Sick Beauty [Rebirth] Chapter 133

Chapter 133 Daybreak

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At this moment, the countless cultivators fighting on the Dao Demon battlefield raised their heads to the sky in unison. 

The massive and terrifying sky thunder shocked their souls. 

They couldn’t help thinking that if they were in it, they feared they would’ve been smashed into ashes, their souls ceasing to exist.

However, a giant formation quietly revealed its original shape under everyone’s feet while they were dumbfounded. 

A cultivator said in astonishment: “How can blood come out of the ground?”

“There’s a lot of blood! How can it be like this?” 

The cultivators standing on Liuming Mountain could clearly see the formation covering a hundred miles. 

The Ink Sect disciples who have studied contracted formation methods were horrified: “Blood Sacrifice Formation! Who put the Blood Sacrifice Formation that absorbs the living soul under our feet——” As they spoke, blood continued to gush from the ground. It kept rising, forming a sea of ​​blood within a hundred miles. The howling of ghosts haunted the country. 

A wounded cultivator dropped to the ground before he could raise his sword. A ghost floating in the sea of blood caught and dragged him into the blood waves, where he disappeared. 

Chen Weiyuan sat in a wheelchair, watching the sea of ​​blood gradually spread across the fields. 

Since he saw the Demon Lord carrying Ye Yunlan out of the formation and finally falling to the ground, the smile in front of him had not faded. 

A Tianji Pavilion disciple hurried over. 

“Pavilion Master, what’s going on? How did you not figure out the Demon Sect arranged a Blood Sacrifice Formation here?”

In fact, when the Blood Sacrifice Formation revealed its true form, indistinct from the previous Primordial Demon Refining Array and when they were connecting the dots, everyone in Tianji Pavilion proficient in formations speculated plenty. 

However, no one was willing to stand up and question Chen Weiyuan first. 

They feared getting answers that would stun them. 

Chen Weiyuan said, “Didn’t you already see it? Why don’t you dare believe it?” 

The Tianji Pavilion disciple’s expression changed suddenly. 

“Pavilion Master, the Primordial Demon Refining Array is an array that you personally deployed, but the Blood Sacrifice Formation appearning now is linked with the Primordial Demon Refining Array and provides power to it. Is this also your doing?” 

Another Tianji Pavilion elder’s beard shook as he scolded. 

“The Blood Sacrifice Formation will drag live souls into itself to suffer the pain of having their souls refined. It will plunder the soul’s power so the soul trapped in the formation will never be reborn. This is an evil formation that the heavens cannot tolerate! Why did you do this?”

Chen Weiyuan’s expression remained untouched. 

He calmly said: “The Great Catastrophe of Heaven and Earth is coming. I have already calculated it as the end of the world. Now it is just having this day come earlier, so that living beings would avoid suffering and being refugees. What’s wrong with that?” 

The Tianji Pavilion disciples couldn’t believe it. But they still held a glimmer of hope and asked: “Pavilion Master, with you speaking like that, is this formation really arranged by you?” 

The elder beside him was already blue with anger and opened his mouth angrily. 

“Chen Weiyuan, first you took out the clan’s astrolabe and said that you wanted to do important things related to the clan’s survival and extinction, but now you left it behind, wasting the clan’s heritage. We did not punish you only because we kept in mind that you’re the sole person in the clan who has returned ancestors in their bloodline. Now you said that you wanted to deploy the Primordial Demon Formation to eliminate the source of the Great Tribulation of Heaven and Earth. We also believed you and tried our best to cooperate, but what have you done now? Huh! Once the Blood Sacrifice Formation forms and the blood gathers to break through the boundary membrane, what will happen to the creatures in this world? Where have you placed our trust?” 

Chen Weiyuan said: “Elder is joking. You believe me because of the calculations of the previous pavilion master and the return to ancestors bloodline. You only hope I can lead you through the Tribulation of Heaven and Earth. Therefore, since birth, all the teachings in the clan have made me place the clan first. It’s just that I’m tired now, and I want to find a more relaxing solution. If you believe in me, why not believe in me to the end? Why did you come to question me?” 

“Relaxing solution? You personally laid a Blood Sacrifice Formation to break through the boundary membrane. Could it, could it…” said the Chen Clan elder, almost out of breath, “How dare you get in touch with a foreign demon… “

Chen Weiyuan: “The world is like a furnace, and worldly affairs like a prison. You and I are all ants, duckweeds of a life. There is no difference between survival or destruction. What is the point of struggling?” 

The Chen Family elder pointed at him, “You, you…” A mouthful of blood spurted out of his mouth, and he actually fainted from anger. 

“Senior Brother Chen, what you just said is true?” 

