Sick Beauty [Rebirth] Chapter 135

Chapter 135 Void Tracing 

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Yaori Imperial Palace. 

Emperor Ye was pacing. Anxious footsteps echoed in the palace. 

But Ye Tange was not accompanying her husband as usual. She sat on the edge of the bed, wearing a plain white dress and looking down at Ye Xuanguang’s pale face.

Since the Battle of Liuming Mountain, Ye Xuanguang went into a coma because of the demonic energy. 

After rescuing him, Emperor Ye was furious. 

He thought Ye Xuanguang had encountered such a situation because of the influence of his younger brother, Ye Yunlan.

“Zhen had already said we should have cut the grass to get rid of the roots. We shouldn’t have been merciful back then and let the evil one live.” Emperor Ye smashed the teacup in his hand. 

Ye Tange listened to the side but suddenly spoke. 

“Your Majesty, Yunlan is also our son. The heavenly book only said that the phoenix star will be born, but it did not say which son of my clan is the phoenix star. Have we misstepped from the beginning?” 

Emperor Ye: “Impossible! Tange, I know you have always had compassion for that evil creature, but there is some nonsense we cannot talk about. It will mess up my imperial luck!” 

But this time, Ye Tange was not as obedient as to shut up and say nothing. 

She whispered softly: “But Your Majesty, the Demon Emperor Sword has already acknowledged and voluntarily followed him.” 

Ye Xuanguang couldn’t do this. 

Emperor Ye told her to shut up. 

He also told her to take care of Ye Xuanguang, then left the palace. 

Nevertheless, some things couldn’t be altered just by staying silent about them. 

Half a month ago, the Demon Abyss at the junction of Demon Realm and Western Continent had undergone an abnormal change. A steady stream of monsters was pouring out of the ground, causing heavy casualties at the border. 

Cracks were everywhere in the void and five continents and four seas. It was hard to handle.

Although the cracks were not many nor large, they were the signs of the world’s great calamity.

Now, a crack was in the sky less than ten miles away from Yaori Palace. Many Ye Clan elites had been consumed to guard the crack. 

An elder also questioned what happened back then.

Now, they decided to welcome Ye Yunlan, the person who transcended, killed the Serpent Demon King, and was acknowledged by the Demon Emperor Sword, back to the clan to replace Emperor Ye. No matter how one looked at it, Ye Yunlan was the person who matched the destiny stated in the heavenly book. 

Today, the rites division was on its way back. 

Ye Tange heard Emperor Ye’s eager footsteps. Her red lips twitched, and a smile appeared on her beautiful and gentle face. 


Ye Yunlan walked into the Yaori Palace, holding the Shura Sword. 

He had a bronze ghost mask on his face. His white hair swayed as he walked, and the Nirvana sword intent shook the others’ minds. The palace people who saw him retreated one after another, and the rites division chief who led him was even full of big beads of sweat. 

Only Furball didn’t notice. He pulled at his sleeves affectionately and followed him. 

Ye Yunlan was not interested in the Ye Family’s throne. 

But he needed the records about Nirvana among the Ye Clan. 

If it was not found, he could only wait until he reached the Void Tracing Realm and then go to the Ye Clan’s immortal boat in the void again. There was an ancient burial place of the Divine Phoenix, so there should be many ancient relics. 

He was taken away by the Demon Lord hurriedly and didn’t remember to check it carefully. Maybe Ye Clan’s Nirvana Law was in it. 

Elders donning golden robes and white beards were waiting in front of the temple gate. 

The rites chief bent over to the old man and said, “Great Elder.” 

The Great Elder nodded slightly. He eagerly walked two steps and came over to see what Ye Yunlan looked like. 

“How can you still wear a mask now that you’ve returned to your clan?” The elder said softly. 

Ye Yunlan: “I remember that I had signed a sacred contract with you at the time. There is no longer any involvement between the Ye Clan and me.” 

The elder said gently: “That was just the work of the juniors. The Elder Hall had not agreed on it.” 

Ye Yunlan: “What about the blood transfer technique back then?” 

The elder was silent. 

The blood transfer technique between Ye Yunlan and Ye Xuanguang was carried out under the whole clan’s testimony. Its completion was certainly inconceivable without the Elder Hall’s approval.

“The clan owes you a lot for that past misunderstanding.” The elder sighed, “Now that the misunderstanding is resolved, you are the destined Lord of the Ye Clan. The Elder Hall will not have any objections on how you deal with the original people involved.” 

