Sick Beauty [Rebirth] Chapter 50

Chapter 50 Dawn 

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The Yaori Imperial Palace. 

There was a crisp sound. 

It was the sound of the wine cup in the Ye Emperor’s hand falling to the ground. 

The gilt cup body was engraved with flying luans. After the cup rolled on the ground a few times, the cup body met a pair of lotus shoes. 

Ye Tange squatted and picked up the wine glass. 

Her black hair swooped down from her slender neck. The gesture of her leaning over to pick up the cup appeared very elegant and feminine. 

She handed the wine glass to the palace people to deal with, then lightly walked behind Ye Emperor. She raised her soft hands and gently rubbed Ye Emperor’s shoulders. 

“Your Majesty, what annoyance did you encounter?” 

Ye Tange whispered. 

Her voice was soft and beautiful, like a lark singing on a branch. 

Ye Emperor: “Ye Zixin’s soul lamp went out.” 

Ye Tange squeezed his shoulders, pausing, “Elder Zixin…after becoming the Yaori Secret Guard, he has worked diligently for our clan for thousands of years, but now he’s dead? This makes one sad…Your Majesty, are you considering holding a clan funeral for Elder Zixin?” 

Ye Emperor snorted coldly. Ye Tange was always like this. She belonged to an ancient clan but is still too soft-hearted. She would always be emotional at untimely moments.

It’s just that she is his woman and he spoils her. As long as she doesn’t overstep the rules, her being a little naive… isn’t a big matter. 

“Tange, you have forgotten. Ye Clan funerals are held prior to the conversion of becoming a Yaori Secret Guard. Once they become a Yaori Secret Guard, they are just weapons.” Ye Emperor discoursed coldly, “Just a weapon.”

Hearing this, Ye Tange’s beautiful eyes filled with a pool of lake water.

The Ye Emperor continued: “If a weapon is damaged, it is not worth your grief. What Zhen is bothered about is why Ye Zixin died.” 

“I have allowed him to use the power of the sacred tree, and Ye Zixin himself is also a powerful man with half his foot in the Transcendence Realm. What he needed to deal with was just a mortal who has no power to even truss a chicken, but he mysteriously died…” 

Ye Tange said suddenly: “Your Majesty, can you tell Chen Qie who Elder Zixin had to deal with?” 

Ye Emperor paused and did not answer. 

He remembered that when he signed the sacred contract, Ye Tange cried and begged him not to persecute Ye Yunlan. In the end, he finally made him agree to Ye Yunlan’s request to change the contract. He had crossed out the part in the treaty that would not allow the other party to step into the Western Continent. 

He really couldn’t bear Ye Tange crying. 

But the reason why he agreed to this was because the Yaori Secret Guard he sent was about to reach Tianchi Mountain. Ye Yunlan was already going to be a dead person. Even if the contract was not written, a dead person would naturally not be able to set foot into the Western Continent. 

It’s just that Ye Zixin has died now. 

Ye Yunlan was born with the destined phoenix star and was destined to be the Ye Clan’s calamity. 

It now appears that this calamity was not so easy to resolve. 

The Ye Emperor’s heart was irritated. When he faced Ye Tange’s question, he became a little impatient. 

“Tange, you have forgotten the rules again. As a harem member, you are not qualified to be involved with family affairs. Don’t ask too much.” 

Ye Tange’s eyelashes drooped and she did not ask further. She rubbed Ye Emperor’s shoulders, obediently. “Okay, Your Majesty. Chen Qie understands.” 

Ye Emperor liked her gentle appearance and his voice softened: “Don’t rub me first. Come to Zhen.”

The beautiful woman came around lightly like a butterfly in front of him. She was dressed in gorgeous clothes, and her face was picturesque. The slender rouge was drawn obliquely at the base of her eyelashes, which was more charming than usual, while her moist eyes were still the same innocent appearance. 

“Your Majesty?” 

