Sick Beauty [Rebirth] Chapter 35

Chapter 35 White Blossom 

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The tea cup was filled with warmth, and there were a few green and blue tea leaves floating in it. It was the spiritual tea he loves to drink, “New Rain in the Empty Mountain”. 

Also, the cold “husband” in his ear was like a jade collision. It was pleasant to the ear, making him wonder what kind of face a person with such a voice has. 

Chen Weiyuan put down the pen in his hand on the edge of the table. He turned his head to the side, and saw a man in dark clothes standing beside him. 

The face of the other party was shrouded in a dense fog, he couldn’t see it clearly. He only felt that the other party was tall and slender, very similar to Xu Qingyue. 

But it was not Xu Qingyue. 

Listening to the voice, on the contrary, it was very much like the one he had just met before, the person who didn’t even look at him, Ye Yunlan. 

Chen Weiyuan felt something strange in his heart. 

——Such aloof and indifference from that amazing-looking person, but in his dream, he stood beside him and served him tea, calling him, “Husband”. 

He thought about the secret from heaven he saw of himself. 

This person should be his destined dao companion… 

Chen Weiyuan remembered the soft body of the other party in the heavy snow in his dream and his heart moved. 

He couldn’t help but seemed to be accustomed to naturally stretching out his hand, grabbing the other party’s thin waist, and pulling the person onto his lap to sit. 

Chen Weiyuan’s voice was low, calling in that person’s ear. 


The person seemed to stiffen for a moment, it took a long time to slowly relax. 

He smelled the cold and gentle fragrance again, coming from the clothes and the ends of the man’s hair.

Although he couldn’t see his face clearly and he only hugged this person and breathed his body’s smell, he felt a rare trace of peace and tranquility. 

This feeling was very strange. 

For so many years, he had been trained as the head of the Chen family since he was born. He didn’t resist and was willing to bear the responsibilities that ordinary people may deem to be extremely heavy. 

He liked playing chess, setting up the pieces, and fighting it out. He liked to see the stars change and the wind surging. Only in this way can he feel that he was alive in the world. 

It’s just that when he held this person in his dream, he felt that the calm was not an unbearable thing. 

The person in his arms whispered: “You have been busy with things with the clan for a long time. Let’s have a cup of tea and rest for a while.” 

He chuckled softly: “Okay. If my wife is concerned for her husband like this, your husband will naturally have to take better care, so I can live up to wife’s affection.” 

He took the tea cup and took a sip, only to feel the fragrance of the tea ironing his heart. 

However, although the person in his arms was held by him, he still sat very properly. 

Chen Weiyuan had a rare teasing thought. He stretched out his hand to touch the other party’s cheek. It plunged into the mist and he only touched a cold hand. 

He was slightly startled. He suddenly felt that the person in his arms had also dispersed like a mist. He went to catch it subconsciously, but couldn’t catch anything. 

He was sitting in the empty study room. 

The surroundings were empty and lonely. 

The person’s breath seemed to have completely disappeared, there was no trace of it. 

He felt something in the palm of his hand. 

He bowed his head. 

It was actually a white blossom.

The white blossom seemed to have just been broken off. The sharp part touched his palm, making it painful. 

A snow-white letter spread out on the table. 

There were words on the letter. 

He couldn’t see it clearly. 

It was just, when looking at the letter, an unstoppable obsession and madness emerged in his heart. 

That emotion seemed to have travelled across time and space, like a huge wave overturning and surging–Chen Weiyuan suddenly woke up. 

He sat up on his bed, gasping for breath. The power of his blood flowing in his body made his temples jump. After a long time, it slowed.

For so many years, his calculations have never been wrong. 

Ten years ago, he had calculated Xu Qingyue as his destined dao companion, but what he measured ten years later was Ye Yunlan. 


He looked down at his palm. His eyes were gloomy and unpredictable. 

The lines winded, making twists and turns. The entanglement showed an unpredictable lifeline. 

“Ye Yunlan…” 

He whispered the name again. 

Then, he squeezed his palms tightly. 

——”Daoist Ye, the communication stream ascending to the sky will be opened today. Will you and your disciple both go to participate?” Gu Xuan asked hoarsely. 