Ye Yunlan: “I’m not interested in the Yaori Dynasty’s throne.” 

The Great Elder: “You don’t want the throne?” 

The old man raised his dark eyes with gold specks flowing in them.

“There is the Primordial Divine Phoenix’s essence and blood that has been stored for thousands of years. If you rely on this bottle and then use the power of the whole clan’s bloodline to form a formation, you can completely turn your bloodline in your body to return to the ancestors and even break through into Void Tracing in a short time.” 

This time, it was Ye Yunlan’s turn to be silent. 

It took a long time to accumulate a cultivation base, which could be more than hundreds of years. In his previous life, he went from Transcendent to Void Tracing in decades because the Demon Lord used the human furnace method to infuse most of the cultivation base accumulated in his life into his body. 

The Great Elder sighed: “The Great Tribulation of Heaven and Earth is much earlier than expected in the heavenly book, and the Ye Clan is still unprepared. However, the demons have begun to descend into the world in succession. When the void cracks can accommodate the Demon King’s arrival, can anyone survive? Perhaps, this is the price we need to pay for recognizing the wrong fate.”

When he spoke, his voice choked and his stooped back couldn’t maintain its straightness.

Ye Yunlan remained quiet. 

“Great Elder!” But there was an angry rebuke from a distance. 

Emperor Ye was dressed in imperial robes. The crown beads swayed on his head, and he strode in front of the two. 

“Great Elder, why didn’t you tell me that you want to take out the Divine Phoenix’s blood?” 

Great Elder: “The Elder Hall has decided this matter. Why does His Majesty need to add more?”

Emperor Ye was already blue with fury. He pointed at Ye Yunlan, “How do you know he is our clan’s destined person?” 

The Great Elder snapped: “We’ve been wrong for so long. If we continue to be wrong, our clan will run out of time!” 

On the side, Furball saw them quarreling and pulled Ye Yunlan’s robe. 

“Daddy, what are they arguing about?” 

After Ye Yunlan’s constant corrections, Furball finally replaced the word ‘mom’ with ‘daddy.’

Ye Yunlan looked at the simultaneously familiar and unfamiliar palace wall around him, then said lightly: “Noisy nonsense.” 

Furball was dumbfounded: “Nonsense, is it funny?” 

Ye Yunlan: “It’s ridiculous.” 

On the side, Emperor Ye’s veins were jumping. He finally looked sideways at his son, who he had abandoned from the beginning. 

“How can the Ye Clan’s survival and demise be a laughing matter in your mouth?” 

Ye Yunlan: “What does it have to do with me?” 

After hearing this, Emperor Ye’s face was extremely heavy. He turned to look at the elder and said, “Great Elder, you’ve heard it too. The person you want to welcome back doesn’t have any nostalgia for the Ye Clan at all. If you really want to hand the Ye Clan over to him, you will destroy the Ye Clan!” 

The Great Elder angrily rebuked: “I think you will destroy the Ye Clan! You don’t recognize how serious it is or know how to repent. You must have forgotten that the Ye Clan’s survival is always our number one priority after sitting on the throne for so many years!” 

He turned his head and said to Ye Yunlan: 

“I’ve already prepared the essence and blood of the Divine Phoenix, and the bloodline has already been laid down. As long as you agree to ascend the throne, the whole Ye Clan and the entire Western Continent Mountains and Rivers will be in your hands.” 

However, Ye Yunlan did not look at them. He felt it was too noisy. 

He looked up at the sky. 

Clouds had shrouded the dark sky.

Even if he had stayed in the Demon Palace all year round, he still felt it. 

Because of the impact of Liuming Mountain’s Blood Sacrifice Formation in the past, the boundary membrane was already unstable. The catastrophe was nearing, and Tianyuan’s opening was close at hand. Maybe it won’t take two or three days.

Perhaps it was tomorrow. 

If he could get the Divine Phoenix’s blood and reach Void Tracing, he would no longer be afraid of threats outside the void. He could protect the peace of that person and even avenge him completely. 

Ye Yunlan thought of the man in the Demon Palace with his quiet appearance. In the meanwhile, he would repay his lifetime of love to the greatest extent.

If it was for him. 

He didn’t mind carrying more karma. 


The first year of the emperor’s reign. 

The new Emperor Ye ascended in the Yaori Imperial City, Zhaoge. 

Furball turned into a phoenix and soared into the sky. 

