Sick Beauty [Rebirth] Chapter 31

Chapter 31 The Palace Wall 

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“…What’s the grievance?” 

Facing Gu Xuan’s question, Ye Yunlan only closed his eyes. 

He turned around and did not answer Gu Xuan’s question directly. He said indifferently: “Daoist Gu, all you need to know is that I don’t want to have any ties with the Yaori imperial clan anymore. Since you are well acquainted with the Yaori imperial clan, I beg you to leave this place after you are well recuperated.” 

Ye Yunlan didn’t say anything more. 

Gu Xuan’s red jade order, he had just held it in his hand and looked at it carefully. 

The texture of the jade order was ordinary, there was nothing worthy of special attention. However, the material used to make the jade order was primordial chalcedony. 

The surface of the jade order was the colour of blood. It was the purest primordial chalcedony of the fire elemental type. 

There are only several spirit veins in the world that can produce Primordial Chalcedony. However, the only one in the entire cultivation world that can produce Primordial Chalcedony of the Fire Element is the spirit vein controlled by the Ye clan – Scarlet Fire Pool. 

Few people know about this. The reason he knew this was when he and the Demon Lord were enemies of the world, the other party had told him this fact. 

Gu Xuan was a member of the Ye clan. 

Moreover, Gu Xuan should have a fairly pure royal bloodline to possess such a rare jade order. 

… In order to maintain the purity of blood, the Ye clan has always intermarried with close relatives. It is possible that between him and Gu Xuan, there could be some blood relationship. 

Ye Yunlan didn’t want to go into details. 

This time, he tried to save the other party out of habit. However, on the other hand, he was repaying a little bit of karma to his predecessor Emperor Changming who gave him the soul collecting flower. 

“Shen Shu.” Ye Yunlan turned his head and said to Shen Shu, “Master has been busy with all sorts of trivial matters for the past two days and has not taught you about swordsmanship. Tomorrow, the dao conference will open and you need to learn more about swordsmanship. This place is narrow, so the sword cannot be used. Take your sword and follow me to practice outside.” 

Shen Shu’s dark eyes lit up. He quickly picked up his sword, “Yes, Master.” 

Gu Xuan couldn’t help groaning when he saw that the person in front of him was about to leave. He struggled to get up, moving his chest injury. 

He called out to the other party with difficulty, “Daoist Ye, please wait.” 

Ye Yunlan stopped and turned to look at him, “Hm?” 

Gu Xuan stared deeply at the pale, thin person in front of him: “You said you and the Yaori royal family have private grievances?” 

Ye Yunlan: “Yes.”

“The Yaori royal family is warlike by nature, conquering places all over, there are countless people who have hatred against them. So, it is normal for you to have grudges with them.” When it comes to being warlike by nature, Gu Xuan revealed a look of exhaustion that was difficult to detect. He paused, “What do you think about today’s crown prince of Yaori…what kind of person is he?” 

This question was actually a bit abrupt. 

But Gu Xuan still asked. 

Perhaps it was because of his weakness after his injury or perhaps it was because of the appearance of the person in front of him that was too similar to his mother or perhaps it was because of the unexpected reunion after many years. 

He desperately wanted an answer. 

Ye Yunlan was silent for a moment: “The crown prince of yaori was born an emperor.” 

Gu Xuan frowned slightly, and asked: “…other than that?” 

Ye Yunlan remembered the short meeting with Emperor Changming in his previous life, what he said and did. At first, he was actually confused. 

It’s just that at that time, all his thoughts were to preserve the soul of that person. Some things that he had put down many years ago, he was too tired that he didn’t want to pick it up again. 

Seeing him silent, Gu Xuan asked hoarsely: “Sometimes as an emperor… they can enjoy the awe of all beings and control the rivers and mountains, but they may not be as happy as ordinary people think.” 

He thought he would hear the other party’s retort, but he didn’t think Ye Yunlan would quietly reply: “I know.” 

Gu Xuan was slightly startled.

He looked at the other party’s clear eyes, feeling that the other party already knew a lot. 

Including the difficulty and pains that he had never spoken about. 

How can it be? He thought to himself. 

Back then, he ordered the Yanlin Beast to send the other party from the Western Continent to the Eastern Continent. He hadn’t expected that they would meet again in this life. 

