Sick Beauty [Rebirth] Chapter 45

Chapter 45 Evil Spirits 

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Tianchi Mountain thundered. 

With horrified eyes, countless cultivators gathered from all over, looking at the deep pit surrounded by cavalry from a distance. 

——The Yaori Crown Prince is going to cross ascension and enter transcendence!

The news spread like a stormy sea, and everyone was watching this tribulation. 

Especially those who were Western Continent cultivators. 

If Ye Xuanguang can successfully overcome the tribulation, he will be the youngest daoist in the transcendence stage in thousands of years. 

The iron hooves of the Yaori Dynasty were already restless, and the land of the Western Continent was about to usher in great changes. If the Yaori Crown Prince, destined to be on the throne, arrives at the transcendence realm earlier – this may not be good news for many people. 


Tianchi Mountain Summit. 

The mountain wind blew on his white robes. Chen Weiyuan raised his head, and his dark eyes seemed to penetrate the dark clouds to see through the stars. 

The stargazer warrior wearing a scarf bowed in front of him and asked respectfully, 

“Young Pavilion Master? What can you see?” 

Chen Weiyuan only gave a slight smile: “If I said I didn’t see anything just now, would you believe it?” 

The stargazer warrior bent down. “This subordinate doesn’t understand the meaning of the words said by the young pavilion master. I hope that the young pavilion master can give this subordinate guidance.” 

Chen Weiyuan looked down at the respectful face of the stargazer warrior in front of him, feeling a little disinterested. 

“Is it my father who asked you to come and ask me what I meant?” he asked. 

The stargazer warrior wiped the sweat on his face. He knew that his concealment was meaningless in front of the young pavilion master. He said with difficulty: “It is indeed… the pavilion master.” 

Ye Xuanguang suddenly facing his tribulation in advance has disrupted the plans of many people.

If it is unsuccessful, it will be fine, but if it is successful…the situation of mutual checks and balances between the ancients families will be changed.

The prophecies of the Great Tribulation of Heaven and Earth are more or less circulated among aristocrats. Many things must be prepared in advance before the arrival of a Tribulation. 

There are no concessions. 

“Go back and tell Father that it’s not yet the time for me to cross the tribulation.” Chen Weiyuan said lightly, “His Royal Highness is too anxious. Even if he succeeds, he will still have troubles. What’s more, my Chen family has always had concrete details and is not afraid of a cultivator who has just entered the transcendence stage. As long as he has not reached the void tracing realm, the heavenly formation will never be broken. It is the Western Continent powers who should be fearing this.” 

The stargazer warrior: “So, what the young pavilion master means is…” 

Chen Weiyuan said lightly: “You don’t have to take action, just watch the changes.” 

The stargazer warrior retired, while Chen Weiyuan continued standing on the top of the mountain. He stretched out his white palms, then the power of his invisible bloodline was condensed. 

Under the guidance of the dao, countless stars gathered in his palm. 

There was one thing he did not say. 

In the fate he was looking at, Ye Xuanguang crossed the tribulation much later.

The star path has been changing slightly. It’s just that since he was born, such frequent changes were rare. 

It seems that ever since he met that person, there have been many things that have begun to slip from his control.

But it’s okay. 

After all, the chess pieces will always fall on the chessboard. In the midst of changes, who wins and who loses in the end is still in the hands of the people who make the rules. 

Chen Weiyuan closed his palms. 

The stars were crushed in his hands. At the same time, thunder rang from the horizon. 

The mortal calamity that has been brewing for a long time has arrived.

The extremely strong purple thunder descended from the sky like a roaring blue dragon. 

The crimson flames ignited from the ground and turned into a phoenix spreading its wings, colliding with the thunder and lightning. 

There was a loud bang that pierced the sky. 

There were nine layers of mortal calamity. 

The power of each one was several times that of the previous one. 

A tall figure floated under the thunder, holding a blood-red, slender sword. 

Those brilliant golden eyes pierced through the flames and thunder, appearing before the world. 

The emperor has arrived in the world. 

Ten miles away from the Heavenly Tribulation stood a group of Ink Sect disciples with solemn expressions. 

Among them were the Ink Sect youth and his Senior Sister that stopped the others by the deep pit, during when the Tianchi Mountain rare treasure was being born. 

