Sick Beauty [Rebirth] Chapter 22

Chapter 22 Ambition 

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The blood was dazzling. 

Shen Shu stared closely at Ye Yunlan’s pale profile, then stared at the hand of the white-haired man clinging to Ye Yunlan’s back. 

Sunlight came in from outside the window sill, reflecting the distortion of the young man’s shadow. 

“Who are you? What are you doing to Master?!” 

Ye Yunlan heard Shen Shu’s voice. He raised his sweaty eyelashes, and looked at the teenager standing by the door. 

How did Shen Shu come here… 

Everyone knows that the lord of Sky Sect, Qiyun Jun, hates demons. His Xuanqing Du Er sword was specially made for the purpose of killing demons. Most demons who dare to show themselves under his nose couldn’t escape. 

Shen Shu was a semi-finished demon puppet and the filthy energy in his body has not been completely removed. If he is impulsive and exposes his identity in front of Qiyun Jun… 

Ye Yunlan: “Leave.” 

Shen Shu was taken aback, “Master?” 

Ye Yunlan closed his eyes. A drop of sweat rolled down from his eyelashes and landed on the back of his fisted hand, making a silent splash of water.

“I said leave.” He repeated hoarsely. 

But this time, Shen Shu was not as obedient as usual. 

He stayed at the spot stubbornly: “Master is injured, I…can’t go.” 

He spoke and dark colors surged in his eyes. 

Ye Yunlan whispered: “It’s just a small injury.” 

Qiyun Jun’s icy spiritual power washed through his body, suppressing the restless spirit of the divine fire. It’s just that his meridians that have been damaged in his body were fragile. Pain was inevitable during such intense washing. He let out a low muffled grunt. 

Shen Shu: “Master!” 

“Control your mind.” The man behind him said. The heavy spiritual pressure locked his whole body. Ye Yunlan only felt his perception of the outside world become blurred, as if separated by a thick film. 

——He couldn’t hear Shen Shu’s voice anymore. 

The back of Ye Yunlan’s hand stretched tighter, revealing the blue and winding meridians. 

Queying was by his side. 

If he had just been reborn, he would have already used his sword to initiate a forbidden technique when Qiyun Jun force healed his wounds. Even if he might die with the other party, he would use this to break through the heart demon from being trapped in the Buddha Tower for a hundred years in his previous life.

——He was no longer the person who was suppressed in the Pagoda Tower and was helpless to fight back. 

But he can’t now. 

Now he has something to be concerned about. 

In the long dark night, he received a Xuezhan flower. From then on, he had kept a little wolf pup by his side ever since. 

The little wolf cub was still immature and very clingy. He hadn’t had enough time to grow up to become independent for the future. 

He looked at the boy standing by the door. 

The young man seemed to be saying something, but he couldn’t hear it anymore. His vision was hazy. 

“Listen to what your Master said.” Ye Yunlan spoke again, his voice low, “Be good.” 

“Sect Master… is just helping your Master heal.” 


Shen Shu stopped when he wanted to rush to Ye Yunlan. 

He looked at the white-haired man sitting cross-legged on the bed. 

From beginning to end, this person never explained a word to him as if it was beneath him.

“Heal…Master’s injury? Did it flare up again?”

Shen Shu looked at the dazzling blood on Ye Yunlan’s lips, his fists clenched. 

He remembered Ye Yunlan’s stiffness and sluggishness at the sea of ​​flowers when they were exchanging moves. Was it at that time? Or earlier? 

Ye Yunlan did not answer. 

He could not hear. 

“Is it because of me, Master…” Shen Shu asked in a hoarse voice, but he saw the expressionless white-haired man turn his head and glance at him with a cold light. 

At a glance, there seemed to be endless frost and snow passing by. The black shadow at his feet stood still. 

——It seemed to have encountered a natural enemy. 

“Noisy,” the man said. 

Shen Shu was pushed out of the bedroom by a force, and the door slammed shut in front of him. 

That power seems to have no root and no source. There was no action made in front of him. It seemed to have come out of nowhere and everywhere in the world. 

He remembered what his Master said. Transcendence is the boundary between immortality and mortality. 

So this is the power of the Transcendence Realm? 

He looked at the door closed in front of him. His mind was on the pale profile of his Master in cold sweat when he was being healed. His five fingers slowly squeezed into his palm, oozing blood. 

He clearly said that he would protect his master. 

But he could only watch a strange man heal his master, while he stood on the side, unable to say a word of concern to his face.

He thought of the evil intent Rong Ran had towards his master in Tingfeng Pavilion. He thought of He Lanze who had acted attentively in the bamboo house. He thought of Senior Sister Yin that they met in Xingquan Peak, who was teasing Master. 

The excitement that came from their competition had completely dissipated. 

Shen Shu once again deeply realized that he was too weak and small. The people who coveted his master were all too powerful. 

Suddenly, Shen Shu couldn’t contain it and gave birth to a new kind of ambition to become stronger. 

Only by becoming stronger. 

Then could he stay with his Master forever. 

——As the spiritual pressure that imprisoned his whole body slowly disappeared, the divine fire injury in his body stabilized again. 

But when Ye Yunlan perceived the spiritual power in his body that did not belong to him at all, he had a deep disgust in his eyebrows. 

——This is why he was unwilling to go to Qiyun Jun to heal his injuries. 

“That boy just now, is he your disciple?” Qiyun Jun stepped off the bed and asked. 

Ye Yunlan expressionlessly raised his hand to arrange his clothes, “Yes.” 

“He is hostile, unstable, and meets the requirements to become a demon.” Qiyun Jun judged lightly. 

Ye Yunlan’s heart was shocked, but the expression on his face didn’t show any clues: “So what?” 