And Ye Yunlan was even more unlikely to understand his existence.

 ——Even if they were twin brothers and had the most intimate existence in this world. 

Gu Xuan recalled what happened more than twenty years ago. 

There was a prophecy of a Divine Phoenix saving the world in the heavenly books of the Ye family. 

When they were born, the changes in the celestial orbits corresponded to the astrological signs mentioned in the heavenly book. 

But there was only one Divine Phoenix. His spiritual root attribute was fire, while his younger brother’s spiritual root attribute was ice. 

A divine phoenix is ​​the supreme lord of fire. Of course, he would become the man of destiny mentioned in the heavenly scriptures. 

Among the Ye clan who worshipped fire, ice roots were regarded poorly. Therefore, since he was conscious, no one had told him that he actually had a younger brother. 

If it wasn’t for the hindrance involved in the bloodline and occasionally perceiving a place in the Imperial Palace that he desperately wanted to approach, he might have been deceived this entire time.

In his heart when he was young, he felt that there was a hidden treasure in that place. 

The place was extremely remote, in the southwest of the palace. 

He had passed by from far away. Inheriting the five keen senses of his bloodline, he could hear the hysterical screams and wailings of a woman in there. 

Later, he learned that that place was the cold palace. 

A place where palace people were sent if they made a mistake. 

He was very curious and always wanted to see what his treasure was, but he was accompanied by guards and a Grand Master all year round. They recorded his daily words and deeds and handed them to his father, Emperor Ye.

Emperor Ye had set many rules for him. He was asked to follow the rules and complete his schoolwork every day. Since he was a child, he was taught that he needed to be cautious in his every word and deed. 

The cold palace was a place where he was not allowed to set foot in. 

He followed the rules and spent every day in repetition. 

Until one day, passing by the place as usual, at the corner of the palace wall, he saw a young man who was about the same height as him. However, he was much thinner. He was squatting by the palace wall, his fingertips touching a beautiful flower on the ground. 

The boy’s black hair fell down and looked a little messy. He showed only his little white profile, like the first handful of snow piled up on the branches in winter. 

The boy’s fingertips were also very white, but they were stained with mud. The clothes he wore were worn out and looked like they had not been changed for a long time. 

His heart was throbbing. He felt an extremely intimate connection. 

It was like he was one with the other party. 

He just wanted to ask, but his Grandmaster around him frowned. He said “unlucky”, then called his attendant to give him a few orders.

Soon, the boy was supported by guards and drove back to the remote palace wall in the southwest corner.

The other party didn’t have the opportunity to pick up that beautiful flower. It stood still beautifully, swaying in the wind. 

He noticed that the place where the flowers were blooming was at the wall of the remote palace, from an angle that peeped out. 

He looked at the Grand Master’s frowning brows. The “Who is he” in his mouth didn’t come out.

That day, he discovered that the treasure he had always been looking for wasn’t the type of treasure he had thought of, but a living person. 

Later, he subconsciously looked for clues and finally learned that he actually had a twin brother. 

It was just that when he grasped the hidden power in his bloodline and wanted to find that place, he couldn’t find the person he was looking for. 

The hindrance in that bloodline also seemed to disappear, as if being isolated by something. 

He knew that every word and deed in his life would be recorded in the book, nothing could be hidden from his father’s eyes. 

In order to find out the identity of that young boy, he would inquire and search in a secretive manner, invisible to his father. 

He looked at the long, silent winding corridors in the palace and the endless palace walls. For the first time he felt like he was trapped in a well. 

He was standing in the well and looking up at the world. The sky was very blue and clear. 

But he couldn’t touch it. 

He wanted to get out of this well, he wanted to pull his brother out with him. 

But he also knew that he couldn’t do it himself. 

A few days later, his Royal father summoned him to the imperial study room. 

“Xuanguang, I know what you are looking for, but that person is not your younger brother. The heavenly book records that the Phoenix star will appear and needs to experience disasters before he can come into the world. He is your twin, but has an ice elemental root. It usurped the power of your bloodline. He is not your little brother, but a tribulation given to you by heaven.” 

“The clan is already preparing the bloodline deprivation secret method. As long as you absorb the power of his bloodline and inject it into your body, this catastrophe can be resolved. The prophecies of the heavenly book will come true.” 

