Sick Beauty [Rebirth] Chapter 129

Chapter 129 Enter the Formation 

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The Demon Palace. 

Ye Yunlan leaned on the bed, watching the rain outside the window. 

The Demon Lord had been out for half an hour.

The enchantment that enveloped the Demon Palace blocked the hustle and bustle of the outside world. He could only hear the wind and rain and see the drowsy sky outside the window. 

His body’s Nirvana was not complete. Even though Demon Lord had been trying to complement him with the method of dual cultivation recently, his cultivation base was only up to Immortalization. There was still a sliver of distance to cross the boundary of Transcendence. 

When the Demon Lord went out, his words were very relaxed. 

However, his heart was still somewhat apprehensive. 

He stared at the Queying Sword by the bed. He wanted to reach out to hold it for a while but suddenly heard the palace door being opened. 

Someone came in from the wind and rain. 

They had black hair, black robes, and eyes like blood. 

It was the Demon Lord. 

A shadow was vibrating at his feet. 

“I’m back.” 

He breathed a sigh of relief and withdrew his hand from the sword. 

The Demon Lord approached, sat on the edge of the bed, and extended his hand to touch his face. 

An obsessive admiration was in his eyes. 


The other party whispered, wanting to lean over and kiss his lips. 

Ye Yunlan suddenly deduced something wrong. 

He tilted his head to avoid kissing him. 

The Demon Lord held his chin and chuckled softly: “Yunlan, you are so obedient usually. Why won’t you allow me to kiss you today?” 

Ye Yunlan frowned.

The person before him and the Demon Lord looked identical, and the laziness between the eyebrows was even more similar. 

However, the Demon Lord would never call him “Yunlan.”

“Who are you?” 

His hand wanted to grab the bedside sword but was caught by the person in front of him. 

“So keen.” The other party stared at him with interest, “Being too smart for a pretty beauty like yourself isn’t good as long as you just open your legs and serve others.” 

He squeezed Ye Yunlan’s jaw, forcing him to raise his head, “This is a beautiful face. No wonder so many people like it. It creates desires and obsession for you, making it hard for one to return. A beauty is a calamity for the world, and this is the exact case.” 

The other party’s qi was extremely powerful, surpassing far past the six realms of the mortal body and even the Transcendence Realm. It suppressed Ye Yunlan, making it difficult to move. 

Ye Yunlan saw a shadow wriggling from under the other party’s feet. 

Cold sweat slipped from his forehead. 

A ridiculous guess popped up in his mind. 

He had seen only two people who could manipulate darkness in this way. 

Maybe it couldn’t be called a person. 

One was the Demon Lord. 

The other was the Heavenly Demon King, who descended into the world after stepping through Tianyuan more than two hundred years later. 

How could it be so? 

The Heavenly Demon King was at the Void Tracing Realm cultivation base and was blocked by outside laws. He couldn’t have descended into this world this early. 

He still didn’t dare to believe it and probed: “Serpent Demon King?” 

The person in front of him showed a slightly surprised look. 

“Human, do you know me?” 

Ye Yunlan’s heart sank. 

It turned out to be the case. 

How did this monster come to this world? 

He clearly knew the Serpent Demon King was different from the Demon Lord. 

It was a demon from outside the realm and had no sympathy or mercy for the human race. In the great catastrophe, blood formed into rivers, and the Serpent Demon King would only laugh wildly and lead the monsters to invade the world. 

He entered Tianyuan alone and burned his soul with his sword to bury himself and the Heavenly Demon King back then, allowing the world’s people one last opportunity to survive.

But at this time, no one had reached the Void Tracing Realm in this world. Who could stop this monster from ravaging the world? 

Ye Yunlan’s fingertips trembled. 

He forced himself to calm down. 

Something’s wrong.

The world membrane had not been broken, and the Serpent Demon King appeared here, so it must certainly not be his genuine body. Otherwise, the god thunder from Tribulations would come down from the sky, and this place would have already been turned into rubble. 

This was the Serpent Demon King’s clone. 

Although his realm aura was far beyond mortality, it hadn’t reached the Void. 

If his realm could also reach the Transcendence Realm, perhaps he could fight back by relying on his sword cultivation. 

“What are you thinking about?” 

The Serpent Demon King looked at him with a smile while using the Demon Lord’s face. 

