Sick Beauty [Rebirth] Chapter 27

Chapter 27 Rainbow Sword 

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A dispute was taking place on the long street. 

“Boy, quickly hand over the treasure you stole from the communication stream to this young master!” 

At the corner of the intersection, a young man in brocade clothes wearing a machete with several guards was encircling a thin youth. 

The young man was leaning against the wall half-wounded, with blood on his mouth. His face was covered with dust. Holding the sword in his hand, he was in a sorry state, but his expression was stubborn, “I didn’t… steal! You have wronged… me!” 

Every word he said would cause blood to spill from his lips. Spilling out, he looked very miserable, but his tone of voice somehow gave people a somewhat dazed feeling. 

Ye Yunlan stopped. 

During the Tianchi Mountain dao conference, elites gathered together. From the cultivation world, elites of all sects and factions came, so it was normal for conflicts to occur. 

Shen Shu didn’t intend to pay any attention to these things, he only stopped after seeing his Master stop. 

He looked sideways at the figure in the white fox fur beside him. The veil hat obscured the face of the other party, so he couldn’t see how the other party felt.

He knows that his Master is usually indifferent. Although he has a kind heart, he still wouldn’t go to the level of casual meddling. 

Back then, he asked his Master why he wanted to save him. His Master replied at first, “Just casually lending a hand.” At that time, he didn’t believe it very much. Later, his Master admitted that he was special and it made him very happy. It’s just that at that time, he hadn’t thought about the meaning of ‘special’ carefully. 

It wasn’t until later when they had spent more time with each other did he realize that, except for him, when his master saved the many other disciples in the secret realm, it was actually “casually” as the other party said. 

To his master…saving people is like a habit formed over the years. 

Not pity, just a habit. 

Just that. 

After Ye Yunlan stopped, he said nothing. 

The silk clothed young man had not noticed Ye Yunlan. He drew his machete from his waist. His foot stepped against the wall the boy was leaning on, “Don’t argue, take your stolen treasure out, then this young master can spare you from death.” 

The youth had a stubborn face. He just repeated, “I, no, I didn’t…steal!” 

Seeing that the tip of the knife had touched the young man ‘s neck and there was blood leaking out, Ye Yunlan said, “Stop.” 

The young man in the brocade clothing heard a cold pleasant voice and his heart moved. The tip of the knife remained on the young man’s neck, but he turned around. 

He saw a man dressed in white fox fur with a veiled hat covering his face, his body cultivation was very low.

At most, it was at the qi refining state. 

A black-clothed young man stood beside him, with a crown of hair. He was looking at him with cold eyes. His cultivation level was not weak. Just like him, he was in his golden core stage. 

But it was just the golden core stage. 

The guards who followed him were in the nascent soul stage, even he, himself, was about to break through the golden core and enter the nascent soul stage. 

He has always been arrogant and domineering. Seeing that the person who prevented him was not very strong, he sneered: “Who are you to dare stop me?”

“Do you know, my father is Dao Yi Sect’s Yang and daoist’s senior disciple, Nangong Yu? Now he is Dao Yi Sect’s Sect Leader, what qualifications do you have to mind my Nangong Qing’s business?” 

Ye Yunlan stood there with no expression on his face. 


Since he was reborn, he always seemed to be questioned about his qualifications. 

This was quite novel. 

In his previous life, when he saved others, he would silently use his sword and would never listen to the threats of others. 

Good and evil in the world, black and white, he had his own measure in his heart. 

Even if his swordsmanship was regarded as evil and the people he saved also regarded him as a ghost 

He didn’t care. 

Walking in the fragmented world at that time, saving countless people from disasters, it was indeed driven by kindness. But more than that, it was just habit. 

He did not expect favors in return, nor did he care about his own life or death.

… He was only praying that God could respond with a little mercy. 

He didn’t believe in fate, but in order to save that person’s remnant soul, he did good and virtuous deeds, day by day. He walked through temples and bowed down to the gods, just to give that person a chance of reincarnation. 

Now someone asked him about his qualifications?

Ye Yunlan replied indifferently: “Whether there are any relations, I know in my heart, what does it have to do with you?” 

Nangong Qing originally thought Ye Yunlan’s voice was pleasant to the ear. But being refuted, he became furious. He sneered, and said sharply: “Wearing a veiled hat to hide your identity, could it be that you are a demonic cultivator who got into Tianchi Mountain and don’t dare to show others your true appearance?” 

“If not, take off your veiled hat and talk to me. If not, today I, Nangong Qing, will punish you in the name of heaven——” Nangong Qing said this and his machete against the young man’s neck had already moved towards Ye Yunlan. He then heard a sword sound. It was Shen Shu. He drew his sword, blocking the blow for Ye Yunlan. 

