Sick Beauty [Rebirth] Chapter 18

Chapter 18 Eavesdropping 

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Shen Shu’s five senses were several times stronger than an ordinary person.

His sense of hearing and his sense of smell. 

At this moment, he was hiding by the window secretly, sniffing the sweet smell. Then, he heard a faint sound coming from the room, his master’s low, repressed breathing. 

He seemed to be suffering. 

It was the morning, so the sun was shining brightly. The dizzying heat filled the cramped space by the window, and a layer of sweat broke out on Shen Shu’s back. 

He still couldn’t understand what happened in Tingfeng pavilion that would make his master lock himself in a room and not allow him to enter. 

He remembered that when he had helped his master to come back, the other party’s body was hot. 

Ye Yunlan’s body was fragile and his body temperature was lower than that of ordinary people. When he snuggled against him usually, it was like snuggling against a piece of jade that was soft and cold. 

But the other party was…now hot. 

Not only was he hot, but he was shaking. 

What is it that could make that cold and self-sustaining person tremble? A dark shadow spread to the window, eagerly trying to reach in for a closer look.

Shen Shu clenched his fists. He finally suppressed his thoughts, causing those shadows to retract into the corner. 

Since he almost exposed himself in the hot spring that day, he had begun to suppress this force.

If he can’t use it, then he shouldn’t use it again. 

He didn’t want to give that person any opportunity to dislike him. 

Shen Shu always knew that he was a monster. 

When he was born, he was called an evil spirit. His soul was already completely immersed in the yellow springos h*ll when he was thrown into the snake cave. 

But his master stretched out his hand to pull him from the yellow springs. 

He grabbed the man’s hand and climbed onto the shore. Amid the boundless flames, he saw the brilliance of the world. 

He was already trying very hard to be a normal person. 

To be a disciple that would meet that person’s satisfaction. 

He leaned against the outer wall of the bamboo building, listening attentively to the movement in the room, lest the person inside might disappear.

The sweet smell was more intense, haunting the tip of his nose. 


——Ye Yunlan leaned against the bed. 

He was using his handkerchief to wipe the dirt off his hands, wiping every finger very carefully. 

After wiping his hands, the handkerchief was put aside by him. 

The unbearable irritability in his body still hadn’t completely faded away. 

He leaned on the head of the bed. He raised his head slightly. One leg curled up and one hand on his knee, he looked up. 

He didn’t move anymore.

Not until the abnormality in his body completely subsided. His blush faded from his face and the sickly paleness he usually had was even more conspicuous. 

His body was extremely empty. When he thought of what had happened in Tingfeng Pavilion today, his face showed a deep annoyance. 

Especially when he caught a glimpse of someone he didn’t want to see again in this life. 

What Rong Ran had done completely touched his bottom line. 

The sword slash in Tingfeng Pavilion was already a light punishment.

If he was offended by someone like this in his previous life, he didn’t even need to make a move. That person who left him the Shura sword would have taken the initiative to strike, strangling the opponent’s soul to death. 

Ye Yunlan relaxed, then got up to organize his clothes. 

His eyes fell on the wet, dirty handkerchief. He frowned and threw the handkerchief out the window. 

Outside the window. 

When Shen Shu noticed the sound of footsteps in the house by the window, he leaned close to the wall, hiding his breath. 

The sound of footsteps went away, Ye Yunlan did not notice him. 

He exhaled, then saw a piece of handkerchief falling on the ground. 

After hesitating for a while, he leaned over and picked up the handkerchief. 

A sweet smell radiated from this piece of handkerchief. The palm of it was moist. 

What is this? 

Shen Shu wanted to take a closer look, but hearing a slight movement with his ears, he hurriedly put the handkerchief to his chest and walked back to the bamboo building quickly. 

Almost the moment he hurried back, the bedroom door was pushed open. 

Ye Yunlan walked out of the room, black hair scattered behind him.

He was still pale, but for some reason, Shen Shu felt that his master was a little different from usual. 

Although he was as cold as ever, he felt something unspeakably… charming. 

The man raised his eyes and glanced at him with a warning. His voice was hoarse: “Shen Shu.” 

Shen Shu remembered that he overheard the man’s suppressed low breathing in the room just outside the window. 

He couldn’t help but walk over quickly: “Master, do you feel unwell…Is it better now?” 

