradually sank into the darkness. 

The Demon King’s voice sounded at that time. 

“Human, let’s make a deal.” 


He squandered the power of the Chen Clan’s astrolabe on the Immortal Boat. His dreams and wishes weren’t realized in the end, and the Great Tribulation of Heaven and Earth would descend on the world. Even if he returned, he could not protect himself, nor could he get what he wanted, the person he wanted. 

In that case, what did it matter if everything was destroyed?

What he couldn’t get, no one would get. He let the Heavenly Demon King’s remnant thoughts rest on his soul. Then when he returned to the world, he planted them in Rong Ran’s body. 

Although he was psychotic for several years, everything went according to his plan. 

And the seeds planted have blossomed and bore fruit today.

He watched Ye Yunlan’s figure depart, pushed his wheelchair through the crowd, and arrived at the edge of the cliff, gazing at the sky battle. 

He took out a black box in his hand. 

He touched it gently. 


“Do you really want to enter the formation?” 

Ye Yunlan walked toward where the formation was and heard a wintry voice. 

It was Qiyun Jun. 

The man was standing under the tree, looking at him. His complexion was vaguely pale, and he seemed injured. 

Ye Yunlan didn’t answer his question. He was in a hurry, just about to brush shoulders with him. 

Qi Yunjun said hoarsely: “Don’t go.”

His light-colored eyes were no longer cold. Like fire under the ice, it revealed a vehement and intense feeling. It formed a stark contrast to his indifferent appearance. 

Qiyun Jun stepped forward in front of Ye Yunlan and took out a broken sword from his storage ring.

It was the broken Taiqing Du Er sword. 

He said: “I personally broke it.” 

Ye Yunlan: “You broke your sword. What does it have to do with me?” 

Qiyun Jun was silent for a second. His voice was hoarse: “I just want to say sorry to you.” 

“Sect Master has nothing to be sorry to me about. There is no need to apologize.” Ye Yunlan looked indifferent, “Please get out of the way.” 

Qiyun Jun’s hand quivered slightly. 

“I’ve remembered everything about the Buddha Pagoda in our previous life. I’m sorry,” he said. 

Ye Yunlan paused. “Sect Master, I have already said that the Ink Jade is broken, and you and I have nothing to do with each other. It would be a little ridiculous to mention things in the past now.” He raised his eyelids and looked at Qiyun Jun blankly, “Not to mention, I don’t want to remember those things.” 

Qiyun Jun looked at Ye Yunlan’s aloof expression and felt a tingling pain in his heart. He didn’t know the suffering of love in his life, but now, he could finally feel it. It felt more uncomfortable than all the injuries he had undergone in this life. 

He suddenly said: “Do you really like that monster?”

Ye Yunlan said: “He is not a monster. He is my lover.” 

The broken sword fell to the ground with a clear sound. 

Ye Yunlan had already passed him. Flying white hair brushed his shoulders. 

Qiyun Jun suddenly coughed. 

Fishy sweetness surged from his throat. 

He remembered what Cheng Zixu had told him before leaving. 

The Extreme Affection Dao was for one person in one’s entire life. 

If you couldn’t have it, you would suffer from love and misfortune for a long time to come. From acquainting and familiarizing to severance, the cycle would go back and forth, insolvable. 

There seemed to be a hallucination in front of Qiyun Jun. 

He saw a tree of peach blossoms and someone smiling at him under the tree.

In a blink of an eye, he was at the top of the Buddha Tower, shrouded in shimmering light. He hit the person climbing up with his sword.

The two intertwined, and the young man’s figure overlapped with the skinny figure in the Buddha Tower. The young man rushed toward him with trust and attachment on his face, but he only saw the surge of sword energy, and his eyes widened helplessly. 

He heard the teenager’s tormenting and struggling voice. 

He desperately tried to hold his hand, but it couldn’t be stopped. 

He swiftly spat out a mouthful of blood. 


Ye Xuanguang closed his eyes and sat in the center of the formation with the Demon Emperor Sword beside him, consuming spiritual energy to maintain the formation. 

Out of the blue, he felt someone breaking into the formation. 

In his divine consciousness, Ye Yunlan’s figure appeared. He was suddenly taken aback. 

How could his brother abruptly join the battle? 

Although the Primordial Demon Refining Array was a form of monster suppression, it was mainly aimed at demonic monsters with devilish energy and extremely dangerous inside. The formation would also assault ordinary cultivators who enter. 

Ye Xuanguang didn’t have time to think about it; he wished to stop the Primordial Demon Refining Array’s operation. 

He promised Chen Weiyuan to preside over the formation but only because of the dual stars he mentioned and the other party did indeed rescue Ye Yunlan from the Demon Palace.

