Sick Beauty [Rebirth] Chapter 32

Chapter 32 Letter  

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Xu Qingyue? 

Ye Yunlan narrowed his eyebrows slightly. He had a deep impression of this old friend of Chen Weiyuan who he could never forget in his previous life. 

In his memory, every year, Chen Weiyuan would spend a few days in the Chen Family’s Netherrealm to pay homage to Xu Qingyue. 

It’s just that when he was rescued by Chen Weiyuan in his previous life, Xu Qingyue had already died to save Chen Weiyuan. He had never interacted with the other party and in this life, he had never met the other party before. How could the other party suddenly come to find him?? 

For Ye Yunlan, everything related to Chen Weiyuan was something weary to him. 

He heard Shen Shu speak: “Master, outside the cave dwelling is the number one beauty on the Tianji beauty ranking list? Why did he come to find you.” 

Ye Yunlan: “I don’t know.” 

Shen Shu: “Should I invite the person in?”

Ye Yunlan picked up his queying sword on the stone table, his eyes were indifferent, “No need. We just need to practice the sword outside, so let’s go out and meet them.” 

He turned his head and said to Gu Xuan: “Daoist Gu, you can recuperate in the cave. If you want to leave, you can leave at any time without telling me.” 

Gu Xuan listened to his cold words and wanted to inquire, but he didn’t say anything. 

He looked at Ye Yunlan’s departing back.

The other party’s black hair hung down, while his pale hand was holding a black sheathed long sword. His robe seemed empty and his footsteps were light, as if he was gliding. No trace of spiritual power could be seen. In his perception, he was actually more fragile than a mortal. 

The other party walked slowly out of the cave, as if the distance between them over the years was getting further and further. 

Suddenly, he wanted to get up, but blood oozed from his bandage. There was a sharp pain from the injury of the spear piercing through his chest. 

Gu Xuan lowered his head and frowned. He gave a wry smile, and didn’t move any more. 

He thought of the person who had just called Ye Yunlan outside the cave. 

Xu Qingyue. 

…People of the Xu family, what did they want with his brother? 

Gu Xuan had once met Xu Qingyue. 

His appearance was indeed extremely beautiful, but in his eyes, it wasn’t worthy of bearing the title of the first beauty in the cultivation world. 

His mother, Ye Tange, if solely judged on her appearance, actually surpassed Xu Qingyue. 

Emperor Ye collected thousands of beauties from the five continents and four seas. His harem was full of beauties. However, at every palace banquet, Ye Tange was always the most outstanding and charming flower among them. Dressed up and dancing, she can turn all beings upside down. 

But the Ye clan’s rules were strict. Because of their superior bloodline, Ye Tange was raised as the wife of the Ye patriarch since childhood. 

She was a canary raised by her family in a golden cage. Her eyes were full of only Emperor Ye and she had never showed her face outside.

Tianji Pavilion had an agreement with other ancient aristocratic families long ago. Besides the ancient aristocratic families deliberately exposing their forces, other information should not appear on the list of rankings. Otherwise, the beauty rankings would have been rewritten long ago. 

Gu Xuan frowned again. 

His brother, whom he had not seen for a long time, was born even better looking than his mother and had no family protection. Once on the Tianji beauty list, how many people would covet him? 

——Ye Yunlan stepped out of the cave. 

The moonlight reflected on his pale face. 

He raised his eyelids and saw two people standing outside the cave. 

Both of them were dressed in white. One of them was tall and slender with a long sword on his back. He had trimmed eyebrows and a pair of phoenix eyes, appearing beautiful and handsome. There was a temperament on his body, which made people forget themselves. 

Thinking about it, this person must be Xu Qingyue, the most famous beauty in the world of cultivation. 

The other person… Ye Yunlan looked over and met a familiar face. 

Chen Weiyuan saw the narrow and long eyes of the person in front of him sweep over. His eyes were clear and cold, but the tear at the tail of his eyes was so gorgeous that he couldn’t help but feel his heart move. He said slowly: “I am Chen Weiyuan from Tianji Pavilion. I accompanied Qingyue to visit today. I hope you do not mind and can forgive us, Daoist Ye.”

A familiar, hidden pain came from the depths of his soul. 

It seemed that his heart and soul were pierced by a needle tip that had burned through flames. It was burning with unspeakable pain. 