The withered sacred tree regained its brilliance, and countless Ye tribesmen enthusiastically knelt toward the altar. 

The golden light of the bloodline illuminated. 

The predecessor Emperor Ye was bound in the formation, and the power of his bloodline was depleted. He fell to the ground. His young and handsome face quickly aged, and his clan members lifted him off the stage. 

Ye Yunlan held a gold cup in his hand. 

The Divine Phoenix’s essence and blood that was left behind at the beginning of ancient times, containing incomparable power, was in that cup.

Countless people of the Ye Clan crawled toward him with hope in their eyes. 

He turned his back on everyone. 

He just looked in the direction of the Eastern Demon Palace. 

He drank all the blood in the cup. 

The power of the strong blood coursed through his body. His robe and long hair behind him were dancing and fluttering in the overflowing air current. He looked to the sky with brilliant golden eyes, and a phoenix’s shadow was seemingly flying in them. 

The great tribulation descended. 

He held a sword in both hands.

The Demon Emperor’s Sword was golden and red. The Shura Sword was murderous. 

But in his hands, it was a wonderful fusion. 

One style: “No Doubt.”

The two sword lights went to the high sky, intertwined, united, and actually split the thunder and black clouds that were filling the sky!

He survived the thunder tribulation.

He arrived at Void Tracing. 

The wind whistled between heaven and earth, blowing his robe. 

He didn’t feel joy after being promoted, only a trace of loneliness. 

Cultivators from all over the world came to congratulate him. 

The courtiers of the dynasty said together: “Congratulations to Your Majesty for successfully surpassing the tribulation and taking control of the universe from now on. The emperor will rule the world for a thousand years, respected forever!” 

Someone from the Demon Realm bowed his head to him. 

“Congratulations to the Lord’s ascension to the throne. From now on, the Western Continent and the Demon Realm will be in the hands of the Lord.” 

There were also many Daoist Sect Masters from all over the world, trying to unload their responsibilities to each other. Then finally, one stepped out to the front.

“Congratulations to Your Majesty Emperor Ye on arriving at Void Tracing. That year, Your Majesty’s sword struck the heavens and cut the Demon King of the outside world. It was a feat that attracted the attention of the world. We of the Daoist Sects have discussed and would like to honor you as the Daoist Chief Leader. From now on, the Daoist Sects will listen to your orders and won’t dare to not follow through with them!” 

Ye Yunlan was standing on the altar. 

His golden eyes were bright and indifferent while looking down at the people under the stage, kneeling or standing. 

It was like a god overlooking all beings. 

He said nothing. 

But countless causes and effects descended from the sky in the unseen world, pressing on his back. 

Most of the time, there could only be one cultivator in the Void Tracing Realm for a certain age and period of time. 

With that kind of cultivation base, they would have to bear karma whether they want to or not. 

Nevertheless, Ye Yunlan’s back was still very straight.

Wind and rain couldn’t destroy him, nor could karma.

He raised his sword and stepped into the void. 

The spatial turbulence that was formerly frantic in his eyes had become slow and predictable. 

He stepped into the void and walked forward in the chaos of the sky. 

Until he saw an immortal boat floating in the chaos. 

There was a gap in the front end of the immortal boat. 

That was the place where the Demon Lord broke open. 

Ye Yunlan walked in through the gap. 

Was there any difference between the inside of the immortal boat and what he had seen back then? Chen Weiyuan’s original physical corpse fell by the wall. Ye Yunlan raised his hand, and the corpse was thrown out and swallowed by the turbulence of the void. 

He moved forward step by step, walking through a pool of blood. 

He walked in front of a black coffin.

The light of the Divine Phoenix’s skeleton inside had dimmed. 

He looked down and saw that a yellowed ancient scroll was also beside the bones in the coffin. 

He leaned over, took out the ancient scroll, and opened it. 

He discovered it was a notebook. 

Written by the ancient Divine Phoenix. 

He read it line by line. 

For Heaven and Earth’s Great Catastrophe, god thunder will destroy our homeland. The world can no longer tolerate the existence of the demonic beast clan. If I want to protect the whole clan, I have to use its power to build an immortal boat. 

The first day of re-walking the immortal road. 

The immortal boat is stable and calm. 

The second day of re-walking the immortal road. 

In turbulence, it diverged and returned. 

The third day of re-walking the immortal road. 

All is quiet.



The seventh day of re-walking the immortal road.