After one day of recovery, Gu Xuan’s injury has healed a lot. He sat on the edge of the bed, with thick black hair hanging down. His chest was bandaged, and his narrow, narrow eyes were watching Ye Yunlan. 

Ye Yunlan: “It’s just my disciple.”

“So that’s the case.” Gu Xuan seemed to be relieved after hearing this, “For the Dao conference, those who can ascend to the top of the cloud would all get the reward of the Tianchi Mountain Spirit opening the ancient secret depository. Many hearts will be moved. People who participate in the dao conference come from everywhere, and from time to time people from the Demon Territory would mix in. When your apprentice participates, you need to be cautious.” 

“Thank you very much for the warning.” 

Ye Yunlan said lightly.

In fact, what Gu Xuan had mentioned, he already understood. 

Gu Xuan: “After the ascension stage is opened, the participants will be climbing to the top of the mountain for at least half a month. While your disciple goes to participate, these days…will you stay in the cave?” 

Ye Yunlan: “I will go to the Floating Cloud summit to watch the Dao conference. I will not stay in the cave for a long time.” After a pause, he continued: “Daoist Gu, I had said this before, I don’t want to be related to the Yaori royal family. If you are better tomorrow, please leave yourself.” 

Being seen through, Gu Xuan choked. 

He was silent for a moment, “I am grateful for this Daoist’s rescue and I dare not disturb Daoist again. However, Daoist has no spiritual power and cannot fly with a weapon. If you want to go to the floating cloud summit, I am afraid you will have to walk for a long time. It is very inconvenient. Tomorrow, after I have recovered from my injury, I can take fellow daoist.” 

There were two roads to the Floating Cloud summit. 

One is the communication stream ascending to the heavens, where many participants of the dao conference enter to face the many tribulations within. The purpose is to train.

The other is outside the communication stream. The most common hiking trail in Tianchi Mountain. 

Ye Yunlan: “You don’t have to bother.” His face was indifferent, completely looking like he was a thousand miles away.

Gu Xuan’s kindness was rejected, but he couldn’t get angry with him in any way. 

He didn’t know what Ye Yunlan had experienced over the years to develop such an indifferent temperament. He was obviously standing there, but it seemed as if there was an extreme distance between him and this world. 

It seemed that only when he interacts with his disciple will he show a little bit of indulgence and pampering. 

He suddenly envied Shen Shu a little. 

Ye Yunlan lifted his queying sword on the stone table and turned to Shen Shu, “Let’s go. Master will send you to the ascension stage.” 

Shen Shu’s dark eyes fixedly looked at Ye Yunlan, “Master has treated me very well. It’s just that, when I think about having to stay at the ascension stage for ten to fifteen days… I feel a little reluctant.” 

Ye Yunlan smiled slightly, “You are seventeen now, why are you still as clingy as you were when you were a child?” He raised his hand rubbing Shen Shu’s head, “Don’t speak nonsense, let’s go.” 

Shen Shu rubbed against his palm, then covered him with fox fur. He took the white veiled hat and carefully put it on for his master. Then the two stepped out of the moon shadow wall. 

Because they were about to open the ascension stage, today’s communication stream was quite lively. There were disciples of various factions walking together in twos and threes on the big and small roads. 

The nearest few people were whispering, their voices travelling over.

“Senior Brother Ning, who do you think can get in the top ten of the Floating Cloud summit this year? Who do you think will participate in the final competition?”

“Cultivators who have participated in the dao conference before cannot participate in it a second time. So, there are some Senior Brothers and Sisters of several sects that can be eliminated. For example, Sky Sect’s He Lanze, Ink Sect’s Wang Daoyan, Tingyu pavillion’s Luo Yuqing… and the young pavilion master of Tianji Pavilion has never participated in such competitions. Of the remaining top six sects, there’s only Spirit Sect’s Senior Sister Shang Guanrou and Dao Yi Sect’s Senior Brother Nan Gonglie. Those two will take up two spots.” 

“Senior Brother makes a lot of sense.” Someone nodded, “Then what of the remaining eight people?” 

“Counting the five continents and the four seas, those who are under sixty years old, who are eligible to participate in the dao Conference, according to their cultivation level, the highest would be at nascent soul. There are thousands of people participating in the dao conference, but the number of people who have reached nascent soul at this age is probably no more than 30. Among them, I am most optimistic about the direct disciple of Qiyun Jun.” 

