Sick Beauty [Rebirth] Chapter 28

Chapter 28 Curse Seal 

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The wind howled. 

Ye Yunlan’s pupils tightened. 

He wanted to turn around and leave, but it was too late. 

An uncontrollable pain emerged from the depths of his soul. His heart seemed to be gripped tightly by a big hand. It was kneaded to ooze blood. 

He took a deep breath and sweat oozed from his pale cheeks. 

The curse that he planted in his soul in his previous life was not eliminated by rebirth. 

He already knew about this incident when Rong Ran tried to drug him in Tingfeng Pavilion.

It’s just. 

This level of pain was not unbearable. 

He thought with an expressionless face. His hand holding the sword clenched tight. He raised the tip of his sword and pointed it straight at Chen Weiyuan. 

In the sun, the person on the street raised their eyes, pointing their swords at them. Their eyes were soaked with chill. 

On his pale cheeks, there was a drop of red blood. 

So fierce. 

…And so fragile. 


Chen Weiyuan thought. 

A rare interest arose in his heart. He got up and was about to fly down, but he did not expect the other party to suddenly put away the long sword in his hand. He turned around indifferently, and did not look at him again. 

He seemed to have raised the sword to him just now, but it was only a warning because his eyes were too offensive.

It’s just that he didn’t make a mistake. When the man looked at him, the intent was clearly to kill. 

The man knew him. 

Not only did he know him, but he also wanted to kill him. 

Chen Weiyuan stopped on the spot. He squinted slightly while looking at the back of the man on the street. 

He held the leaning rail with his hand, and put his fingertips on it, tapping again and again. 

There were footsteps coming over. 

He turned his face slightly and saw Xu Qingyue’s white and beautiful profile. 

Before today, he had always thought that the beauty of the other party was a clear moon in the world. Only just now, he caught a glimpse of another bright moon that was out of reach. It was as if it was not a part of this world. 

He couldn’t help but compare the two. 

Then Xu Qingyue smiled slightly: “Senior Brother Chen suddenly got up. Could it be that he was also amazed by the swordsmanship of the man on the street?” 

Chen Weiyuan retracted his thoughts and said warmly: “Yes.” 

Xu Qingyue leaned their arm against the railing and leaned forward to look out. His voice was as sweet as running water, “I am also like this. Being able to face a Golden Core cultivator as a mortal, I have never seen such a sword realm among my peers in the Northern Territory.” 

“Senior Brother Chen, what do you think he has achieved in sword dao? What extent do you think it is? Is it great success, inferior immortalization… or the immortalization realm that can only be reached by the legendary powers that can climb the steps to immortality?”

Chen Weiyuan recalled the sword light he had just seen. 

He didn’t practice the sword, but he has seen many people who use the sword. There was no shortage of sword cultivators.

Immortalization sword realm can overwhelm mountains and rivers with a single sword. It was enough to allow cultivators to break through the six mortal realms and climb the steps to immortality. Even if there was no cultivation base in the body, cultivators of the mortal six realms would not be his opponent. 

He remembered that he was guarded by a black-clothed young man. It was only when the man was forced did he use the sword. He thought for a moment, “He should be at inferior immortalization realm.” 

“Senior Brother thinks the same as I do.” Speaking thus far, Xu Qingyue frowned, “With his sword dao having such accomplishments, how can there be no spiritual power cultivation…” 

The sword dao realm and the cultivation realm are mutually complementary. It is really strange to possess sword dao, but the body has no cultivation ability.

Chen Weiyuan did not answer. He just lowered his eyes to look at Chen Xianyu sitting at the table. 

Chen Xianyu understood and hurriedly answered, “Junior Brother Ye lost his cultivation because he was accidentally injured while saving people.” 

“Junior Brother Tianxuan knows him? He lost his cultivation because he was seriously injured…” Xu Qingyue revealed a trace of pity, then turned his head, “I heard Senior Brother Chen say that these few years Junior Brother Tianxuan was traveling the Eastern Continent. In this case, this person should be a disciple of the Sky Sect….dare I ask his name?” 

Chen Xianyu: “Yunsheng Lanhai. His name is Ye Yunlan.” (first part to tell which words make up his name; in the Chinese language, several words could sound similar thus the differentiation). 

“Ye Yunlan…” Xu Qingyue whispered and repeated.

Chen Weiyuan smiled faintly: “Qingyue, it’s rare to see you so interested in others.” 

“As a sword cultivator, I have a little bit of sympathy.” Xu Qingyue said, “I have always known that heroes gathered at the Tianchi Mountain dao conference. But who would have thought before it even started, I would see a person who surprised me like so. I really want to get acquainted with him.” 

He pondered for a while, looked at Chen Weiyuan, “I’m afraid it’s not appropriate to get acquainted rashly. Could Senior Brother Chen give me some advice?” 

