Sick Beauty [Rebirth] Chapter 34

Chapter 34 Ripple

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The night was quiet. 

A little bit of fluorescent light flew around the lake. 

On the shore, the young man in black clothes was holding a long sword, wielding a sharp sword aura. 

The starlight reflected the cold light on the sword body. The youth’s face was hidden in the dark night. The only exception was a pair of eyes that were as bright as the cold star that did not appear dim in the crossing of the bright light of the sword. 

Ye Yunlan watched his disciple’s sword, “In the past three years, I have taught you the Yingtian sword technique, including thunder, flash, and shower. You have achieved great success.” 

He paused. After thinking for a while, he said, “There is one last form, Ripple. Show it to me.” 

Shen Shu raised his hand to wipe the sweat from his forehead, “Yes, Master.” 

He took a deep breath. He tried his best to calm the hostility in his heart, and all his thoughts. He raised the long sword in his hand, then imagined that there was a flat lake in front. The long sword swept across the lake like a breeze. 

But as soon as the sword moved, he had a feeling in his heart. 

Not proper. 

Ye Yunlan’s voice also sounded at the same time. “Shen Shu.”

Shen Shu stopped. He lowered his head and shouted in a low voice: “Master.” 

A bit of disappointment rose in his heart. 

He was extremely talented in sword dao. The three styles of “Thunder”, “Flash” and “Shower” were mastered by him very quickly. Only the style “Ripple” had him training for half a year, but still, he hasn’t heard his Master give him a satisfied applause. 

He actually knew why. 

There were too many longings and delusions in his heart. He couldn’t achieve the state of mind that the style “Ripple” needed. 

Thinking of having disappointed his Master again, Shen Shu silently clenched the sword in his hand. 

He didn’t expect that Ye Yunlan would only say, “You don’t need to be discouraged. There are only three styles to the Yingtian sword. You being able to learn it in just three years have already surpassed countless swordsmen in this world. This fourth style is something your teacher had added later. If you hadn’t seen your Master’s comments when you looked at the sword book before, and insisted on learning it from Master, Master would not have taught you this form.” 

The Yingtian sword technique was the swordsmanship he chose for Shen Shu. 

Although there were only three styles, there were endless variations.

Moreover, the sword technique was sharp, which was suitable for the young and energetic Shen Shu who still didn’t know how to retract his sharpness. 

At the beginning when he was sent to the Demon Palace, after the Demon Lord removed the spirit lock ring that Chen Weiyuan used to confine his spiritual power for him, the first sword technique he learned was this sword technique. 

When he first saw this sword technique in the Demon Lord’s library, he had liked the artistic conception of the sword technique very much. 

Later, after the Demon Lord discovered that he had practiced the Yingtian Sword Art, he had a great interest to practice with him, and compete to see who could learn it faster. 

The loser would be punished. 

The Demon Lord’s sword dao realm was much higher than that of his. Thus for comprehending the sword dao, he was naturally inferior to the other party. 

And the other party’s punishment for the most part was some unique preference in the bed. Even if it was not competing with the sword dao, this person always had other reasons to tease him. He had long gotten used to it. 

After the warmth was over, the Demon Lord would hold him and break down every bit of the sword technique into small pieces and explain it to him. 

The Demon Lord at that time showed his rare attentiveness and gentleness. 

A lot of sword techniques in his mind were something that the Demon Lord would learn first, then teach him in detail from his own experience and understanding.

The Demon Lord used it as a means of pleasure and enjoyment.

It’s just that, even the Demon Lord did not derive a fourth style from the Yingtian sword technique.

Although it was derived from the Yingtian sword technique, the conception of “Ripple” was completely different from the previous styles of thunder and flash. 

Stagnant water ripples.

If the heart is stagnant, there will be slight waves. 

This is the sword technique that he evolved after he stepped into the void tracing realm. With a single sword, the heavenly secret array that no one could break for thousands of years was shattered in front of him and disappeared. 

Another nickname given to this style of sword technique by the world was “annihilation.” 