The immortal road recorded in the heavenly book is fake! The immortal road between the upper realm and this world has long been cut off! The immortal boat was stranded on the broken immortal road after breaking through the boundary membrane. Now, it cannot advance or retreat. The foreign demons are watching. My clan is in danger. 


Stranded for the tenth day. 

Outside of the immortal boat, I captured the Demon King alive. 


Stranded for the sixteenth day. 

It seems that the Demon King was deliberately captured by me that day, why?


Stranded for half a year. 

That day the Demon King actually said that it liked me. 

The demons…also have love and hatred. 


Stranded for two years. 

It would never like me. It just wanted to confuse my mind and coax me to bring it back to the world. But even though I can return to the world, what about the people in the immortal boat? If I leave, the other evil creatures outside will definitely not give up the food they can get and kill the whole clan. 


Stranded for ten years. 

There was no spiritual energy in the void, and the clan cannot cultivate. Casualties gradually multiplied.


Stranded for a hundred years. 

Almost half of the clan has died. The immortal boat cannot return. The road ahead is unpredictable, and the road behind is broken. Can it be that the Phoenix Clan is destined to end here? 

The Heavenly Demon King tempted me to move the people into his Heavenly Demon Realm. Wishful thinking! He has been malicious to our clan for more than a hundred years. Does he think I haven’t noticed it?! 


Stranded for two hundred years. 

There are only a hundred people left in the clan. They still believe that I can find a way out, but I cannot discern any direction in the four orientations of the void. The worlds I have explored with my divine consciousness are all places of extinction, unsuitable for the survival of the demonic beast race. I can’t bear to tell them the truth. 

The Heavenly Demon King has become docile again recently. He no longer hides in my shadow, fighting with me every day. What the h*ll is he thinking? 

Stranded for two hundred and three years. 

The Demon King asked me if everyone in the immortal boat were dead, what would I do afterward? Would I like to enter his demon realm?

I am wary. 

I told him before that if the last clan member cannot survive, I will take the souls of the clan and return to the world no longer suitable for the existence of the demonic beast tribe and seek a way to keep them alive. I will either borrow foreign objects or let them escape from their demonic beast body—— In short, I will not leave them behind. 

The Demon King stroked my wings and said nothing. 

I became more vigilant. 

I was vigilant for three days, but nothing happened. 

But I think I still have to write this down. 

The Demon King is good at deceiving people’s hearts, and everything with him needs repeated remembrance. Don’t be confused by his words. 


Stranded for six hundred years. 

The cultivation bases of the clansmen who have survived to this day are all very high, and no one has died for more than a hundred years. 

When I wandered through the void, I found another broken world not very far away. This world hadn’t completely reached the extinction state, and it seems that there is still a glimmer of life. If I try to reform it, maybe I can let the tribesman find shelter. 


One hundred years in the new world. 

Sure enough, the aura of this world has never been extinct. After the transformation, our clan thrived here smoothly, and now it seemed to see the prosperity of the past. My heart is so happy. 

The Demon King still haunts me day by day. 

It wants to be my dao companion. 

I think now that the matter of my tribe’s life and death was resolved, I might as well give it a try. 


Two hundred years in the new world. 

Trying with him was very happy. He taught me a lot. I never thought I could cultivate this method. I felt satisfied.

I feel that my realm is about to have a breakthrough again soon.

What is the realm after Void Tracing? I am looking forward to it. 


Three hundred years in the new world. 

Before crossing the tribulation, he looked at me nervously. 

I told him not to worry. If I can really reach the immortal land, I may not pass over. I may just take a look at the immortal land scenery and come back. After all, the tribe is here, and he is also here. 


(The handwriting is messy) 

I can’t believe what I saw while crossing the tribulation. 

When ascending, a person would feel the void and be perplexed. I saw myself appearing in the immortal boat that year. The immortal boat was abandoned, silent. I was guided to fly out of the immortal boat and head toward the immortal road. When I reached where the immortal road was cut off, I stopped and could no longer move forward. 

The Demon King stood behind me. 

He has been following me. 

I finally understand what happened.

It was him who unknowingly dragged me into the Heavenly Demon Territory, yet disguised the Heavenly Demon Territory as an immortal boat, pretending that we found a new world. He pretended that the demonic beast race was reborn. 

It was all his domain. He could disguise things into how he wanted them to be. 

It turns out an illusion has deceived me. If it weren’t for my realm exceeding Void Tracing and the road to ascension being broken, I would never have seen a glimpse of the truth. 

