Sick Beauty [Rebirth] Chapter 16

Chapter 16 Bathing Together 

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Looking at the side of the water mirror, Chen Weiyuan said in a slow voice, “Half a month ago, the stars shifted and the celestial phenomena changed. As a member of my Chen family, although you have been away from home for several years, your skills in astrology should not have been abandoned. Tell your brother, what do you think of this?” 

Although his brother’s voice was very ordinary, even a bit gentle, Chen Xianyu still felt fear in his heart. 

He really has lived too long for his brother to actually ask him for his opinion. If he can answer the question, that’s fine. However, he can’t answer this question at all. 

Daily stargazing is a must-do activity for the disciples in the Chen family. 

However, performing the stargazing technique is tedious and time-consuming. He has been away from home for many years and has been left unattended, so he was usually quite lazy. In addition, he has been obsessed with painting the past half a month or so, thus he has completely forgotten it. 

…Anyways, it is his brother who sits at the center of the astrolabe. It is his brother who will inherit the Tianji Pavilion in the future. All affairs in the clan will be arranged by his brother. As for him, he can be a salted fish with a peace of mind who will obey his brother’s instructions to do things honestly. 

He never thought that his elder brother who was usually busy with things in the family, who had little communication with him, would suddenly come to him for questioning today. 

“Brother, I know it was my mistake.” 

Knowing that his laziness couldn’t be concealed, Chen Xianyu directly admitted his mistake. 

“Mistake?” Chen Weiyuan asked, “Your brother did not hold you accountable for anything, so why did you suddenly admit your mistake?” 

Chen Xianyu could only bitterly count his guilt: “I was lazy and forgot to do my daily stargazing homework, I didn’t even pay attention to major events such as the shifting of the stars. Not only did I fail to live up to my identity as a disciple of the Chen family, I also disappointed my brother. This is my big mistake.”

Chen Weiyuan calmly listened to what he said. He squeezed his fingers on the board, and said: “What else?” 

“…Huh?” Chen Xianyu was at a loss. 

Chen Weiyuan said gently: “Tian Xuan (Beta Ursae Majoris; name of a star), staying in Sky Sect for three years, it seems that you have been indulging in pleasure and forgot your home and duties. You have actually forgotten all the things that your brother has handed over to you to do.”

Hearing this, Chen Xianyu had his back drenched with cold sweat for a moment. He said hurriedly: “I, how would I dare forget what my elder brother instructed me to do…” 

He swallowed his saliva, “I have always remembered what my elder brother instructed. For the past three years, I have paid attention to the people around me. I have carefully observed most of the tens of thousands of Sky Sect disciples, but I still haven’t been able to find the reincarnation of the demon soul that my brother mentioned–perhaps, it is hidden too deeply…” 

“Thirteen years ago, the demonic star came to the world and swept across the West Continent and disappeared. Three years ago, it suddenly released its qi and was connected to the Eastern Continent’s Qingyun Mountain. I would not have made a mistake in calculation.” 

Chen Weiyuan held a black chess piece from the chess pot, he held it in between his fingers. “Since you said it was hidden deep and could not be found, then try to induce it to make a move——before the demonic star accumulates enough power and is completely born.” 

Chen Weiyuan dropped the chess piece in his hand onto the chessboard with a crisp ring.

“According to the deduction, the three thousand years dim stars era will soon pass. Troubled times are coming. Tianxuan, you are one of the family’s Big Dipper cardinals. When you take the responsibility of the family, don’t indulge in beauty and indulge yourself. Some hobbies are just after all just a hobby. When it’s time to let go, let it go.” 

Chen Xianyu understood what he meant and couldn’t help holding the book of beauties in his arms tightly. He whispered in defense: “I know that I bear the responsibility, but elder brother when I am running around drawing beauties, aren’t I also assisting Tianji Pavilion’s rankings… Besides, beauty is indeed pleasing. When brother pursued Senior Brother Xu before, didn’t you also spend a lot of time… My painting and my brother’s pursuit of people are actually the same thing.” 

When Chen Weiyuan heard these words, he only chuckled. He twirled a white piece, and landed it on the chessboard, “How is it the same? Qingyue is your future sister-in-law. It doesn’t matter how much time it takes. Not to mention he is the number one beauty in the dignified cultivation world, how can they be equated with other common people from your book.” 

If others dared to insult his book like this, Chen Xianyu would have been jumping with fury a long time ago. 

However, he didn’t dare to be angry with his brother, so he could only whisper: “In my book, there are actually people who are more beautiful than Senior Brother Xu…” 

Chen Weiyuan only smiled faintly when he heard that. He looked down at the chessboard without raising his eyelids. He didn’t care at all.

Chen Xianyu knew why he was like this. 

The book of beauty in his hand was actually composed of two artifacts, the original and the copy. 

He held the original, while Chen Weiyuan held the copy. The paintings drawn on the original would immediately appear on the copy. 

Therefore, Chen Weiyuan knew all the beauties he had painted. 

Tianji Pavilion would often use the portraits in his beauty book for reference when ranking the beauty list in the cultivation world. 

But that person…he hasn’t had time to paint them completely. 