Suddenly, a voice came from not far away. 

Chen Weiyuan turned his head and smiled: “Qingyue? Just in time, it’s better to come over here and look at the scenery with Senior Brother. After all, if you want to see it in the future, I’m afraid you won’t have a chance.” 

Xu Qingyue had already pulled out his sword. 

“Chen Weiyuan, you have disappointed me too much.” 

Behind him were many cultivators who came to ask what was going wrong. 

Everyone glared at Chen Weiyuan. 

They transferred the original hatred and anger toward the Demon Lord onto Chen Weiyuan after they learned they had been used. They stepped forward to tie Chen Weiyuan up. 

Chen Weiyuan did not escape. 

He didn’t even have a leg now, so how could he even escape with a stubborn body with blocked meridians and could barely cultivate? 

He couldn’t escape. He couldn’t escape the prison of this world. 

Then, let’s destroy it together. 

In mid-air. 

Distorted shadows formed far away from the catastrophe. 

Someone suddenly screamed in shock. 

“This, what kind of monster is this? No, don’t swallow me!” 

The Serpent Demon King felt the power converging into his body from all directions. He opened his arms and let out a joyful laugh. 

His strength grew steadily, already breaking through Transcendence and climbing toward the Void Tracing. With the help of the power of the sea of ​​blood, as long as he formed the Heavenly Demon Realm, he can truly reach the Void Tracing Realm in this world. No one could be his opponent!

A group of ants. 

He glanced contemptuously at the human beings floating in the sea of ​​blood.

Looking at the thunderclouds condensing on the distant horizon, the contempt in his heart deepened. 

What if Ye Yunlan could overcome the catastrophe and shed the mortal world?

Still, he wouldn’t be its opponent. 

At that time, the Demon Lord’s body would still belong to him, and since Ye Yunlan was so ignorant of what was good or bad——he would make the other party cry and kneel before him, begging for mercy, or maybe, he won’t even give him that chance. 

The hideous shadow spread in the sky. Any cultivator entangled by the shadow was penetrated, pulled into the darkness, and chewed up, leaving only white bones scattered. 

This scene terrified the cultivators. 

They wanted to run, but the Blood Sacrifice Formation enveloped the world. It was like being locked in an urn; they could only crash around like headless flies. Even the Primordial Demon Formation that covered Liuming Mountain was inevitable. Miserable howls inhibited everywhere. 

While fleeing, the cultivators suddenly discovered the safest place in the entire world was the mountain range where Ye Yunlan was crossing his catastrophe. 

So the crowd rushed toward the place where Ye Yunlan was like moths, but they didn’t dare to get too close for fear of causing the thunder to hurt themselves. 

Many cultivators started to fight again to compete for the few spots to stay. 

This time, there was no distinction between righteous and demon, only self-interest. 


There was another massive thunder, smashing the noise of the surrounding killings. 

The terrible sky thunder descended toward Ye Yunlan madly. 

The white light that flooded the top of the mountain made it impossible to see his appearance. 

There was only an increasingly fierce aura, scorching high in the tempering of the Heavenly Tribulation. It was like a rising sun. 

In the Primordial Alchemy Array. 

The Demon Phoenix Sword that fell in Ye Xuanguang’s hand shook suddenly. 

Thunder and lightning continued to shoot down. 

It finally stopped after reaching the ninety-ninth count. With countless cultivators watching, Ye Yunlan slowly walked out of the thunderlight. 

His white hair was scattered, and the blood dancing in the breeze stained his white clothing. He held the Shura Sword in his hand, and his golden eyes were indifferent. It was as if a god had descended from the world and overlooked it, high above the realm. 

But he was carrying a dark, filthy demon on his back.

However, everyone no longer cared about whether he was carrying a person or a demon. 

In this desperate situation, they were just full of hope. They were looking forward to seeing whether Ye Yunlan could solve the monsters in the sea of ​​blood and save them. 

The Serpent Demon King’s shadow appeared not far away, and his voice was contemptuous. 

“Human, you really made This King wait. Now that the tribulation is over, there is nothing to stop This King from attacking you. If you have self-knowledge, surrender obediently. This King can still give you a way out.” 

Ye Yunlan did not answer. 

He just raised his eyes. 

He drew his sword. 

The sword light was like electricity. 

The Serpent Demon King didn’t expect him to make a sudden move. 

The shadows that had not yet formed were suddenly split, and a harsh roar resounded across the fields. 

“Human, you just broke through to Transcendence. Don’t act too arrogant!” 

He saw the sea of ​​blood turn up the raging waves. 

The demon realm gradually took shape. 

