Sick Beauty [Rebirth] Chapter 37

Chapter 37 Cloud Summit 

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Ye Yunlan, who is he? 

Listening to the suspicious words of the star warriors, Chen Weiyuan put down the brush in his hand. 

The golden book pages sandwiched between his fingertips flew up like butterflies and scattered between the heavens and the earth. 

Chen Weiyuan watched as the golden glow dissipated into the void. He smiled slightly. 

“He is the biggest…surprise I have encountered since I came to Tianchi Mountain this time.” 

——The mountain wind was bleak. 

A white figure holding a long sword was walking up the winding mountain road. 

His veiled hat was slightly raised by the wind. Ye Yunlan raised his head and looked at the towering Tianchi Mountain. 

There were constant weapons whizzing past him. As if he hadn’t seen them, he just walked on slowly. 

Suddenly there was a voice not far away. 

“When has this Tianchi Mountain dao conference had a mortal who has no cultivation base go up the mountain to watch the battle?” 

Ye Yunlan paused. He looked sideways, and saw a young man in brocaded clothing standing in midair. Surrounding him were several guards looking down at him, mocking him. 

Since one hundred years ago in his previous life, Ye Yunlan had been indifferent to such provocations. He just finds it troublesome. 

So after a pause, he moved on, as if he hadn’t heard any of it. 

Seeing this, Shi Ying narrowed his eyes. 

He was already full of anger today and couldn’t vent it, yet this mortal dared to ignore him? But him lowering himself to teach this mortal a lesson would be too shameful. He whispered a few words to the guards around him, then coldly snorted, and manipulated his weapon away. 

Ye Yunlan was walking when he saw a few black plants beside the mountain road ahead. 

He wanted to pick a flower for Shen Shu on the mountain road, so he was very careful about his surroundings.

This black plant was called turbid soul grass. Born in southern Xinjiang, it was not something that Tianchi Mountain should have. It specializes in living off of human essence. If one was accidentally entangled by turbid soul grass, one would be injected with venom by the root spikes and fall into a nightmare. After being drained of most of their energy, they would collapse until woken up. 

Although the turbid soul grass does not kill people, it is a very grotesque thing. If he was replaced by a mortal who did not know about the turbid soul grass, they wouldn’t just not be able to go up the mountain, they might not even be able to return. 

Ye Yunlan roughly guessed how this turbid soul grass appeared and frowned. 

He just passed by and didn’t even pay attention to the other party’s ridicule. He really didn’t do anything.

That youth just now was too malicious. 

These turbid soul grass must be removed. 

Suddenly he saw a little girl in red jumping out from the side of the mountain road, actually approaching those turbid soul grass. From his perception, he didn’t know where the little girl appeared from.

Ye Yunlan: “Be careful!” 

His queying word was unsheathed. His nirvana sword intent turned into a sword light, slashing through the dark turbid soul grass against the mountain breeze. 

The turbid soul grass that had been chopped let out a scream like a human, then dissipated. 

Ye Yunlan walked forward quickly and looked down at the little girl in red who was not even tall enough to reach his waist. “Are you okay?”

But suddenly his pupils shrank. 

His eyesight blurred. He hadn’t noticed before, but now he realized that there was no shadow around the little girl. 

She… it was not a human being. 

The little girl turned her head. 

She had very dark long hair, big dark eyes, and a pale face. Although pale, she looked very cute and sweet. Looking up at him, her voice was soft, “Gege?” (older brother; could be actually siblings or just term when addressing an older male)

Ye Yunlan: “…you, what are you doing here?” 

The little girl bulged her cheeks and stepped on the turbid soul grass on the ground, “Those bad guys always leave ugly and filthy things on Nian Er. I just came to deal with it, but Gege has done it ahead of me. Thank you Gege.” 

The little girl gave Ye Yunlan a big smile. 

Ye Yunlan vaguely guessed, “Are you the Tianchi Mountain Mountain Spirit?” 

“Mountain Spirit? What is a Mountain Spirit?” The little girl tilted her head, as if puzzled. She stretched out her little hand and pulled Ye Yunlan’s sleeves, “Gege has a smell that Nian Er likes. Can Nian Er look at Gege’s face?” 

Ye Yunlan looked at the little girl in front of him. He hesitated for a moment. But seeing the girl’s pleading eyes, he still raised his hand to take off his veiled hat. 

At this moment, the wind blew. 

Long black hair fluttered in the air, a few strands blocking his line of sight. 

Ye Yunlan raised his hand to brush the hair to the side, but saw the little girl widen her eyes. Looking at him, tears suddenly burst into them.

“My emperor… is a big liar! You let Nian Er wait for you here for so many years, yet you haven’t come back to see Nian Er. Liar… big liar!” She bit her lip again. “But Nian Er … still missed you so much.” 