Ye Emperor felt his heart move and pulled Ye Tange into his arms. 

Ye Tange let out a soft “Ah”, and a pair of arms fell on his shoulders. 

The woman’s body was soft and boneless, making his throat go slightly thirsty. 

Ye Emperor’s eyes were dim. He picked up the flask on the table, the spout facing Ye Tange’s bright red lips. 

The bead curtain of his crown drooped, and his voice was hoarse. 

“Zhen is thirsty, but there is no wine glass at hand. Tange, you come and feed me a drink.” 

The extremely concentrated liquor flowed out of the flask. Ye Tange frowned slightly, then quickly relaxed. She contained the liquor in her mouth. Her cheeks were red with the smell of wine, but her bright eyes were still staring at Ye Emperor. 

Gentle and focused, as if they contained infinite affection. 

Ye Emperor looked down. His heart skipped a beat. Just when he wanted to lean over to get the wine, he heard a mess of footsteps coming from outside the hall. 

“Reporting–” was the voice of the guard in a hurry. 

Ye Emperor frowned.

Immediately, he heard the guard say: “Your Majesty, the sacred tree, there is something wrong with the sacred tree!” 

——Tianchi Mountain. 

The person who was stabbed in the heart by the thread of cause and effect dissipated into the void, but the unfurled silk thread around it remained. 

These golden threads seemed to cross distant space, coming continuously from the void. 

Ye Yunlan was at the center of the silk thread. 

The gold in his eyes has not faded. Standing alone in the mid-levels of Tianchi Mountain, the wind blew his robe.

He had just resolved a person with his own hands. Yet he had neither the pleasure of destroying the enemy nor the fear an ordinary person would have. There was only indifference. 

The golden thread touched him cautiously as if wanting to get closer. But it didn’t dare to get near him.

He lowered his eyes and glanced at the silk thread wrapped around his wrist, and said: “You don’t need to channel your strength over anymore. Let me see your real body.” 

The swaying golden thread stopped for a moment, then slowly stretched out in front of Ye Yunlan. It bent up and down, nodding like a human, then it swayed again and again like he was shaking his head. 

Nodding in addition to shaking his head made the meaning very messy. 

“Oh?” However, Ye Yunlan looked down at the silk thread as if he understood its meaning: “You mean, this void path is blocked by a barrier, and the opening is too small to allow your body to come through…” 

He looked into the distance. After a long time, he said lightly.

“The barrier of the Demon Imperial City was originally set by me.” 

He raised the hand that was wrapped with golden threads. Sharp nails were sticking out of the white and slender fingertips, and the golden pupils shrank to the tips of needles. 

He stared into the void as if crossing it. He stared at a very distant point, then his nails sliced down. A deep black crack was torn open. 

——In the eastern part of the Western Continent, where the sun rose, located in the Guangming Mountain Range. 

The Yaori Palace sits high on the highest point of the Guangming Mountain Range. In front of the mountain was the Yaori Imperial Capital, which was the largest city in the Western Continent, “Guangming City”. Behind the mountain is a deep valley, which is usually blocked by the Yaori army in which ordinary people cannot enter.

This deep valley was the land of the Ye Clan. 

Only people with the blood of the Ye Clan can enter the Ye Clan’s land, which contains ten thousand years of information about the entire Primordial Family. 

In the center of the Ye Clan, there was a very tall phoenix tree. It was clearly at the bottom of the deep valley, but it still grew like it could cover the sky and the sun. Its leaves were blood-red, as if soaked in blood, and the edges were glowing with golden light. Every leaf was like clear blood jade. 

Countless leaves hung from the trunk as though gathering into a burning cloud. 

It’s just that among the burning cloud, there was a thick and horizontal branch on top of it with no leaves. It was as if…it was waiting for someone to roost upon it. 

This was the most heavily guarded place among the Ye Clan. 

Ye Clan people wearing sacred masks and armor surrounded the sacred tree.