However, the threat of the Demon Realm and dual star theory wasn’t more prominent than Ye Yunlan’s life. 

As an older brother, he couldn’t protect him when he was young, but now that he had the ability, he wouldn’t jeopardize him again. 

The spiritual power injected into the formation had been cut off. 

However, he discovered that the Primordial Demon Refining Array was still operating. 

Ye Xuanguang’s complexion changed. 

What happened? 

As the person controlling everything in the big formation, why couldn’t he terminate the formation now?

The surrounding black mist seemed to become treacherous. He picked up the Demon Emperor Sword and stood up from the heart of the formation. 

Suddenly, a sharp blade pierced out of the black mist! 

The sharp blade looked like pitch-black limbs, imparting an uncanny aura. The Demon Emperor Sword sensed it and seemed stimulated, producing an ear-piercing sword sound. 

The red-gold flames surged from the Demon Phoenix Sword. Ye Xuanguang’s sword blocked him, and he exerted his Transcendence Realm’s power to the extreme. With the power of the Demon Emperor Sword in his hand, he believed nobody on earth could oppose him. 


The Demon Emperor Sword was able to remove the pitch black limbs, and the sword body’s flame heightened in ferocity. The substantial impact caused Ye Xuanguang’s mouth to suffer harrowing pain. He almost couldn’t hold the sword in his hand. He backed up two steps, vomiting golden-red blood from his mouth. 

But before he could recover, the sharp and terrifying limbs were reflected in his pupils again. 

With a violent sound, Ye Xuanguang was thrown away by an immense collision. 

The sound calmed down. Ye Xuanguang was lying on the ground, and the Demon Emperor Sword fell aside. He saw a shadow twisting and winding, and his pupils shrank violently. 

This kind of strength… 

Was definitely not what they should have in the Transcendence Realm… Who did the attack… 

His brother was still in the formation…! 

And currently in the formation: 

Ye Yunlan was clinging to a sword, walking in the black mist. 

He once entered the Primordial Demon Refining Array. It was an ancient killing array for monsters, but the danger was much more trivial for righteous cultivators. In the beginning, his strength was not yet in Immortalization, and he could walk through the formation with scars and move the Demon Bone. Thus, he would be much faster now.

And when he was brought out from the Demon Palace by Chen Weiyuan, when he secretly wanted to break the formation to allow the Demon Lord to escape, he had already carefully studied this formation. 

The Primordial Demon Refining Array could kill monsters because it could prevent the Nine-Turn Celestial Demon Body from regenerating. 

To put it simply, the demon body would be suppressed in this formation. The Demon Lord would be no different from ordinary people, and his life core would be completely exposed. The danger would escalate with every extra minute spent there.

Moreover, the Demon Lord’s demon body was originally unstable. Hence it would accelerate its collapse. 

He must find the Demon Bone as soon as possible and break the formation with the Demon Lord. 

The Demon Bone was in an extremely secretive place.

If he didn’t know the formation method, it would be almost impossible to reach that mysterious place. 

He calculated the position and walked in the black mist. Countless murky winds roared. The wind was like a knife, blocked by him with a sword. 

He didn’t know how long he walked. 

There were already many gaps in the blade. 

He saw black light shining in the distance. The position of the Demon Bone gradually approached, but more treacherous energy accompanied it, which inexplicably entwined in his heart. 

Ye Yunlan’s body was alert; he hadn’t relaxed for a moment since entering the formation. 

It was unclear where the Serpent Demon King was staring like a tiger watching its prey. 

That monster descended into the world with Rong Ran’s body, and its strength far surpassed a mortal. Even though its main body was still outside the territory, its strength was still terrifying. 

He didn’t have a sword in his hand when he met the Serpent Demon King before.

But now, with a sword in his hand, the forbidden technique in his hand was ready to go. In the face of an opponent like the Serpent Demon King, holding back anything will lead to greater calamity. 

Ye Yunlan saw where the Demon Bone was. 

It was a willow tree. 

The trunk had already become lifeless and pitch-black, but the wicker hanging down still danced as if there was life. 

The Demon Bone was placed in the willow tree’s cavity. 

The dark wicker attacked him, and he waved his sword to block it. He slowly approached. Gradually, he saw a crack in the trunk and a deep light emerging from within. He leaned forward to take it, and a terrible chill came from his fingertips. The power of his bloodline in his body dissipated it. 

He picked up the Demon Bone and turned around. 

Countless willows blocked his retreat. 

It wanted to force him back into the tree cavity again. 

He swung his sword and chopped, struggling to walk to the outside world while entangled in willow branches. As the Demon Bone moved away from the formation, the black mist showed signs of dispersing. 

The formation’s flaw had appeared. 