“The number one person on the heaven ranking list, Qiyun Jun’s personal disciple?” 

Senior Brother Ning touched his chin, “He didn’t participate in the last dao conference. This time, he will have an edge over the others. I heard that Qi Yunjun’s personal disciple is also a rare beauty. He’s actually an… eighth ranked Tianji beauty.” 

“Speaking of beauty, Xu Qingyue, who is ranked number one this time, will also participate in the dao conference.” The disciple’s voice brought some regret, “If I wasn’t also participating in the dao conference, I really wanted to go to the observatory to see this stunning beauty.”

“If you think about it, if you are participating in the dao conference, you might have a chance of encountering them on the ascension stage. When the time comes and you meet the real person, wouldn’t you be able to look more carefully than watching from a distance at the observatory?” Senior Brother Ning said with a smile.

“Senior Brother is correct.” 

As they said this, the Senior Junior brothers put their arms around each other’s shoulders and accelerated their pace a lot. 

Shen Shu suddenly said: “I will be one of these ten people.” 

Not only that, but he will also win the first place and get the most precious heaven and earth elixir among the spirit treasures. 

Ye Yunlan was unwilling to shake his spirit at the moment: “With your strength, it is enough to reach the floating cloud summit. But you have to remember what Master has taught you. Have a plan and do not be obstinate. What you want to surpass is always just yourself. Your Master will be waiting for you on the Floating Clouds summit.” 

Shen Shu: “I remember.” 

The ascension stage was in the center of the communication stream. 

A huge old tree stood in it, from top to bottom, running through the entire communication stream. 

The old tree looked upright, but in the perception of one’s divine consciousness, it stretched diagonally upwards. It was as if it was looking outside Tianchi Mountain at the communication stream. 

At this moment, a huge crowd of people has gathered around the ancient tree. Heads could be seen as far as the eye could see.

The ascension stage has not been opened yet. There were large faint blue flowers hanging from the huge ancient tree. Hidden within the fluorescent flower was a mossy green fruit. 

“That’s a longevity tree. It blooms once in three thousand years and bears fruit once in three thousand years. The fruit on a longevity tree is said to make a mortal live forever if a mortal eats one.” 

Ye Yunlan looked at the ancient tree and said. 

Shen Shu’s eyes lit up, “Really?” 

“These are records found in ancient books. It is a pity that the longevity tree has gone extinct tens of thousands of years ago. What is left now is nothing but a virtual body transformed from the communication stream. From the Tianchi dao conference from ancient times to the present, it has been tens of thousands of years.” 

“For so many years, how many sessions of dao conferences have been held? How come the mountain spirit treasure has not been emptied yet?” 

“That’s a means left by ancient power…” Ye Yunlan was about to explain, when he heard a soft voice. 

“Ah Lan… long time no see.” 

Not far away, Rong Ran looked at Ye Yunlan greedily, trying to trace the face he was thinking about with his eyes through the tulle on the other side’s veiled hat. 

In the past few years, he has really endured for too long. 

Since he exposed his intentions in Tingfeng Pavilion three years ago, it has been difficult to see Ye Yunlan again. Qiyun Jun knew what he did to Ye Yunlan and made him face the wall and be punished. There was a lot less indulgence in his words compared to before. 

Even so, he was still a personal disciple of Qiyun Jun, who owed him great karma. He had to protect him no matter what. 

After reflecting, he began to refine the Hehuan Love Gu. 

The long and arduous process of refining the Hehuan Love Gu required the cultivation of blood essence. This had cost him countless cultivation bases, as well as the treasures he had accumulated over the years. 

Despite this, his enthusiasm for refining the Hehuan Love Gu was still unabated. 

The writing on the paper that his father gave him to refine the love gu was frantic. He seemed to understand that his father’s feelings when refining the love gu should be like his. 

Just a little bit more and the Hehuan Love Gu can be refined successfully. 

This time he came to the dao conference just to win the top ten spot to ask the Mountain Spirit Treasure for the last medicinal material for refining the Love Gu. 

At that time… 

At that time, Ye Yunlan will submit to him wholeheartedly and thoroughly. The beautiful bird that had flown away from the golden cage will come back again and sing for him. 

When he thought of this, Rong Ran’s delicate and beautiful face revealed a sweet twisted smile.

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