Sick Beauty [Rebirth] Chapter 17

Chapter 17 Love Gu

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Gu = venomous insect

Come over and massage your Master’s shoulders. 

Shen Shu had his head lowered and was touching the strands of hair floating in the water. Hearing this, his hands stiffened. 

Taking a deep breath, he had to slowly raise his head. He saw the man lying sideways on the edge of the pool. From his perspective, he could see the other party’s slender neck and pale profile. 

The man’s eyes were half-closed and the scarlet mole under his eyes was as bright as a drop of blood. 

The long black hair of the other party snaked along the flowing water like a piece of intertwined algae, one that would wrap around a drowning person to sink them into the deep sea. 

The spring water covered a large area of ​​scenery. On the sparkling waves, among the scattered black hair, there were unusually pale, thin shoulders. 

Like the distant peaks of a snow mountain. 

He hesitated for a while, then finally walked over, touching the pile of snow cautiously.

Perhaps it was because he had just soaked in the hot spring, the boy’s palm was extremely hot, causing Ye Yunlan’s eyelashes to tremble slightly. 

The youth’s hot hands stopped on his shoulders for a while before he began to rub his shoulders with a heavier force. 

But it relieved the most painful part of his shoulder just perfectly. 

His tightened eyebrows slowly relaxed, then he finally sighed. 

At this moment, he understood why so many people in the cultivation world would want to accept disciples. 

Perhaps it was not just to pass on the mantle. 

It is to be able to have a caring person by your side. 

Since accepting his disciple, he had read many books about the ancients talking about mentoring. He has also made many comments, but there were still many puzzles. 

The book says that a teacher should have a loving heart and a day as a teacher is equivalent to a father for life. 

But since he was born, he has not been favored by his parents. Later, he did not marry a wife and have children like ordinary people, so he did not know the concept of “father”. 

It was not until he felt distressed for Shen Shu’s injury and past, or when he was happy and joyful for Shen Shu’s progress. 

…not until this moment where Shen Shu massaged his shoulders for him. 

He thought, perhaps the so-called master and disciple, father and son relationship should be such an intimate relationship.

The mist filled the air. 

The two were very close at the moment. The young man could hear his heavy breathing from rubbing his shoulders. 

He relaxed his body and rested on the rock: “…it happens that we are idle at this moment, so as your Master, I will tell you about the problems with your previous sword technique.” 

Shen Shu: “Master please speak…I will listen.” 

Ye Yunlan listed out the twenty-seven mistakes in Shen Shu’s sword technique just now, and smashed them into detail. 

Perhaps because of his tiredness and him relaxing, his voice at this moment was not as cold as before. Instead, it was gentle and husky, like a cloud that wrapped around Shen Shu. 

Shen Shu listened quietly, but his eyes were fixed on a drop of sweat on the side of the other party. 

He watched the drop of sweat run down the other party’s cheeks, leaving wet marks. It then traversed the tip of the other party’s pale jaw and fell into the pool. 

The ripples spread. 

Moving at the same time was the shadow hidden underneath the hot spring. 

The deep darkness spread like a tide. One of them snaked around, hooked the other party’s ankle, and licked it affectionately. 

Shen Shu’s hands rubbing his shoulders stiffened. 


Even if he had controlled his mind in time and had the shadow leave the other party’s ankle quickly, Ye Yunlan’s voice stopped. 

The slippery sensation on his ankle was very familiar. It was as if the memories of the past and present cracked open. In a trance, an evil and low voice immediately sounded in his ears. 

“——Senior Immortal, you are being disobedient again.”

“Master.” Shen Shu raised his voice, interrupting his thoughts, “Just now, under the water, it seems…like there was a snake——!” 

The boy’s shoulder rubbing movements stopped. His thin body leaned on his back, trembling slightly, “What should I do, I’m scared…Master.” 

Ye Yunlan remembered what Shen Shu said when he was refined into a demon puppet, the past of having his hands and feet broken and being put into a snake cave where he was bitten by snakes. He immediately knew why Shen Shu was frightened. He turned around and took the boy into his arms. 

“Don’t be afraid, let’s go ashore.” He said solemnly. 

The two of their bodies made contact. The young man’s body was so stiff that he seemed to be too scared to move. 

Ye Yunlan patted his back soothingly, “With Master here, you don’t have to be afraid.” He furrowed his eyebrows, “How can there be snakes here…” 

The hot spring mist lingered and his eyesight was a little lacking, so he couldn’t see the underwater situation. Naturally, he couldn’t find the trace of the thing to see if it was a snake. 

Although there were many foreign things in the mountains, snakes were not uncommon. However, he has been to this hot spring several times in his previous life and has never encountered one. Yet, it appeared this one time?

It was also Shen Shu who was afraid of snakes who encountered it? 

He let Shen Shu go ashore before he got up and dressed. 

The sky was dark, and the road in the mountains and forests were a bit dim. He thought about Shen Shu’s situation and stretched out his hand to support the other party back. 

Suddenly, Shen Shu said: “Master, am I… useless.” 

“Why did you say that all of a sudden?” Ye Yunlan whispered. 