“Some sword techniques are not for your current age and experience, as well as your current character to comprehend.” 

“If you can, your Master would hope you never have to understand the true meaning of this style of sword.” 

Ye Yunlan rubbed Shen Shu’s head. 

Shen Shu had grown very tall, but when he was touched at this moment, he was still like how he was when he was a youth. He rubbed his head against his palm. 

The hair was soft and itchy in his palms. 

Ye Yunlan: “You don’t need to be entangled in one style of sword technique. Come, you and your Master will compare notes to warm up for the dao conference tomorrow.” 

Since Ye Yunlan was injured, Shen Shu hasn’t fought Ye Yunlan for a long time. “Master, your body…” 

“Earlier when I compared sword dao with Xu Qingyue, although I didn’t make a sword move, I still had formed my sword energy. If I don’t release it, it would be more troublesome.” Ye Yunlan said, “Don’t worry. Make your move.” 

Shen Shu pursed his lips. He faced Ye Yunlan’s cold gaze and firm tone, then he slowly drew his sword. 

After comparing notes, the master and disciple rested.

Ye Yunlan sat leaning against the willow tree. 

The silver weeping willow swayed beside him. He put one hand on his lap, quietly looking at the night sky. 

The stars were vast and distant. 

Like some people and things, one cannot look back. 

Sitting next to Ye Yunlan, Shen Shu had been observing his master, scared that Ye Yunlan would suddenly cough and bleed. 

After watching quietly for a long time, the other party’s face that was pale and quiet seemed as if it was faintly shimmering. 

They were so close, yet the other party seemed further away than the bright moon in the sky. 

Shen Shu’s heart tightened. He suddenly said, “Master, let me rub your shoulders for you.” 

Just after comparing notes, there was indeed a bit of soreness in his shoulders. Ye Yunlan nodded lightly. 

Shen Shu propped up his body with his hands, then went in front of Ye Yunlan to massage his shoulders. 

His hands were slender and strong, with thin calluses from practicing the sword all year round. The strength of him massaging his shoulders was neither light nor heavy, it was very comfortable. 

The young man knelt in front of him with his head down. His eyelashes were down and his appearance was very handsome.

Ye Yunlan raised his head and made direct eye contact with the other party’s dark and deep eyes. There seemed to be a deep current, but also a gentleness to it. 

He was in a trance for a moment. 

Very similar. 

Much like that year when he was lying under the apricot blossom tree. The petals fell on the man’s shoulder, and the man poured spiritual power into his body little by little, staring deeply at him. 

The danger of restraint, the gentleness seeping into his bones. 

He raised his hand and slowly touched the profile of the person in front of him. 

“Master?” Shen Shu said hoarsely. 

Ye Yunlan recovered and put his hand down. He turned his face and said in a low voice: “Nothing.” 

He must have seen wrong. Shen Shu’s dark eyes deepened after he let go. 

It’s always like that. 

Shen Shu thought. 

Always distracted suddenly, or staring at something in a daze. He was clearly looking at him, but it was like he was looking at another through him. 

Master, what are you thinking? 

“Let’s go back.” Ye Yunlan stood up, “Tomorrow is the dao conference, you need to rest early and build up your energy.” 

Shen Shu: “…okay.” 

——Communication Stream, Purple Moon Valley. 

In this dao conference, the disciples from the Northern Territory Sects were all assigned to the Purple Moon Valley. 

“Qingyue, this cave dwelling you chose has a very good environment.” 

Chen Weiyuan sat on the jade bench. He had a faint smile on his face, but his complexion was a little pale.

Xu Qingyue held a cup of tea, frowning, “Senior Brother Chen, the power of one’s bloodline is not endless, no one would use it recklessly like you did.” 

He put the tea cup in front of Chen Weiyuan. The sound of the tea cup hitting the tabletop was a bit heavy, showing Xu Qingyue’s anger, “No wonder you Chen clan people are short-lived. You really don’t know how to cherish yourself…” 

Chen Weiyuan, “You must pay a price to spy on the secrets of heaven.” He suddenly smiled, “Qingyue is so worried about me, are you afraid that you will have a short-lived husband in the future?” 