He was interrupted just as he sketched a little outline, so he hadn’t even captured one percent of that person’s complexion. 

Even though Chen Xianyu had always been afraid of his brother, he couldn’t help but speak up for this beauty, “I mean, brother, there really is a beauty better than Senior Brother Xu… I saw him using the sword today. He had Luoshen’s presence. Graceful and unparalleled in the world…” 

Chen Weiyuan only interrupted him lightly, “Tianxuan, half a month later, it will be Qingyue’s birthday. Although you are far away in Sky Sect and can’t return home, you should prepare a gift in advance. I heard Qingyue say that he is very interested in Qingyun Mountain’s Spring Mountain Condensation Dew. You can find some for him and ask someone to bring it back.”

Chen Xianyu knew that his brother was not interested in listening to him boast about the other beauty, so he replied: “Yes.”

“As for the search for the reincarnation of the demon soul, you must carefully deliberate it. Be sure to find it before the demon star is born.” 

After that, Chen Weiyuan stretched out his hand and waved. The water mirror that had condensed in the air turned into water mist and dissipated. 

Chen Xianyu stood there with a bitter expression. 


Tianji Pavillion.

Chen Weiyuan sat in the stone pavilion and looked down at the black and white chess pieces on the chessboard. 

The world is like chess, there are trajectories to follow. 

If the demonic star is born, the world will be thrown into chaos. The elders in the clan who were like enemies to him was just another brand-new chess game. 

Nothing can go beyond his control. 

A stargazer warrior wearing a square scarf walked into the stone pavilion. He bowed and held a few golden pages in his hand, “Young Pavilion Master.” 

Chen Weiyuan turned his head, “Is it this month’s list?” 

“Yes.” The stargazer warrior submitted the pages, “Please review it.” 

Chen Weiyuan took the page and scanned it. 

There were five pages in the book. It consisted of the three lists of heaven, earth, and mortal, representing the strength of the cultivation world. In addition, there was the list for magic weapons and beauties. 

As always, there were only a few names on the Heaven list. Standing at the top of the list was Sky Sect’s Sect Master, Qiyun Jun. 

Following that was the top 100 of the earth list and the mortal list. Divided by cultivation base, there has been many changes from the previous month. 

After that is the magic weapons list.

At the top of the list was still the Shura sword that was contaminated with countless murders in the hands of the soul-devouring ancestors. It was then followed by the Xuan Qing Du Eh sword held by the master of Sky Sect, and Taiqing sect’s sect master’s treasured Thunder World Bell…

The ranking has not changed much from the past. 

The list of beauties was full of names, but the top position was still blank. 

He had always asked to write this name in himself. 

Although the person at the top of this list has not changed for seven years.

Chen Weiyuan gathered spiritual power at his fingertips and used secret methods to carefully write Xu Qingyue’s name at the top of the list of beauties. 

Immediately, the five pages of the book turned into golden light and blended into the world. 

At the same time, news of the update of the Tianji rankings spread in the realm of cultivation. 


Yanhui peak. 

A pool of hot springs was nestled between the mountains and rocks. The steaming heat lingered all around. 

Shen Shu quickly took off his clothes and jumped into the spring water. 

The heat made him a little dizzy. His cheeks were hot, and the roots of his ears were about to drip blood. 

“Why are you so anxious?” Ye Yunlan’s voice came from the shore. 

Shen Shu pressed his lips together and didn’t say anything. He didn’t dare to raise his eyes to take a closer look. He could only suppress his mood, so that the shadows hidden in the dark would not reveal any of his flaws. 

His eyesight was very low. He could only see the hem of the man’s robe, and hear the squeaky sound of clothes rubbing.

Then, he saw the plain white clothes slowly fall to the ground. 

Like a piece of snow blown off by the wind from the top of a distant mountain. 

A pair of feet stepped on the uneven pebbles on the shore, walking towards the fog. 

But it also seemed to step on the tip of his heart. 

The other party reached the water. 

The sound of the water was soft, creating a soft ripple. Shen Shu’s heart trembled. 

“It’s hot.” Ye Yunlan frowned. “Jumping in like a monkey just now, won’t you be burned?” 

Shen Shu said hoarsely: “I’m…not afraid of being scalded. The shore is wet and slippery, Master… be careful.” 

Slowly adjusting to the water temperature, Ye Yunlan finally soaked his whole body in the hot spring. 

He was resting on the edge of the pool, with long black hair scattered in the hot spring. Several strands floated in front of Shen Shu’s eyes. 

Shen Shu stared at the strands of hair for a long while. Finally he couldn’t help it. He raised his hand in the water and touched it lightly. 

Ye Yunlan did not notice his small movements. 

To him, this spring was actually a bit hot. It was so hot that his bones and muscles had all become soft. 

He didn’t feel it when he was fighting against Shen Shu, but his shoulders immediately became sore as soon as he relaxed in this way. 

The bag of skin he has now is a bit too frail.

He raised his hand and squeezed his right shoulder, but still felt uncomfortable. 

“Shen Shu.” He suddenly called in a low voice, with a hint of laziness, “Come here and massage your Master’s shoulders.”

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