Sick Beauty [Rebirth] Chapter 38

Chapter 38 Tattoo 

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Ye Yunlan pushed away the hand that He Lanze wanted to use to support him. 

“Junior Brother Ye, you can’t use your spiritual power now, how can you ride the wind this way?” He Lanze walked over quickly with a worried and anxious expression on his face, “Could it be that you didn’t hesitate for your direct disciple…” 

Ye Yunlan interrupted calmly: “I didn’t use my spiritual power. I was by chance helped by others. Senior Brother, doesn’t have to be worried about it.” 

Even though he had explained, He Lanze still insisted on holding his hand to explore his vitality, he did not care about the eyes of the people around him. He Lanze knew his Junior Brother’s temperament. Once there was something buried in his heart, no one could stop him from the things he had decided, especially when it came to his disciple. 

Ye Yunlan couldn’t fight against him, but when He Lanze’s hand was about to squeeze his left wrist, a sudden gust of wind hit him, blocking He Lanze’s movements. 

Ye Yunlan frowned slightly. 

The person who shot out was Chen Weiyuan, who was standing not far away. 

He had just arrived at the top of Floating Cloud summit and it was this person who came up to talk to him first. However, in this life he really didn’t want to give Chen Weiyuan half a look. He had never paid attention to this person, so he didn’t expect Chen Weiyuan to be so thick-skinned and not leave. 

This is actually somewhat different from the Chen Weiyuan in his previous life. 

When he was rescued by Chen Weiyuan, the other party was already the head of Tianji Pavilion, the head of the Chen family. Even though he was gentle, considerate and took care of him, there was very little room for people to talk about his behavior. 

Chen Weiyuan didn’t speak much. He only smiled coldly and lowered his eyes to let you know that he didn’t like what you did and that it was wrong.

At this time, Chen Weiyuan held a black gold profound bone painting fan and pointed it directly at He Lanze. 

He obviously just made a move, but he still had a smile on his face, “Daoist Helan, we haven’t seen each other for a long time since we left the mountain.” 

Helan Ze’s face went dark. 

He did meet Chen Weiyuan before. 

At that time, he won the first prize in the dao conference. He consciously felt that no one in the younger generation was his opponent and felt lonely. It was then that he heard that there was a peerless genius in the Northern Territory and that no one in the Northern Territory was his opponent. This was the young master of Tianji Pavilion. It’s just that Tianji Pavilion never participated in the battle of the dao conference. Although He Lanze won the first prize, claiming to be the number one in the younger generation would perhaps be a bit misleading. 

He was arrogant by nature, so when he heard these words, he directly raised his sword to cross the boundary between the Eastern Continent and Northern Territory and went straight to Tianji Pavilion to fight. 

Tianji Pavilion was on the Northern Territory’s Duanwang Mountain. The request for battle was sent, but it was sent back by Chen Weiyuan with a letter attached. In the letter, Chen Weiyuan said that Tianji Pavilion did not participate in worldly battles. He also said that his reputation as the number one person in the younger generation was not easy to come by, so he should cherish it. 

At that time, He Lanze tore the letter to pieces and went straight to Duanwang Mountain. It’s just that there were countless complex formations outside Tianji Pavilion and his formation skills can only be said to be average. After half a month in the formation, he could not get within ten miles of Tianji Pavilion. 

…he even lost his way.

It was Chen Weiyuan who showed up to take him out of the maze. This person behaved worse than the letter and said in a warm voice: “Duanwang Mountain is full of formations laid down by the ancestors of Tianji Pavilion. Generally, those who enter the formation without passing through the communication stream are all masters of formations. Daoist Helan, who is like a calf to formations, I have not seen this kind of behaviour for a long time. It’s a bit…novel.” 

He Lanze followed him outside the formation without a sound, then drew his sword. 

In the formation, Chen Weiyuan could control the power of the formation, but outside the formation, he could only rely on himself. 

He Lanze waited for this moment. 

The sword was unsheathed. Using a lot of strength, he accumulated the anger that had been circulating around for half a month, then he slashed at Chen Weiyuan’s face that was smiling like a mask. 

However, before this sword landed.

A cluster of stars scattered away the sword light. Chen Weiyuan’s figure appeared in another place. 

——This is the technique of shifting and turning the stars of Tianji Pavilion. 

“Daoist Helan is really enthusiastic,” Chen Weiyuan said, “Since you are so enthusiastic, I need to give Daoist a gift in return.” 

That return gift caused him to retreat and recuperate for half a year after returning to Sky Sect. 

He Lanze always thought that when he participated in the dao conference, he had already attained the demi-god realm at the age of less than 60 years, far surpassing his peers. But he didn’t expect that Chen Weiyuan at that time was already at ascension with his cultivation. Possible… even more than just ascension. 

He Lanze stood in front of Ye Yunlan and said in a deep voice, “What are you going to do?”