Ye Yunlan was at a loss.

He has dealt with countless hardships in his life, but he didn’t know how to deal with the crying of a child. 

“You have recognized the wrong person. I am not the Emperor you have mentioned.” He whispered. 

Little girl: “Liar…you are deceiving Nian Er again…” 

“I’m really not.” Ye Yunlan rarely had this patience. 

The little girl slowly stopped crying, and sobbed: “But… but you look like my emperor.” 

“There are many similar people in this world. I’m just one of them.” Ye Yunlan said patiently. 

He didn’t know this little girl. 

Moreover, if the little girl really was the spirit of Tianchi Mountain, in terms of the age of Tianchi Mountain, the people the little girl knows are at least ten thousand years old. 

No one in the world can live for ten thousand years, except for immortals. 

The little girl was silent. 

“Yes, Nian Er… Nian Er remembers,” The little girl’s big dark eyes began to weep again, “They, they all said my emperor is dead. Nian Er doesn’t believe it, so I’m here alone. Waiting… for a long time…” 

The little girl looked very pitiful. 

Ye Yunlan raised his hand, trying to touch her head, but passed through her like a phantom. 

He was silent for a moment, then brought the veiled hat back up. He said lightly: “Indulging in the past, trapping yourself in one place to wait, if your emperor knows, he wouldn’t want you to wait for him like this.” 

Ye Yunlan said this, but he didn’t try to persuade the little girl. 

The sorrows and joys between people are still difficult to share, let alone him and this spirit who has lived for an unknown number of years…or ghost. 

“Where is Gege going?” 

He was about to walk, but the little girl ran over.

“Floating Cloud Summit.” 

“Gege wants to go up there?” the little girl said, “Nian Er…Nian Er can send Gege.” 

Then, she raised her two small hands and made a gesture of lifting something up.

Her eyes were as red as a bunny, but her expression was serious. It looked a little cute, but also a little funny. 

Ye Yunlan felt a warm mountain breeze lift him up, his eyes widened slightly in surprise. 

Tianchi Mountain has an air ban. Although one can fly with a weapon, it is limited to ten feet above the ground. Therefore, even if a daoist went up the mountain, he needs to fly slowly along the mountain trail. They cannot get there in one step. 

But at this moment, he was engulfed by the mountain wind, and almost instantly, he was thousands of feet off the ground. The magnificent Tianchi Mountain appeared in front of him like a picture and the mountain breeze that wrapped around him was endlessly gentle. 

At this height, he could see a mountain road winding along Tianchi Mountain, with countless black spots moving fast. It was the daoists advancing on the mountain road. 

It was a very lucky thing to be able to get the favor of the mountain spirit. 

Ye Yunlan looked down at the magnificent scenery, remembering something. His eyes showed a little helplessness. 

He hesitated for a moment, then said. 

“Nian Er.”

“Let me go down first, I’m going to pick up something.” 

——Shi Ying finally drove his flying shuttle to the top of the mountain. 

As the highest mountain in the Central Continent, Tianchi Mountain was too tall. He drove the shuttle all the way, so there was not much spiritual power left. He was out of breath. 

Finally he saw the Floating Cloud Summit in the distance. 

Floating Cloud Summit was an open place on the top of Tianchi Mountain. The whole body was white jade. It looked like a floating cloud hanging on the top of the mountain, but it was not constructed by man, it was born of nature. It was also the exit of the communication stream, the exit of the ascension steps. 

The closer you were to the top of the mountain, the more people gathered. 

Most of the daoists from various factions who came from all over the world who did not participate in the fight for the ascension stage have already gathered there. The Ascension to the heavens was a self-contained world. Only from the Floating Cloud Observatory, can you glimpse everything that is happening in the ascension to the heavens. 

“Shi Ying? Why didn’t you participate in the contest for the ascension?” 

Shi Ying looked at where the voice came from and saw a woman with a very beautiful appearance. She was dressed in purple, with eyes like limpid autumn water. 

“Senior Sister Luo, I…I…” Shi Ying flushed. He deliberately avoided the Tingyu pavillion disciples when sneaking over today, but didn’t want to make a fool of himself in front of Luo Yuqing who he bumped into.

“That useless fool got into some dispute between Senior Brother Zhu yesterday and was taught a lesson by Senior Brother Zhu. So after the ascension stage was opened today, he didn’t dare to enter.” A woman next to Luo Yuqing laughed, “Even if he entered the ascension stage, he wouldn’t win any ranking for Tingyu pavillion. Speaking of which, he and Senior Brother Zhu are both direct disciples of the Sect Master. Not mentioning his cultivation level, how can even his temperament have so much of a difference?” 

Shi Ying: “You, how can you slander me like this! I didn’t enter the ascension stage because something went wrong in my cultivation yesterday, so my meridians are damaged. That was what made it inconvenient to participate in the fight.” 