Chen Weiyuan looked at Xu Qingyue. 

The other party’s eyes were clear and radiant, his face was beautiful and dazzling. 

Suddenly he remembered when they first met, it was also in a competition conference. 

Tianji Pavilion and Tan Qing Sect were the two major sects of the Northern Territory, and the Chen family and Xu family were closely related.

At that time, he won the top spot. 

Xu Qingyue took the initiative to come to meet him with admiration in his eyes. 

The young Xu Qingyue’s appearance was very eye-catching, but because of his young age, his figure was not grown. Thus with his beautiful looks, his gender was ambiguous.

At first he thought the other party was a girl. 

At that time, Xu Qingyue came over with a sword. Raising his face, he called him: “Senior Brother Chen.” 

The Chen family had a strict class status and Tianji Pavilion was the same. When others called him, they would only call him “Young Pavilion Master” or “Young Patriarch”.

Xu Qingyue was the first person to call him Senior Brother. 

Chen Weiyuan’s eyes lingered on Xu Qingyue’s face for a moment. 

“There will be a chance to get acquainted.” His voice was faint, “Tianchi Mountain dao conference is meant to promote exchanges between the disciples of the sects of the cultivation world, you don’t have to worry.” 

Xu Qingyue: “It’s just that because of his injuries, I am afraid that he will suffer a loss in the competition.” 

“Yes.” He clapped his hands together. “Why don’t I send him some healing pills and see if I can take this opportunity to get acquainted with him.” 

Although Tan Qing Sect was not one of the top six dao sects, it has the reputation of being the number one medicine school in the cultivation world. Most of the cultivators there were medical practitioners. There were very few sword cultivators like Xu Qingyue. The Xu family was also a well-known family of medical practitioners in ancient times. 

For this reason, although Xu Qingyue was a descendant of the Xu family and was extremely popular with the current Patriarch of the Xu family, it was impossible for him to inherit the position of the head of the clan within Tanqing sect. 

Even so, Chen Weiyuan knew that Xu Qingyue had a large number of precious pills given to him by the Patriarch of the Xu family.

“You can give it a try.” Chen Weiyuan’s voice faded, “Nevertheless, that person looks like he has a very cold temperament, I am afraid it will not be easy. Qingyue…I am afraid you will be wronged.”     

“No problem. As long as they are a sword cultivator, they would have a bit of arrogance.” Xu Qingyue said, then looked at Chen Weiyuan with a smile, “Besides, when I talked to Senior Brother Chen at the beginning, didn’t Senior Brother also answer me like that? Now, we are also very familiar.”     

“More than familiar.” Chen Weiyuan’s voice lowered. He walked over in two steps, put his hand on the back of Xu Qingyue’s hand on the railing, and slowly held it.     

Perhaps because of the years of sword practice, the other party’s hands were not soft. However, they were slender and distinct. Chen Weiyuan’s palm was slightly larger than his, just enough to cover it completely.     

“Qingyue, don’t forget what you promised your Senior Brother before.” Chen Weiyuan’s fingers intertwined Xu Qingyue’s fingers so they were holding hands. His voice was a little husky, and a little low. “If you pay attention to others like this, Senior Brother will be jealous.” 

Xu Qingyue’s cheeks turned red, his handsome face became even more dazzling. 

“…Senior Brother Chen!” 

Chen Xianyu secretly glanced at the two people next to the railing. He couldn’t watch anymore, so he silently looked down at the tea cup in his hand. 

Then he called the boy who was also brought over here.

“Ah, Junior Brother Yin, come, let’s drink tea, drink tea.” 

——On the street. 

Ye Yunlan had placed his sword into its sheath. 

Shen Shu took advantage of the loss of consciousness of the guards of the Nascent Soul Stage and threw them down on the ground. He hurried to Ye Yunlan’s side, “Master, are you okay?” 

The scorching sun was shining. 

Transparent sweat dripped down Ye Yunlan’s cheeks, he was sickly pale. 

His heart was still in pain, as if he was being bound by a chain. His eyebrows frowned, and he was somewhat speechless. 

The voices of the surrounding people suddenly became noisy. Countless fierce gazes stared at him. 

A feeling of nausea breeded at the thought of the man staring at him just now. 

A gust of wind came just at the right moment, the moment when he condensed all his intent to attack Nangong Qing with a sword. 

If it was an ordinary cultivator, they may have mistaken it for coincidence. 

But how familiar was he with that person? Knowing that he was proficient in yin and yang spells, and was good at deducing the secrets of heaven, when the Dao technique was successful, the changes in the world would all be within his fingertips. 

Although he doesn’t know his current cultivation. 

But as the young patriarch of the Chen family, the power of his ancient bloodline must be the strongest of his peers. It would not be surprising for him to have a high cultivation level.

In his previous life, he did everything possible to escape his identity as a chess piece in the other party’s hand. In this life, he will never repeat the same mistake again.

