Sick Beauty [Rebirth] Chapter 19

Chapter 19 Bond Contract 

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He Lanze looked at the cold appearance of the person in front of him. He imagined this person’s eyes becoming dazed and fragile because of the drug, then his Adam’s apple moved. 

It was self-evident what exactly Rong Ran wanted to do with the medicine. 

His complexion changed and he said in a dumb voice: “No matter what Rong Ran has done to Junior Brother, what Senior Brother is most worried about is your body, especially since you have been severely injured by the divine fire before. With the problem roots in your body, if there is any injury…that won’t be good.” 

Ye Yunlan: “Senior Brother doesn’t need to worry, I’m fine.” 

He Lanze listened, but was still worried, “If Junior Brother has any matters, don’t deal with it on your own. Senior Brother can listen and will never broadcast it out. As for Junior Brother Rong’s drugs, after Senior Brother returns to the law enforcement hall, Senior Brother will definitely investigate this to the end and give you an explanation. Senior Brother will return your innocence.” 

In his previous life, the one who indiscriminately accused him when he was being framed by others and expelled him from the sect was He Lanze. Yet, this life he said he would give him an explanation, and will return his innocence? 

The same was true for Rong Ran. In his previous life, he had clearly abandoned him like a shoe, but in this life he is putting up an act to try to detain him and even resorted to such tricks? 

After his rebirth, Ye Yunlan found that these people from the past had become a little ridiculous. 

“Senior Brother is considerate.” He was not stingy or indifferent. 

He Lanze: “Yes. As a Senior, naturally I can’t let my Junior Brother suffer in vain.”

Ye Yunlan was noncommittal. 

He raised his sleeves. His slender fingers drew aside the wet hair on his cheeks. 

The long hair that hadn’t had time to dry after the bath was pressed against his back, making him feel a little uncomfortable. He glanced at the open door of the bamboo building and faintly said: “I appreciate Senior Brother’s kindness. It’s just that when Senior Brother comes to find me in the future, can you knock on the door before entering? After all, this is no longer the residence of Senior Brother.” 

He Lanze was taken aback, he explained: “The matter was so sudden, Senior Brother was in a hurry, so Senior Brother rushed in. I was negligent, and I will definitely pay attention in the future.” 

His eyes moved along Ye Yunlan’s hand and saw a wet and winding liquid slide down this person’s thin clothing. A transparent water stain was drawn, and the other party’s narrowed waist was outlined. His adam’s apple moved again. 

He walked over and held Ye Yunlan’s shoulders. He said in a deep voice: “Junior Brother, wet hair is not good for your body, let me use my spiritual power to dry it for you.” 

Ye Yunlan was not allowed to refuse. He Lanze’s hot fire spiritual power passed over his body surface and his whole body instantly became dry. 

Ye Yunlan frowned slightly. 

He Lanze was slightly taller than Ye Yunlan. He looked down at the person in front of him, his heart was filled with softness. He reached out to help him tidy his long hair. 

Suddenly, he heard the hoarse voice of a teenager coming from the side. 

“Master…who is he?”

The word “Master” fell into his ears quite harshly. 

He Lanze subconsciously let go of Ye Yunlan. He turned sideways and saw a young man standing beside the bamboo screen not far away. 

He frowned. “Is this the child that Junior Brother saved in the Medicine house?” He said, “It seems that his injury has healed a lot. Did Junior Brother accept him as a disciple?” 

Ye Yunlan: “En, Shen Shu, this is Senior Brother, He Lanze, your martial uncle.” 

Shen Shu stopped his gaze on the hand that He Lanze had used to touch Ye Yunlan’s shoulder. He tilted his head and looked at He Lanze with dark eyes. He slowly said, “Hello, Martial Uncle.” 

The boy’s gloomy temperament caused He Lanze’s brows to furrow deeply. “Junior Brother, let me remind you that although he is not a complete demon puppet, if the people of the immortal sect are involved with things of the demon sect, it would not be appropriate. After all…” 

Ye Yunlan said calmly: “Shen Shu is an obedient child. I am very satisfied with accepting him as a disciple.” 

Seeing that Ye Yunlan was protecting the young man like this, He Lanze didn’t say more: “Since Junior Brother has accepted him as a disciple and feels satisfied, Senior Brother won’t stop you. And as Martial Uncle, I will give him a meeting gift.” 

As he said this, he dived into his divine consciousness to pick out gifts in his storage ring.