Ye Yunlan: “How I should…kill you.” 

The Serpent Demon King laughed. 

“Do you want to kill This King? This world is full of ants. Although you were born the most beautiful, you also seem the most wishful.” 

A black wind swept around them abruptly. 

Ye Yunlan could not touch his sword. 

The Serpent Demon King had taken him out of the Demon Palace. 

The Serpent Demon King was holding his waist. His face blurred, twisted, and changed, returning to a beautiful and delicate state. 

He curled his red lips, and his smile cracked to the base of his ears. His eyes were akin to two blood-colored lanterns. 

“Someone made a deal with me and asked This King to take you out. Otherwise, This King would’ve really wanted to taste you right there.” 

Ye Yunlan looked at that recognized and distorted face. 

It was Rong Ran. 

How dare Rong Ran bring such a monster into the world. 

And who was the one who dared to make a deal with the Serpent Demon King? 

The black wind swept him to Liuming Mountain. 

Ye Yunlan looked at the familiar, giant array, and his pupils shrank sharply. 

This was the Primordial Demon Refining Array.

Since he couldn’t find the Demon Bone remains in the Ye Clan’s Primordial Immortal Boat, he had been worried. 

What worried him most now really happened. 

The Serpent Demon King licked his lips. 

“The previous Demon Lord’s bones were actually left in this world. If This King can get it, heh…” 

Ye Yunlan did not hear the rest of his words clearly. 

The Serpent Demon King chopped his nape with his hand. 

A sword light was in the sky. 

Two huge sword intents entangled and attacked, and the collision of the Transcendance Realms shook the surroundings with a deafening noise. 

The iron in Lord Qiyun’s hand was broken, and he retreated several miles. 

His own hands had broken his original natal sword. 

In such a battle level, ordinary spirit swords could hardly carry his sword intent. Additionally, the Demon Lord’s sword technique did not hit a plateau for thirty years. Instead, it advanced rapidly. Now with his natal sword still there, one was afraid it would be difficult for him to withstand the impact. 

This reminded Qiyun Jun of when the Demon Lord broke the Buddha Tower’s prohibition and rescued the person, releasing the blood river to fight with them. 

It was nearly indistinguishable from the previous timeline now that the righteous and demons were fighting, and the daoist powers were all appearing.

However, the time of occurrence had advanced by more than a hundred years. 

His previous life’s Demon Lord knew the karma between him and Ye Yunlan and told him the truth during the battle, making his Ruthless Dao abruptly flawed. He was seriously injured by the cosmic earthquake in his mind after he recalled everything, so he had to escape from the battlefield. 

However, the erosion of demonic energy was even more terrifying than he imagined. 

There were flaws in his dao. He also couldn’t break his cultivation and re-establish it like this life. Thus, his cultivation gradually waned. He couldn’t control himself from entering the Demon Dao in the end, so he imprisoned himself in the peach forest’s deep valley that year and pierced his limbs with a demon chain, struggling with his demon qi every day and ignoring foreign affairs. 

Even so, his cultivation of the Ruthless Dao realm continued to disperse. 

His daoist body was unstable, and he ultimately fell into a mortal body. His vitality gradually became shallow. 

The karma owed was outstanding. 

The person he wanted to meet was also missing. 

He had spent his entire life in sword cultivation and eventually ended up like this. 

Perhaps this was his fault for being too conceited when he didn’t know people clearly. 

He owed that man too much. 

Before his dao disappeared, someone broke into the peach forest. 

He looked up with difficulty, wondering if it was the person his heart demon had missed all these years coming back here again. 

It wasn’t. 

The other party was just a young man who broke in by accident. He was young with a massive sword on his back and also a sword cultivator. 

After discovering him, he hurriedly wanted to treat him but didn’t know where to start.

He opened his mouth to tell the youth there was no need to help him. Life and death are predestined, and he knew that. 

Then he asked the youth what happened to the outside world.

The youth talked about the various things in the world after the battle of the Buddha Tower. It turned out that it had been ten years since then. 

In the past ten years, the Dao and Demon returned to peace. The Demon Lord was missing, and the world was peaceful and quiet. 

But he didn’t hear the news about the person he most wanted to hear. 

He had not accepted any apprentices in his life or left any inheritance. 