“If I were you, I would order him to go reflect. Until he clears his hostility, then could he be allowed to step onto the dao. Otherwise, with this kind of character, it will be very easy to get corrupted in the future.” Qiyun Jun said indifferently. 

Ye Yunlan said coldly: “Immortal Venerable really has an all-seeing mind. You can judge a person’s character just by seeing them once.”

How could Qiyun Jun not hear the irony in his words? He only felt that this person that had clenched fists that revealed his cyan veins was clearly fragile. Yet, they were thorny and sharp, always thinking about hurting others. 

…they didn’t care if they would break their own foundation at all. 

He said: “The reason why you refused me is because of him?” 

Ye Yunlan was silent for a while, “Immortal Venerable thinking this way, it’s not wrong.” 

Qiyun Jun: “You have excellent sword dao talent. You should use a single-hearted devotion concentrating on it, instead of wasting your talents and focusing on other things.” 

Ye Yunlan: “Whether I am or not, it’s my own business. There is no need to worry the Immortal Venerable. The healing is over, please return.” 

Qiyun Jun stared at the cold appearance of the person in front of him. Only his blood-stained lips had a slight arc of sarcasm. It was beautiful and frightening. It seems that he does not care about him at all. 

He still couldn’t understand the origin of this person’s disgusting attitude towards him. 

Suddenly, he thought about what this person would look like if he really laughed. 

…Will it be as light and beautiful as the person in his dream? As if the entire peach blossom grove bloomed for him?

——When Ye Yunlan walked out of the room, Shen Shu was no longer visible. 

He went to the bathroom and found the youth silently soaking in the barrels. He went over, and called: “Shen Shu” 

Shen Shu whispered a response. “Master” 

After this, it was silent again. He did not complain about the pain as usual, nor secretly looked up at him. 

Ye Yunlan: “What’s wrong.” 

Shen Shu shook his head, “Nothing.” 

There was clearly something in his heart. 

Ye Yunlan was silent for a while: “That person just now was the Sect Master of Sky Sect. He was entrusted to heal me, so you don’t have to worry about it.” 

Shen Shu muffledly said: “I’m not worried.” 

Saying one thing but meaning another. 

Ye Yunlan rubbed his head helplessly, and said softly, “Tell Master what happened.” 

He coaxed and coaxed, then Shen Shu finally raised his head. 

He was taken aback. He saw that the boy’s eyes were clearly red. 

“The recurrence of Master’s injury is related to me?” Shen Shu asked him. 

Ye Yunlan was silent for a moment: “The injury of Master’s is not completely healed, it’s not your fault.” 

“Master is lying to me again.” Shen Shu said. 

The steam was steaming from the wooden barrel, and the boy’s eyes seemed to be stained with hazy mist. When he saw that he did not answer, his expression was slightly dim.

“I said it before, I will find the best elixir in the world for Master to heal your injuries.” He whispered, “I will definitely do it.” 

“So, the next time Master is injured, can you stop hiding it from me?” 

These years, Ye Yunlan had been walking alone in the world and has long been accustomed to shouldering everything by himself.

At this moment, listening to the serious words of the young man, he was at a loss.

As he delayed in answering, the boy stared at him unblinkingly. 

The rising heat condensed drops of water on the boy’s eyelashes that ran down his pale cheeks. 

In the end his heart softened. 

Ye Yunlan reached out and wiped the wet marks on the boy’s face with his fingers, and agreed. 


——Time flies. 


Qingyun Mountain was snowing. 

Ye Yunlan sat in front of the book table, reading the scrolls in his hand attentively. 

He was wrapped in a fluffy fox fur, long black hair draped behind him. A white face appeared within the fluff. 

The stove was burning incense in the room, and there were several red blossoms in a vase in the corner. 

The window was wide open, and the outside world could be seen wrapped in silver, but no wind or snow poured into the house. A layer of transparent ripples could be seen faintly. 

——It was a barrier set up on the window that could block the wind and snow. 

The house was tranquil.

Suddenly there was the sound of footsteps. 

The study door was pushed open. A young man in black came in with a celadon bowl in his hand. 


Ye Yunlan raised his head, “Why did you come back so early today?” 

The young man: “The mountain was cold and disciple was worried about Master’s body, so he came back earlier.” 

He was dressed in black. He had a ponytail tying back his hair. The face was handsome and stern, and one could vaguely see the tenderness of when he was young. 

It’s just that the gloomy and hostile spirit at the beginning seems to have disappeared with the passing of the years. 

He now seemed to be no different from any disciple cultivating in the immortal dao since childhood. He was even more stellar. 

Ye Yunlan looked at Shen Shu with a slight emotion in his heart. 

Three years ago, after the filthy qi in Shen Shu’s body was removed, he taught Shen Shu the method of spiritual qi cultivation. 

Although he had already expected Shen Shu’s aptitude, it was only three years before he broke through the three realms and was promoted to the Golden Core realm. With such aptitude, he was afraid that all the geniuses in the cultivation world could not hope to reach him.

Seeing his disciple achieve success in his studies, as his Master, he was naturally gratified.

It’s just… 

“Master, this is the heart-hardening snow lotus. Adding it’s root with an ice pear fruit and warmed with a small fire for twenty-four hours, it would be effective in nourishing the meridians and spleen.”

Shen Shu walked over with the porcelain bowl leaning on the bookcase to look at him. 

Those dark eyes were narrower and sharper than when they were young, but the color of their pupils when they looked at him was still pure and serious. 

His voice was still between a youth and a juvenile, with a little hoarseness within the deep tone. 

“I have taken out the lotus heart. Adding rock sugar, it won’t be bitter.” 

Shen Shu picked up the porcelain spoon. He blew it gently with his lips, and asked him in a low voice. 

“Master, have a taste, okay?”

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