He had to find the Demon Lord. 

He held the heavy Demon Bone in his hand and dragged his long sword to search for him in the formation. 

The Demon Bone was constantly consuming the power of his bloodline in his body. He felt heavier and heavier. He staggered a bit, then when he blocked the attacking wind blade, he felt unstable and fell. 

Suddenly, someone embraced him. 


It was the Demon Lord’s voice coming from behind. 

But Ye Yunlan still did not relax. 

The appearance of the Serpent Demon King, who had changed into the Demon Lord before, made him relax his vigilance, so he could not confirm whether the person he was looking for was behind him. 

Therefore, he turned around to look.

The warm chest of the man behind him hugged him tightly, but when he turned his head, he saw only a twisted ball of darkness and two spots of blood. 

Ye Yunlan’s heart sank. 

The demon body had collapsed. 

This formation had refined the Demon Lord, who stayed in it for three days, and it was already difficult to maintain his form. 

The other party reached out his hand to block his eyes. 

“Master, don’t look,” the other party muttered, “I don’t look good right now.” 

Ye Yunlan’s eyelashes trembled in his palm. A sense of familiarity that had accompanied him for more than a hundred years haunted his heart. 

Not the Serpent Demon King. 

It was the Demon Lord. 

He realized this and quickly said: “It’s not suitable to stay here for long. Come with me.” 

Demon Lord: “Where Master says to go, I will go.” 

Ye Yunlan said a direction. 

The two flew outside the formation. 

Seeing the exit was near, the anxiety in his heart grew heavier and heavier. 

Ye Yunlan asked, “Have you noticed a strange energy?” 

Demon Lord: “In the formation, I can’t sense anything. This place suppresses my five senses. If it weren’t for Master, I still won’t be able to sense the way out.” 

The light in front of him gradually approached. 

Discernibly, the human voices outside the exit were clamorous. 

The Demon Bone in his hand was heavy, and he couldn’t hold it anymore. 

He looked down.

But he ran into a pair of evil and wicked blood-red eyes. 

The baby smiled grimly at him. What he was holding was not the Demon Bone but a demon infant changed by the Serpent Demon king! 

The Serpent Demon king was very good at invading people’s hearts and creating illusions. 

In this case, the front was not an exit, but— “Don’t go there!” 

Ye Yunlan said in surprise. 

It was too late.

They fell into the light. 

The figures they’ve seen outside the formation disappeared. This place was a sea of ​​blood, and the light was the struggling souls above it. 

There was a high mountain of corpses, and a throne was at its highest point, formed by bone stacks. 

The Serpent Demon King, with Rong Ran’s appearance, was sitting on the throne while the demon infant was in Ye Yunlan’s hands, smiling oddly. Its sharp claws stretched out between the sparkling flints to reach his heart. 

Ye Yunlan suddenly released his hand and raised his sword to block the demon infant’s attack. 

The demon infant’s claws scratched his sword, breaking the sword into two pieces. Then he fell into a sea of ​​blood and melted into it with a strange smile. 

“There are people in the world who can cultivate into the body of a celestial demon, which really surprised This King.” 

The Serpent Demon King sat on the throne, supporting his chin with one hand. He looked at them with interest. 

He held the pitch-black Demon Bone in his other hand and tossed it around.

“I thought it would take a lot of time and effort to actually come to this world. I didn’t expect that there was a ready-made demon in front of my eyes.” He looked at the Demon Lord, “How about a deal? As long as you surrender your body to This King, I will let the beauty in your arms survive and allow him to serve This King. What do you think?” 

The demon’s voice was very cold. Darkness surged around him. 

“Don’t even think about it.” 

The Serpent Demon King smiled: “This King knew this would be the case. Then you two, stay here. It’s perfect since you two can be the nourishment for the Blood Sacrifice Formation. This will allow the channel to the foreign territories to open up.”

Ye Yunlan’s body was stiff, and his mind was focused at that moment. 

Blood Sacrifice Formation? 

How did this Primordial Demon Refining Array become a Blood Sacrifice Formation? 

The Serpent Demon King seemed to know his doubts and explained pridefully: “The human didn’t tell you? The gigantic formation set up on the top of Liuming Mountain was indeed the Demon Refining Array, but the source of that power was the Blood Sacrifice Formation covering the entire Liuming Mountain for a hundred miles. All the living creatures in this hundred miles are sacrifices for This King.”

“Your human race is fighting against each other, and it just happens to help This King.” He looked at Ye Yunlan with a slight fascination and raised his eyebrows, “Well, how about This King give you another chance? As long as you can let your lover give up his body, I will let you live and serve me. Demons will eventually rule this world, and all human beings will be our slaves. If you follow This King, you will be the lord of the human race by then, the highest existence among them. Doesn’t this make you tempted?” 