Chen Weiyuan showed a look of surprise, “Isn’t that what I should ask Daoist Helan? What do you want to do to Yunlan? Ignoring the opposition of one’s Junior Brother, insisting on holding the other’s hand, even as a Senior Brother in Sky Sect, isn’t this inappropriate?” 

The word “Yunlan” made He Lanze’s brow jump. 

He said: “Junior Brother has injuries on his body, I just wanted to check his injuries. But you, for no reason, came here to h*rass Junior Brother Ye.” 

“I am not h*rassing him.” Chen Weiyuan said, “Everyone knows my Tianji Pavillion is good at stargazing and calculations. Perhaps Yunlan’s injury, I might be able to find a solution for him.” 

With the mention of a solution, He Lanze had a change of expression. He said coldly, “This is a matter regarding Sky Sect disciple’s, the young pavilion master does not need to help.” 

Before the words were finished, the surroundings became silent. 

Chen Weiyuan raised his brows slightly and felt a little strange. When he swept his eyes over, he saw someone coming from a distance. 

The visitor wore a mysterious suit with his long black hair tied high behind his head with a golden crown. They had a pair of dark gold narrow eyes that were dazzling. 

The indifferent smile on his face finally changed. 

Why would this person… come over. 

Ye Yunlan was not interested in the dispute between He Lanze and Chen Weiyuan, but at this moment, he raised his eyes towards the person walking slowly.

The other party was familiar and unfamiliar. His beauty was like the sun, and his youthful immaturity had completely faded away. Although he did not have the aura of his previous life in which he looked disdainfully at all beings after breaking through the mortal realm, he still walked over like a natural emperor facing the world. 

His elder brother. 

Ye Xuanguang. 

A few attendants with sacred masks and empty eyes followed Ye Xuanguang. Seeing him stop at this moment, one person stood up and said respectfully: “Excuse me, your Highness, do you have an order?” 

Ye Xuanguang raised his hand and made a withdraw motion. 

The attendants obeyed and backed away a few steps. 

Ye Yunlan felt that he was being looked at by Ye Xuanguang’s gaze. 

The other person’s eyes were calm, there was no extra emotion. 

Under the veiled hat, he didn’t know if the other party had recognized him. 

Ye Xuanguang’s fingertips drew a golden crack in the void. From it, he took out a silver jade box. The attendants who were observing their Highness in the distance suddenly sucked in a deep breath. 

Ye Xuanguang held the jade box in his palm and reached out and handed it to Ye Yunlan. 

The jade box opened.

Inside was a silver tree branch, about half a foot in length, bearing a small purple fruit on it. It was crystal clear with its shape resembling a lotus. 

Ye Xuanguang only said one sentence. 

“This is the Ninth Rank Lotus Heart Branch which is good for your injury.” 

The onlookers were already in an uproar. 

Although they could not hear Ye Xuanguang’s words, the aura from the jade box could not be faked. 

This is a Ninth-Rank Spirit Medicine. A Ninth-Rank has another name, which is Immortal rank.

Immortal-level elixirs are hard to find in the world. One is enough to cause a bloody storm in the cultivation world. 

Besides, the Yaori crown prince had given it to him personally. 

——What is the identity of the man in white? 

Ye Yunlan did not expect that Ye Xuanguang would suddenly give him medicine. After a moment of silence, he said: “What is the meaning of this Your Highness.” 

Ye Xuanguang glanced at him quietly: “You saved my royal family. He is very grateful to you. He asked me to give you this medicine.” 

Ye Yunlan had already guessed that Gu Xuan was not low within the Ye Clan, but he didn’t expect that Gu Xuan would be able to make Ye Xuanguang come forward in return for him. 

“But I have already told him that I just saved him casually. There is no need for gratitude.” Ye Yunlan did not pick up the jade box in Ye Xuanguang’s hand. His voice was cold, “Your Royal Highness, please take it back.” 

Ye Xuanguang: “There is no reason to take back the things that one has given.” The jade box flew up and floated to Ye Yunlan’s hand. 

He Lanze from the side stared at the Nine Turn Lotus Heart Branch in the jade box. He hadn’t expected his Junior Brother to save the Yaori royal family. But what he was more concerned about was that this immortal-level elixir, which is hard to find in the world, might really be able to heal the injuries on his Junior Brother’s body. Then, maybe they wouldn’t need to use that last method…

Junior Brother is stubborn. He didn’t fully understand it when he left the other party in his courtyard to heal his injuries, but after getting along with each other in the past few years, he began to hesitate more and more. 

If it was true that when his divine fire injury cannot be suppressed, such a method should be used to heal the injury, will his Junior Brother be willing to accept it? 

After thinking for a moment, He Lanze held the jade box and said to Ye Xuanguang: “This thing is effective for Junior Brother Ye’s injury. I thank Your Highness on behalf of Junior Brother Ye.” 

Ye Yunlan frowned. 

Ye Xuanguang nodded slightly. He was only here to deliver medicine for others. Seeing that He Lanze took it on behalf of Ye Yunlan, he didn’t want to say any more. 

