Sick Beauty [Rebirth] Chapter 53

Chapter 53 Honey 

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The young man in black walked out of the ascension steps and looked at him with his head tilted. 

His eyes were heavy, and there seemed to be a fire within. 

“Master, are you going to… go with this girl? Where do you want to go?” Shen Shu repeated each word slowly. 

His fingertips pinched the bloody blue flower. His thin lips curled slightly, and his expression neither showed joy nor anger. His black clothes were covered with damage and dust. The sword in his hand was unsheathed, and there were many gaps in the blade. 

In order to reach the top of the ascension steps as soon as possible, he had tried his best. 

In Ye Yunlan’s ears,  the nightmare thunderstorm stopped. A drop of sweat slipped down his pale cheek. 

He looked at Shen Shu in a daze. 

He hadn’t seen him for a few days, but Shen Shu’s stature seemed to be taller again. Now, he was able to look at him at the same level, and his aura was better than before. He felt a bit compelling. 

He thought, why didn’t he notice this before? Shen Shu had a pair of eyes that were similar to those of that person. Except for the pupils that were not as red as blood, his eyes were exactly the same. 

It was like a stormy sea, trapped in the memory of the past. It was difficult to calm down. A horrible theory suddenly flooded his mind. 

On the side, Luo Yuqing spoke up: “This one is the disciple of fellow daoist?” 

Ye Yunlan closed his eyes, then said: “Yes. He is my disciple…Shen Shu.”

Luo Yuqing praised: “Fellow daoist’s disciple can stand out amongst the thousands of cultivators taking lead on the Floating Cloud Summit, and it only took less than ten days. He surpassed all others that have partaken in this. He is a genius that only appears once in a thousand years. Fellow daoist have such a good disciple, it really makes Yuqing envious.” 

Ye Yunlan: “Fellow daoist is exaggerating.” 

Luo Yuqing smiled: “Climbing to the top of the ranks is a happy event, and it should be celebrated. This place has a lot of random people mixed in, how about we….” 

She hadn’t finished speaking when Shen Shu walked closer. He took his hand and stuffed the blood-stained flower into his hand. He bowed his head to his ear and said, “Master, you said you would send me a flower, but in the end, the mountain spirit sent it to my hands. This does not count.” 

Maybe he was being too sensitive, but he felt that the other party’s voice seemed to be different from before. His voice was low and dangerous. There was an ambiguous tone that was similar to that of the other person. Ye Yunlan’s body stiffened, his mind confused. Who is the one whispering in his ear? “What do you want instead for it to count?” 

Shen Shu glanced at Luo Yuqing who was beside him chuckled and said, “Master’s hug… will count.” 

Ye Yunlan was startled. 

This request…many years ago, when Shen Shu broke into the Yuntian Palace to see him, he had mentioned it to him then. 

But at that time, Shen Shu was still young. It didn’t matter if he hugged him. But now, he has grown into a tall and handsome young man. At Floating Cloud Summit, under everyone’s scrutiny, how could it be appropriate?

He turned around: “I’ll just pick another flower for you.” 

But Shen Shu clenched the palm of his hand.

The young man stretched out his arms, held his shoulders, and pressed him into his arms. 

The scorching body temperature and the powerful heartbeat transferred, along with the smell of sweat and dust. 

Ye Yunlan instinctively wanted to break away from him, but heard Shen Shu say hoarsely: “Master, you don’t know this, but when the mountain spirit told me you were injured, do you know how worried this disciple was?” 

The sound of “disciple ” in his ear made him startled. 

He was silent for a while, then finally put aside the suspicions in his heart. “My injury is okay, don’t worry about it.” 

Shen Shu: “I know that Master’s injury is okay because only then would you have the leisure to find a female cultivator to make as Master’s wife.” 

Ye Yunlan: “What Master’s wife? Don’t speak nonsense–” He realized that Luo Yuqing was still watching. He frowned, and a thin red floated up on his pale face. “Don’t mess around.” 

“If it’s not Master’s wife…” Shen Shu lowered his voice, “Master should make it up to me. You should know that your disciple was struggling to climb up the ascension steps to see Master. But when I came out, Master and a female cultivator whom the disciple didn’t know about were walking away…”

Ye Yunlan pursed his lips. 

He had misidentified Shen Shu as that person, thus he subconsciously wanted to avoid him. However, that was indeed a bit unfair to Shen Shu who had just climbed the ascension steps.