The Ink Sect youth looked at the fire in the distance. He pressed his lips tightly for a long time: “Senior Sister, I really didn’t expect…he was actually going to be recognized by such a magic weapon.” 

Senior Sister: “The rare treasure born on Tianchi Mountain was a fire element, something very similar to the Yaori royal family. It’s not surprising that the Crown Prince of Yaori can be recognized by it.” 

Ink Sect disciples: “But it’s only because he forced everyone to retreat and not to watch nearby….. Isn’t the Yaori imperial family being too overbearing like this? Where does that place us Ink Sect disciples? In this dao conference, we should be the ones hosting and maintaining the order.” 

Senior Sister: “Xiao Qing, it’s actually a good thing that this thing can be subdued by the Yaori Crown Prince. After all, a rare treasure will move people’s hearts. At that time, just simply getting close would burn lustful people into ashes. I don’t know how much chaos would start due to its birth. His Highness having the strength to obtain the treasure can also help avoid a lot of trouble. If it were you or me, I am afraid that we would not be able to get off of Tianchi Mountain.”

The Ink Sect disciple pondered for a moment, “Senior Sister is right. However, the Yaori Dynasty has sent so many Yanlin Beasts to protect him. It’s a really big matter. In this Tianchi Mountain, I am afraid that no forces would dare to stop the prince from crossing the tribulation……” 

The Senior Sister hadn’t replied yet, but there was a lazy voice next to her. 

“That’s not necessarily the case.” 

The speaker had an ordinary look, but his pair of sleeping phoenix eyes were upright. His half-opened eyes revealed some laziness. 

It was the Ink Sect’s great disciple, Wang Daoyan. 

The Senior Sister was startled, “Senior Brother?” 

Wang Daoyan folded his arms and leaned against the trunk of a pine tree. 

All the Ink Sect disciples around were solemn. Only he had a lazy, languid appearance.

“These days, there are many uninvited guests that haven’t notified us in advance. It’s a bit rude.” He said, “It’s just when I asked the headmaster, the headmaster said, “the sky has to rain, and the wife has to marry”. These are common things. Disputes in the Western Continent will be resolved by the people from the Western Continent. Only when someone wants to start disrupting the order of the dao conference would it be the time for me to take action.”

The Senior Sister was puzzled, “Where are the uninvited guests?” 

Wang Daoyan smiled, “They have already arrived.” 

Tianchi Mountain West Side. In the shadows, a black armor warrior was sitting on a nightmare beast king. Covered in black flames, the warrior came out of the distorted space. 

He wore a star moon mask on his face and held a long spear. On the tip of the spear, there was a dark red bloodstain that had been there for years. 

To the south of Tianchi Mountain, there was a dense forest at the foot of the mountain. In it, there were spatial fluctuations like water waves. A monk wearing a golden robe walked out. He was very young, and had a handsome face. His eyes were closed, and one hand was lying on his chest. 

The monk wore a string of green Buddha beads around his neck, each of which was the size of a baby’s fist. It was shining with pure white light.  If you looked closely, it seemed to be small, white faces.

At this moment, the second tribulation thunder was brewing. 

Ye Xuanguang was holding the Demon Emperor Sword. His body and mind were all drawn to the Thunder Tribulation. He didn’t make perfect preparations to rush through the tribulation, so he didn’t have a good grasp of it. However, what was more dangerous than the heavenly tribulation was problems caused by people. 

In the dark, there were countless dark eyes locked on him. He knew that he was full of qi at this time, and thus not yet the time for those people to make a move. When 5 rounds of the thunder tribulation ended, it would consume over half of his strength. When that time comes, he must be alert to the dangers from all directions. 

But even so. 

At this moment, he can no longer retreat. 

Ye Xuanguang knew that the clan had already long prepared for him the Spirit Gathering Platform. This gathered the whole clan’s vitality and bloodline spiritual power to cross his tribulations. 

When he crosses realms, his performance would be at least several times higher. There would be no need to worry about being disturbed by outsiders. 

It’s just reaching the Transcendence Realm in that place, his qi and cultivation base would be completely connected with the Ye Clan. He would be engraved with the brand of the Ye Clan and would live for the family, shackles that could never be broken away. 

… And this, he had already long expected it. 

And he did not plan to refuse it. 

It’s just… that was before seeing Ye Yunlan. 