But at the last moment, he taught the young man many swordsmanship techniques he had learned. He only entrusted one thing for this youth to do. 

It was to pass on a phrase. 

Tell that person, “I’m sorry.” 

Qiyun Jun’s lips coughed blood, and his face was blank. He took out another spirit sword and held it in his hand. 

He couldn’t retreat from this battle. 

The Demon Lord looked at him with a sneer. He was about to fight again but promptly detected something. He turned to look at the distant mountains. 

He saw a man with white clothes and white hair in the misty midair. 

Like a white butterfly with folded wings, he fell toward Liuming Mountain. 

His pupils constricted. 


The drifting darkness gathered behind him. 

He completely ignored the danger around him and the sword light behind him. He flew toward Liuming Mountain. 


Ye Yunlan had fainted. 

It was the Demon King who had knocked him out. 

Contaminated by the devil’s qi, some weird whispers repeated in his ears, making his dreams turn upside down. It was as if he was walking up and down a sea of ​​blood. It was as if he was returning to the wedding banquet the year he was holding the poisoned blade into the Demon Lord’s abdomen. Dark blood was covering his hands. 

He promptly felt a burning sensation in his body. A warm current was flowing from his blood, dispelling his demonic thoughts. 

He opened his eyes.

Golden eyes as bright as the sun surprised He Lanze, who was looking after him. 

“Junior Brother Ye, you’re awake–” He Lanze wanted to lift him up. He waved away the other party’s hand and observed the things around him. 

He was now in a tent. 

A soft blanket was beneath him, and a thin, feather-woven quilt slipped off his shoulders. 

The sky outside the window was gloomy. 

There were shouts of killing. 

That’s right… 

The Primordial Demon Refining Array and the Serpent Demon King——Ye Yunlan got up from the blanket. He staggered because of his dizziness. He stabilized his figure and wanted to get up and walk outside. 

He Lanze hurriedly stopped him.

“Junior Brother Ye, the Dao-Demon war outside is fierce. You have just been rescued, so you can rest here. Don’t venture out.” 

Ye Yunlan squeezed his eyebrows together. 

He said: “Get out of the way.” 

He Lanze looked at his abnormal white hair and golden eyes. The expression of pity on his face became even more gentle, and his tone became softer. 

“Junior brother, don’t be afraid. You don’t have to rush to escape. We have trapped the Demon Lord’s servant in the formation. The formation is protecting us now. He can’t hurt you anymore.” 

Ye Yunlan’s golden eyes lifted up. His original cold voice became a little anxious, “What? The Demon Lord is already in the formation?” 

Facing Ye Yunlan’s sharp golden eyes and hair-raising face, He Lanze lost his voice for a while. Although he was marginally confused about Ye Yunlan’s attitude, he still nodded. 

“Yes. That guy has been trapped in the formation for three days.” 

Ye Yunlan’s face paled. 

The Demon Lord was in the formation? 

When he was young, the Demon Lord could glimpse a formation and understand its context. With the Primordial Demon Refining Array set up. The Demon Lord’s eyesight must’ve seen it.

There was only one possibility for the Demon Lord to enter the formation. 

It was to save him, just like in his previous life. 

The Serpent Demon King brought him out of the Demon Palace just to bait the Demon Lord!

How was this like his previous life?

Who set up the trap? 

He still remembered that the Serpent King said that bringing him out of the Demon Palace was a deal with a person. 

Ye Yunlan stared at He Lanze, who was in front of him. 

Was it him? 

No. He Lanze had no reason to form a connection with the Serpent Demon King, let alone with his identity as the Sky Sect’s Senior Brother; he would not risk the world’s chaos to scheming.

So who was it? 

Suddenly he heard the sound of a wheelchair rolling. 

A person stopped quietly at the tent exit. 


The other party called him softly. 

That face was ordinary, even obscurely wretched, and he was missing half of his body. He was not anyone he knew. 

But that kind of expression and that kind of tone—

“Chen Weiyuan.” Ye Yunlan’s voice was cold, pausing at every syllable. 

Many people were behind Chen Weiyuan. Ye Yunlan had seen some of them before, and a portion was unfamiliar. 

“I heard that you finally woke up. Everyone was distraught and wanted to come over and see you,” Chen Weiyuan said. 