Over the years, Shen Shu’s face has faded away from the pale and gloomy appearance he once had. Usually, he behaved appropriately and resembled a disciple from a prestigious upright sect, but at this moment, his eyes were like wild wolves. The cold light inside shocked Nangong Qing.

“Heh, there are people by your side protecting you.” Nangong Qing suppressed the annoying fear in his heart, and sneered, “Seeing your footsteps and lack of cultivation, it’s a compliment to say that you are a demonic cultivator. Are you actually just a mortal woman, running away from home to elope with your little lover to Tianchi Mountain to be happy?” 

It was difficult for ordinary people to identify Ye Yunlan as a woman from looking at his figure and behavior. Nangong Qing saying this was clearly an insult. 

Ye Yunlan was expressionless. 

He had heard too many insults and criticisms in his previous life. There were too many people who resented him and wanted him to die, hhe had not been hurt by words a long time ago. 

But Nan Gongqing continued: “Immortals are different, how long can your little lover be good to you? After you become tainted, I don’t know if your husband in the mortal world will still want a loose woman like you.” 

The word “husband” made Ye Yunlan’s eyes cold. 

“Shen Shu, withdraw.” 

Shen Shu: “Master?” 

Ye Yunlan said quietly, “I will deal with him.” 

I will deal with him. 

This is a sword cultivator who was extremely confident and proud of himself, asking his opponent for a fight. 

Shen Shu: “Yes.” 

He already felt that when his Master held the sword at this moment, his aura was completely different from his usual. 

It was also different from when he taught himself normally.

At that time, Ye Yunlan was still gentle and tender. Even though he was cold and indifferent, when he gave him pointers, it was still like a spring breeze, embellishing things silently, taking care of every detail. 

But he did not try his best. 

Now, maybe it should be what the other party really looked like when he used the sword.

 ——Indifference, ice cold, invincible. 

Nothing can melt him. 

Chen Weiyuan was watching quietly in Xunxian Pavilion. 

Xu Qingyue was curious and asked: “What are you looking at?” 

Chen Weiyuan turned his head away and said lightly: “Nothing.” 

He carefully brewed the spring mountain condensation dew in his hand, then poured a cup for Xu Qingyue, “Qingyue, come.” 

Xu Qingyue smiled: “This spring mountain condensation dew tea has a strong fragrance. It has a spring sweetness, and a sweet aftertaste, it is really good.” 

Chen Weiyuan said warmly: “If you like it, drink more.” 

In the mist, he glanced quickly and looked towards the street. 

At exactly this time, a bright sword light flashed across, as if the morning star was breaking through. 

The sword was beautiful. 

He thought lightly. 

And the person? 

Ye Yunlan had already made his move and the sword light was desolate. 

Nan Gongqing’s eyes were disdainful. The machete was raised in his hand: “If you want to die, don’t blame me for helping you.” 

He was a golden core cultivator who was about to break through to Nascent Soul. Although his realm was through consuming countless effective medicinal ingredients causing his realm to be unstable, it is more than enough to deal with a cultivator who has no cultivation level, not to mention these are guards arranged for him by his father.

The sword light collided with the machete light. 

The dust on the ground shook. 

Ye Yunlan placed the sword into its sheath. 

Under the veiled hat, his appearance showed a little unspeakable loneliness and weariness. 

Nangong Qing stood there blankly. 

His knife had fallen to the ground and there was a faint blood mark on the side of his neck. A small slit opened, and then a drop of blood fell silently. 

The audience was in an uproar. 

They thought this was a battle without suspense, yet now they found that there was no suspense, but the result was completely contrary to what they expected. 

Chen Weiyuan held a tea cup and looked at the scene on the street. 

Xu Qingyue: “Senior Brother Chen?” 

After saying that, he also looked at the street.

Not far away at where both the sword cultivators were, Xu Qingyue felt the death nirvana sword intent on the street. His back was slightly cold, and he couldn’t help sighing, “It’s a strong sword.” 

Chen Weiyuan: “The sword is powerful, but without the support of cultivation, if you encounter a strong opponent, it’ll be like a castle in the sky. It will be broken at the slightest touch.” 

Xu Qingyue disagreed, “Nevertheless, the level of cultivation can accumulate over time, but sword dao requires many trials and hardships to make progress. The two cannot be compared.” 

Chen Weiyuan didn’t comment. 

On the street. 

Nangong Qing finally recovered from the shock. 

Lost, he actually lost?

He lost to a mortal whose cultivation base hasn’t even reached foundation? 

The surrounding discussion made him feel irritable. Nangong Qing couldn’t help thinking about the dazzling sword energy that made his neck hurt just now. He couldn’t swallow down this breath. He also couldn’t admit that he was… even scared. 