“Xuanguang, you have been taught by me since you were a child, you know that you must bear the weight of this responsibility. Don’t let me be disappointed in you.” 

He was silent for a long time, and finally nodded. 

The ceremony began. 

He sat high on the throne of the void. He saw the blood dripping from the person on the blood altar, slowly flowing along the pattern, converging into a warm energy that flowed into his body. 

…This kind of warm feeling was as if they were still in his mother’s womb, cuddling with each other.

 However, the reality was cruel and cold. 

The bloodline was exhausted and the other party fell to the ground. His whole family only looked at him, worshiping him with admiration. 

After resuscitating his blood, the golden eyes that symbolized the ancient Divine Phoenix appeared.

The emperor asked to send him away. 

He knew what his father meant, that he wanted to deal with the other party cleanly. 

For the first time in his life, he violated his father’s wishes. He ordered the Yanlin Beast King who had followed him since he was a child to send him away. 

When he agreed to hold the ceremony, he had already thought about it. He had no bloodline, he had no connection with the Yaori Royal Family. 

This is his only chance to send the other party out of this trap. 

When sending the other party onto the back of the Yanlin Beast, he thought that if the other party went to the outside world, he should be able to find another way of living. A totally different way of living from him. 

That would be good. 

It’s just that from beginning to end, he didn’t know what his twin brother’s name was. 

After letting go of the other party, Emperor Ye punished him. He suffered. 

Later, he had another brother, who was also born from his mother, Tan Ge, and his father, Emperor Ye.

His looks followed his father’s. His younger brother who was sent away looked like his mother, but this younger brother looked like no one.

It was very common. 

Although he had the common fire root of the Ye clan, his aptitude was also very ordinary. It was as if there wasn’t pure royal blood flowing through him. 

And… from the time he was born, his younger brother’s mentality was different from that of ordinary people. Like an… idiot. 

In the intermarriage of close relatives of the Ye family, trying to preserve the purity of their blood, some unusual conditions often occur. 

This time, Emperor Ye did not name his son either. 

Ye Xun was the name he gave to this younger brother. 

The other party has followed him since he was a child. Because he had fire roots, although Emperor Ye turned a deaf ear to him, he didn’t stop him from keeping Ye Xun by his side. 

He watched Ye Xun grow up slowly. He devoted all the love he had never devoted to his twin brother to Ye Xun. 

Ye Xun had an average aptitude, but had a pair of eyes that could see through all formations in the world. 

In fact, Ye Xun was not a real idiot. It was just his thoughts and reactions were a little slower than ordinary people, and he couldn’t often turn his brain. 

Interacting with Ye Xun, he was always more patient and meticulous than others. 

It’s just that the Ye clan does not allow flaws, thus Ye Xun’s name was not even recorded in the family history. Although he has been by his side all these years, many people in the outside world thought that Ye Xun was just his book boy.

He also did not clarify. After all, there were always many unexpected dangers around him. 

His family clan had cultivated ten substitutes for him. Less than half of them have survived to today. 

For this reason, when Xingyue Dynasty came to pursue him for revenge, they did not pay much attention to Ye Xun and Ye Xun was able to escape. 

He changed his appearance by virtue of the hidden power in his bloodline, escaped the chase and came to Tianchi Mountain. But, he was seriously injured. 

He walked and stopped in the communication stream. Seeing the flames on the horizon, he knew that the royal family had been searching for him. 

It’s just that he couldn’t hold on anymore. He passed out into the night with a vague sound of a qin in his ears. 

It seems to have come from a distant place, spanning the distance between the Eastern Continent and Western Continent for more than twenty years. 

He was saved by his twin brother he had let go. 

Ye Yunlan. 

Gu Xuan whispered this name in his mind again. Over the years, he had many things he wanted to tell his own brother, but when he finally met him, he was speechless. 

Seeing Gu Xuan’s silence, Ye Yunlan turned his head to call Shen Shu. Just at this time, the cave dwelling’s restrictions were touched. A clear, moving voice came from outside the restriction. “Is Fellow Daoist Ye here? I’m a disciple of Tan Qing Sect, Xu Qingyue. Please forgive me for visiting abruptly.”

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