Xu Qingyue was pushing Chen Weiyuan’s wheelchair. When he looked at him, many unclear feelings were in his eyes, mixed with concern. He said, “Daoist Ye, you’re fortunately fine.” 

Yin Ling stood at the entrance, red-clad. Lin Xiaowan, a petite figure, and many Sky Sect disciples were beside her. 

“Junior Brother Ye, it’s great that you’re fine.” 

Many faces were unfamiliar, but the eyes staring at him were full of eagerness. 

“Immortal Lord Ye!” 

“Immortal Lord Ye woke up. What discomfort does he feel?” 

“I have healing pills here, as well as Immortal spirit grass. If Immortal Lord Ye needs it, just speak up.” 

Many of them were injured. Most were wounded in the battle of the Dao and Demons, so they retreated from the battlefield and gathered here. But at this time, they didn’t conceal anything and showed him everything as if showing a medal. 

The noisy voices lingered in his ears. 

Chen Weiyuan was sitting in a wheelchair, watching him and smiling quietly among the crowd. 

Ye Yunlan said: “It’s you colluding with the Serpent Demon King.” 

Chen Weiyuan kept smiling, “Yunlan, I don’t know what you are talking about.” 

Ye Yunlan coldly said: “You’re crazy.” Chen Weiyuan had memories of their previous lives; he indubitably knew the Serpent Demon King’s identity. Yet, he dared to seek a tiger’s help. He was completely crazy and didn’t even take the safety of the human race into his heart.

Chen Weiyuan: “I know the Demon Lord has imprisoned you for too long, and your mind is a little confused. I am still angry that the Demon Lord’s sword had shattered me. Only now was I able to return to the world. I failed to save you at that time. Fortunately, you are okay. Yunlan, you can cultivate for a while. As for the Demon Lord, leave it to me to solve.” 

The cultivators behind him also agreed. 

“Yes, Immortal Lord, you have a good rest. Let us deal with the Demon Lord.” 

“Immortal Lord, rest at ease.” 

“Immortal Lord, just rest here with our protection.” 

Ye Yunlan listened and only felt absurd. When was it the turn for outsiders to intervene in the matters between him and the Demon Lord? Chen Weiyuan was full of lies, yet these people believed it? 

He wanted to push everyone out of the tent. 

However, Chen Weiyuan said meaningfully: “Yunlan, they are all here for you. The injuries they suffered are all because of you. In any case, they would never want you to fall into the Demon Lord’s hands.” 

Ye Yunlan stopped in front of the tent. 

The people outside the tent had surrounded this place with scorching eyes fixed on him, each with bleeding wounds and eagerness and desire in their eyes. 

This sparked up a memory, many years ago, of his. He was walking in the world, wearing a ghost mask/ Those people had stared at him fearfully and cursed him. It was the same noise. 

It seemed like it was all the same, he thought. 

Mortal affairs were bottomless. Most people just want to believe what they wish to think and only desire to pursue what they want. 

Ye Yunlan closed his eyes and said. 

“I am with the Demon Lord. We are in love with each other. I was not forced. Please move.” 

The hustle and bustle encircling him abruptly became quiet. 

The eyes of those people looking at him changed. 

Some were confused, a percentage was angry, and more couldn’t believe what they heard. Someone said: “Immortal Lord Ye, how can you let yourself go?! That monster is a person who has killed countless people. How can he be worthy of your immortal self?” 

Someone yelled, “I heard others say it has been thirty years, and the Immortal Lord has long surrendered to the Demon Lord. I did not believe it, but now it seems I was wrong!” 

“He is in cahoots with the demons and helping evil. How can you refer to yourself as a Daoist Sext disciple?” 

It was bustling with noise. 

Ye Yunlan didn’t want to explain anymore. 

In such a situation, there would be no more room for himself if he spoke his words. 

He chose to be with the Demon Lord just like in his previous life. He would turn his back on everyone. He had never regretted it up to the end of his life.

“Yunlan, have you been trapped for too long and blinded by the demon?” Chen Weiyuan sighed and said, “We can’t let you destroy the formation and rescue the Demon Lord. Stay here peacefully. Wait until everything calms down, okay?” 

Among the crowd gathered around the camp, the people who vowed to save and protect him also spoke in succession. 

“Immortal Lord, please think twice before you act.” 