It’s just that my clansmen in the immortal boat have become extinct. I couldn’t protect them after all. 

I drew my sword at him. 

He did not move but cried and told me that he did not kill my people and instead secretly sent all their souls back to my original world. He found a new place for them, helped them leave their demonic beast bodies, and allowed them to live there forever. He did everything according to what I wanted. He just wanted to keep me with him. 

I questioned him, “If so, why didn’t you tell me?”

He said that he was afraid that I would not believe it. 

I really don’t believe it. 


Stranded for nine hundred years. 

I suppressed the Demon King.

The clan has become extinct, and I have no obsession with becoming immortal. A demon brings disaster to everyday people. I’m willing to suppress it with this body to make it not cause chaos for eternity. 

Our clan has the Nirvana Law. 

Only those with pure blood can be reborn. It’s just that when I was with him that year, I heard that a demon’s body would not enter reincarnation, so I transferred half of my bloodline power to him. I taught him to have the body of a half-demonic beast, which can enter the reincarnation of heaven and earth. 

I didn’t believe in the afterlife, but I wanted an afterlife with him. 

If there was an afterlife. 

I just want to be his master and him, my disciple. 

I’ll teach him how to cultivate so he does not enter the demonic dao. He will not have delusions and will not kill. Us two, master and disciple, going and returning home together.

The note ended there. 

Ye Yunlan only felt a slight pain in his soul. 

Fragments of the light from the immemorial drifted down. That was the memory of Divine Phoenix. 

It’s just that it was too far away. After thousands of reincarnations, only a sliver of phosphorescent powder was left in his hands. 

He could see some fragments, but in the end, he was no longer the Divine Phoenix himself. 

The Divine Phoenix and the Heavenly Demon King had already disappeared long ago. 

It’s just that the sentiment contained in this fragment was beneficial. 

At this time, he seemed to have touched the edge of becoming immortal. 

It’s just that the so-called method of Nirvana seemingly still depended on the power of the bloodline in the end. 

He was a little bit disappointed. 

He kept the notes. 

He pushed aside the black coffin in front of him again. Sure enough, there was an ancient bronze coffin under the black coffin. 

A black demon skeleton was inside the bronze coffin. In the beginning, Chen Weiyuan only took one of the hand bones, so the rest of the demon skeleton was still intact.

Ye Yunlan put away the skeletons of the demon and Divine Phoenix. The immortal boat was damaged, and it was not safe to leave the remains here. 

He walked out of the immortal boat, his golden eyes shining like the sun. 

Closing his eyes, he quickly felt the faint atmosphere of a Heavenly Demon in the chaos. 

The Serpent Demon King was lying in his own demon realm, concentrating on healing the backlash injuries it suffered.

Countless demons flew in his domain, wantonly entangled, or swallowed and killed. The demon reflected all worldly desires and darkness. 

Suddenly he was alert. 

There was a sense of horror. 

He sat up from his throne and looked around himself vigilantly. 

He saw a sword flying in the distance. 

The sword’s body was bright red, burning his eyes. It reminded him of when his head was pierced through in that moment of distraction.

It’s just that this sword was faster than before. 

It was also more terrifying. 

It seemed that there was already the power of the Void Tracing Realm. 

The Serpent Demon King’s pupils shrank. 

Impossible! It had only been two years, so how could that person arrive at Void Tracing so quickly? 

He drove the black mist to block. 

But it was horrifying and unstoppable. 

The power of that sword was more than just Void Tracing. 

How could it be so? 

He wondered how there could be such swordsmanship in this world. How could such a monster—the sword light was near. 

Everything from yesterday seemed to reappear. 


The sword light illuminated the entire void. 

When the sword light dissipated, this sword had wiped out the Heavenly Demon’s lair in the void. 

Ye Yunlan retracted his sword. 

He didn’t look behind him again. 

He stepped through the void and returned to the world. 

The wind on earth was bleak. 

Everything around it seemed subdued. Nothing was worthy for him to stop, and nothing was deserving of his nostalgia. 

He twisted his eyebrows tightly and forced down his indifference to the human world when he was close to entering the realm of immortality. 

He shuttled through the clouds and mist all the way back to the Demon Palace. 

He walked across the sea of ​​flowers on the other shore. 

He saw the quiet face of the person in the bamboo building. 

A hot and turbulent emotion emerged from his heart. He walked over and buried his face in the other party’s chest. 

Like a weary bird returning to the forest. 

Deeply attached.

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