The woman sneered. 

Luo Yuqing said indifferently: “Since Junior Brother has went the wrong path in cultivation, you should rest and recuperate. Using a flying shuttle to reach the floating cloud summit consumes a lot of spiritual energy. With your meridians damaged, you should be cautious.” 

Shi Ying saw Luo Yuqing turn into a purple light and fly away to Floating Cloud Summit. They were obviously in the same sect but didn’t call out to him. He knew that the other party had seen through his lie. His face grew redder and redder. 


“Young master, please calm down.” The guard next to him hurriedly persuaded. 

Shi Ying took a few deep breaths and turned his head, “Did you do what I asked you to do?” 

The guard: “The turbid soul grass has been laid out on the mountain road. As long as that person passes by, he will definitely be affected.” 

Shi Ying remembered the mortal he encountered on the road and that he should be entangled in the turbid soul grass now and have lost most of his energy. 

Sure enough, ants are ants. 

They forever are only worthy of looking up from the bottom of the mountain.

The anger that had nowhere to vent finally disappeared a bit. Shi Ying turned around and saw a black curtain high sedan chair. It was very low-key, surrounded by several maids wearing black, but his eyes lit up. 

He recognizes this sedan chair. 

It was the sedan chair of Tianji Pavilion and the person sitting in it should be the young pavilion master of Tianji Pavilion who was said to have arrived at Tianchi Mountain. 

As the direct disciple of Tingyu Pavilion, Shi Ying once met the young master of Tianji Pavilion. 

One of them was a direct disciple, and the other was the young pavilion master. It sounds like their identity was not far away, but in fact, they were worlds apart. 

Even the pavilion master of Tingyu Pavilion should be respectful when he entertained the young pavilion master of Tianji Pavilion. 

The people in the sect were not optimistic about him, but if he could have some kind of friendship with this young pavilion master… 

Shi Ying moved his weapon over. Separated by a little distance, he cleared his throat and said. 

“I am Tingyu Pavilion’s Shi Ying. Five years ago, I had a chance meeting with the young pavilion master. Back then, the young pavilion master used the Dou Zhuan technique all by himself which really made Shi Ying admire you. Thus, I took the liberty to come here today to greet Young pavilion master.” 

No one in the sedan answered. 

Shi Ying: “Young pavilion master?” 

A black gauze maid around the black sedan chair seemed impatient. She finally turned sideways and said: “The young pavilion master is taking a break and won’t like to be disturbed. Fellow Daoist, please go back.”

Shi Ying was stunned. He was stunned and realized that as the direct disciple of Tingyu Pavillion’s Sect Master, he had been dismissed by a servant. He couldn’t help turning red again. However, remembering the respectful attitude that even his sect master had back then, he dared not speak up. 

With a sullen face, he waved the guards to fly to the floating clouds summit. Just stepping on the top of the white jade, he felt a rush of wind passing by the sky. 

Someone was riding the wind. 

The robe whipped and dance, like a white crane descending from the sky. 

A veiled hat covered his face while his pale fingertips held a very beautiful faint blue flower. 

Shi Ying suddenly paled. 

He was very familiar with this person. 

It was the mortal he saw on the mountain road just now. 

But how can a mortal ride the wind? 

They were still in Tianchi Mountain, but the height of the person who had just come by wind was far beyond the ten meters of Tianchi Mountain’s air ban. 

Shi Ying saw someone walk out of the black sedan chair. 

It was the young master of Tianji Pavilion who was said to be “resting” just now by the maid. 

The Young Pavilion Master, who had just dismissed him just now, walked slowly to the person in full view by everyone. He smiled and said something softly. 

But the person stood in place, lonely and cold as a distant mountain. The young pavilion master’s gentle words were unable to melt him. 

Shi Ying swallowed slowly. 

He saw a young man clothed in black with a high crown and a handsome face stand between the young pavilion master and the man. 

He recognized that person’s face, he was the winner of the previous dao conference, the one who defeated his Senior Sister Luo Yuqing. It was the Eastern Continent’s Sky Sect’s genius sword cultivator, He Lanze. 

He Lanze’s aloofness and arrogance was well-known in the world of cultivation. Among them, his most famous sentence was ‘anyone who can’t take three swords from him is not worthy in his eyes’. 

But at this time, such an arrogant person walked toward the person quickly and worriedly helping support the person’s arm. Then…then he was thrown aside by the person mercilessly. 

Shi Ying: “…” 

His pupils trembled. 

Suddenly, he heard a noise again. On the viewing platform in the distance, a person who was sitting on a high seat, overlooking the world slowly walked down. 

The man had golden eyes and a profound robe. The sky was behind his back, and a scorching sun on his head. 

Shi Ying’s calves trembled crazily.

He, he… what kind of person did he provoke?

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