People from Ye Clan who walked by the sacred tree would stop, fold their palms together religiously, and bow. 

In the distance, there was a fire-luan flying into the sky, making a crisp cry. 

Relying on the barrier set by the Demon Lord Divine Phoenix back then, the sacred tree shelter, the Ye Clan’s land, was almost the most peaceful place in the entire cultivation world. 

Even though there have been catastrophes in the cultivation world several times in the past ten thousand years, this still did not affect the peace in the Ye Clan’s land. 

Ye Jian was a sacred tree guard. 

He has guarded the sacred tree for more than twenty years. When he was transferred to guard the sacred tree, it was the second day after the birth of His Royal Highness the Crown Prince of Ye Clan. 

The sacred tree was as tall as it was more than 20 years ago as if it hadn’t changed at all. 

Ye Jian’s whole body was wrapped in armor, and only his eyes were exposed outside the mask, cold and clear. There was no difference between his companions around him. 

But in the bottom of his heart, he yawned quietly. 

Guarding the same place day after day would still feel tiring even if it was a sacred treasure.

Moreover, if there were no accidents, he would remain here his whole life. 

He thought it’s no wonder so many of his partners wanted to become Yaori Secret Guards after death. 

It is an enviable pleasure to be allowed to go out and fight after death for the clan after being so bored before death.

It’s just that even if he felt tired in his heart, Ye Jian never hoped that something would happen to the sacred tree. 

After all, the Demon King has now become a legend and the sacred tree has been with the Ye clan for thousands of years. It was their guardian in the hearts of the Ye people. 

Ye Jian’s eyes suddenly widened. 

“Tha… what is that?” His voice trembled. 

A black crack opened in the void. It was deep and cold inside, unclear where it led to. 

Spatial cracks are not uncommon. Most cultivators who can reach the demi-god stage can open one. The difference is only the distance to which they lead, either far or near. 

Moreover, although the cultivators of the demi-god stage are considered powerful in the outside world, they are not uncommon among families that inherit the ancient bloodline——because of the power contained in the bloodline, their young patriarchs were born as a demi-god. 

The only problem is that this void crack was opened in the Ye Clan’s land. 

——Even a transcendence realm cultivator would not be able to enter the Ye Clan’s land through open space cracks. 

This was frightening. 

The guards next to him had already reacted and shouted: “There is an enemy attack!” 

Ye Jian also reacted. Taking up a weapon in his hand, he stared at the void crack like an enemy. 

What will come out of it?

Has the Xingyue Dynasty completely fallen out with them? Have they sent ancient ferocious beasts out? Or did they collude with other ancient families to do something against the Ye Clan? Or is it a hidden power who has hatred against the Ye Clan? 

However, the pitch-black crack just opened up quietly, and there was no movement at all. 

The one who moved was the sacred phoenix tree. 

The sacred phoenix tree exuded a strong golden light. This light was not as warm as before, but it pierced their eyes sorely. 

Ye Jian was overjoyed. 

Did the sacred phoenix tree take the initiative to protect them? 

The panic in his heart caused by the change suddenly dissipated a lot. 

But then he saw a huge golden light rushing into the cracks in the dark space. The two collided with each other——but the crack still existed quietly. 

More golden light went away, more and more, but the crack was as still as a mountain. 

It wasn’t until the golden light completely entered that the crack dissipated on its own as if it had never appeared before. 

The guards looked at each other. 

Ye Jian looked up together with the other guards. 

He felt that something had changed in the sacred tree. 

He felt a strange feeling appear. Then he felt his heart have a strange sadness as if something had been lost forever.

The captain of the guards next to him stabbed him with a spear, “What are you doing, being in a daze? Go and tell His Majesty about this!” 

He had to rush to the Yaori Palace.

He had no time to inform the guard at the gate. He ran into the palace and called, “Your Majesty, something is wrong with the sacred tree! Something has happened!” 