The thunder fell on his body one by one. 

His body’s qi was dissipated. Lightning fell on his body, accompanied by severe pain. 

In the thunderous roar, Ye Xuanguang suddenly remembered the majestic rainy night many years ago. 

He put his little brother, who had lost too much blood in his arms, on the back of the most well-behaved Yan Lin Beast he had tamed. The Yan Lin Beast rubbed his hand affectionately when he patted that Yan Lin Beast’s head.

He watched the Yan Lin beast flap its wings and fly past the vermilion palace wall, the endless structure he usually looked up to. Then, it disappeared into the vastness of the night. 

He looked at the night sky full of thunder. It was like a net covering the palace. He suddenly wanted to be with the Yanlin Beast, with his brother, and walk into the free, boundless night outside. 

But after? 

He was in a daze. He remembered that after returning, the Yanlin Beast was ordered to be executed by his father. The reason was that it left the palace without a direct order, thus lacking control. 

Later, he never raised a Yanlin Beast himself again. 

Thunder hit his back heavily. 

Ye Xuanguang lowered his head and let out a muffled grunt. Golden blood ran down from his lips. 

The blood hadn’t even been wiped off yet when suddenly, the tip of his pupil shrank like a needle. 

He forced himself to twist his body to avoid it. At the same time, a dark red tip of a spear swept across his cheek. 

The surrounding Yanlin Beast Army was shocked——someone passed through them? They needed to protect the prince! 

The nightmare beast king and the black cavalry glowing with black flames appeared out of the void, and their auras far surpassed the six realms of the mortal body. They had long approached the transcendence stage. 

“What’s that? Formations have been set up around Tianchi Mountain. How can this person avoid our formations and appear there?” The Ink Sect disciple Xiao Qing exclaimed. 

“That is the Guardian of the Primordial Shadowmoon. Strictly speaking, it is no longer a human being.” 

Wang Daoyan’s lazy expression was reduced when he explained this. 

When was there an extra book in his hand? 

Every disciple of the Ink Sect had a book that belonged to them. His book seemed to be thicker and heavier than the books of the other disciples. The writing within was chaotic. One was afraid that besides him, no one else could understand his writing. 

“I’ve heard Teacher say that this is the inside information of the Xingyue Dynasty. Once you use it, it will never give up its target.” 

Wang Daoyan sighed lightly, “It seems that many people want this prince to die.” 

The Yan Lin beasts in the sky were in a commotion. Soldiers with sacred masks raised the flag of the Yaori array, “All will obey the orders. Stand in front and protect the glory of our clan!” 

The soldiers shouted in unison: “Yes!”

The array quickly lined up in the sky. Hundreds of thousands of Yan Lin beasts with the same number of cultivators of the ascension stage created a formation. The Guardian of the Primordial Shadow Moon would also find it difficult to resist. 

The Shadowmoon guard in the black mask let out a hoarse voice, “Fawu, what are you waiting for? Why are you not making a move?” 

A gentle voice came from the void. 

“Unless it’s necessary, this daoist doesn’t want to kill.” 

Accompanied by the void ripples, the monk in the golden robe appeared surrounded by the Yanlin Beast. He stood on one foot, with a golden lotus on the tip of his toe. The other leg was slightly bent, pointed to the middle of his other leg. His eyes were closed, and his face was compassionate and merciful. 

“My benefactors, killing is against my ideals. Why not join this poor monk in not concerning yourself with the world?”

He snapped one of the beads on his neck with his fingers. 

The invisible ripples spread out and an illusory green lotus rippled in the void. The center of the holy lotus was a pale beauty’s head. 

The beauty’s head smiled at the Yaori soldiers, and the green lotus roots spread everywhere, entangling the formation of the Yaori soldiers. 

The soldiers wrapped in the lotus roots slowly stopped moving, their eyelids closed, and their faces all had a smile. They all seemed to have entered a deep dream. 

The formation was stopped. 

The Shadowmoon guard was no longer hindered. He drove the Black Flame Nightmare Beast King, picked up the long spear, and attacked Ye Xuanguang in the gap of the thunder calamity! 

Fast as lightning.

The Demon Emperor Sword and the long spear interlaced, making an ear-splitting sound. 