Ye Yunlan looked down and suddenly took out his sword again. 

The nirvana sword energy swept across the sky and earth and hit a spot in the sea of ​​blood. The unformed domain suddenly collapsed, and a figure suddenly emerged from the sea of ​​blood. 

It was the Serpent Demon King. 

The Serpent Demon King’s voice was deep, and the expression on his beautiful face was distorted. 

“Once again, how on earth can you see the flaws in my Heavenly Demon Realm?” 

He disdainfully watched as he transcended, but now the Serpent Demon King’s heart was vigilant. 

Ye Yunlan was not the same Transcendent cultivator he imagined. 

He couldn’t tell where the difference was. But his natural perception of danger made him on guard. 

However, he couldn’t think too much. Ye Yunlan had already moved his sword again. 

This time, his sword light was different from the previous two swords. It was not radiant but very dim, so much that it was as if it were entering the middle of the night. The deep nirvana was profound and silent.

But he was before the Serpent Demon King in a flash. 

The Serpent Demon King’s pupils shrank, feeling the threat of death from that sword. He finally realized something. 

“No, your sword realm–” The sword light swept across, penetrating the Serpent Demon King’s body and severing its head. 

The black mist surged where the head and the torso were connected, trying to close it, but failed. He was careless.

The Serpent Demon King thought. 

“Unexpectedly, there was such a human in this world…” Relying on his sword realm, he could touch the Void Tracing Realm with his Transcendent body. If such a character grew up, it would pose a tremendous threat to the Heavenly Demon Clan. 

However, thinking about this was useless now. 

Seeing that Ye Yunlan wanted to continue to shoot his sword, the Serpent Demon King was already a little panicked. It quickly drove half of his body to resist Ye Yunlan’s attack, then drove the remaining half of his head to fly out of the Blood Sacrifice Formation quickly. 

Ye Yunlan’s sword was too weird. The nirvana qi could actually destroy the demon body’s rebirth power. 

The demon soul constructed most of a heavenly demon’s body; if his soul was split, his body would also be damaged. He must preserve it as much as possible. 

Ye Yunlan did not cast his gaze on the fleeing head but slashed his sword towards half his body. 

With one style: “Shower.”

The nirvana sword intent instantly divided the body into countless pieces, and they could no longer be closed back together again. He eventually lost all vitality and fell into the sea of ​​blood. 

And the other escaping head fled toward Liuming Mountain, already about ten miles away. 

Seeing that Ye Yunlan could not catch up, the Serpent Demon King breathed a sigh of relief. 

Suddenly, it heard a cold halt in the void. 

“—Sword, come!” 

When the voice fell, a loud phoenix sounded from Liuming Mountain! 

A blood-red feather sword broke through the barrier of the Primordial Demon Refining Array and turned into a red flying rainbow, flying like a sharp arrow, piercing the head of the Serpent Demon King.

Too fast. 

The Serpent Demon King didn’t even have time to react and evade, and the Demon Empero Sword nailed his head to the mountain wall. 

As his spirit was about to dissipate, the Serpent Demon King still couldn’t believe it. 

“How could…” 

He didn’t finish speaking. 

Another more aggressive long sword pierced and shattered his head. 

Ye Yunlan held the Shura Sword and watched indifferently as blood dripped down the rock wall. 

Around the sea of ​​blood, countless dao and demon cultivators’ eyes were watching him. 

In awe, fear, and disbelief. 

As if looking at a god. 

As if watching a demon. 

He drew the Shura Sword from the rock wall. 

And the Demon Emperor Sword flew behind him. 

He went to the top of Liuming Mountain. 

Chen Weiyuan had been tied up to the trunk by the daoist cultivators. Half of his body was off the ground, looking very sorry. 

Because of the shocking change just now, the daoist cultivators fled in all directions, and no one was taking care of him. 

He looked at Ye Yunlan. 

“Yunlan, you’re here.” 

Ye Yunlan raised the Shura Sword in his hand. 

The sword pointed to Chen Weiyuan. 

Chen Weiyuan felt that death was approaching, but a smile appeared on his face.

“Although I know that you have a high realm, even the soul of the Heavenly Demon King can’t stop you now. It really surprised me. Originally, I had planned to wait for you to die and let myself and this world be buried with you.” 

“However, being able to die in your hands is also a relief.” He looked at the body behind Ye Yunlan’s, the Demon Lord, and his smile deepened, “The things I can’t get, others also can’t get. Yunlan, I won this game of chess.” 

Ye Yunlan: “You didn’t win.”