Ye Yunlan’s face was slightly stiff. He whispered: “It’s okay, don’t worry.” 

He didn’t want to talk more about what happened just now. He only said: “Boil a bucket of hot water for Master, I want to take a bath.” 

Shen Shu pursed his lips. He wanted to ask a lot of questions, but seeing Ye Yunlan’s tired complexion, he answered yes and went to prepare the hot water. 

Seeing Ye Yunlan go in for a bath, he took out the handkerchief from his sleeves and pinched it in his hand. 

The fragrance condensed on the cloth had not dispersed. 

When he approached Ye Yunlan, he also smelled the same smell. 

Although it wasn’t the cold and gentle fragrance he was familiar with, but… 

It was clearly the smell of Master. 

His eyes darkened. He thought about it and folded the handkerchief carefully. He put it in his chest again. ——When Ye Yunlan came out after taking a shower, he heard the wind chimes ringing outside the bamboo building.

He Lanze opened the door and walked in a little hurriedly, “Junior Brother Ye, I heard that you and Junior Brother Rong had a dispute on Wendao Slope, and you also injured Junior Brother Rong with a sword…” 

His words stopped when he saw Ye Yunlan. 

The person in front of him should have just finished taking a bath. He was wearing only a plain blouse and had damp hair, a few of them stuck to his cheeks like black seaweed. However, his complexion was extremely pale and his thin lips were almost bloodless, even more than usual. It was almost morbid. Only the mole on the tail of his eye was as bright as ever. 

Ye Yunlan raised his eyelids and glanced at him, “Senior Brother, are you here to find me to settle accounts for Rong Ran?” 

He Lanze noticed that Ye Yunlan no longer referred to Rong Ran as his Senior Brother, but directly by his name. He keenly realized that the two had a falling out like the rumors had said. 

Remembering the words that Rong Ran had shown off before him, then thinking of the rumors at this time, he couldn’t help but feel a little joy in his heart. 

He cleared his throat and said in a deep voice: “Naturally not. I’m just worried about Junior Brother. After all, although the Sect allows disciples to compare notes, it is not allowed to directly hurt people. If Junior Brother Rong goes to the law enforcement hall to deal with this, I am afraid that later Junior Brother Ye will inevitably go to the Law Enforcement Hall.” 

Ye Yunlan only said coldly: “Then let him go.”

Seeing his indifferent attitude, He Lanze hesitated for a while, then asked: “Will Junior Brother tell me what Junior Brother Rong did? How did he offend you?” 

Ye Yunlan: “He added drugs to the wine.” 

He Lanze was startled, “Drugs? What drugs did he give to Junior Brother?” 

Ye Yunlan’s eyes were dark, thinking of the situation at the time. His tone became colder: “Knockout drugs.” 

Although it was only two words, He Lanze understood some of the meaning. He darkened, and asked anxiously: “He didn’t do anything to Junior Brother, right? Junior Brother, you…is there any damage to your body?” 

But Ye Yunlan looked at him coldly, “What does Senior Brother think? What do you think Rong Ran wants to do to me?”

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  1. Ok ngl I’m kinda irritated with the MC like idk if he’s naive or just plain dumb. Can’t he see those lecherous gazes that these scums have on him? Even if he doesn’t think that, he should atleast know that the behavior of them rn is only because of his face and they r suddenly toooo good to him too so why doesn’t he think that the reason for it may be that they have dirty thoughts bout him. It’s really irritating when he’s all being innocent and even not being cautious enough.

    • i think it’s because Ye Yunlan only feels indifference towards everything except for Shen Shu :”( but i kinda agree, for someone who has lost trust in everyone, he was a bit careless in drinking the wine offered by that scum man. but dont forget that we’re reading from god’s perspective too, we know the gazes these terrible men have towards MC, while MC cant be bothered to care about all these people. anyway those are just my thoughts, i’m just very sad for the main couple’s entire life experience and just want them to be happy.

      can only hope for our wolf cub to grow up faster!

    • Probably bc he thinks Rong Ran despises him and is in love with He Lanze like he told him while destroying Yunlan’s face in his last life. He Lanze in last life hadn’t seen Yunlan’s face and known that he was beauty he saw on the stairs once. Rong Ran must have known of their encounter and probably why he further destroyed Yunlan’s face to remove any possibility of recovery. Yunlan in this life wants nothing to do with anyone except Shen Shu.


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