Blood from Ye Xuanguang’s lips flowed little by little and the Lin feather of the sword hilt pierced his palm, absorbing the power of his bloodline. 

His gold eyes were cold, “You guys are so afraid of me that you won’t hesitate to completely become enemies with our imperial clan?” 

The Shadow Moon guard said hoarsely: “You dare to abolish my dynasty crown heir’s meridian and cultivation base and wanted to cut off my family’s line. This grudge will never end.”

Ye Xuanguang: “In the battle of life and death, her skill was inferior, so what does it have to do with me?” 

He was too lazy to speak nonsense. 

The monk Fawu raised his palms towards him and slightly bowed, “Coming this time, this poor monk had come himself. This poor monk thinks that Benefactor’s body is too hostile and the edge is too sharp. It should be tempered, otherwise as far as the Western Continent is concerned, it will become a disaster.”

Ye Xuanguang said coldly: “You can say less of those pompous speeches. If you want to fight, you can fight.” 

He clenched the Demon Emperor Sword. 

The power of his rich bloodline was injected. Finally, a percentage of the power of this immortal tool reappeared. 

His body seemed to slowly rise to the majestic aura of the Demon Emperor back then. 

The Monk Fawu frowned, then he suddenly opened his eyes. 

There was only white in his eyes, no pupils. 

“Your Royal Highness, excuse my impoliteness,” Fawu said.

Immediately afterward, he did not wait for Ye Xuanguang to continue to gather his strength. Several green buddha beads bloomed and turned into huge vines to attack Ye Xuanguang.

At the same time, the Demon Emperor Sword in Ye Xuanguang’s hand made a loud phoenix cry. 

Powerful flames rose, shining half of the sky to be as crimson as blood. 

The dark clouds converged into a whirlpool, in which electric lights flickered. 


——On the flying boat. 

Ye Yunlan felt something and looked towards Tianchi Mountain. 

A strange wave came from far away. It was like traveling back in time endlessly, and it brought him a strange familiarity. 

The Queying Sword trembled in his hand. 

A sword was the head of a hundred soldiers. Each sword had its own spirituality and arrogance, and it would also resonate with powerful beings of the same kind. 

The divine soldier who could make the Queying Sword tremble… 

He looked at the Du Er Sword that Qiyun Jun had placed beside the bed. This sword was very silent, and the dark scabbard reflected the moonlight like snow. 

Since Qiyun Jun stepped into transcendence, there were not many people in the world worthy of him to draw his sword. 

At this moment, the Tai Qing Du Er Sword was also buzzing slightly.

“Who is crossing ascension?” Ye Yunlan asked. 

“A member of the Yaori royal family.” Qiyun Jun said lightly. 

He leaned over and held the Tai Qing Du Er Sword in his palm, and the faint buzzing stopped. 

Ye Yunlan wanted to continue to ask, but he heard Qiyun Jun suddenly say: “I haven’t asked you yet, why are you on the flying boat of the Yaori royal family?” 

Ye Yunlan: “I was injured on Tianchi Mountain. It was the Yaori Crown Prince who bestowed me the sacred tree essence that saved me. Speaking of this, I still need to thank him.” 

Qiyun Jun: “You are a disciple of Sky Sect, so you should return to Sky Sect’s flying boat to heal your injuries.” He paused, and his thin lips curved in indifference. “Don’t mingle with the people of the Western Continent and create unnecessary karma.”

Ye Yunlan: “The Yaori Crown Prince had used a sacred clan treasure to save me. No matter what, I should wait for him to cross ascension so I can personally thank him.”

He already knew when Qiyun Jun told him a member of the Yaori imperial family was facing their ascension tribulation.

When the royal family came to Tianchi Mountain this time, only one person could face their tribulation and shed their mortality. It was Ye Xuanguang. 

…It’s just, why is the time for Ye Xuanguang to cross his tribulation so much earlier than his previous life. 

Qiyun Jun frowned. 

After a while, he said: “The karma of the sacred healing treasure, I will pay it off for you. You don’t need to stay here.”

Ye Yunlan felt a little surprised. It was already surprising that Qiyun Jun would forcefully heal his wounds for him these past few years, but this is clearly the karma from others healing him. Why does this person have to repay that person for him? 

Suddenly he heard thunder in the distance. 

Qiyun Jun disappeared from the room. 