Ye Yunlan: “Don’t even think about it.” 

His answer was identical to the Demon Lord’s. 

Serpent Demon King: “I didn’t expect there would be so many ants in this world. Everyone is overestimating themselves.” 

The Demon Lord held Ye Yunlan tightly, and the Shura Sword in his hand came out. Bloody light rays cut through the void and pierced the Serpent Demon King. 

The Serpent Demon King raised his hand. 

A massive wave emerged from the sea of ​​blood and swept toward the two of them. 

Although he had expected it, Ye Yunlan couldn’t help his pupils’ shrinking. 

This was the real power of stepping into the Void Tracing Realm. 

Void Tracing and Transcendence, the gap between the two was like the difference between a Transcendence Realm and the Six Realms of the Mortal Body, the difference between heaven and earth. 

The Shura Sword slashed through the gargantuan waves. 

The bodies of the two were also sent flying, and the Demon Lord’s back collided with the blood-colored rock wall. 

Hot blood slipped from his lips and burned on Ye Yunlan’s cheeks. The hand of the Demon Lord holding his sword was also full of blood. His knuckles were twisted, but he still held his sword up to protect him well, because he could not heal in the formation. 

The blood wave started again. 

Ye Yunlan felt that the hotness on his cheeks was getting heavier.

But he still didn’t feel the blood slapping his body; everything was obstructed by the Demon Lord’s sword. 

Ye Yunlan suddenly remembered the promise the Demon Lord had made to him. 

——If anyone in the world wants to hurt you, they must step on my body first. 

He heard the Demon Lord’s muffled voice again. 

“Don’t be afraid.” 

Before the arrival of the Thunder Tribulation that swallowed the Demon Lord, the other party also said to him: “Don’t be afraid.”

Ye Yunlan tried to stabilize his mind. Holding the Demon Lord’s hand, his voice wavered a little. 

He quickly said: “This is the Serpent Demon King’s territory, and it is a space that is neither real nor virtual. His real body has not yet reached here. This realm was only formed through the power of the Blood Sacrifice Formation reluctantly. Therefore, he temporarily possesses the power of the Void Tracing Realm. As long as we escape from here, with his cultivation in the outside world, there is nothing he can do about us.” 

An eerie look resided in Serpent Demon King’s eyes, “Human, how did you know my name before? I’m astonished you even know about This King’s Demon Territory. If it’s like so, I really won’t be able to keep you.” 

The realm shook, and its appearance began to morph, distorting into a vast shadow. Countless limbs separated from the lower limbs. The pitch black shapes bent sharply, looking like a spider. His black hair transformed into numerous black snakes, flying in the void.     

This appearance was awfully weird and could easily frighten people.     

Ye Yunlan anxiously shouted before the Serpent Demon King transformed: “Go!”     

He had been to the Serpent Demon King’s Demon Realm and personally defeated it. Thus, he knew where the weakness lay.     

According to what he said, the Demon Lord swung his sword toward the specific blood-colored rock wall, revealing a dark passage.     

The Demon Lord stepped into the passage without hesitation or wondering why Ye Yunlan knew so much about the Demon King’s power.     

In the sea of ​​blood, the Serpent Demon King sounded a piercing cry with his androgynous voice, resembling countless souls gathering and chasing them.

The Demon Lord hugged him and flew across the passage. 

The authentic exit was at the end of the passage, not far from them. 

The surging darkness followed crazily behind them, getting closer and closer. 

And the exit approached. 

They couldn’t stop at this moment. 

Once they halted and were dragged back into the sea of blood, there would be no way to escape. 

If the Serpent Demon King didn’t underestimate them at the beginning, they would not have had the chance to flee. 

They were almost at the exit. 

But the pitch-black limbs attacked them. It was too late to turn around and resist. If they avoid it at this moment, the Serpent Demon King would overtake them. So they did not dodge——Ye Yunlan’s eyes widened. 

The Demon Lord did not dodge. 

The sharp limbs penetrated his chest. 

The Demon Lord groaned. 

Dark blood flowed to his face, dripping to his lips. The Demon Lord lowered his bloody eyes and looked at him. His demonic body had clearly collapsed at the moment of life and death, but his eyes did not contain hostility or madness. Instead, there was a concentration of gentleness. 

The Demon Lord embraced him and flew to the exit with his final bit of strength. 

White light flashed. 

They returned to their world. 

Ye Yunlan suddenly felt something in his mind explode. 

A turbulent emotion, lost for more than two hundred years, exited his heart. 

Some memories, forgotten years ago, arrived from far away simultaneously. 

——The Changing Sentiment Curse in his body was resolved.

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