Sick Beauty [Rebirth] Chapter 49

Chapter 49 Lifting the Seal 

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The night was dark. 

Thick shadows covered his back.

“Don’t even think about it.” He raised his hand in front of his clothes, grasped tightly onto the skinny hand, and said viciously, “Senior Immortal, don’t you dare leave me again.” 

The hand in his palm was thin and cold. He was a little grateful that he had used cloth strips to tie this person securely to his body. With the current strength of the other party, he wouldn’t be able to get rid of it. 

——If reason didn’t stop him, he wanted to even knead this person into his flesh and blood, so this person’s soul and body would merge with himself. This act would force that person to only have eyes for him. He would only depend on him, and they would be together for life and death, never to be separated. 

He had already anticipated that this person would say some harsh words so that he would leave him behind and run away alone. 

……Just like that year, in the Nine Turn Refining Demon Array. 

The person behind him repeated in a low voice: “My Lord, leave…here.” 

He clenched and loosened his five fingers, then suddenly realized that this resembled the climb from the bottom of the tower. On the way to the top of the tower, this person kept repeatedly whispering, “it hurts.” Perhaps this person’s consciousness has not fully awakened. 


Being suppressed in the darkness for a hundred years, forced to go back and forth between hope and despair time and time again; if it was an ordinary person, they would have already long gone crazy. How could he recover so easily? 

Despite this, this person’s muddled consciousness still reached out a little bit from his broken body with difficulty, just to tell him… to leave here.

The hostility in his heart calmed down. 

“Senior Immortal, you are my person.” 

“No matter what you say, I won’t leave you behind.” 

He held this person’s thin and cold fingertips, passing him a little warmth. 

“Trust me.” 

He raised his head and looked at the Zhou Tian Star Battle formation that enveloped half of the Western Continent. 

They stood in the center of the formation. The mighty star formation carried the majestic power between heaven and earth. Condensed into a net, it wanted to keep them here forever. 

His self-sealed cultivation in his body needed to rely on the power of his soul to break through. Now that the power of his soul was exhausted, he needed time to recover. 

But he had no time. 

There was only one last resort.

No one knew that since he came out of the Demon Abyss, he had been suppressing the demonic thoughts in his body. 

Day after day, year after year. 

But despite this, countless filthy and evil thoughts from the human world continued to gather on him. He was the gathering spot for “evil” in the world. He should have long set out on massacres, bringing disaster to the world.

The time he has been out of control has become longer and longer, and his behavior has become more brutal and cruel. Everyone in the demonic sect was frightened of him. 

Until he met the person behind him. He was surprised to find that——just holding this person, smelling the fragrance of this person’s body, his tyrannical and disorderly demonic thoughts would magically calm down. 

And when this person played his qin, even the most wicked, filthy, cruel, and perverse things on him would obediently shrink aside, not daring to disturb him.

His spiritual power was exhausted, and his cultivation base was sealed. 

But where there is light, there will be shadow. 

Where there are people, there will be filth, evil thoughts, and desires. 

And those are his real source of strength. 

He looked at the cultivators who covered the sky and earth, looking at him like a tiger watching its prey. His line of sight was towards Fawu, who was blessed by the formation, exuding an immeasurable light. 

“You people from the Dao Sects always say that you want to suppress the demonic star,” his appearance that was full of hostility surged forward. He had a hint of sarcasm, “But you don’t even know that the real demon has not been born yet, so how can you suppress it?” 

Fa Wu: “Benefactor has been in charge of the demon sect for more than a hundred years and has committed countless evils. You are recognized universally as a peerless evil demon. Everyone will put this criminal to death, so why should you continue your needless quibble?”

“Good. Since you all have that thought of wanting to suppress this evil….” 

His eyes were red as if blood was flowing through it, while the fearful darkness inside kept condensing. 

He raised his chin with a sneer and nodded towards Fawu and the countless cultivators in the skyline. 

“This Lord will satisfy you.” 

He loosened his clenched fingers.

As he unclenched his fingers, a secret, evil restriction that the heavens would not tolerate in his body besides his self-sealed cultivation began to loosen. 

Silently, the sky became darker, as if even starlight could not shine through the night to shine on the earth. 

In the thick night, Fa Wu felt uneasy. 

Suddenly, thunder roared in the sky. 

——Thunder roared in the distance. 

Driving the fire luan, the Yao Ri secret guard, who was about to rush to the place where the prince was crossing his calamity in the distance, looked back. His eyes widened by the shock of the image he saw. 

After using the sacred tree’s power, Ye Yunlan had a little bit of dust in his eyes. 

But what did he see? 

He saw this person who he regarded as an ant, who had long been deprived of the power of his bloodline, who had all his karmic ties cut off with the Ye Clan, actually standing in the countless golden lines of cause and effect, completely fine?!. 

  ——How can it be! 

The sacred wood phoenix tree was once watered by the demon lord’s blood. Even after ten thousand years, the remaining power was so powerful to the point that it could even touch the cause and effect of the heavens. Even a cultivator with Transcendence Realm strength would be terrified.

The demon lord divine phoenix was the closest existence in this world to “immortal.”

This was also the support their Ye Clan relied on to obtain the great right to speak amongst the ancient clans. 

But now, this knowledge was being slowly shattered by the situation in front of him. 

The Yaori Secret Guard watched in horror as Ye Yunlan walked on the golden silk thread. An ordinary person is incapable of contending with the power of the sacred tree. It would turn into flying light and penetrate their body. 

And at the same time, Ye Yunlan’s dark eyes became brighter and brighter. It even gradually… had a dazzling golden glow appear. 

