Sick Beauty [Rebirth] Chapter 134

Chapter 134 No Doubt

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Northern Territory. 

Voices filled Qingyun Inn. 

“——I listened to Immortal Lord Ye shout, ‘Sword come!’ Then, the Demon Emperor Sword obeyed his command. It was like thunder, skewering the monster’s head and nailing it to the mountain wall. The black fog instantly dissipated, and heaven and earth’s energy cleared at once!” 

The storyteller was very enthusiastic. He spoke so energetically that his face was flushed.

“Then, Immortal Lord Ye radiated the Demon Realm with another sword blow, flattening the sea of ​​blood. He subdued the Chen Clan’s evil to the underground, never to stand again. The sky cleared, and the two sides, dao and demon, came together and cheered. This was the beginning and end of the battle at Liuming Mountain.” 

With the end of the storyteller’s voice, there was another startle. 

“However, although the evil was eliminated, the catastrophe was not. That day, the demon body was still watching from outside the boundary. It is vague when they will arrive, and the world will be in chaos. When the calamity arises, who else can be like Immortal Lord Ye to step forward and protect the human race?” 

Someone said: “What’s with the frightening words? Don’t we still have Immortal Lord Ye?” 

Suddenly, someone beside him laughed: “The Immortal Lord Ye you mentioned was once the Demon Lord’s dao companion. Now, he’s the co-master of the Demon Realm, the famous ghost sword fairy. That person isn’t good and has already left the righteous dao. Even if the catastrophe comes, I fear he’ll only act in the Demon Realm and won’t protect everyone.” 

Someone angrily said: “Immortal Lord Ye is noble in nature. He stays in the Demon Realm only because of his perished lover. When the catastrophe arrives, he definitely will take care of the whole human race’s situation and take action to defend the world.” 

The person from before just laughed, “Only you righteous people would still call him Immortal Lord Ye and get lost in your fanciful thoughts and requests. In the Demon Realm, no one dares to ask for anything or say that he ought to do something.”

Demon Realm.

Faint candlelight flickered. A person was sitting in a high seat. 

The man had long hair, pure white like snow. His robe was as black as ink, and a bronze ghost was on his face. 

The bloody Shura Sword was placed beside him. 

Elder Xue walked into the hall and stopped looking up after only a glance.

He just thought that the Demon Lord’s wife back then, now the new co-lord of the Demon Realm, was actually also becoming increasingly similar to the previous Demon Lord in appearance and imposing manner. 

Many of the Demon Realm’s powers around him were in a cold sweat. 

“Lord, this is the Demon Soul Grass you ordered us to collect. We have searched all the particularly gloomy places in the whole Demon Realm, but we were only able to get these seven roots, not the nine that Lord had ordered. I deserve to die, and I hope the Lord will forgive this one’s sins.” 

The talking demon cultivator bowed deeply to him, and the surrounding demon cultivators also knelt down and shouted in unison. 

“Hope the Lord will forgive our sins!” 

The golden eyes of the person sitting in the high seat drooped down, indifferent and cold. 

“Leave the Demon Soul Grass. You guys can go.” 

The demon cultivators retreated after being pardoned. 

Ye Yunlan got up with the red box containing the Demon Soul Grass. Holding the Shura Sword, he walked towards the depths of the Demon Palace. 

Coming to the bright red sea of ​​flowers on the other shore, he crossed the winding path, then walked over the bridge. 

Apart from the sound of the wind, there was no other noise. 

He returned to the bamboo building. 

Someone was lying quietly on the bed. 

The other party’s handsome face was tranquil and peaceful as if he was just asleep. The hostility between his brows of when he was awake had now disappeared, and he looked very young. 

Ye Yunlan watched wordlessly. He took out the Demon Soul Grass from the box, then put them under the other’s pillow one by one. 

The Nine-Turn Celestial Demon Body was born from the gathering of filthy demon qi. 

The Demon Soul Grass was born in the extreme shadows of the Demon Realm and absorbed a large amount of demon energy, which could form an environment full of demon energy for the demon body to absorb. 

When the Demon Lord’s life core initally broke, there was no vitality. The Nine-Turn Celestial Demon Body should’ve scattered between heaven and earth. 

However, the Demon Lord’s body never did.

Ye Yunlan remembered that he had asked the master of Fukong Temple this question when he went a few months ago to find the resurrection method for the Demon Lord.

The master said it was because although the other party’s vitality dissipated, there was still a trace of remaining obsession. 


He was taken aback for a moment. 

He asked the master again if there was a way to bring the dead back to life. 

The master said fate decided life and death, so why bother forcing it to stay?

Why bother forcing it to stay?


He had a good memory. Why didn’t he remember that when he arrived at Fukong Temple in his previous life:

He had asked the master the same question. 

The other party gave him the same answer. 

Now, he was carrying extravagant hopes. But he could only get the same result after taking another trip. 

The wheel of fortune was rolling forward, and the will of heaven was like a knife. It seemed that something was there, destined to be unable to turn back. 

He didn’t want to ask anymore. 

He turned around. Just as he stepped out of the temple gate, he heard the master’s aged and compassionate voice again. 

“People can’t resurrect from death, but the phoenixes can reach nirvana.” 

He stopped and looked back suddenly. 

However, the Fukong Temple floating in the sky had disappeared without a trace, as if it had never appeared here. 

Ye Yunlan shook the Demon Lord’s hand. 