“No need, Senior Brother.” Ye Yunlan stopped him, paused, then said: “If it is possible, I hope that when Senior Brother has free time in the future, he can come and compare notes with my disciple a few times.” 

He was speaking on behalf of Shen Shu. 

Sword practitioners need opponents, but his body is too weak now. He was unable to accompany Shen Shu to practice every day, at most it would be only occasional guidance. 

He Lanze was at great success realm for his sword dao and with his demi-god cultivation base, he barely met the standards as an opponent. 

He Lanze hesitated for a while, then readily agreed: “Okay, I will come over to discuss with your disciple when I have time.” Immediately, the conversation changed, “However, I have never been merciful with my sword. Although I can suppress my cultivation base for him to compare notes, I also hope that he can withstand my sword intent.” 

If someone asked him to compete with a kid who was just starting to learn the sword, He Lanze would never agree. 

However, it was Ye Yunlan who asked him. 

He didn’t have any interest in fighting against children, but if he could take this opportunity to get closer to Ye Yunlan, he would be very happy. 

Ye Yunlan: “I believe he can.” 

He Lanze looked down at Shen Shu, but still didn’t understand how this young man could get such care and support from Ye Yunlan. After thinking about it, he said in a deep voice, “Right, there is one thing I need to remind Junior Brother. In the past few days, people in the Sect have been investigating the news about the disciples of the medicine house. Junior Brother should pay more attention. Don’t let your disciple expose his identity and get into trouble.”

 Ye Yunlan: “I know. Thank you Senior for reminding me. “

“Between you and me, why bother to say thank you.” He Lanze stretched out his hand and gently stroked Ye Yunlan’s shoulder, and said warmly: “Pay more attention to your body, don’t let Senior be worried.” 

Ye Yunlan turned sideways slightly to avoid him, making a faint “En” sound. 

Seeing that there was really nothing to say, He Lanze bid farewell to Ye Yunlan and left reluctantly. 

As soon as the other party left the bamboo building, Ye Yunlan felt his sleeve being tugged.

He looked down at the young man beside him, “What’s the matter?” 

“Master,” Shen Shu said, “The uncle who was here just now, does he…like you?” 

Ye Yunlan was startled. It is not that he was not unaware of He Lanze’s close attitude, but he didn’t expect that even Shen Shu could see it. 

The reason, in fact, he knew something about it. 

He half-closed his eyes, and his five slender fingers touched his face.

“It’s not me that he likes,” he calmly said. “It’s just this bag of skin.” 

“This kind of like is no different from people who like to watch the flowers and the moon.” 

Even though he said this, Shen Shu thought about it just now. The person’s repeated demeanor toward his master felt uncomfortable in his heart. He couldn’t help but ask: “Then… Master, does Master like that Martial Uncle?” 

Although Ye Yunlan didn’t understand why Shen Shu would suddenly ask this question, he faintly replied: “I do not feel love towards him.” 

Shen Shu: “Then…what about the others?” 

Ye Yunlan looked at him, “You are so young, why are you asking about this?”

Shen Shu: “I’m just thinking, Master is so good, you must be very popular. In the future, there will be many more people pursuing Master… Master, will you become a dao companion with someone someday?” 

Ye Yunlan knocked his forehead, “Your little brain, what are you thinking about all day long? Are you already thinking about finding a wife for your Master?”

“I don’t want Master to have a wife.” Shen Shu muffled: “I’m just scared that after Master has a dao companion, Master will… just leave me alone.” 

So that’s it. 

Ye Yunlan finally understood Shen Shu’s mind. He couldn’t help but laugh a little, “Your Master doesn’t plan on finding a dao companion.” 

“Nevertheless,” he rubbed Shen Shu’s head, “When you grow up, once you understand love, you should find yourself a dao companion. As your Master, I can’t always accompany you.” 

Shen Shu was very happy after hearing the beginning half, but his eyes slightly darkened after hearing the rest. 

“Why… do I have to look for a dao companion?” 

“Since ancient times, cultivators cannot cultivate without the four: wealth, companion, law, and land. Companion refers to a dao companion. The path of cultivation is long. If one were to go on this path alone, it is quite lonely, unless what you are practicing is the heartless dao.” Ye Yunlan explained gently, “If you are accompanied by a dao companion, when you cultivate, you can exchange each other’s gains and move forward side by side. If you are misled and in a difficult situation, there would be someone to pull you out of it. It won’t be likely to have no hope.” 

Ye Yunlan’s eyes were slightly empty when he spoke.

In his life, there have been two ceremonies where he formed a bond contract. 

The first time was with Chen Weiyuan. 

