Sick Beauty [Rebirth] Chapter 132

Chapter 132 Crossing a Calamity

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He desperately tried to cover the wound of the Demon Lord’s heart. 

But it was in vain. 

The blood was still trickling like flames, licking and burning his cheeks. 

He slowly recalled that the Primordial Demon Refining Array would thwart the demon body’s regeneration.

Then that injury the Demon Lord had suffered would be the final one he received after escaping the formation. 

The Demon King’s limbs went straight through the heart’s life core. 

The Demon Lord resembled a monster again. 

He was initially a human being. 

Would he perish if he was human?

——The Demon Lord woud die?

Ye Yunlan’s eyes were wide open. He opened his mouth as if he wanted to scream, but only a muted, gravelly sound rang out in the end. 


The Demon Lord looked down at him, raising his hand to wipe the blood from his cheeks. 

“Don’t be afraid.” 

A gentle gleam was in his eyes. 

“We’re out.” 

They landed on a peak opposite Liuming Mountain. 

The shadows dispelled behind the Demon Lord. He knelt on the ground, and the Shura Sword plunged into the soil. 

Ye Yunlan went to assist him. 

The Demon Lord lifted his hand, trying to caress Ye Yunlan’s cheek. However, he lost his strength. 

Ye Yunlan held his hand tightly and stroked his cheek. 

He said: “Look at me. Don’t close your eyes.”

The Demon Lord looked at him. 

The light in his eyes was a little faint, and his voice was low and husky: “Master is so beautiful.” 

He moved his thumb slightly, wiped away the tears from the end of Ye Yunlan’s eyes, and murmured, “I really like Master… ” 

His words dissipated in the wind. 

His body fell on Ye Yunlan’s shoulder. 

Ye Yunlan’s white hair was strewn on his cheeks, his face sinking into the shadows. 

Suddenly, he heard shouts of killing, reaching him from all directions. 

“The Demon Lord broke through the formation, and his injuries are critical. You must take this opportunity to wipe him out!” 

The cultivator who rushed to the forefront cried fiercely:

“Yes! Immortal Lord Ye aided the evil-doer and betrayed our great dao. If you don’t move aside, we will not be gracious!” 

Another person said: “Hand over the Demon Lord. We’ll slay and hang him outside the Jingbei City gate to soothe the many cultivators who went to heaven in this battle!” 

The cultivators surrounding them were increasingly approaching. 

Ye Yunlan slowly rose from the floor.

He was carrying the Demon Lord’s figure on his back. His right hand pulled up the Shura Sword inserted in the ground. 

Blood appeared to be streaming from the Shura Sword’s crimson sword body. 

Blood was on his face. 

The mist in his golden eyes had already condensed into ice. He looked at the crowd gathered around with icy eyes and a deep chill. 

He said: “If you want to take him away, get past the sword in my hand first.” 

Those people looked at him. Some were obsessive and amazed, but more stared at him like prey. 

A few coaxed him bitterly. 

“Immortal Lord Ye, don’t persist in your evil ways. Turn back to shore!” 

Someone scolded with a sneer: “Ye Yunlan, the world admires your appearance, so we respectfully call you Immortal Lord, but have you forgotten your identity? You are just the Demon Lord’s treasured prostitute. Who would you depend on once the Demon Lord passes? Just obediently hand over the Demon Lord. We’ll state a few words for you and pardon your sins during the Dao Sect trial.” 

Ye Yunlan murmured softly: 


He raised the Shura Sword. 

The nirvana sword intent irrigated it, and the Shura Sword blazed into the sky. The few cultivators near him shrank back. 

The killing aura on the Shura Sword was so heavy that dark clouds promptly took up the sky. Thunder sounded. 

The cultivator, surprised by his sword intent, seemed to regain confidence. 

“If you persist in your wrong ways and protect the monster, the heavens will destroy you!” 

“I will act in the name of heavens! Don’t hesitate; just do it!” 

Countless sword lights attacked him. 

Ye Yunlan: “Noisy.” 

He could seemingly understand how the Demon Lord felt when his demon body had gone awry and was on the verge of madness.

The world was noisy. 

Only the man behind him was silent. 

He suddenly didn’t want to hear anything. 

He didn’t want to see anything.

So he took out his sword and swung it. 

None of those who had rushed to attack him had reached Transcendence. 

But he was regarded as a canary in the Demon Lord Palace, an ant squishable at will. 

But they became ants. 

A layer of ants fell. 

The blood slipped from the tip of the long sword, and the rain drizzle blew over his face, washing away the blood from his cheeks. The crystal rain dripped down his silver-white eyelashes. 

The surroundings had become much quieter. 

The stunning and fascinating gazes in those people’s eyes disappeared, substituted with deep fear. 

He walked back, wanting to return to the Demon Palace. 

It was freezing in the rain, and he feared the only body temperature behind him would completely cool down. 

But a shadow appeared from the void, winding around like a giant snake. 

He heard the Serpent Demon King’s androgynous voice. 

Serpent Demon King: “Beauty, it seems your lover is dead. How about you lend his body to This King to use? Allow This King to descend into the world. At that time, This King will use his body to love you well and won’t allow you to suffer from widowhood.” 

Ye Yunlan raised his hand with the sword, slashing the shadow. 

The shadows dispersed, and the Serpent Demon King roared. 

“You can’t tell good from bad!”

More shadows assembled in midair, but Ye Yunlan didn’t look at him. He looked up at the sky. 

It was already night. 

He saw a blood-shrouded star gradually dulling in the eastern sky above, while another twinkling golden star brightened. 

It was so bright that it even obscured the brilliant moon’s glow, even making people want to burst into tears. 

The aura that had been floating in his body had been rising continuously during the process of taking out his sword. 

Until it reached a critical point. 

Muffled thunder sounded in the sky. 

The dark clouds amassed more and more. 

He looked at the sky and spoke slowly. 

“In this life, I entered the dao with the sword and reached the Sword Dao’s Immortalization Realm with my mortal body. I attained great success in my cultivation with my dao companion’s assistance. The opportunity has arrived now, and my work is complete. I will become immortal. May heaven’s calamity descend.”

The Serpent Demon King’s anxious voice said: “You are crazy! Are you going to undergo the tribulation of a Nine-Turn Celestial Demon Body? Do you not fear the sky’s god thunder destroying you and your lover——” His anxiety heightened. He did not dare to stay here for a long lest the heavenly dao of this world found him. With the thunder calamity’s aid, his long-awaited consciousness, finally smuggled in, might be eradicated just like that.

The shadow in the void fled like a mouse with its tail between its legs. 

Ye Yunlan disregarded it. 

He would collect accounts that should be settled and debts that should be demanded back one by one for the Demon Lord after the calamity. 

He would be free and unfettered for the time being.

With a roar, the thunder tribulation had already come down. 

The thick purple god thunder was like a monstrous python, swooping toward him as if to swallow him completely. 

Ye Yunlan was afraid of thunder and heavy rain. 

But suddenly, he was seemingly fearless as he was carrying that person behind him then.

The violent thunder and lightning flashed in his pupils, and the torrential rain lashed his cheeks.

He greeted them with a sword.

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