He instructed the guards around him, shouting: “You, go up, and capture them both!” 

Several nascent soul guards were shocked by the result of the fight. At this time, they all returned to their senses and rushed forward. 

This time, Shen Shu didn’t listen to Ye Yunlan’s words of not letting him help. He directly drew his sword in front of Ye Yunlan, “Master, you go first!” 

He still remembered what Qiyun Jun said in the room before. 

Ye Yunlan can’t use his sword techniques frequently, otherwise, the injury from three years ago will recur and it will repeat itself. 

He came to the dao conference this time to get the elixir to heal his master, so how can he see his Master get hurt? 

As for the group of people in front of him… 

His eyes were dull with a blood tint faintly glowing. 

“Shen Shu!” Ye Yunlan’s shout was harsh. 

Because of Shen Shu’s physique, he had never laxed in watching over Shen Shu.

Shen Shu’s demonic puppet physique has not been removed. If he was hungry for power, he could absorb the filthy energy of the world at any time to make breakthroughs. It’s just that Shen Shu has been obedient in Qingyun Mountain these years, which made him feel relieved. 

Unexpectedly, after coming to Tianchi Mountain, there was a hint of loss of control. 

Shen Shu knew what he was worried about, and tried his best to suppress the hostility in his heart, “Master, I won’t…” He blocked another person’s attack with his sword, “I said I want to be your disciple… if I promised Master I would not do it, I would never do it.” 

“Don’t do anything, believe me Master.” 

Ye Yunlan was silent for a while, then finally did not stop Shen Shu. 

But it was impossible to leave behind his disciple and go first. So he only held his queying sword and looked at Shen Shu intently. 

Shen Shu did exactly as said. 

He only cultivated to the golden core stage, but under the siege of several people, he did not falter. 

Ye Yunlan was not too surprised by the result.

Shen Shu’s sword realm progressed very fast. He had already broken through to the great success realm before coming to the conference. He was no different from He Lanze. 

Therefore, he could fight across realms. 

The sword moves that swept over were all blocked by Shen Shu’s calmness. The young man’s face became more fierce and handsome as the long sword was swung. His eyes resembled cold stars.

It was only during this battle that he saw that the long sword in Shen Shu’s hand slowly had cracks appear. 

This was not Shen Shu’s natal sword, but just an ordinary iron sword, unable to withstand too much spiritual power. 

In the past few years, the refining materials he prepared for Shen Shu have been almost all collected. After returning, he can be taught to refine his natal sword. By then, Shen Shu will no longer be held back by his weapon. 

In the chaos, Ye Yunlan looked calm. He was guarded by his apprentice, and he thought it was needless for him to make a move. Thus, he began to ponder, mostly things related to Shen Shu. 

However, Nangong Qing suddenly attacked him with a sword frantically. 

“I don’t believe it–” Nangong Qing said with a grim look, “How can there be a sword cultivator in this world that can defeat me with a mortal body–!” 

Shen Shu was entangled by those Nascent Soul cultivators. He turned wanting to protect him, but because he was too anxious, a wound was drawn on his arm. But he didn’t notice it. 

But Ye Yunlan had once again taken out his sword. 

The sword light flicked across. 

In the pavilion, Chen Weiyuan’s fingers drew a few spells in the void. 

Chen Xianyu vaguely noticed something, and was surprised: “Brother?” 

Chen Weiyuan glanced at him from the side, and said faintly: “Hm?” 

Chen Xianyu: “Nothing, nothing.”

Between heaven and earth, a gust of wind raged. 

The strong wind rustled the trees and the flags of the vendors in the town were dancing wildly. 

The sword was dripping blood. 

Nangong Qing had completely fallen to the ground. 

As for the person who had just shot out, the veiled hat was blown away by the sudden gust of wind. 

His long black hair fell down like a waterfall, winding down on the snowy white fox fur. 

He was holding a sword, standing in the sun. He was wearing fox fur, but his face was paler than it was, as if it was frozen ice and snow. 

Only a little vermilion spot at the end of his eye was like red plum blossoms in the ice and snow, shaking people’s hearts. 

The noisy crowd fell silent for a moment. 

The tea cup in Chen Weiyuan’s hand fell onto the table and a few drops of water splashed out. 

Xu Qingyue slowly looked at the figure on the street for a long time: “Senior Brother, who is he?” 

Chen Weiyuan said nothing. He just stared at the figure on the street. The five fingers that were accustomed to playing chess curled up slightly, seeming to want to catch something. 

And above the street. 

Ye Yunlan seemed to be aware of something. He turned his head, confronting the third floor of Xunxian Pavilion. A pair of dark and faint… 

Familiar eyes filled with stars.

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