He and Chen Weiyuan met in the first half of their lives, when he was most desperate and was in a sorry state. 

The slender and powerful hands lifted him up and healed his whole body’s pain. 

The Chen family was an aristocratic family in the realm of cultivation with extremely strict rules. Usually in the Chen family, it was mostly just the servants hanging around the courtyard. Thus, the only person he could communicate with was Chen Weiyuan. 

During the years he stayed with the Chen family, the other party used a gentle cocoon to cover him. 

On the day of the ceremony, he put on a complicated star feather robe, worshipped the three-life stone with the other party, and dripped their essence blood on the soul jade. 

The ceremony continued until late at night. 

The dazzling stars wandered above their head and the bright milky way poured over it. 

On the stargazing platform, they had a drink together. 

Chen Weiyuan held his hand. Gently in his ear, he whispered: “Yunlan, it is the blessing of my life to meet you.” 

He whispered: “It is also the blessing of my life.” 

He thought they could keep holding hands with each other. 

But in the end, the other party made him into a human furnace, wrapped him up in a box like a gift, then sent him to the demonic sect. 

And the soul jade that he thought symbolized the bond between dao companions and the lives of each other… was just a scam carefully set up by the other party. 

And the second time, it was with the Demon Lord. 

It was an extremely grand wedding banquet.

The Demon Lord announced the news of the ceremony of their bond to the entire spiritual world. The red silk covered the entire Demon Palace, and guests came in waves. 

Before the wedding banquet, he was wrapped in a bright red wedding gown and sat in front of the mirror, with long hair drawn high adorned with pearl hairpins. He looked sideways at the burning of the red candle, dripping red tears. 

The Demon Lord walked into the room. He didn’t wear his black robe anymore, but changed into a bright red outfit. In contrast with his ghost mask, it made it a bit less hideous. 

The Demon Lord approached him and asked hoarsely: “It’s almost our big day. Lan Er, don’t you have anything to say?” 

He didn’t respond. 

The Demon Lord: “Why do you still have a temper? Do you blame me for treating you like that before?” 

The red candle light dimmed, and the shadows in the room began to twist slightly. 

The Demon Lord’s voice became deeper and deeper. He stretched out his hand to pinch his chin, “Lan Er, is it really so difficult to answer the question I asked you before?” 

He still didn’t speak. 

The Demon Lord leaned over to hug his body. He forced his voice to soften and coaxed: “Senior Immortal, call me husband. After getting married, I won’t force you again.” 

Such a close distance. 

He seemed to be awakened suddenly. The sharp blade hidden in the sleeve of his shirt shot out and pierced the other party’s body. 

The blood flowed out, and the reflection on the sharp blade reflected the anger in the other party’s eyes. 

Endless dark shadows spread from all over the room like a tide.

“Excellent,” he heard the icy voice of the Demon Lord, “Now this Lord knows your answer.” 

The red wedding dress was torn, and countless shadows covered him, entangled. 

He opened his wide empty eyes, letting them play with him like a doll. 

The other party had blood dripping on him. It was scalding. 

The hotter thing was the other party’s body. 

He seemed like he was going to be torn apart by the other party in the next instant, then was immediately embraced with all their strength. 

That strength seemed to completely rub the blood into him. It wanted to fall into the abyss with the other party, turning his bones to mud. 

The wedding banquet did not go on in the end. 

Ye Yunlan’s long eyelashes drooped. 

He listened to Shen Shu ask, “Then Master…Why don’t you plan to find a dao companion?” 

Ye Yunlan was silent for a while, and replied, “Because I don’t need it anymore.” 

Shen Shu didn’t understand what his master meant. 

He also didn’t quite understand what having a dao companion meant to a cultivator. 

He just felt a little gloomy. 

Since seeing his dignified Martial Uncle fawn over his own Master, he had begun to feel upset.

He tried his best to get close to this person and become this person’s disciple. 

Everyone says that apart from a dao companion, a Master and disciple relationship is already the most intimate relationship in the realm of cultivation. 

——apart from a dao companion.

This person said that there was no need for a dao companion now, but what about in the future? 

After all, everything in the future cannot be for certain. 

Shen Shu suddenly had a bold idea. 

If he and Master were both master and disciple as well as dao companions… 

Wouldn’t they be the closest people to each other in this world and no one can separate them anymore? 

This idea ignited like wildfire in his heart. 

It would be difficult to eliminate.

——Xuanhu peak. 

Under the snow white curtain, Peak Master Rong was sitting at the table, applying medicine to Rong Ran’s arm. 