Shen Shu seemed to be aware of something. He turned to his side to block most of the overly enthusiastic gazes in his surroundings, “Master, since the person has been rescued, let’s go first.” 

Ye Yunlan took a deep breath and squeezed out a word indifferently, “Let’s go.” 

Shen Shu walked to the front to make way for Ye Yunlan. 

However, the onlookers at some time had become extremely large.

“Is he the Northern Territory’s Tan Qing Sect’s, Xu Qingyue, known as the number one beauty in the cultivation world?” Someone asked. 

“No, I just met Xu Qingyue and he had gone into Xunxian Pavilion. But him…I have never seen him before.” 

“Then who is this person? Such swordsmanship, such an appearance… How could I have never heard of him before?” 

Someone in the crowd squeezed out to intercept the two of them. Shen Shu raised his sword, his eyes were full of chill, “Go away.” 

Although his cultivation base was only a golden core, everyone present had seen him just now. One person against multiple enemies, the scene of him crossing realms to fight without losing, no one dared to intercept them. 

Walking out of the crowd, Shen Shu cast an invisible spell on his Master and himself. The surroundings became much better. 

He paid attention to his Master’s situation and found that after leaving the place, he looked a lot better. He was a little relieved. 

Then, he heard a young boy’s voice behind him, “Wait…wait a minute.” 

Ye Yunlan’s footsteps stopped. 

Turning around, he saw the boy who had just been rescued.

He saved people out of habit. 

But the habits of his previous life no longer need to be retained in this life. 

As long as he no longer appeared next to that person in this life, he will no longer be the other party’s weakness. 

That person will become the Lord of the Demon realm, the Supreme Demon Lord, freely looking down at the world.

…Rather than having his soul scattered in front of him, with no bones remaining. 

Yet after being reborn, he was still doing what he could, doing good and accumulating virtues. 

He thought he was probably afraid that everything would be just a dream, that his prayers would not be fulfilled in this life. 

Ye Yunlan lowered his eyes and looked at the youth, “What’s the matter?” 

The youth: “Thank you… for saving me.” 

Ye Yunlan’s appearance was indifferent, “You don’t have to say thank you.” 

He said this, and turned around to leave, but the boy ran over, standing between Ye Yunlan and Shen Shu.

Shen Shu was examining the young man and frowned at this time. He took a step forward and stood in front of Ye Yunlan. 

“I have set up a concealing formation around us, how did you see us?” 

The boy opened his eyes, his pupils were dark, like a smooth mirror, without ripples: “Seeing… means seeing.”

The young man had a pair of natural eyes that could break through formations. 

Shen Shu was able to beat the formation in He Lanze’s courtyard back then because of his superb array skills and knowing how to take advantage of others entering the formation, thus he could adapt.

But that is figuring it out, not seeing through it.

Diagnosis requires smart thinking, it can be explained by having a talent in formations. However, seeing through it is a natural ability. 

The strength of a bloodline. 

This youth’s status was not simple. 

Ye Yunlan stared down at the young man. He did not get any information from his clothes: “Did you come to Tianchi Mountain alone? Where are your parents and relatives? They said you stole a spirit weapon, what is going on?” 

The boy: “I have an older brother. I came to Tianchi Mountain to find my older brother.” He said, childishly, “I didn’t steal a spiritual weapon. This was originally something that my brother left me.” 

He took out a piece of blood-red jade from the skirt of his clothes, with a faint light lingering on it. There was an indescribable sense of strangeness. 

Ye Yunlan glanced at it and his eyelids twitched. 

This is a Primordial Chalcedony. 

Spirit stones are a currency commonly used in the world of spiritual practice, separated into high-grade, middle-grade, and low-grade. Spirit jade is a higher grade than spirit stone, and one piece of spirit jade can be worth 10,000 top-grade spirit stones. 

This is just for ordinary spirit jade. For a spirit chalcedony, it is the most quintessence object in a spirit mine. If a whole vein is hollowed out, it may not be able to produce a few pieces. The value is indescribable. 

What ordinary cultivators do not know is that above the spiritual marrow, there is a truly priceless treasure, the Primordial Chalcedony. 

As long as you wear it, even if you don’t practice, you can gradually change the physique of one’s mortal body, continuously improving one’s cultivation base. One could easily reach the peak of the six realms of the mortal body.

This kind of thing is not something that can be mined in ordinary spirit mines, it must be a spirit mine controlled by an ancient family. 

Even in an ancient family, there are only a handful of families with an immortal level spirit mine. 

The head of the Daoyi Sect probably wouldn’t dare to provoke such a behemoth. 

Nangong Qing dared to attack the young man, probably only thinking that this thing was an ordinary chalcedony. He was greedy and wanted to slander him and snatch it away. 

Ye Yunlan asked: “What’s your name?”

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