Chen Weiyuan: “Yunlan, even if you kill me now, everything is irreversible. The Demon Lord is dead, the Blood Sacrifice Formation is activated, and the boundary is impacted. The great calamity will be ahead of schedule, and the boundary will open soon. Even if you can kill the Serpent Demon King with the help of your sword realm, can you fight against its main body? You and I will die in the end. There is no need to save time.” 

Ye Yunlan: “Chen Weiyuan, has anyone ever said you are too confident?” 

Chen Weiyuan: “If you can predict things beforehand, self-confidence is not a bad thing.” 

Ye Yunlan: “I never said I would kill you myself.” 

Chen Weiyuan smiled, “You won’t kill me? That’s even better. Yunlan, it seems that you still have taken into account the relationship between a husband and wife we ​​had. We have some time. We can travel together and see the end of this world’s scenery.” 

Ye Yunlan indifferently interrupted: “I’m just disdained to personally kill you because it will mar his sword. ” 

Chen Weiyuan’s expression twisted a little. Then he soon recovered: “A dead man’s sword. Even if it is dirty, how would he know?” 

Ye Yunlan didn’t want to argue with him about these facts. 

He felt it was dirty, so it was dirty.

Every inch of Chen Weiyuan’s body made him feel filthy and twisted. Even compared to the Demon Lord, the person in front of him was more like a demon that would destroy all living creatures. 

He said: “You opened this sea of blood, so you should close it.” 

Chen Weiyuan suddenly gathered a smile on his face. 

“What do you want to do?” 

Ye Yunlan: “Send you to accompany them.” 

The “them” in his words referred to the countless souls in the blood ocean. 

The sword light passed, and Chen Weiyuan’s body fell to the ground.

Without his legs, he couldn’t run away even if the rope wasn’t binding him.

The golden light in Ye Yunlan’s eyes flowed, and when his thoughts activated, the Demon Emperor Sword flew out from behind him, passed through Chen Weiyuan’s back clothing, and suspended him on the sword. It flew into the sea of ​​blood and stopped above it. 

It was like sending a piece of fat tender meat to the ghosts’ mouths. 

Chen Weiyuan’s face was blue and white. 

The evil spirits close at hand kept reaching out to him, up and down, left and right. There was nowhere to escape. 

Countless escaped cultivators were all watching him in the distance like they would a monkey in a theater. No one stepped up to rescue him, including the Tianji Pavilion disciples who had admired and followed him. 

How did the dignified TIanji Pavilion Master fall into such a sorry state? 

He thought about being killed by Ye Yunlan or dying in the Demon King’s hands. It didn’t matter. This world would perish in the end, and his life’s calculated quick death could be considered good. 

He still left a letter to tell Ye Yunlan he had won just like before when he committed himself to the astrolabe in his previous life. 

The clothes behind him couldn’t bear his weight, and suddenly, something ripped. 

He fell into a sea of ​​blood. 

“No–” Power radiated from his soul. 

The power of his bloodline condensed, preventing the erosion from the ghosts. 

Ye Yunlan’s voice faintly sounded in his ears. 

“I will use your soul to suppress the Blood Sacrifice Formation. You will be the bridge between the ghosts and the world. Thousands of people will trample you daily, and ghosts will tear at you until the world eliminates the blood sea’s resentment.”

The boundless golden light suddenly erupted from the body of the Demon Emperor Sword. It was brimming with scorching sacred power as if it had come from far away. The golden glow washed away the sky’s dark clouds, and the sea of ​​blood cocooning a hundred miles of the sky returned to the ground under its suppression slowly.     

Chen Weiyuan’s body floated in the ocean of ​​blood. He tried his best to resist, but the golden light far beyond his bloodline’s power still seared and melted him into a thin layer of light, enveloping the entire sea of ​​blood. Chen Weiyuan’s thoughts struggled endlessly, but it was difficult to resist this terrible power in the end. The power of his soul and blood was dissolved completely and recast.     

In the end, the blood sea and clear light penetrated the ground.     

The sky shone.     

Ye Yunlan landed in the air and stepped on the restored land. The spirits of the people underground were still wailing.     

It was futile.     

“Chen Weiyuan, I want you to be here to look at yourself losing.” He said indifferently, “You see the common people as chess pieces, but now the common people see you as an ant.” 

The ocean of ​​blood had disappeared, and countless cultivators in hiding emerged from their concealment.

They all landed near Ye Yunlan but hesitated to move forward. 

Ye Yunlan didn’t look at them. 

He turned around with his sword.

He carried the person behind him and advanced toward the Demon Palace step by step. 

The wind blew the white hair on his cheeks. 

Someone behind him called his title first. Then, others joined together. 

The noise and enthusiasm were like a rushing tide like they were trying to keep him in the world. 

He did not look back.

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