However, this reason could not be said out loud. Thus, he said dumbly: “How do you want Master to compensate?” 

He forgot to struggle out of his hold, so he was still held in Shen Shu’s arms. The other party held him tightly with one arm while the other held his hand to make the deal. 

The short thorns on the longevity flower branch dug into his palm, but the sharp thorns seemed to have been smoothed and rounded out by this person from holding it for an extended period of time. It just felt uncomfortable being pressed like this. He thought of the reason he was doing this, and the sharp spikes in his heart softened. He sighed and didn’t push the other party away.

Shen Shu leaned into his ear and whispered: “I want to eat the apricot flower cake that Master bought me.” 

That voice was low and sultry, but with a bit of coquettishness. It was enough to turn the person who heard it numb.

The vendors selling apricot blossom cakes were in a small town under the mountain. 

It took a lot of time to travel there, going back and forth. 

They still needed to conduct a final competition on Floating Cloud Summit for the top ten people who climbed to the top of the ascension steps. They had to determine the rankings before they could open the mountain spirit treasure and receive the rewards. But Shen Shu climbed too fast, and it would take a few more days for the other people behind to keep up. 

At this moment, it would be fine to go down the mountain. 

…But why the apricot blossom cake? 

Once suspicions have been born, it is hard to dismiss them. He closed his eyes again, then finally said “Ok”. Shen Shu embraced him for a moment, then reluctantly let him go. 

He turned his head to the side towards Luo Yuqing’s beautiful face. 

The other party did not notice anything strange, but she still looked at him boldly and enthusiastically. She said with a smile: “The friendship between fellow daoist and daoist’s disciple is really deep. It is very enviable.” 

Ye Yunlan furrowed his eyebrows: “Daoist Luo, my disciple has just finished the ascension steps and his mind is unstable. He might have an injury. I need to find a place for me to check carefully, so I am afraid that I have no free time to talk to fellow daoist today.

Luo Yuqing smiled: “It’s okay. There are a lot of tests in the ascension steps, so you have to check carefully. Don’t leave any hidden injuries to allow damage to one’s foundation. You can visit Yuqing when you are free in the future.”     

Ye Yunlan nodded. He thought for a moment, then felt that some issues should be cleared up as soon as possible. It would be a waste of time for the other party’s feelings to be misled, so he said: “My disciple’s words were very inappropriate earlier, I hope fellow daoist don’t misunderstand. In my whole life, I have never wanted to seek a dao companion.” 

After hearing that, Luo Yuqing’s smile faded slightly. She gritted her teeth: “Not at this moment, but that does not mean there will not be in the future.”     

Ye Yunlan shook his head.     

Luo Yuqing: “Us cultivators travel a long path and can wait endlessly. If there is no companion, wouldn’t it be a little too lonely?”     

Before Ye Yunlan could answer, Shen Shu took a step forward: “In these past few years, my master and I have lived in the mountains, accompanying each other. Although far from people and the prosperous city, life is really comfortable. We have never felt lonely. Besides, whether my master is lonely or not, it’s not something this lady should ask about.”     

He didn’t call her fellow daoist, but lady. It really was not respectful. He also looked young and handsome, so approaching in this extreme manner felt a little aggressive.     

Luo Yuqing frowned. She felt a little uncomfortable. She was about to respond when she saw Shen Shu casually glance at her.     

In a daze, Luo Yuqing seemed to see a deep and secluded blood color slipping out from the other party’s eyes. The blood color seemed to be piled up with endless bones and blood. It contained a hard to see Purgatory.     

She took a step back subconsciously. Her spine was drenched with cold sweat.     

She couldn’t help but wonder. It was clear with Ye Yunlan’s appearance that he was an immortal scholar, so how could he have such a disciple who was more like a demonic cultivator?     

She didn’t see it, but a small shadow had already quietly sneaked into her own shadow.

A horror that was difficult to speak about seemed to have arrived. 

As if being held down by the nightmare, Luo Yuqing said: “In that case, then Yuqing will leave first.” 

Seeing Luo Yuqing a good ways away, Ye Yunlan breathed a sigh of relief and stepped forward. 

Shen Shu: “Where is Master going?” 

Ye Yunlan paused: “To buy you apricot blossom cakes.” 

Shen Shu hurriedly followed and said with a smile: “I know Master… treats me the best.” 

His mouth said the word “Master” at a slower speed. He chewed on that word slowly. 

It tasted as sweet as honey.

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