“I can’t even deal with a water snake, and… I was so afraid I turned into this, I…” 

“It’s not your fault.” Ye Yunlan said, “In this world, everyone is afraid of something. Your Master is no exception.”

“Master…what are you afraid of?” 

He was silent for a while before saying: “I’m afraid of thunderstorms.” 

After returning to the bamboo building, the sky completely darkened. 

The full moon was dark tonight, hidden behind the thick clouds. The night looked oppressive. 

Shen Shu seemed to have been really frightened. He was particularly well-behaved that night, and had fallen asleep beside him early on. 

And he didn’t read any books. He laid sideways on the bed after wiping his sword. 

Many things happened today. He was very tired and wanted to sleep early. 

Half asleep and half awake, a faint thunder sounded outside the window. 

He instinctively raised his eyebrows and wanted to close the window, but he couldn’t resist the drowsiness and fell asleep in a daze. 

He had a dream. In his dream, he was in a huge palace. 

At the front of the palace was a blood altar. He was suspended in the center of the altar. 

The phoenix totem spread its wings and soared on the walls around the palace. The surroundings were covered by burning torches, while his blood trickled to the ground, flowing along the grooves. 

In front of the blood altar, there were long steps that headed upwards. At the end of the long flight of steps was a throne. 

Someone sat upright with their eyes closed.

It was his elder brother. 

Suddenly, the energy of the person on the throne skyrocketed. 

Someone shouted with surprise: “It’s a success!” 

His brother opened his eyes. A pair of dazzling golden eyes pierced his. 

They were obviously real brothers, but they didn’t look alike at all. After they were born, they didn’t even meet a few times.

He looked at his brother’s golden eyes, then his vision began to blur until he could no longer see. 

The confinement on his body disappeared, but he could no longer support himself. He fell to the ground. 

A male said: “His bloodline power has been exhausted.” 

Then the gentle voice of the woman: “Is it impossible to recover in the future? This…isn’t it a bit cruel to him.” 

“He originally wasn’t meant to live. The prophecy of the imperial edict has been fulfilled in Xuanguang’s body. He was born together as the twin of Xuanguang, stealing what was the energy of Xuanguang. He was supposed to be destroyed at birth.” 

“The purity of Xuanguang’s blood is related to the rise and fall of my family. Tan Ge, you must not be soft-hearted.” 

The female voice softly echoed: “I know, Your Majesty.” 

Immediately, he heard footsteps from the high seat. 

A younger teenager’s voice came: “Please allow me to exile him from my clan.” 

The male voice from the beginning: “Go. Clean it up properly and don’t leave any traces.” 

He was picked up from the ground. 

He was completely blind, but the closeness that emerged from the bloodline still made him know that the person holding him was his elder brother. 

He stretched out his hand to grab the shirt of the other party, “Brother…” 

“Don’t call me brother.” The boy’s voice was cold. 

He was carried out of the palace. 

Outside the palace there was thunder and heavy rain.

“After you leave, don’t come back again.” 

This is the last sentence his brother said to him. 

Then, he felt his body soaring, as if being carried by some bird into the sky. Then, he was thrown into the wilderness. 

The picture turns. 

He travelled amongst the mountains and forests, his eyes were in complete darkness. 

As the rain fell, he grabbed the hare in his hand and rushed to the cave where he lived. 

The fluffy hare’s body arched back and forth in his palm, making his steps unsteady. 

At this moment, his feet was blocked by something. His steps were unbalanced, and his whole body fell straight to the ground. 

The hare he caught ran away from him. He wanted to chase, but it was too late, so he lowered his head to touch the thing that made him fall. 

But he touched wet blood. 

It was a seriously injured person. 

The rain dripped down his cheeks. He wondered whether this person was just like him, abandoned by their family and left here to die alone. 

He dragged the person back to the cave where he temporarily lived. 

He didn’t know how to make a fire and he didn’t have anything to bandage the other party. He couldn’t even see where the other party was injured. 

The only thing that he could do was to keep the other person from getting caught in the rain. 

After setting down the person, he went out again to look for food. Finally, he brought back a few wild fruits. He ate one himself, then broke the remaining few into pieces. He took the water on a leaf and gently fed it to the other party. 

The other party’s lips were as cold as ice. 

When he was feeding him, his hand accidentally touched it and his fingertips trembled because of the cold.

If it weren’t for his breathing, he would have suspected that this man was a corpse. 

He took care of this man in the cave. 

The rain outside the cave had been falling for several days, there was no sign of stopping. 

During this period, because of the need to constantly go out to find food, his clothes have not completely dried. He was often dripping with water, but he didn’t care. 

On this day, he went to feed the other party as usual. Just as he handed the water-filled leaves to the other’s lips, his wrist was caught. 

He heard the other party’s extremely hoarse voice, almost unable to distinguish the original tone. 

“…No need.” 

He blinked his sightless eyes. There was still pitch black in front of him, he couldn’t see anything. 

He couldn’t see the other person, and didn’t know how the other person was. He only knew that the hand holding his wrist was still so cold. 

So he seriously said: “If you don’t eat… you will die.” 