He applied the medicine prepared on the wound. Rong Ran frowned and let out a painful grunt. Peak Master Rong: “This Shengji powder is indeed a bit painful. Be patient, this way when the injury heals, there will be no scars.” 

He gently touched the back of Rong Ran’s hand, “Ran Er, your hands are as delicate as your mother’s. If it has scars, it would be a pity.” 

Rong Ran’s appearance was gentle, “I know, Father.” 

Then he asked, “Father, under what circumstances would that illusion Gu not be effective for people?” 

Peak Master Rong squeezed his white and soft hand: “There are two possibilities. One is that he has cultivated the heartless dao. Without love and thoughts, naturally one does not become affected by the illusion Gu. The second is that this person has a firm mind. Moreover, the person who was shown in the illusion Gu, although loved, must hate much more than love. Thus, he can resist the illusion Gu and stay awake.”

Rong Ran frowned, his expression filled with gloom, “No matter what the reason, the illusion Gu has expired now. What should I do, Father?” 

The desire he had for that person before was never this urgent.

Perhaps he was used to seeing the bird in their cage being obedient and beautiful and didn’t realize what was happening at the time. However seeing his bird leaving the cage, spreading their wings and flying… it’s hard to control his need to completely control them

He was so scared. Scared that the bird would fly away and disappear. 

“Why worry?” Peak Master Rong stretched out his hand and squeezed his snow-white cheeks, “If the Illusion Gu is useless, you can still use Hehuan Love Gu. I can’t give you this one in my hand, but Father can give you the formula for you to refine one yourself.” 

Rong Ran tilted his head, “Father treats me very well.” 

“After all, I only have you as a son, and you are so similar to your mother…”  Peak Master Rong said favourably, “It’s just the process of refining the Hehuan love gu is complicated. It requires precious materials, and requires many years of refining. I’m afraid you can’t wait.” 

Rong Ran: “If I can have that person be by my side for the rest of my life, I will be willing to work as hard as possible. After all, my Father once taught me that if I want to tame the bird, I must put in the effort.” 

Peak Master Rong smiled, “It’s good if you have this kind of awareness.” He paused, “Actually, I have also heard of a kind of love gu that is even better than Hehuan love gu.”

Rong Ran: “What is it?” 

Peak Master Rong: “There is a kind of technique in this world called Change Sentiment Curse.”

“Hehuan Love Gu relies on the connection between the child and mother Gu worms, so that the person will have illusory attachments and desires produced. This effect can be eliminated as long as the Gu is removed.” 

“The change sentiment curse is completely different. The so-called change sentiment is the ability to forget all the memories of a person’s loved ones. It would transfer one’s truest love to the person who cast the spell, and after the spell is completed, there is almost no way to release the spell.” 

“There is such a spell…” Rong Ran’s beautiful eyes flowed, holding Peak Master Rong’s hand: “Father teach me.” 

Peak Master Rong: “If your Father could, why would I still refine the Hehuan Love Gu.” 

“The change sentiment curse, your father has only seen it accidentally in ancient books. Whether this world actually has its existence, this is something your Father doesn’t know.”

— “Shen Shu, follow your Master to a place.” 

In the early morning, Ye Yunlan finished teaching Shen Shu’s calligraphy and said this. 

Shen Shu blinked his eyes and looked at him, “Where is Master going?” 

Ye Yunlan: “To receive a sect mission.” 

For Shen Shu’s cultivation to embark on its journey, he must first eliminate the filthy energy in his body. The breathing technique that Ye Yunlan taught him was just one way. 

Although the effect was good, it was too slow. 

With the aid of medicinal products, the process can be sped up several times. It could also help Shen Shu’s muscles to be cleansed and have the foundation to be laid. 

He found a few suitable medicated bath prescriptions in his memory, but lacked the necessary medicinal materials.

——In the past, when he was practicing in Sky Sect, he followed Rong Ran around. The medicinal materials needed for cultivation, Rong Ran would have it prepared for him. He didn’t store anything on his own body. 

Now if he wanted medicinal materials, he could only receive a sect mission and rely on meritorious service in exchange for it. 

The place to receive a sect mission is Xingquan Peak. 

The flow of people here was bustling. Qingyun Mountain Six Peaks disciples all come and go here, the flow of people can be compared to Wendao slope.

Shen Shu seemed a little nervous. He clutched his sleeves and followed him. 

“Junior Brother Ye!” Suddenly there was a girl’s voice. Ye Yunlan looked sideways and saw a pretty girl in a blue outfit walking towards him. 

