Sick Beauty [Rebirth] Chapter 21

Chapter 21 Ink Jade 

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Ye Yunlan didn’t make a mistake. 

This ink jade was indeed the one that Rong Ran left him at the beginning. 

That year, after he came to Sky Sect, this ink jade was taken back by Rong Ran. But at this moment, this ink jade was hanging on the hilt of Qiyun Jun’s sword. 

…So after he returned the ink jade to Rong Ran, Rong Ran gave the ink jade to his own master? 

Seeing that he did not answer, but set his eyes on his sword, Qiyun Jun raised his long sword in front of him: “My sword is named Xuan Qing Du Eh, It is made from Xuanqing jade, refined to kill all the demons of the world.” 

After he finished speaking, he repeated his question again. “What’s the name of your sword?” 

Ye Yunlan then withdrew his attention from the ink jade. Five fingers clasped the long sword: “The name of this sword is queying.” 

Qiyun Jun: “It could be considered a good sword.” He paused, then said, “It’s just not suitable for you.”

Ye Yunlan’s tone became cold. “This is my natal sword.” 

“If it doesn’t fit, it’ll always be unsuitable.” Qiyun Jun said, “It’s not good enough for you.” 

The man was born much taller than ordinary people. His appearance was apathetic. When he bowed his head to look at people, it was like an immortal looking down at the ants on the ground. 

Ye Yunlan said coldly: “I have no cultivation base now. Queying sword in my hands cannot display an eleventh of its power. If this is the case, shouldn’t it be I who am unworthy? Immortal Venerable is too nosy.” 

“Inappropriate use of the sword will only impede your sword dao.” Qiyun Jun said. 

Ye Yunlan was not worried. 

In his previous life, this person was the same. He was stubborn and no matter how others explained, he only agreed with what he did. 

Therefore, he was trapped in the Buddha Pagoda for hundreds of years. No matter how he begged and cursed, all he got was “your demonic thoughts have not disappeared” from the other party. 

Before he said the phrase “what is it with you”, he heard Qiyun Jun continue: “I have extreme desolate heavenly gold, abyss cold meteor, and frost iron. This can help you eliminate the connection with your current life sword, then re-build a suitable natal sword.” 

The list from Qiyun Jun’s words were all rare tempered sword immortal materials. Any ordinary sword cultivator would be ecstatic to obtain one of these materials, but he casually said it in such a plain tone. 

“There is only one condition.” 

He said. 

“——Be my disciple.” 

Ye Yunlan felt absurd. 

He lifted his eyelids, the tear at the tail of his eyes was scorching. The black pupils were tightly contracted, “——You said you want to accept me to be your disciple?” 

Qiyun Jun looked down at the person in front of him and said calmly: “Yes.” He cultivated the heartless dao. Since he set foot on this dao, he has completely cut off his emotions and desires. 

He would never accept disciples in this life, Rong Ran was the only exception. 

…Until now when he saw Ye Yunlan’s sword. 

He saw that in the sea of ​​flowers, this person held a cyan flower branch in his hand. As his sleeves flew, a faint sword light was drawn. 

Although dim, it was timeless.

There were thorns on the flower branch and the sword light seemed to have thorns as well. It pierced his eyes sharply. 

In recent years, he had rarely been surprised by anything. 

Last time, it was Ye Yunlan’s face. 

This time, it was this person’s sword. 

How does one’s sword dao feel after reaching the peak? 

If it was up to him to answer, there is only one answer. 


The loneliness at the top. 

Since he reached the Transcendence Realm and immortalization in sword dao, almost no one in the world was worthy of his sword. 

But the path of sword cultivation requires opponents. 

In the person before him, he saw the potential for him to be his opponent. 

Thus, he regretted that this man’s sword dao does not match his natal sword. 

Therefore, he wanted to accept him as a disciple. 

——He would instruct a disciple to be good enough to become an opponent through his own hands and according to his own mind. 

Thinking of this, he felt that within his heartless, lonely world, he finally found a slight anticipation.

But Ye Yunlan said: “I don’t need it.” 

Qiyun Jun: “Why?” 

Ye Yunlan was really fed up with this man. At a glance, he felt that his chest was pent up with frustrations. He just wanted to turn around and leave. 

However, things about the Buddha Pagoda in his previous life cannot be stated. He was silent for a while: “I remember that Rong Ran is a disciple of Immortal Venerable.” 

Qiyun Jun: “Yes.” 