“The Demon Lord has been raging for a long time and simply blinded you for a while. As long as you turn back in time, we will not blame you.” 

“We are here to eliminate the Demons. We hope that Immortal Lord won’t ruin this plan.”

Ye Yunlan looked at these people coldly. 

Many in the crowd have already drawn their swords. It seemed that no matter what, he must be obstructed here today. 

There was no sword around Ye Yunlan. 

So he could only raise his hand. 

But someone was one step before him, drawing a sword and standing in front of him. 

This person was also a sword cultivator in the Immortalization Realm. He had a clear and awe-inspiring sword intent. The bodies of the people being oppressed around him trembled.

Chen Weiyuan’s face changed slightly. 

“Qingyue !?” 

The expression on Xu Qingyue’s face was somewhat hesitant but now became firm. 

“I owe Daoist Ye a favor for giving me pointers in swordsmanship. If you want to hurt him, kill me first.” 

Chen Weiyuan scolded, “You are a Tan Qing Sect disciple. How can you disregard the big picture like this?” 

Xu Qingyue: “I don’t know what the big picture is. I only see that this happened because of all our selfishness.” 

But a cultivator interrupted him: “What selfishness! Eliminating demons is the big plan of the dao sects. Put it aside for now and disregard your favor.” 

Xu Qingyue only raised the sword in front of Ye Yunlan, motionless. 

Yin Ling, next to everyone, came forward, dressed in bright red. She drew a sword to face everyone. “I don’t know the big picture. I only know that Junior Brother Ye entered the sea of ​​fire alone and rescued more than a hundred disciples of my Sky Sect.”

The expressions of many Sky Sect disciples around were a little moved.

However, most people couldn’t seem to understand their words. Ye Yunlan’s disappointment and betrayal made it difficult for them to think. The injuries they suffered from the Dao-Demon War now looked ridiculous. 

Seeing that there will be a fight and that Xu Qingyue and Yin Ling were about to release their swords, Ye Yunlan grabbed Xu Qingyue’s wrist. He said: “It doesn’t have to be this way.” 

He looked at Yin Ling, “Senior Sister Yin, do you have an extra sword? Can I borrow it, please?”     

Yin Ling stared at the golden pupils. They were calm, and she didn’t seem shaken by the predicament that her husband was referring to. Her heart was stable, and she nodded without realizing it. She took a spirit sword from her storage ring and handed it to Ye Yunlan.     

Ye Yunlan took the long sword, and his body’s aura changed instantly.     

Nirvana sword intent flowed around him.     

It was cold and lonely.     

The nameless spirit sword had seemingly become the sharpest killer in the world.     

Many people were forced to take a step back by the sword intent. They looked at him with a trace of jealousy and fear. It seemed they did not expect the sickly beauty, whom the Demon had raised in the deep palace for many years, actually would have such a realm in swordsmanship.    

He shot out his sword.     

It was only one sword: “Shower.”

It crackled. The sound of long swords collided, resembling a rain shower.     

People whose cultivation bases were close to his were among the crowd, but they couldn’t even see how many sword lights swept across in that instant.     

All the sword cultivators who had drawn their swords in the crowd had fallen to the ground.     

Sword skills like this.     

Everyone took a cold breath. Ye Yunlan lifted his sword and looked at them coldly, shaking them to the core. That beautiful, heavenly face, but with the addition of a nirvana sword intent, felt awe-inspiring.     

Everyone subconsciously gave way.     

Who could stop him? Who dared to stop him?     

Chen Weiyuan also received a sword, and a talisman was broken in his hand.     

“Yunlan, if you save him, you will die too.” He said hoarsely, “You should know the reason.” 

Ye Yunlan shot him an icy look. Chen Weiyuan still had many magical treasures in his hand, the Demon Lord was in the formation, and he had no time to waste on this trash. 

His words were ambiguous, but Ye Yunlan could hear them clearly. 

The Serpent Demon King stunned him and disappeared, presumably hiding in a place to spy. 

Extraterrestrial demons exist by swallowing each other. Chen Weiyuan and the Serpent Demon King’s deal was definitely based on the Demon Lord’s body. 

But at this moment, he didn’t think deeply about the formation’s dangers. 

Regardless of thousands of evil and various conspiracies, he would go on this journey no matter what. In that case, what good was it to think more? 

He walked through the crowd.

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