Xu Qingyue pursed his lips and did not answer. He and Chen Weiyuan met twelve years ago. 

In the beginning, it was him who approached Chen Weiyuan actively. 

At that time they were still young, and he admired Chen Weiyuan in the martial arts competition and wanted to get acquainted with him. 

But later on, it was Chen Weiyuan who pursued him. 

They were already close friends at that time, and Chen Weiyuan’s confession shocked him. He thought that Chen Weiyuan befriending him was because he treated him as a woman, so he was angry for a long time. 

However, Chen Weiyuan told him very seriously that it was a different affection. At a loss with Chen Weiyuan’s pursuit, at first, he avoided seeing him. However one time, he was caught in a dangerous situation in a secret realm. He and Chen Weiyuan were both in danger together. The other party took care of him in every possible way and also became injured to protect him. 

Later he agreed to the other party’s pursuit. 

He felt that he liked Chen Weiyuan. Therefore, he would want to meet with the other, and feel anxious about the injury of the other party. 

But he still didn’t understand the difference between like and love. 

Suddenly, Xu Qingyue’s mind flashed to the moment Yunlan’s sword was pointed at him today. 

His heart beat violently. 

What’s…happening to him?

“Don’t worry,” Chen Weiyuan stood up and held his hand. “Senior Brother has his own measure and there is still you.” 

Chen Weiyuan lowered his head and kissed his forehead. “The Xu family has the bloodline of ancient wood spirits. If my qi circulation is disrupted, as long as we dual cultivate in the future, this loss of bloodline is nothing.” 

Although Xu Qingyue did not understand affection, that did not mean he did not understand the word “dual cultivation”. His cheeks flushed for a while, bright and beautiful. 

Chen Weiyuan’s adam’s apple moved slightly, and he said in a low voice, “…Qingyue.” 

Xu Qingyue felt Chen Weiyuan’s breath spray on his forehead. When there was no one, Chen Weiyuan always liked to be close to him like this. He was embarrassed at first, but gradually got used to it. However, today he didn’t know why but he felt a little discomfort. 

“Why are you distracted?” Chen Weiyuan asked.

Xu Qingyue pushed him away and hurriedly said: “Senior Brother Chen, tomorrow…tomorrow I still have to participate in the dao conference.”

“I think Daoist Ye and his disciple will also participate in the dao conference. If I can defeat his disciple, will he have a whole new level of respect for me?” 

Chen Weiyuan: “Qingyue, why are you still thinking about others? Senior Brother will be angry.” Pretending to be slightly angry, he saw Xu Qingyue at a loss. He chuckled again, “Senior Brother is just making a joke to tease you. Okay, Qingyue, you go and rest.”

Xu Qingyue breathed a sigh of relief, “Senior Brother should also rest early.” 

Chen Weiyuan nodded. 

After walking out of Xu Qingyue’s cave dwelling, Chen Weiyuan removed his smile.

——Chen Weiyuan had a dream. 

He was walking in the thick snow. 

The heavy snow fell on his shoulders. 

Far away, he saw a man standing under a white blossom tree holding a lamp, waiting for him for who knows how long. 

The figure was thin and dainty. Him standing in the wind and snow made him have a rare feeling of pity. 

The other party walked towards him with a light. 

He couldn’t see the other party’s face clearly. He only saw a slender white hand, gently brushing the snow from his shoulder. 

His heart moved. Before the person withdrew his hand, he grabbed the other party’s hand and pulled the person into his arms. 

That hand was very soft. 

The body leaning against him was also very soft. 

It softened his heart. 

The picture changed. 

He was dealing with official duties before the bookcase. 

A cold and gentle fragrance surrounded him. It seemed to be the aroma of white blossoms, but it also seemed to contain other things. 

Someone walked up to him and gently placed a cup of hot tea beside him. 

Calling him softly: “Husband.”

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