Sick Beauty [Rebirth] Chapter 45 Part 2

Chapter 45 Evil Spirits 

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Although he had a smile on his face, in reality, his heart was cold. 

There was one thing he didn’t say. 

Even if the contract was signed. 

He didn’t intend to really let this child go. 

He just wanted to use the sacred contract to sever his kinship with the Ye Clan. 

It was to let Ye Clan’s destiny and luck completely belong to Ye Xuanguang. The possibility of it being occupied by another party will be gone.

While him? The Yaori Hidden Guard sent by him was rushing over. 

One thing that the Yaori Hidden Guard was best at was dealing with people silently. 

Ye Xuanguang would not notice it. 

Sky Sect wouldn’t notice it either. 

Ye Yunlan had already grasped his Queying Sword.

The Queying Sword was trembling slightly under the influence of the magic weapon from the outside world, but the trembling amplitude slowly disappeared at his fingertips. 

He was ready to draw his sword. 

But suddenly, he heard a soft cry, “…Lan Er!” 

The voice was like a lark. 

It came from the other side of the fire spirit stone. 

He saw a beautiful and soft figure appearing in the mirror. 

It was Ye Tange. 

When he was very young and hadn’t been thrown into the remote place in the corner of the palace walls to live, although he rarely saw Ye Emperor, he remembered Ye Tange’s hand holding him. It was soft and warm. 

But that was a memory from too long ago. 

On the blood altar, Ye Tange didn’t stop Ye Emperor from doing anything. 

Ye Tange looked at him through the spirit stone. 

In the past, they were like the eyes of a pool of spring water. Now, it seemed that there was a little light inside. 

“Lan Er.” She yelled again softly. 

Her expression was still very gentle, but a teardrop silently slipped down her beautiful cheek. 

Ye Emperor turned his head, frowned slightly. He took pity and wiped the end of her eyes with his finger. 

“Why did you cry so suddenly?”

“Your Majesty…” Ye Tange’s curled eyelashes trembled lightly. She didn’t speak, but there was a soft plea in her eyes. 

When the Ye Emperor looked at her, he couldn’t help thinking back to the blood altar. Ye Tange looked at him in the same way, making him neglect his eldest son. Now, he couldn’t deal with this child like he originally wanted to . 

After all, it is best to have benevolence towards a woman. 

Ye Emperor thought about it, then he carefully helped Ye Tange wipe away the teardrops from the end of her eyes: “He must sign this contract.” 

“Chen Qie knows that Your Majesty is thinking for our clan. But, but…” Ye Tange still had tears dripping from the end of her eyes. 

Ye Emperor didn’t clean her tears this time  and felt a little irritable. 

Ye Tange was always nice and pleasant. 

But occasionally, she would be a bit unruly and headstrong in an untimely manner.

Maybe he doted on her too much? 

“Tan Ge,” He said slowly, “What do you want?” 

“Don’t make the guards force him. He has suffered enough. Not to mention, he, after all, he is my…” Ye Tange bit her red lips but didn’t dare to say the word. 

Ye Emperor squeezed her chin and frowned, “Don’t cry.” 

He looked at the other side of the fire spirit stone. 

“Do you want to sign the contract willingly?” He said coldly.

Ye Yunlan only stared at the beautiful woman in the image who was both familiar and unfamiliar. Besides taking a deep look at him at the beginning, Ye Tange only looked at the Ye Emperor intently. 

He retracted his gaze and said calmly: “I can completely cut off the karma with the Ye Clan, but whether I will step into the Western Continent in the future is my own business. No one in the world is qualified to restrain me.” 

Ye Emperor slightly narrowed his eyes, revealing the danger they concealed. 

Ye Yunlan looked back at him calmly, not avoiding his eye contact. 

He has to say…this child was very similar to Tan Ge. 

Ye Emperor thought. 

The tear-stained face of a beautiful woman within his arms came into his mind. Although the child was expressionless, his complexion was paler and weaker than that of Tan Ge. The scarlet mole under his eye was like a tear of blood that could not be wiped clean. 

It hurts people’s hearts. 

Ye Emperor covered the end of Ye Tange’s eyes and wiped her tears with his fingertips. 

In the end, it is dao. 

“…Elder Xun, erase the last line.” 

Looking at the revised sacred contract, Ye Yunlan looked indifferent. He turned his head and bit his fingertips. Then, red blood dripped on the golden contract paper. 

The blood seeped into the pages of the book. 

At the same time, the Ye Emperor’s heart jumped. There seemed to be unspeakable anxiety in his heart. 

Was it an illusion?

Ye Tange was leaning against him, with tears in her long eyelashes. There seemed to be a smile and misery in her misty eyes.

But Ye Xuanguang, who was crossing the tribulation, suddenly felt his wrist shake. The Demon Emperor’s Sword was leaning forward, and the black spear in front almost pierced him.