How could it be…no… 

This feeling? This strength was even more shocking to him than when he just turned around and saw that the power of the sacred tree couldn’t hurt Ye Yunlan. 

Golden eyes——this is clearly the sign of the rebirth of the Ye Clan’s blood! But even among the Ye Clan, they have exhausted the resources of the whole clan to cultivate this. Only after many years, a return to ancestor bloodline, Ye Xuanguang, was born. They all regarded him as the destined child of the whole clan. They only sought for his smooth growth, for him to ascend to the throne, and for him to be respected and worshipped by the whole family.

Ye Yunlan’s blood has already been exhausted, so how can he have such a sacred and noble symbol? 

Ye Yunlan walked closer and closer. 

Amongst the countless golden threads interlacing, this man dressed in white, with black hair flying, held a sword in his hand. The sharp tip of his sword pointed diagonally at the ground, glowing coldly. 

Those golden eyes shot straight over, and Ju Ling, who had seen countless powers for thousands of years, felt weak in his legs and feet. 

Those who can become the Secret Guards of the Yaori Clan were all people in the Ye Clan who had extremely powerful bloodlines and were elites for a long time. If this is the case, they would be able to rely on soaking a very small amount of immortal rotting flower sap to keep their bodies and souls immortal. Achieving “longevity” in another sense.

He was the most outstanding existence in the lineage of the 72nd generation of the Ye Clan. Before becoming the Yaori Secret Guard, he was once the sacred elder of the Yaori Clan. He still remembered that the Ye Clan juniors liked to call him “Elder Zixin”. 

But now, Ye Zixin felt his bloodline suppressed.

The beast was more intelligent than the human. The fire Luan he rode under made a crisp cry, then slowly descended to the ground. Lowering its beast body, it made a gesture of surrender and to curry favour. 

Ye Yunlan stood in front of him. 

The longsword was lifted and pointed at his neck. A golden glow poured out from his eyes, which made his eyes hurt. 

Ye Zixin suddenly remembered what the Ye Emperor said before he left the Imperial Palace. 

“The birth of the Phoenix Star will be accompanied by disasters. The Great Tribulation is coming, and the prophecies of the heavenly book do not tolerate mistakes. You are a sharp sword for my Ye Clan, and should take away the clan’s worries.” 

The Ye Emperor raised his sleeves, and a water mirror appeared with a figure in white clothes, eyes closed, sleeping on a bed. His complexion was extremely pale and sickly, but his face was extremely beautiful. 

Ye Zixin has served the Ye Clan for thousands of years and had never seen such an amazing appearance. 

“He has ice roots. He is an ‘unlucky’ character who appeared in the inheritance of the Ye Clan’s bloodline. He once contained a small amount of Xuanguang’s bloodline. Without him, Xuanguang would have returned to the ancestors on the day of his birth and become a true heavenly bloodline, but it’s not too late. It’s not too late to make up for it.”

Ye Emperor waved away the water mirror and said indifferently. 

“He is now completely useless, just an ordinary mortal. He is without the power to even truss a chicken. I will allow you to mobilize the power of the sacred wood. Erase him.” 

“Remember. What Zhen wants is for him to disappear completely.” 

Ye Zixin bowed and accepted the task. 

At that time, although it was a pity that such a face might not appear again in the future, he didn’t think it was a difficult task. Even when he saw the person in the water mirror, lying on the bed with that weak appearance, he thought that maybe before he had even arrived, he wouldn’t have to do it himself. Perhaps this person would have already died. 

And now, Ye Zixin’s pupils have contracted. He looked at the sharp point of the sword pointing at his neck and the power of the bloodline that suppressed him in a cold sweat. Ye Emperor’s words were swirling in his mind. 

He is just an ordinary mortal, and he has no power to even truss a chicken. 

An ordinary mortal? 

No power to even truss a chicken? 

Ye Zixin: “…” 

Ye Yunlan himself didn’t know that the Yaori Secret Guard in front of him wrapped tightly in sacred armor was having hundreds of thoughts. But, he could smell this person. Their body was slightly sweet but with a rotten aura.

He liked flowers. 

But on the other party’s body, they had the smell of rotting flowers that he hated the most.

The golden color completely covered his eyes, revealing a kind of indifference and dignity that can hardly be described. 

He felt angry. 

It’s not that he was angry that his blood-related father insisted on killing him. It was another kind of deep, sad anger. 

This anger spread in his consciousness, spreading into the network of intertwined golden silk threads around him. 

Those silk threads seemed to sense his emotions, and many of them wrapped around his sword-holding wrist. They gently swayed to get close, seeming to want to slow down his anger. 

Ye Yunlan raised his hand and stroked the silk thread on his wrist. Then, he looked at Ye Zixin, suppressed through his bloodline. 

Those golden pupils seemed to be able to penetrate everything. 

“This body should have died a thousand years ago. It shouldn’t have stayed in this world this long.” 

“I will grant you eternal sleep.” 

What does he want to do? 

Ye Zixin’s pupils widened. 

He found a golden thread approaching him, like silk swaying in the wind. 

It was a sickle to kill. 

The line of cause and effect originated from the sacred tree of the Ye family. No matter what, it wouldn’t harm the people of the Ye family——that should be the case! 


Ye Zixin lowered his head. The silk thread had penetrated his chest. 

He slowly flew into the void like dust, leaving no trace behind. 

The person standing in front of him only closed his eyes wearily. 

“I hate rotting flowers.” 

The author has something to say: Ye Zixin: Damn it! Ye Emperor ruined me!

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