There was a harsh sound. 

The long-necked hip flask rolled to his feet. 

The Ye Emperor got up from his seat, his face very gloomy. “Tell me, what happened to the sacred tree that made you be in such a hurry.” 

A woman was lying on the throne. Ye Jian realized that he seemed to have disturbed His Majesty’s happy occasion… 

He didn’t dare to look more. He hurriedly informed the Ye Emperor about the sacred tree. 

When he followed Ye Emperor back to the sacred clan lands, he was stunned by the sight in front of him. 

The phoenix tree was actually…shedding its leaves. 

Countless blood-red leaves flew in the air, looking like they were letting down red rain that would never stop. 

However, the phoenix tree is an immortal tree that has bloomed for thousands of years. It even gave birth to spiritual wisdom. It has always been lush and green, so how can it suddenly lose leaves? 

Ye Jian panicked and was restless. 

Soon, the priests and elders of Ye Clan also arrived. 

Among them was a rickety figure, whom he recognized as the oldest high priest in the clan. 

He didn’t know the name of the high priest. Because the high priest was too much his senior and was highly respected among the clan, people only called him ‘high priest.’ His name is no longer mentioned. 

The high priest wore a heavy robe and walked forward. The sacred mask he wore was engraved with more noble patterns than them, mysterious and complicated. He folded his palms together, bowed his head, and chanted an ancient mantra. 

“Sacred Tree, please reveal your tree spirit to see this old man.” 

“Please show your tree spirit to meet…” 

With the chanting, all the priests around closed their palms together and began to bow their heads in prayer. 

Ye Jian saw the Ye Emperor standing next to him, watching with his hands behind his body.

A beautiful and gentle woman in Chinese clothes and delicate makeup leaned on the Ye Emperor. 

That woman.. he remembered that she was the granddaughter of the high priest. She was born with an unusual gift in her bloodline. She lived in the Pagoda of Prayer next to the sacred tree of the clan lands. Also, she was trained to be the bride of the clan leader. 

Before he became the guard of the sacred tree, he used to be the guard of the Pagoda of Prayers. 

Back then, he was far away from the Pagoda but would see the young bride sitting in the tallest room on the tower. With her face sideways, she would hold a wooden comb and comb her hair quietly in front of the window. 

Even if it was just her side profile with no makeup, it was still so beautiful that he couldn’t forget it. 

The leaves of the sacred tree were withering. 

The priests were praying, but in this long wait, the leaves of the sacred tree that covered the sky and sun slowly became barren. 

In the end, only brown branches were left. 

The sun was shining fiercely in the sky. Losing the shelter of the shade of the tree, Ye Jian slowly let out sweat. He was so hot that he even felt a little dizzy. 

But it couldn’t dispel the chill in his heart. 

The phoenix tree leaves are gone. 

The shade of the phoenix tree, the shelter that the phoenix tree had given Ye Clan… did it still exist? 

Ye Jian didn’t dare to think deeply. 

But just looking at Ye Emperor’s iron-green face was enough to reveal some truth. 

The chanting of the priests ceased. 

They looked at each other a few times, all in a cold sweat, afraid to speak. 

Only the high priest was still standing under the tree, praying alone. His stature was very rickety. 

The Ye Emperor waved the surrounding people back. He motioned a priest to come over and said with a calm face: “What happened to the sacred tree?”

The priest trembled: “Your Majesty, we have tried our best to summon the sacred tree spirit, but… the tree spirit did not respond for a long time. I heard the guards in the clan say that there was a void in the clan’s barrier, which allowed the outsiders to invade us. We assume that the sacred tree spirit, having stayed a long time in the clan, was unwilling to be alone and ran off with the outsider… it ran off!” 

When the Ye Emperor heard this, blue veins jumped on his temples. 

The priest: “Your Majesty, what should we do now?” 