Just like when he came, silently. Ye Yunlan had only raised his eyes when he saw the man in white with a high crown, standing sideways by the door quietly watching him. 

Ye Yunlan glanced around the empty room, then he turned to look at the sea of ​​clouds billowing outside the window. 

Only at this time did he feel the inconvenience of lacking a cultivation base. 

He closed his eyes, and his temples jumped.

There was a strange qi in the distance pulling him. It reminded him of the scorched land in his dream. The flying sparks and the huge desolate city. 

His heart was beating. 

He raised his hand to grasp the front of his jacket. His long eyelashes lowered. 

In his dark eyes, the golden color was constantly emerging and dimming. But no one could see it.

Suddenly, the door was pushed open. 

Light slipped in, reflecting a rickety shadow by the door.

The visitor wore a sacred mask on his face, and his hair was gray. 

It was Elder Xun. 

Ye Yunlan turned his face sideways. His black hair drooped down and his face was like frost and snow. He was sick and weak, but he was still beautiful. 

Elder Xun’s heart moved. 

This person saved by His Highness was indeed…very similar to that one. 

Ye Yunlan: “Are you here to see me?” He faintly asked, “Are you asking me when I’m leaving?  Now that my injury is stable, I won’t stay on the flying boat.” 

“You are a guest of our Highness.It is up to you how long you want to stay in the flying boat. I have no comments.” Elder Xun said. 

“It’s just that someone wants to see you, so I don’t know if the guest will do me the honor.”

Ye Yunlan frowned slightly, his plain white long sleeves hung down as he supported his body. 

“Who wants to see me?” 

Elder Xun didn’t answer. He just clapped his hands, then there was an attendant pushing a flaming red spirit stone, one person high, into the room. 

The fiery red spirit stone was as smooth as a mirror, and Ye Yunlan’s shadow reflected on it. 

Ye Yunlan watched quietly. 

Soon, the mirror slowly glowed red. His shadow dimmed, then what appeared in the mirror was another person’s figure. 

The man was sitting on the throne, tall and stalwart, with a beaded curtain of an emperor’s crown. His long and beautiful eyes looked at him, staring at him. 

After meeting the person in the mirror’s gaze, Ye Yunlan’s fingertips became slightly stiff and a little cold. 

In his previous life, after he was sent out of the Yaori Palace from his childhood, he never saw his blood father again. 

Even though he could remember this man, his impression of this man was very vague. 

It was perhaps during his childhood. He would always have to be far away to even get a glimpse of this person.

It was the first time that Ye Yunlan saw the Ye Emperor up close. 

The Ye Emperor was really young, with an unparalleled appearance. If he stood with Ye Xuanguang, he would likely look more like the other’s real brother than him. 

It was the Ye Emperor who spoke first. 

“You recognize Zhen?” 

His tone was cold and determined. 

Ye Yunlan did not answer but said indifferently: “I wonder why Your Majesty specially sent someone to use this technique to see me in this way?” 

Ye Emperor: “Isn’t it Zhen who should ask you why you deliberately approached Xuanguang?” 

Ye Yunlan’s calm heart had a slight disturbance. 

He thought it was ridiculous. This absurdity made him want to laugh. 

But he felt that it was not worth getting angry. 

“I don’t understand what Your Majesty means?” He said. 

Ye Emperor: “You don’t understand, then how can you be on the flying boat that Xuanguang rides?” 

Ye Yunlan looked at the strange man in front of him. 

Even if he was almost face to face with him, he still couldn’t feel the slightest blood connection with the other party to show they were related to each other. 

In his mind, the Ye Emperor was no different from any stranger. 

So he said coldly: “When I was in a coma, I was rescued by His Highness, and thus I am in His Highness’s Flying Boat. If Your Majesty doesn’t like that, I can leave immediately.” 

The Ye Emperor did not comment. He didn’t seem to think what he said was the truth.

He just gave a warning: “You have to be clear that your bloodline has been lost. You are no longer involved with our Yaori royal family anymore. Even if you want to come back, there is no place for you in the family.” 

Ye Yunlan: “I don’t want to have anything to do with the Yaori royal family.” The Ye Emperor seemed to be choked by his answer. His brows lifted, and his icy complexion was covered with a cloud of gloom. 

His eldest son suddenly choosing to cross his tribulation and shed his mortality at this time was really beyond his expectations. 