Ye Yunlan was accustomed to enduring this kind of pain. His expressionless face clenched the queying sword in his hands, but his eyes could not restrain his cold and murderous intent. 

If possible, he really wanted to draw his sword at this moment and kill Chen Weiyuan. 

In his previous life, not being able to get rid of Chen Weiyuan was his only regret. 

After arriving at the Void Tracing Realm, he traveled all over the Western Continent. It was then that he finally found a way to cast the broken love curse on himself. Entering the Buddhist hall to receive the oaths, he cut off his roots of affection so that he could act on Chen Weiyuan. 

But before he could do anything, Chen Weiyuan used his body and blood as a sacrifice to change the fate of the Chen Clan.

Later, in the great calamity of the world, cracks appeared in the land of the ancient tribes and only the Chen clan was safe and sound. 

When he arrived at Tianji Pavilion, Chen Weiyuan left only one letter. 

The letter was placed on the desk where Chen Weiyuan usually dealt with family affairs. It was a plain white letter paper with a white plum on it. 

He opened the letter and on it was Chen Weiyuan’s familiar handwriting. 

The handwriting was beautiful, clear and gentle. It could be seen that the other party was not in a hurry when writing it.

Later, he regretted opening the letter. 

He had the ability to never forget, so every word on the letter was stamped into his mind, unforgettable. “Yunlan, read these words like it was us meeting. 

Half a month ago, your husband watched the stars. Seeing the stars darken and only one moon hanging high, knowing that you have stepped into void tracing, I am not very happy. 

I also calculated that I will perish. I sighed. After thinking about it for a long time, I finally wrote this letter. 

Thinking of you and me for the first time, it has been more than two hundred years. 

You were badly injured back then with your bones torn apart. You pulled my clothes and asked me to save you. At that time, you were bloodstained and disheveled, like a ghost. All the pedestrians avoided you. Only your husband pitied you and struggled to save you from h*ll’s door. Perhaps this is fate. 

You said that you would do all you can to repay me. Your husband only took it as a joke, but later learned it was not a joke. 

You stayed by my side after you were hurt. You were gentle and well-behaved. You accompanied me for years, understood what I liked, avoided what I hated, and did all kinds of things. Your husband never forgot. 

One winter, when I returned in the middle of the night, I saw you standing among the white blossoms with a lamp. Walking over slowly, you brushed the snow off my shoulders.

At that time, your husband felt his heart move.

Your husband once said that he wanted to hold hands with you and enter paradise together, that is not a lie. 

It’s just that the world is complicated, and so many things cannot occur as expected. 

Your husband knows that you hate me. Stepping into the void tracing realm, you will not be afraid of Chen clan’s formation. You will definitely kill your way here to repay your grudges. 

However, the great calamity of heaven and earth is coming and the ancient tribes will suffer. Although your husband wants to see you again, as the head of the Chen family, I can’t act arrogantly or foolishly. 

After thinking for a long time, your husband decided to sacrifice his life. He will use the technique of changing fates to find a ray of life for the Chen family. 

Hate is born of love. The stronger the hatred, the stronger the love. Yunlan, you can’t deny this. And if you can’t kill me to remove your hate for a day, you will always have hate in your heart. Thinking about it this way, your husband doing this can also be regarded as the longing from my separation from you for these two hundred years. 

May you live forever and remember your husband. Sink into your nights unable to forget, tossing and turning. 

In this way, although your husband is dead, he is still alive. 

Anyone in the world can forget their husband’s name, but you cannot.

Your husband, Chen Weiyuan. 

On the night of March 12th in the Gengzi Year, in the Tianji Pavilion.” 

After reading it, he clenched the letter tightly and threw it into the candlelight. Together with the white blossom on the table. 

Chen Weiyuan’s life was all calculated. Even if he wanted to kill him with a sword, it has been calculated. 

Yet, he wanted him to keep his hatred in his heart, to live forever and remember his name? 


If there is an afterlife. 

He just wanted to never see Chen Weiyuan again. 

Whether it is love, hate, sadness, or joy, he is not willing to give the other anything.

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  1. I mean not really? He just loved himself more then he loved our mc. Though he used mc for his goals he still has a soft spot for him(its just not strong enough). By doing this he selfishly wanted to tie mc to himself in death. His love was very calculated never giving more or less then needed for the situation

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