The man seemed to be silent for a while, then said: “…no.” 

He pursed his lips, stretched out his hands and waited for a while. Realizing that the other person seemed to really not have the intention to eat anymore, he took the food in his hand back, “If you’re awake, are you going to leave?” 

The man did not immediately answer. 

He felt the person’s sight patrolling around him twice. After a long time, the other party asked in a hoarse voice: “What about your parents and relatives?” 

He only shook his head, “I have no relatives.” 

The person was silent again. 

Suddenly, there was an ear-shaking thunder from outside the cave. Rain poured down, washing the stone walls outside the cave, making a loud noise.

He was taken aback by the thunder. He opened his sightless eyes and looked at the top of the cave, “The rain is so heavy.” 

The man gave a low “En”. 

After a long time, he heard the sound of rustling and the sound of footsteps. 

The other party actually stood up. 

“You just woke up, where are you going?” he asked. 

The man said hoarsely: “… to stop the rain.” 

When leaving, the man rubbed his head. 

He felt a warm air flow through his body. The wet clothes became dry and soft in a short time. It was amazing. 

After half a day, the rain really stopped. 

When he walked out of the cave, he smelt the fragrance of peach blossoms and the smell of mud after the rain. 

Then, he heard the sound of a heavy object falling to the ground. 

Someone fell on the ground in front of his cave. 

He walked over and touched the scab on the other party’s body. Blood was bleeding out of his wound again. 

It was the previous person. 

He had to rescue the person again, but the first sentence after the person woke up was. 

“Who am I?” 

He could not answer, he shook his head. 

“You saved me.” The man said hoarsely. 

He nodded. “…Thank you.” 

“No need to thank me.” He said, “You are injured. Rest first, I’ll go out to find food.” 

“Food.” The man murmured and repeated the word, then said: “Wait for me.” 

Before he could stop him, the man got up and went out. 

When he came back after a while, he brought back some wild game from the mountains.

The other party started a fire with wood and stone. 

The warmth from the flames made him feel peaceful. 

A smell came out, it was the man who was grilling the wild game. 

He thought about it, then went back to the mountains and forests to find some wild fruits and handed them back to the other party. 

He had fed the other party fruit before, but the other party didn’t eat it. This time he took it. At the same time, he handed over some cooked meat.

“Food.” The other party said. He took it and quickly ate everything. 

He hadn’t had a full meal like this in a long time. He was very happy. 

After eating, he asked the other party again, “Are you going to leave?” 

This time, the other party was no longer silent as before. He kept his eyes on him for a while, and said, “Don’t go.” 

The man said that he would not go and he really stayed in the peach blossom valley. 

The person’s injuries seemed to have not completely healed so his voice was always hoarse. Because of the loss of his memory, his temperament seemed very dull and silent. 

Nevertheless, he still taught him many things. 

He slowly developed a sense of dependence on this person. 

He had never experienced familial affection in his entire childhood, but he was dependent on this person in this peach valley. Slowly he felt that there was something in his life that was slowly being mended. 

The picture suddenly turned again. 

He ran in the thunderstorm. 

The rain pounded on his back and roared. 

Nine days and nine nights. 

He couldn’t find anyone. He finally sat down in the peach blossom forest blown by the rain and wind. 

The man appeared at the sound of the rain, and returned at the sound of the rain. Only a bottle of pills and an ink jade was left. 

He was abandoned again in the thunderstorm. 

Thunder rang in his ears.

Ye Yunlan woke up from his dream. 

He opened his eyes and stared at the roof beams in a daze. He blinked slowly. 

The indoor light was dim. He heard the noise of rain. 

The outside world was also like his dream, it was raining majestically. 

Suddenly, a flash of lightning flashed, illuminating the room. 


He saw a thin figure leaning against the window. 

“Shen Shu?” He stood up from bed, his black hair dropped from his shoulders. His voice was low, “It’s cold by the window, why are you standing there?” 

“I went to bed early last night. I just woke up and can’t fall asleep… I’ll just stand here for a while.” Shen Shu said, “It’s still early…Master, you should have a good rest.” 

There was another thunderous sound outside the window. 

Ye Yunlan’s eyelashes trembled a little. He got up to light a candle, and whispered: “Your Master can’t sleep well and was just about to get up and read a book. You can help make a pot of tea for your Master.” 

Shen Shu seemed to hesitate for a while. 

Ye Yunlan: “What?” 

Shen Shu shook his head: “It’s okay, I’ll…make tea for Master immediately.” 

As soon as the boy walked away, the window behind him opened with a creak. 

Wind and rain poured in, it was slightly cold. 

Ye Yunlan walked over and tried to close the window, but found that the bolt on the window was broken——it was because the wind was too strong tonight. 

He suddenly realized something. It turned out that Shen Shu had been standing by the window, supporting it with his back, just to keep the house free of wind and rain so he could sleep peacefully. 

The thunderstorm outside was turbulent and the chill was deep. 

But there was warmth flowing in his heart. 

He thought everything from his previous life was over. 

No matter how much he has suffered, at least in this life, he was no longer alone. 

He also has his own disciple.

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