Before this, Ye Xuanguang had never shown any strangeness to his various arrangements. 

His eldest son has always been the most outstanding heir he had cultivated. He had a stable heart and was responsible for his duties. The most important thing is that he had excellent talent, superior blood, and inherited his temperament. He was calm, cold-blooded, and able to serve the family to make the best choice. 

The Ye Emperor believed his teachings to Ye Xuanguang were perfect, so the reason why Ye Xuanguang suddenly changed must be related to the person he met. 

He looked at the face of the person opposite the mirror through the fire spirit stone. 

It was beautiful. 

Very similar to Tange. But compared to the beauty of Tange that was like fully bloomed peonies, this child was more like a cold snow lotus on a distant mountain. 

This is the child he asked his eldest son to deal with? 

He didn’t expect him to survive in the world. 

And growing up to look like this?

It’s just that, no matter whether he was glamorous or cold, it is just a flower in the end.

A flower is just a thing for people to look at and appreciate, but it is extraordinarily fragile. 

Gently strangle it, and it will die. 

“You are a disciple of Sky Sect.” The Ye Emperor stated the facts he investigated. 

This was his only concern before he made a move. 

If Ye Yunlan was just an anonymous little cultivator, he wouldn’t even have to see him.

However, Ye Yunlan was an inner disciple of Sky Sect. 

Under the heavy blockade of the Primordial Families, Sky Sect’s Sect Master was the first to step into the transcendence realm in nearly a hundred years. This was actually very difficult. 

That Sect Master’s Tai Qing Du Er Sword in his hand, even he would have some apprehensions.

Although he didn’t think that the Sect Master would personally make a move because of an inner disciple, if some things can be avoided then they should be avoided. 

After all, this child’s cultivation base has been abandoned. 

Why save him and waste his efforts? 

He remembered the news from Elder Xun. 

The child is more sick and weak than a mortal. He was wounded and needed a spirit elixir to hold his life, almost dying. 

The child was crippled. 

It will be difficult for him to become a threat to his son. 

However, even if it was just a minor threat, he didn’t want it to stay in the world. 

He only had one son, and only this son can lead the Ye Clan to the top. This plan must be foolproof. 

Everything else is an obstacle. 

For the day when the Ye Clan regains its glory, the Ye Clan has been planning for it for countless years. 

Ye Yunlan: “I am.” 

He answered, but his expression was a bit tired.

For people he didn’t want to pay attention to, he had always been stingy. 

Even if this person was his “father” by blood. 

“So, this is the basis for you to deliberately approach our clan now?” 

Ye Yunlan: “…?” 

The Ye Emperor didn’t intend to speak more with him. 

He even completely tore away the peaceful tone in his words. 

“I need you to swear that you will no longer be involved with the people of the Yaori Royal Family. From now on, you will completely stay away from the Ye Clan and no longer step into the Western Continent.” He said, “If so, maybe Zhen can temporarily let go of your life.” 

Ye Yunlan felt ridiculous. 

In this life, he didn’t want to be involved with the Yaori imperial clan. But it was good that the Ye Emperor rushed over to draw a clear line with him.

Elder Xun walked over and placed a golden rune book in front of his eyes. 

This was the “sacred contract” of the Ye Clan. The content was that he had to completely cut off his kinship and karma with the Ye Clan, and not set foot in the Western Continent in this life. 

The Yaori royal family on the other side of the contract did not have to sign any obligations.

 Ye Yunlan glanced at it blankly. 

“To sever the relationship with your Ye Clan completely is exactly what I want.” 

“Just,” he paused, “Whether I step into the Western Continent or not, it is not your decision. After all, the Western continent is big and is not just the home of just your Ye Clan.”

He no longer called him “Your Majesty.” 

A long, cold gaze.. There was a sharp edge that came from his sickly state. His beauty was as piercing as a knife. 

Even the Ye Emperor, who had faced Ye Tange all year round, was unconsciously startled. 

He instinctively didn’t dare to look closely at his own child. He only said: “It will be in the future.” 

Ye Yunlan still did not move. 

Suddenly, a group of Yaori soldiers wearing masks walked in from outside the room and surrounded him. 

The Ye Emperor gave a gentle smile, “Zhen really doesn’t want to make a move on you. Sign the contract.”

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