Ye Emperor: “Immediately tell me where the sacred tree spirit is. No matter what the price, I must bring the tree spirit back!”

 ——After opening the gap, the golden light in Ye Yunlan’s eyes dimmed a lot. 

He didn’t care. 

After all, the power in his body was only the infusion of external force. The power that truly belonged to him has not yet been recovered. 

And this time, spanning from the Central Continent to the Western Continent to cast a spell to force open the Ye Clan’s enchantment, consumed a lot of resources. This was what he expected. 

A strong golden light flowed from the pitch-black gap. 

If it is said that thin golden threads permeated the void before, now it was a beam of light almost the same thickness of a wrist. It continuously extended from the crack.

However, it was just the shape that had changed. The nature of it was still the same. It still lingered around him extremely intimately. Several of them tentatively wanted to be close to his cheeks, but he turned his face to avoid them. 

“If you want to stay by my side, transform yourself.” 

He said. 

The golden silk threads listened to his words. It stood up and nodded towards him, reluctantly leaving him. Then, they gathered and intertwined, forming a golden figure. 

while distracted. 

He didn’t let go until all the golden light passed through the crack. 

The crack slowly closed. 

At the same time, the gold in his eyes slowly faded.

A gold thread came to touch his hand again as if asking him what he meant. 

Ye Yunlan didn’t look,but continued to stare at the black space crack in front of him.

A spell performed across an entire continent was extremely exhausting and should not be done 

He said: “No need.” 

Then, he raised his eyes and looked at the vast world. 

Tianchi Mountain was the highest mountain in the Central Continent.Only halfway up the mountain, the surrounding magnificent mountains and rivers can be seen. 

“Beautiful…human world.” He muttered, then closed his eyes and fell back. The golden thread came, intertwined into a net, and supported his body. 

On the side, the intertwined golden light had slowly revealed its shape. 

Carefully, it approached the person who seemed to be sleeping with his eyes closed. 

——Buddha Tower. 

The darkness condensed in the sky, and the thunder roared. 

Fawu was in the boundless light of Buddha. 

Under the blessing of the Zhoutian Star Battle Formation formed by thousands of cultivators, his power has surpassed the transcendence realm and approached the legendary void tracing realm. 

It was not only him. The two people in the same cardinal position as him are probably the same.

Throughout the ages, there has never been a monster that could attract the cultivators of the entire cultivation world to such a big fight but the Demon Lord… after all, is not an ordinary demonic cultivator. 

The Dao Sect was defeated once a hundred years ago. At that time, the cultivation world suffered a catastrophe. The Demon Lord went crazy, and almost the entire Northern Territory was washed with blood. 

This time, they can make no mistakes. 

The cultivation world can no longer bear blood flowing into a river again. 

Thus, they were extremely well prepared. 

The Demon Lord had clearly fallen into their trap. He has lost most of his power, and now all they had to do was stop the other party’s Heavenly Demonic disintegration technique to prevent the Demon Lord from regrouping and coming back stronger.

But why is it that there is still a strong sense of unease that filled his heart? 

Fawu watched the Demon Lord standing in the center of the big formation with the skinny ghost-like person on his back. Shadows swayed at the soles of his feet. 

Suddenly a bit of a chill surged in his heart. 

He threw out the Buddhist beads in his hand and said, “Don’t wait any longer, do it!” 

The Zhou Tian Star Battle Formation was  launched. Countless cultivators burned their spiritual energy into the formation. 

Fa Wu threw the green buddha beads in his hands, and the beads shattered and transformed into a huge green lotus, which attacked the two people in the center of the formation! 

But he saw the Demon Lord raise his head. His scarlet eyes pierced straight ahead, undisguised maliciousness inside. 

Fawu felt his blood run cold. 

The lotus exploded! 

The Demon Lord’s body turned into ash in the violent energy fluctuations, dissipating inch by inch. Only the malicious eyes stay locked on Fa Wu’s head.

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