He remembered the girl he had seen while waiting on Wendao slope. The girl who helped him speak up to He Lanze, Lin Xiaowan. 

Next to Lin Xiaowan was a woman in red. The woman in red looked extremely delicate, like a blooming peony, but with a hint of heroism between her eyebrows. 

Lin Xiaowan walked over quickly and smiled: “Does Junior Brother remember me? My name is Lin Xiaowan and this is Senior Sister Yin next to me.” 

Ye Yunlan nodded lightly.

The woman in red also came over. Looking at Ye Yunlan boldly with beautiful eyes, her eyes were blazing, “Junior Brother Ye, my name is Yin Ling. It’s okay for Junior Brother to call me Ling Er.” 

Ling Er.

Ye Yunlan was startled when he heard this name. He had no impression of the person in front of him, but he felt the name was somewhat familiar. 

A vague sense of pain spread in the bottom of his heart. 

Shen Shu was by his side, and for the first time saw his Master staring at someone baffled. 

To a woman. 

He looked at the two of them. His master was dressed in white, as if he was an immortal, while the woman next to him was tall and red, like fire. 

The two seemed to be a good match. 

…It was clear that Ye Yunlan had said yesterday that he didn’t need a dao companion, but is he already finding himself a Master’ wife today? 

Shen Shu’s hand that was gripping Ye Yunlan’s clothing became tighter. 

Ye Yunlan whispered: “Senior Sister Yin.” 

Yin Ling smiled, “Rather than calling me Senior Sister, I hope that Junior Brother would call me Ling Er.” Her pink face was flushed, and her eyes were warm. 

Ye Yunlan had never been so bluntly taken liberties with by a woman in his previous life. He was slightly startled, avoiding the other’s gaze. 

Lin Xiaowan looked at the two of them.

Since Wendao slope that day, she has found that Senior Sister Yin was often preoccupied and inattentive. She would also pull her to speak about the details of the secret realm fire incident. As a woman, Lin Xiaowan knew that her Senior Sister had some budding feelings. 

It’s just that Senior Sister Yin has always been bold, so Junior Brother Ye might be scared. 

She couldn’t help trying to alleviate the awkward situation: “Junior Brother Ye came to Xingquan Peak to take on a sect mission?” 

Ye Yunlan: “En”. 

She hesitated for a while: “Actually, I have always been wondering about something. Why is it that the sect task assigned by the sect to Junior Brother Ye has never been completed by Junior Brother before?” 

Ye Yunlan was startled, “The assigned sect task?” 

“Junior Brother Ye actually doesn’t know?” Lin Xiaowan’s eyes widened in surprise, “Sect disciples are assigned to a sect mission every month. Before, it was always Senior Brother Rong who helped you complete it. I thought it was because you had difficulties with your body… but it was because no one notified you?” 

Ye Yunlan’s eyes were heavy. 

He really didn’t know about it. 

“How can this be? Senior Brother Rong didn’t tell you…” Lin Xiaowan couldn’t help but suddenly remember the recent rumors between Rong Ran and Ye Yunlan, and hurriedly shut up.

Ye Yunlan was silent for a moment, “I understand, thank you Senior Sister for telling me.” After saying goodbye, he led Shen Shu to pick up a task. He then felt a scorching gaze on his back, warm and direct. 

“Master, I want to borrow a book from the library.” After receiving the task, before returning to the bamboo building, Shen Shu asked Ye Yunlan this. 

Ye Yunlan was a little surprised. He immediately rubbed his head: “You have learned a lot of words, you should start reading more. Reading makes people wise. If you can develop a hobby of reading, it will also have many benefits in the future.” 

Shen Shu nodded, “Master is right.” 

That night, Shen Shu came back with a pile of books. 

The candle lights were shaking. 

Ye Yunlan buried his head in a book, and wrote a comment on the page of the book with a pen in his hand. He raised his head by chance and saw that Shen Shu was studying seriously. 

The light reflected on the serious face of the young man. The pale and treacherous appearance had disappeared a lot, now his handsome outline had already taken shape for the future. 

His eyes slowly softened. 

Shen Shu was looking at the scroll in his hand. 

After searching for a long time, he stopped on the chapter “bond contract”. 

The contents on the pages of the book flowed word by word into his eyes. 

…A drop of blood makes a contract, and lives become interdependent. Seeing the world, the sun and the moon, and passing through the years of spring and autumn…

 A dao companion in the same boat through storms and hardships, husband and wife for life.

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