The huge thunder calamity and the ferocious and powerful enemies did not make him show a sign of weakness, but at this moment, his sharp, golden eyes showed a bit of grief. 

He didn’t know where this sadness came from. 

But it was more real than what he felt on the rainy night more than 20 years ago. 

Before that sacred contract. 

After Ye Yunlan finished dripping his blood, he got up and didn’t look at the image transmitted from the fire spirit stone again. 

Elder Xun asked: “Where is the guest going?” 

He said: “Leaving here.”


Shen Shu was climbing on the ascension steps. 

He didn’t know how many hours had passed in the outside world, but he just wanted to hurry. 

The blue flower that the mountain spirit handed him was placed in his shirt, close to his chest. 

The mountain spirit had already told him that the name of this flower was called longevity. 

Longevity Flower. 

A very nice name. 

He thought. When he saw his Master, he must tell him that this flower was beautiful, and he really likes it.

He had been tested many times in the ascension steps. There were competitions between other people who climbed the ascension steps, and there were also tests of various formations. 

And every time he was exhausted, he would take out the longevity flower in his arms and take a closer look. 

Looking at the bloodstain, he couldn’t help having his eyes turn red.

He didn’t even dare to think about what happened to his master’s injury. 

Although the ascension step is only a mountain road in the communication stream, it seemed to contain countless landscape changes in the world. It was as if one was traveling thousands of miles in the world. 

He also encountered many ancient ghosts in the formation. These ghosts had already dispersed their hostility in Tianchi Mountain and taught him a lot of knowledge. 

It’s just that there was a Primordial Demon Soul, whose obsession was not extinguished and kept following him. For a long time, they were entangled. It was clearly about to dissipate, but it still looked mad and insisted on teaching him a demonic technique. 

It’s just that he had already promised his master that he will not go astray in this life. Even if he has made some arrangements without telling his master in private, he would not really practice any demonic techniques. 

It was already good like this. 

Above the ascension steps, the position of the sun and the moon was constant. 

At first, only the stars and the moon could be seen. But if one more goes up, one will gradually be able to see the sun’s scorching eyes through the clouds.

Shen Shu realized that he was about to reach the exit. 

At this time, there was no longer a stone step under his feet but a ladder. 

The surrounding white clouds were immersed in the orange-red sunlight, the sunlight blazing. 

…Is this the Floating Cloud Summit? 

Even if he was about to succeed, Shen Shu was still cautious. 

One hundred steps. Only when one reaches ninety steps is it considered the halfway point. Master once taught him this principle. 

Among the clouds, a huge sea of ​​flowers suddenly appeared in front of him. 

Under the shining orange-red sun, the endless flowers were in full bloom and swaying as beautifully as a dream. 

There was a qin sound spiraling upwards. 

The sound of the qin was cold as if it was passing over the mountains of flowing water and the snowy forest and sea. It carried the natural wind of the heavens and the earth as if coming from a remote realm. 

It was lonely yet gentle. 

So familiar. 

Shen Shu was in a daze for a moment. He remembered sitting in the study for countless afternoons over the years. He had watched the man sitting in front of the qin. His long eyelashes hung down, and his hands touched the qin.


Those were the peaceful years he cherished so much. 

If he could, he wanted to sit there and listen to the qin. It wouldn’t hurt to listen to it for a lifetime.

A breeze blew on his face, bringing an intoxicating fragrance of flowers. 

It didn’t make the person become sober but instead made the person sink more… into the sweet oblivion. 

The sound of the qin lingered in his ears. 

The fragrance changed more and more slowly. 

It seemed to smell of apricot blossoms. 

Light and slightly sweet. 

He opened his eyes. 

What entered his eyes was a wooden beam roof. 

He closed his eyes. 

A few apricot blossoms floated in from the window and fell on his neck. 

Very light. Very soft. 

He got up from the hard wooden bed and looked around in confusion. 

The warm sunlight came in from outside the window. Everything in the house had a familiar strangeness. 

The wooden tables, wooden stools, kitchen countertops, and the bamboo baskets in the corner contained a basket of dried apricot blossoms. There were also tools such as hatchets and shovels. In the back was the bed where he slept. 

The wooden tables and benches were finely spread with brocade cloth, and the things on the stovetop were also neatly arranged.

The bed was soft, leaking a warm smell from being shone on by the sun, mixed with a hint of apricot blossoms. 

This was clearly a mortal residence. 

But it looked so warm. 

He got off the bed and walked two steps, then found something uncomfortable. 

He didn’t… seem this tall before.

However, he… who was he? 

He shook his head. 

With a creak, he pushed open the door of the room. 

The outside was a courtyard filled with warm sunshine.

There was a pile of dry wood not yet cut by the wall. There were wooden racks for drying clothes in the open space, and on it, dried clothes were floating in the wind.

