Sick Beauty [Rebirth] Chapter 52

Chapter 52 Thunder 

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Ye Yunlan looked at the familiar figure walking out of the gate. 

The figure got closer and closer, giving him a ridiculous illusion. 


He thought. 

The person in his previous life had personally said to him that he was born in the Demon Abyss. From the day he was born, he was the head of all demons, and the demon dao’s lord. 

Counting the time from now to when the Demon Lord will be born, there are still more than dozens of years left. So how can he meet him in Tianchi Mountain? 

——But what if he actually didn’t make a mistake? 

He shuddered at this idea. 

His temples felt faintly painful. Chaotic and clear memories of his previous life surged. 

It was raining heavily. 

Blood ran down the tip of the sword as he was surrounded by the corpses of stargazer warriors wearing square scarves. 

The Shura sword in his hand whined. 

Someone shook the folding fan in their hand and looked at him with a smile. 

“Yunlan, you have punished Tianji Pavilion more than ten times for wanting to force your husband to show up. Since you’re so persistent, your husband naturally will satisfy you.” 

The other party’s figure was a little illusory. 

He knew that this was just an image left by the other party’s spiritual power on the recording stone in advance. If he sliced down with a sword, it wouldn’t hurt the other party’s body at all. 

The other party’s body was hiding in the huge formation of the Tianji Pavilion. As long as he did not reach the void tracing realm, he would never be able to break through the formation and cut this person with the Shura sword. 

The image cannot be communicated with.

He stared coldly at the other party’s image. The rain flowed down the hideous ghost mask on his face. His wet hair clung to his back, his clothes wet, and his thin body covered with red, messy bloodstains. 

“Yunlan, are you still angry with me that I took advantage of you?” Chen Weiyuan shook his head, as if a little helpless and a little indulgent of him, “But you should know that there is something in this world called Destiny.” 

“That year, your husband was outside Sky Sect and rescued you. Later, I sent you into the demonic sect after you made a big mistake and still insisted on having the Dao Sect keep you alive. From beginning to end, it was just following destiny.” 

“…Shut up.” 

However, the image would not shut up. 

Chen Weiyuan: “Yunlan, there is something I have never told you.” 

“Before I rescued you, a once in a hundred years occurrence of the heavenly bodies happened. I used astrology calculations and calculated that the demonic star was about to be born. There was also a hidden star that was born with it.”

“The demonic star was extremely prosperous, with blood covering the sky and the sun. The hidden star was dim, almost difficult for me to observe. However, between the two, they would stand opposite to each other, trying to confront and swallow the other. It was kind of incredible.”     

“It’s just that the hidden star was too weak. I’m afraid that the demonic star could have swallowed it up without it completely being born.” Chen Weiyuan said with some deep meaning, “The day you were expelled from the sect, if it were not for me, you would have already died.”     

“So you have to remember that your husband is your savior.”     

“You and the Demon Lord are enemies that cannot share the same heaven.” 

“——Between you and him, from the moment you two met, only one can live.” 

Along with Chen Weiyuan’s words, thunder struck across the sky, roaring.     

He suddenly took a step back.     

“…Tingyu Pavilion is located in southern Xinjiang, with breeze and rain all year round. Our disciples like to hang silver bells on the garrets. The wind and the sound of the bell ring, accompanied by the sound of rain, are quite beautiful. If you have a chance to come to Tingyu Pavillion as a guest to listen to the bells and the rain, it will also be helpful to one’s mood.”     

Luo Yuqing whispered. Even though the conversation partner was slightly indifferent, it still didn’t change her enthusiasm. She was a bold woman, and none of her peers were attractive to her. It is rare to see a man she liked, so she wouldn’t let him go.     

But suddenly seeing the other party’s face turn pale, she couldn’t help but frown. She asked with concern: “Fellow daoist?”

Ye Yunlan no longer looked at the stone gate at the exit of the ascension steps but instead looked back at the beautiful woman in purple clothes standing in front of him. 

The other party’s cheeks were sprinkled with red. Her eyes were like autumn water, with a touch of affection and a bit of anxiety. It was very similar to the eyes that Yin Ling had looked at him with in recent years. He knew that the other party would not be so easy to make leave. 

After the seven emotions needle seal, he could no longer have the thoughts of love in his heart. He has long forgotten what it is like to love. 

He also didn’t understand why people who don’t know each other can show admiration for another only because of their looks. 

Ye Yunlan turned his back to the stone gate of the distant ascension steps and opened his mouth. 

“Let’s go talk somewhere else first.” 

Luo Yuqing’s cheeks were slightly hot. Go talk somewhere else … does this mean that this person has already sensed her affection? Does that mean he isn’t refusing her right away and wants to go to another place to talk? 

Yes! This person is so outstanding, it is indeed not convenient for them to talk with so many bystanders.

She replied understandingly: “Why don’t fellow daoist come to my Tingyu Pavilion and take a seat? There is a Xumi nagaizi technique inside, so the space is spacious, and I also brought a unique spirit fruit from southern Xinjiang. Fellow daoist might as well try it.” 

Ye Yunlan’s complexion became paler. With cold sweat on his forehead, he could no longer hear what the girl was saying.

He had always loathed that he had the ability to remember, that his memory was always too clear. He was unable to control himself in remembering everything he had experienced, every single detail. Once he was triggered to recall it, it would be difficult for him to calm down. 

It was clear that the sky was clear and the sun was shining brightly, but the sound of rain was still lingering in his ears. Even though things had passed many years ago, the thunder that made him tremble still roared in his mind. 

That was the biggest thunderstorm in his life. 

His eyes were wide open, watching as the extremely strong thunder and lightning descended from the sky. The terrifying electric snakes raged high in the sky, intertwining into an inescapable net.

And in the inescapable net, there was a tall figure standing in the air. With his long sword pointed directly at the sky, he attracted all the lightning to them. 


The pressure shrouded from the heavens and the earth suppressed him, redenering him immobile. The terrible thunder shook his heart, giving him the illusion of his chest tightening and some nausea. 

He wanted to cover his ears, but he continued to stare at the figure in the sky with his eyes wide open. But at the same time, he did not want to pay any attention. 

He saw a river of blood flowing in the sky. Ghosts were crying in the river of blood, like a yellow spring purgatory. 

And that person stood in the center of the purgatory, like the lord of all demons and the king of all ghosts. 

The blood river turned into blood mist in the countless thunder tribulations and disappeared. 

About to dissipate, the bloodstream snaked in front of him. 

There were no ghosts and no resentments inside. 

There was only a small black boat floating quietly. It docked beside him. 

It contained a hideous ghost mask and a blood-red sword. There were still a few embers.

This was the most terrifying calamity he had encountered in his entire life. 

Even the tribulation he encountered later when he crossed into void tracing was far less severe than this time. 

It was violent enough to fully convert the strongest person in the world into ashes. 

Not even their soul will remain. 

He had a splitting headache and was afraid to look at the stone gate behind him. 

He was like a baby bird that had been torn down by the squally rain. Even a little thunder was enough to frighten him.

He only mutely replied to Luo Yuqing. 


Just before taking a few steps, he heard the low and gloomy voice of a young man behind him. 

“Master obviously promised to wait for me at the exit of the ascension steps, so where are you going now?” 

His ears stopped hearing the rain.

He turned around and saw the young man in black clothes standing in front of him, his eyes dark and bottomless, like the demon in his memory. However, his face was beautiful and young, with vigor and vitality. 

It was clear that he never threw himself into purgatory. 

He hadn’t died yet. 

The person who came out of that door was Shen Shu.

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