“Your Master created a new style of swordsmanship,” he whispered, “The name is ‘No Doubt.’ Carrying the sword and the lord, no doubt about love… It is an execellent sword technique, but unfortunately, you can’t see it. Master will teach it to you when you wake up.” 

He sat at the bedside, muttering words in a low voice. From the problems encountered in swordsmanship and what he saw and heard during the day, it was as if he was talking to the Ling Er from when he was under the shadow of the Jinling tree.

Tired of talking, he leaned over on the Demon Lord’s chest. 

White hair flowed all over. He wanted to listen to the other’s heartbeat. 

But he couldn’t hear it. 

He could only feel a trace of warmth condensed in the other’s heart. 

This was the only place where there was still temperature in the Demon Lord’s entire body. 

But Ye Yunlan knew this was not the other party’s body temperature. 

It was the ray of divine fire essence that the Demon Lord had channeled out of his body during the dual cultivation from before. It was now entrenched in the other party’s demon body, beating slowly in the other party’s heart. 

Now that the Ye Clan’s blood in his body had fully recovered, he could perceive this ray of divine fire and his own body. 

This should be the divine fire of Nirvana left by the divine phoenix that year, capable of burning all things. It was only because he had the blood of the Divine Phoenix in his body that he could barely withhold the divine fire’s backlash that year, but he was still seriously injured. If it were other cultivators, the fire would’ve already burned them. 

Over the years, the divine fire was in his body, and although it was often restless, it still nurtured a trace of spirituality. With the previous dual cultivation with the Demon Lord, his bloodline gradually recovered, and the divine fire became more docile and harmless. 

It’s just that when they dual cultivated, it would always scream and distract him. 

So the Demon Lord wanted to extradite it. 

The divine fire was quite reluctant. It fled and circled in his meridians, but the Demon Lord was tougher. He just caught the divine fire, and after teaching it some lessons, the divine fire was no longer noisy. The cultivation between them was also harmonious. 

Now that ray of divine fire was entrenched in the Demon Lord’s heart.

The warm current that radiated hot on Ye Yunlan’s cheeks gave him the illusion that the Demon Lord was still alive. 

He remembered the Nirvana that the master had mentioned. 

He placed his hand on the Demon Lord’s heart and slowly poured in his own spiritual power. 

The divine fire’s pulse seemed to become more prominent. 

It was as if there was a beating heart. 

Or was it his illusion again?

He didn’t know if it would be beneficial for him to do this, but he had a trace of thought in his heart. He was willing to wait for his whole life. 

After transferring his spiritual power, he laid quietly on the Demon Lord for a while before he got up and walked out of the bamboo building. 

He closed the door. 

Suddenly, he heard a call from a child behind him. 


Ye Yunlan frowned. He frowned, turned around, and saw a petite child standing in a sea of ​​flowers. The child had big golden eyes and long golden hair. The hair swayed in the wind on top of his head. 

The child’s facial features were beautiful and androgynous, but it looked a bit like him and the Demon Lord. 

However, Ye Yunlan had never seen this child before. 

Although the other party’s energy felt familiar. 

After thinking about it for a moment, he hesitated. “Furball?” 

The child looked at him with big eyes brightly. It chirped and ran toward him. 

Ye Yunlan didn’t like to be in contact with people very much, even if the child had seemingly transformed from Furball. 

So he subconsciously turned sideways.

The excited child wasn’t looking at his path and ran into the door with a bang. There was a giant dumpling on his forehead. 

He seemed stunned for a while, then reacted with hindsight and cried out. Teardrops pattered down. 

Ye Yunlan looked down at the face that transformed into something somewhat similar to himself and the Demon Lord. He pursed his lips. 

Then he raised his hand and touched its head. 

“Don’t cry.” 

The child’s cries barely stopped. As soon as he raised his head, he uttered the word “Mom…” But Ye Yunlan’s indifference interrupted him. 

“I’m not your mother.” 

Furball blinked, and tears began to flow again. 

Ye Yunlan frowned. 

“Why are you crying?” 

Furball: “Mom… Mom doesn’t want me anymore…” 

Ye Yunlan: “I’m not your mother, but I didn’t not want you.” 

Furball stopped crying. 

But it was puzzled. Very puzzled. 

“If Mom wants me, why won’t you let me call you Mom?” 

Ye Yunlan looked at him, feeling a bit of a headache. 

But he suddenly heard a loud noise outside the Demon Palace. It was the sound of gongs and drums. 

The noise was deafening. 

It made him frown deeply. 

Didn’t he order that demon cultivators were forbidden to come and weren’t allowed to make noise within ten miles of the Demon Palce? 

He looked up, and the flames illuminated the sky outside the Demon Palace. Yanlin beasts with flames burning on their bodies flew toward the Demon Palace in long lines. 

The sound of gongs and drums shook as if the ground was trembling. 

Someone’s voice came from outside the Demon Palace. 

“The Ye Clan’s rites division have come to welcome His Royal Highness back to the palace to ascend the throne.”

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  1. I seriously need to praise the author’s ingenuity – The way Ye Yunlan and Shen Shu/Ling Er’s origins tied together so perfectly is giving me whiplash. So it turns out that when the past YY was accused of betraying his sect members during the secret realm, Ling Er also fell down that abyss!! And CW wouldn’t have connected Ling Er to Shen Shu since 1)CW wasn’t part of Sky Sect and 2) Ling Er was already poofed when past CW met past YY.

    • the foreshadowing is real!

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