In the corner, there was a very tall apricot tree. Its dense shade covered a corner of the courtyard.

The shadow of the tree swayed. 

Someone was lying on a wicker chair underneath the tree. 

He held his breath. 

From his perspective, he could only see the man wearing a plain white gown. His dark hair was like a waterfall, and his fingertips hanging beside the wicker chair were as pale as snow. 

The man sank in the mottled shadow of the tree, like a dream among floating lights. 

As if possessed, he couldn’t help but walk over. 

His footsteps were very light, lest he would wake the man up. 

Before approaching, he was taken aback.

He saw a silver mask covering the man’s face. He couldn’t see his face clearly. The man’s neck was slender. However, there were black burning scars winding down, destroying the original whiteness and flawlessness. 

But even so. 

His heart was stunned. 

He wanted to reach out to touch it but slowly withdrew his hand.

He squatted beside that person. It was like as long as he looked at this person, a strange softness would fill his heart.

He didn’t know how long it took before he saw the man’s fingers trembling slightly. Then, he slowly woke up. 

Subconsciously, he whispered. 

“…Senior Immortal.” 

The dark eyes looking at him from behind the mask were like lustrous, translucent jade. It also had a bit of mistiness from when you just woke up. 

Countless mottled lights and shadows were immersed in the person’s eyes, but when he looked at him, it all turned into gentleness that flowed silently. 

“Why stay by my side again?” The man asked softly. 

He couldn’t help taking this man’s hand again. 

The hand was pale and soft. Even though the sun was warm, it still had a coldness that was hard to fade. 

He held that hand, a little stubbornly, trying to keep him warm. He smiled, “Because I like looking at you.” 

Because of the mask, he couldn’t see the person’s expression. 

But he was keenly aware of a light red appearing on the tip of the person’s ears. 

It was just a little red, but he could tell his heart was shaking. His blood was surging. 

Obviously, he had been with this person for many years. However, at this moment, he was still as excited as a teenager. 

With a thought, he put one knee on the wicker chair, leaned over, and gently hugged the person’s body.

“Your body is so cold, Senior Immortal.” 

He whispered while leaning on the man’s shoulder. He sniffed the cold and gentle fragrance. 

The man’s thin and flexible body was under him. He felt his head dizzy as if he was about to explode. He couldn’t help but ask, “I want you to be warmer, okay?” 

The man was like jade. His lustrous black eyes looked at him quietly. Then, that soft hand stroked his head, gently rubbing it. 


The joy and softness in his heart exploded like fireworks. He wanted to lean in for a deep kiss but felt that he was falling. 

The wind rang in his ears. 

He opened his eyes and saw the sky full of… statues of Buddhas. 

The expressions of those statues were merciful, smiling, or angered. There were numerous. 

But because there were too many, it appeared very strange. 

The feeling of falling stopped. 

He realized that he seemed to have reached a dark and unknown place. 

There was no wind and no light. 

Every time he took a step, the sound of footsteps would echo, trembling through the darkness. 

He looked towards the dome. 

There was a glimmer of light far away. 

But the distance was far, far away. 

Where is this?

His eyesight was good enough to see everything in the dark. 

This seemed to be the bottom of a pagoda. 

There were countless statues of Gods and Buddhas engraved on the wall of the tower. The bottom layer was engraved with carvings too. However, the carvings were completely different from the above. It was of hideous ghosts and blazing flames.

The karma of h*ll burning countless evil spirits. Their expressions were horrifying, hideous and evil, as if condensing all the ugliness in the world. 

On the tower wall, a very narrow spiral staircase winded up to the distant light above. 

And at the bottom of the staircase, a person was sitting there. 

If he didn’t really see it himself, he would never have noticed that there was actually a person in this dark place. 

How could he describe the person sitting by the stairs? 

Basically, he was like a pile of scattered bones. There was no vitality, and even his breathing was inaudible. 

His footsteps were obvious, but the person still seemed to be ignorant of it. 

He thought for a while, then used the remaining spiritual power in his body to ignite flames. 

This time, the person finally reacted. 

The person’s eyes seemed to have not seen light for a long time. He looked at him like moths throwing themselves at a fire. 

Tears were provoked by the fire, continuing to flow in that person’s dark and hollow eyes.

The man had a dark and ugly face burnt by the fire. 

It was even  more hideous than the evil spirits engraved on the wall. 

That person quietly looked at the fire and him. 

It was difficult for him to describe the look in the other party’s eyes, but he felt that the other party regarded him as an illusory dream. 

……That’s why he didn’t blink and looked at him quietly. Look. 

Nevertheless, the man still spoke. 

His voice was dry and hoarse as if he hadn’t spoken for a long time, like a broken wooden qin. It didn’t sound good. 

The man spoke softly. 

“My Lord, you are here.”

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