Ye Yunlan: “Immortal Venerable’s disciple has moral misconduct. He is presumptuous and dares to make moves against members of his own sect. The ancients said that if a child is not taught properly, it is the father’s fault. If the teaching is not strict, the teacher is lazy. I don’t want to have Immortal Venerable as a Master and become a person like him.” 

Qiyun Jun frowned, “What did he do?” 

Ye Yunlan asked back: “Immortal Venerable is his Master, but doesn’t even know what his disciple has done?” 

Qiyun Jun: “I accepted him as a disciple, just to pay off karma. He does not have the qualifications to cultivate the sword. What I usually teach him is nothing more than some mind dao.” 

By saying this, he simply admitted that he really didn’t teach him seriously. 

Qiyun Jun seemed to realize that he was a bit irresponsible when he said that, so he paused and said, “If you become my disciple, I can teach you more than that.”

“I will find a way to solve the injury of the divine fire essence for you. You can read the Sky Sect sword techniques at any time. If there is anything you don’t understand, you can ask me and I will teach you until you understand. I can create the most suitable natal sword for you. I will discuss and practice with you until you can stand shoulder to shoulder with me in the immortalization sword dao realm.” 

This is the opportunity that all sword cultivators in the world would dream of. 

However, Ye Yunlan was indifferent to this. His eyes made contact with the ink jade hanging on the hilt of Qiyun Jun’s sword. His long eyelashes trembled slightly. 

“Dare I ask what is the karma Immortal Venerable owed?” he asked suddenly. 

Qiyun Jun frowned, not knowing why Ye Yunlan asked this, but he replied: “Saving grace.” 

Ye Yunlan’s eyes flashed, then asked: “What kind of saving grace?” 

This was not something that can’t be said. 

For the first time he wanted to take the initiative to accept a disciple. Qiyun Jun was very patient: “Back then, I was severely injured and recuperated at Xuanhu Peak. Rong Ran was a disciple of Xuanhu Peak. This is the karma that was owed at that time.” 

Transcendence tribulation is the boundary between immortality and mortality. 

Only those who have survived the Tribulation of Transcendence are qualified to start climbing the steps to Immortality. 

When he crossed the calamity, the Nine Thousand Heavenly Tribulation crashed down, and Xuanqing Du Er Sword was almost completely exhausted in the thunder calamity.

This was not the same as the tribulation recorded in the history books. 

The power was at least ten times that of the record. 

He tried his best to survive the last heavy catastrophe, but fell into a coma. 

When he woke up again, he was already at Xuanhu Peak. 

Three years have passed. 

He was missing three years of his memory. 

He only knew that Rong Qingjue and Rong Ran, that father son duo, rescued him. 

Rong Qingjue was the peak master of Xuanhu Peak. He had superb medical skills and a slight lack of moral character. However, treating his injuries for three years, he has worked hard. 

Rong Ran was the son of Rong Qingjue. With a beautiful appearance and gentle temperament, when he first woke up, he was taken care of by the other party. 

According to Rong Qingjue, for fear of implicating the safety of the sect, the incident of his injury should not be publicized. Therefore, for the past three years, he had been taken care of by his son. 

He accepted this situation and following Rong Ran’s request, he accepted the other party as a personal disciple. 

Rong Ran had a good temperament. As a disciple, he was quite worry-free. 

Later, Rong Ran returned the Xuan Po Jade to him. 

Xuanpo Jade was a relic of his master and it had an extraordinary meaning to him. 

He originally thought that the Xuan Po Jade had been lost in the Heavenly Tribulation, but he did not expect that it was in Rong Ran’s hands.

This karma became more and more difficult to eliminate. He simply accepted the other party as a personal disciple, and would protect his life under his wings. 

As for the other meanings of the Xuanpo jade… he didn’t know what he was thinking during the years when he lost his memory, but he didn’t want to know. 

After surpassing the mortal catastrophe, his heartless dao had almost reached great success. He was destined to have no love and desire for the people in this world. He would only accompany the sword in his hand for life. 

Ye Yunlan frowned. 

It was Xuanhu peak, not peach valley. 

Perhaps he was wrong. 

He looked at the Xuanqing Du Er Sword in Qiyun Jun’s hand. Not only the ink jade, but also the pitch-black scabbard. 

He didn’t look carefully last time. It was only now did he discover that a strange peach blossom was engraved on the dark, simple scabbard. 

Delicate and bright, extremely vivid. 

He thought of the peach forest that was outside of Yuntian Palace. 