He turned his face, his dark golden eyes glanced at Chen Weiyuan.

“The young patriarch of the Chen clan… I trust you have been well since we last met.” 

Chen Weiyuan’s eyes stopped between Ye Xuanguang and Ye Yunlan. He seemed to be thinking about something. He smiled for a moment, “Your Highness, long time no see. Is his Majesty well?” 

Ye Xuanguang: “Royal Father is in good health, thank you for your concern. There is only one thing that Royal Father ordered me to discuss with the young patriarch in detail. There are many people here, which is inconvenient. I ask the young patriarch to come to the viewing platform to discuss further.” 

Chen Weiyuan: “Obedience is better than politeness.” 

When he left, his gaze flicked to Ye Yunlan’s face with the veiled hat. He stared at the flower in Ye Yunlan’s hand for a moment before he withdrew his gaze. 

That gaze that fell on his body had a sticky taste to it causing Ye Yunlan to frown. 

He Lanze: “The ascension stage has been open for a long time. The disciples of the Sky Sect who did not participate are watching the battle on the observatory. Why don’t Junior Brother go with me?” 

Although the observatory seemed to be just a stone platform, it was like a chessboard inside. Generally, there were countless subdivisions.

Cultivators from all over the world were watching the battle there. After stepping in, it was as if they were floating in the starry sky. Under the starry sky, the communication stream climbed to the sky, and the scenes that took place inside were spread out in front of everyone like a scroll. 

Ye Yunlan was led to the observation place of Sky Sect. 

As soon as he raised his head, he saw a young man in black clothes and hair unhurriedly drawing a sword flower on the screen. 

——Shen Shu drew a sword flower unhurriedly. 

Opposite him, stood a lanky man who looked like a bamboo pole. This was Daoyi Sect’s Senior Brother, Nangong Lie. He is now a Nascent Soul, and is one of the people who is most likely to reach the summit. 

Next to Nangong Lie, there was a pale young man in brocade clothes. It was Nangong Qing, the person the master and disciple had met in the market before. Next to Nangong Qing, there were several daoist disciples standing. 

Those who enter the ascension stage at the same time will walk in the same place at the beginning, then will gradually widen the distance between one another with various trials. 

Coincidentally, Shen Shu met these people as soon as he entered the ascension stage.

Nangong Qing stroked his palms and laughed. He turned his head to ask his fellow brothers next to him. 

“Who do you think will win?” 

——”Who do you think will win?” 

“It should be Nan Gonglie. He is already a Nascent Soul, while his opponent is no more than a golden core. The difference in cultivation base is too great.” 

There was a lot of discussion on the viewing platform. 

Ye Yunlan just looked up. 

He had already seen the end the moment Nangong Lie and Shen Shu both made their sword moves at the same time. 

So he stopped watching. 

He lowered his eyes and stared at the flower lying on the palm of his hand. 

The faint blue flower bloomed quietly and was extremely beautiful. 

After the ascension stage opens, it takes at least half a month for participants to climb to the top of the floating cloud summit. An ordinary flower picked would wither in two or three days. 

Except for the longevity flower in his hand.

——Half a day ago. 

“Nian Er, let me down first, I’m going to pick something.” Ye Yunlan said. 

The gentle mountain breeze still had him encircled. Nian Er’s voice rang in his ears. 

“What does Gege want to pick?” 

Ye Yunlan: “I want to pick a flower.”

“What kind of flower does my brother want to pick? I have seen all the flowers around here, so I can take my brother over.” Nian Er said. “My emperor also likes flowers. There are many beautiful flowers here. There must be one that my brother wants.”

Ye Yunlan thought for a long time. 

Nian Er asked strangely: “Gege wants to pick flowers, but doesn’t have a flower that he really wants?” 

A flower he especially…wants? 

Ye Yunlan was startled, then spoke out. 

“I want a… flower that never wilts.” 

——”Senior Immortal, I want to give you a flower that never wilts.” 

Sunlight came in from outside the window. Floating dust was in the air. The house was not very spacious and a few apricot blossom petals floated in along the window with the wind, bringing a faint fragrance. 

The Demon Lord hugged him and said in a low and stubborn manner: “That way, even if I leave, you can always remember me forever and ever.” 

The other party’s kiss fell on his waist. 

The pigment-stained needle pierced his skin, causing a lingering pain. 

He cried out in pain, then the other party covered his body and injected warm spiritual power in. 

He muttered, “Enough.” 

Demon Lord: “Not enough. With you, it’s never enough.” 

For a long time, until the intense pain and the warm current surging in his meridians finally ceased, he was still breathing lightly and failed to come back. 

The Demon Lord held his body and asked him to look sideways at the bronze mirror beside the bed. 

Black hair fell like a waterfall, covering the burn scars on his neck and shoulders. 

On his white waist, a faint blue, extremely beautiful flower was in full bloom.

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