Ye Yunlan didn’t want to talk to this person anymore. At this time, he was silent, but still said:     “Immortal Venerable seems to have a soft spot for peach blossoms?” 

Qiyun Jun: “Yes.” 

“Why?” Ye Yunlan said, “Immortal Venerable’s place has snow all year round. I thought Immortal Venerable preferred ice lotus and snow lanterns instead of peaches.” 

Qiyun Jun’s appearance was slightly cold, he said lightly: “This has nothing to do with you.”

Ye Yunlan was expressionless, “If Immortal Venerable doesn’t say it, how can you know that it has nothing to do with me?” 

Qiyun Jun: “Me liking peach blossoms has nothing to do with anyone in the world.” 

It really has nothing to do with anyone in this world. 

It only related to himself. 

When the heartless dao was close to immortalization, a heart demon would descend. 

The Inner heart Demon Tribulation was silent and often difficult to detect. 

His heart demon catastrophe was a dream. 

There was often a peach forest in his dreams and a shadowy figure in the peach forest. That person would run in the peach forest, laugh lightly and beautifully, and would hold his sleeves acting adorably. 

Every time he heard that laugh, he felt soft in his heart. His heart would shake. He wanted to hold hands with him.

But that was just a person he had imagined in the midst of his Heart Demon Tribulation. 

An illusory shadow. 

Carrying his only remaining love, desire, and thoughts in this life. 

Ye Yunlan: “Since Immortal Venerable doesn’t want to say anything, then we have nothing more to say.” 

While speaking, he couldn’t help but cough. He raised his head, his eyes indifferent, “Immortal Venerable, please go back. I won’t worship you as a Master, and I don’t need you to carve a sword for me.” 

Qiyun Jun frowned again. 

Ye Yunlan’s repeated refusal had already made him unhappy. 

Although he really wanted to accept this person as a disciple, as the Sect Master of Sky Sect, the supreme swordsman, he still had to keep his face. 

No matter how much he appreciates him, he will never promise the same thing twice. 

He then remembered the purpose of his visit this time. 

“The divine fire injury on your body has been induced, I need to suppress it with spiritual power.” Qiyun Jun said coldly, “I said that your injury needs to be suppressed repeatedly every month. Now that one month has passed, why did I not see you come to Yuntian Palace?” 

Ye Yunlan didn’t mean to go back ever since he stepped out of Yuntian Palace.

At this moment, even though his chest was in pain and he coughed up blood in his mouth, he only said coldly: “Yuntian Palace is snowing all year round, my body is chilled. I don’t like that place, so I won’t go. I don’t need to waste Immortal Venerable’s time anymore.” 

This person always stabbed at him with his words. 

Qiyun Jun wanted to turn around and leave, but he remembered the thin figure of this person walking in the wind and snow that day. He looked down at his pale complexion, then his gaze fixed on this person’s red mole and finally said.

“Since you are afraid of the cold and don’t want to go, then you will be healed at your residence.” 

Ye Yunlan wanted to refuse, but felt that his body was locked and could not move. As soon as Qiyun Jun stretched out his long arms, he carried him up and swept into the bamboo building. 

——Shen Shu was boiling hot water. 

The firewood crackled and his forehead oozed hot sweat. His cheeks were slightly red. He was thinking about the match with his master just now. 

This was the first time he has picked the flower branch from the other party’s hand. 

Although Shen Shu knew that his master had never used his full strength, the flaws just came suddenly. Even if they were deliberate, he was still very excited. 

The shadow beside the flame was also twisting happily. 

He once made a promise in front of Ye Yunlan, saying that he would use his own strength to be the person who will protect him in the future. This was not a lie. 

Today, he was one step closer to his goal. 

The tip of his ears suddenly moved. He heard sound coming from the bamboo building. 

There were footsteps. 

It’s not his master’s usual light, faint footsteps. It was calm and powerful, revealing an indescribable rhythm.

It came from Master’s bedroom. 

Shen Shu’s eyes darkened, he stopped his hands. 

He walked quickly back to the bedroom and saw the carved bed in the bedroom where he often slept with master. At this moment, there were two people sitting cross-legged. 

A tall man with white hair. 

The other person was his respected Master. 

His master’s clothes were messy, his back was pressed by the man’s palms. His face was pale, and his cheeks were sweaty. 

The thin pale lips were stained with red blood. 

The author has something to say:——No matter how much he appreciates him, he will never give the same promise again. 

Ye Yunlan: Remember what you said today.

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