Sick Beauty [Rebirth] Chapter 55

Chapter 55 Undressing 

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Ye Yunlan’s pale fingertips that held the longevity flower branch abruptly tightened, and he did not immediately answer. 

Furball walked around him, then jumped on his lap. He gave a soft “chirp”. 

Shen Shu’s expression remained unchanged. His long eyes stared at the person sitting in the shadow of the tree. He tilted his head and slowly licked the broken apricot blossom cake on his fingertips. 

Although he had just counted out the many shortcomings of the apricot blossom cake one by one, he still ate the things that that person personally gave him. 

After he finished licking the broken pieces in his hand, he heard Ye Yunlan’s voice. 


Shen Shu curled his lips, then he sharply propped up his body with his hands. He walked to Ye Yunlan, knelt down on one knee, and leaned closer. 

Ye Yunlan watched Shen Shu’s face approach, his eyes widening. 

Just when their noses were about to collide, Shen Shu turned his head away and picked off the leaves that were on Ye Yunlan’s hair.

Ye Yunlan’s body became very stiff. Shen Shu’s breath gently sprayed on his neck, and his brows were tightly furrowed. He did not move at all. 

The breeze blew, and the fallen leaves fluttered. 

Shen Shu picked off the leaves from Ye Yunlan’s hair with great interest as if he would never get tired of it. 

Ye Yunlan’s long eyelashes quivered. What did he want to say? 

In his eye’s peripheral vision, he caught a glimpse of the back of She Shu’s neck, a dark mark faintly revealed. 

It was the puppet seal. 

After Shen Shu formally stepped into dao cultivation, this puppet seal from three years ago had gradually faded away. However, at this moment, the seal had returned to its dark color when he looked at it. He could faintly feel the filth from it. 

Ye Yunlan’s voice was slightly cold. “Shen Shu, did you use the power of the demon puppet?” 

Shen Shu’s hand paused. 

He pulled away a little and looked at Ye Yunlan. 

The other party’s face was extremely beautiful. It was a frosty appearance, without the slightest flaw. 

He looked at this face for a moment before he said: “Master misunderstood. Disciple did not actively use the power of the demon puppet.” 

Ye Yunlan: “Then what is the filthy qi on your body? Explain.” 

Shen Shu: “That’s demonic energy.” 

Ye Yunlan: “…Demonic energy? How can you have demonic energy?” 

A demon puppet can absorb an infinite amount of foul qi to gain power, and demonic energy is classified as one type of foul qi. However, it is different from the spirit of killing and the evil thoughts of evil spirits. Only demonic cultivation of the demonic art or a demonic array can convert the spiritual energy of heaven and the earth into demonic energy. Besides, there is only one place in the world that can constantly produce demonic energy. 

The Demon Abyss.

Shen Shu: “When I rushed through the ascension steps, I strayed into a formation. I didn’t think that that place would actually be a place where demonic cultivators were buried thousands of years ago. A remnant soul left behind wanted to seize me but was swallowed by me on a counter-attack. The demonic energy and inheritance left by the remnant soul were also merged into my body.” 

Ye Yunlan looked at Shen Shu’s eyes, trying to find the traces of a lie. 

He couldn’t find it. 

The youth’s eyes were as deep as ink, no different from the past. 

However, the evil eyes when the other party walked out of the stone gate still lingered. 

But Shen Shu’s statement had no loopholes. 

Tianchi Mountain has been standing for thousands of years. There had been countless battles for countless ages. It is not a surprise that there are powerful demonic remnants in it. Actually, many cultivators who went to Tianchi Mountain to discuss dao wanted to get the inheritance of these predecessors in Tianchi Mountain. 

Most demonic sect techniques were evil and treacherous, so the demonic soul incapable of seizing him and leaving behind demonic energy on Shen Shu can also explain why when they met, Shen Shu had an aura that made him feel familiar. 

He clenched his fingertips. The short thorns of the longevity flower branch pressed into his palm. 

That ridiculous guess was slowly pushed to the bottom of his heart by him. 

But faintly, he also felt relieved.

“Is that what you are saying? Is that true?” Ye Yunlan asked again. 

Shen Shu: “Really.” 

A dark light flashed through Shen Shu’s eyes. 

He didn’t tell any lies. 

It’s just that he didn’t say everything. 

Ye Yunlan was still not at ease: “You promised me that you will always stick to your heart and will not lose your strength or your way and step into the demonic path. Is this true?” 

Shen Shu gave a deep look at Ye Yunlan: “If this is Master’s wish…naturally it is true.” 

Ye Yunlan was silent for a moment: “A demonic soul is not a trivial matter. You should have told me when you first emerged from the ascension steps. The demonic energy in your body needs to be eradicated as soon as possible. You must not continue to induce the puppet mark on your body. Also, what is the demonic technique passed down to you by the demonic cultivator?” 

Shen Shu: “It is the Nine-Turn Heavenly Demonic Body.” 

The Nine-Turn Heavenly Demonic Body is part of the forbidden demonic cultivations. The only person who has cultivated this through the ages was the Demon Lord, but in these ten thousand years, it has been spread widely. This is because the entry barrier of this method was extremely low. It could help people quickly gain strength. Even if people would be chased by the demonic sect, they would still secretly practice it. 

Ye Yunlan pursed his lips, “This technique must never be practiced.”

After thinking for a moment, he stood up, “Let’s go.” 

Shen Shu: “Where is Master going?” 

Ye Yunlan’s expression was heavy: “Looking for a place to give you a thorough physical examination.” 

There were still a few days away before the Floating Cloud Summit competition, so the two still had a lot of time.

They returned to the cave house in the shadow wall of the communication stream. 

Inserting the night pearl into the moon shadow wall, the two of them walked into the cave and saw a huge purple cloud tree. There was a stone pier and a stone bench under the purple cloud tree and a stone bed next to it. The rain of purple flowers was beautiful. 

Around the back of the purple cloud tree, there was a clear spring with crystal clear water. It was set in the cave and used for bathing. 

Ye Yunlan said coldly: “Undress.” 

Shen Shu stood by the spring pool, glanced at him, smiled, and began undressing obediently. 

Ye Yunlan leaned on the purple cloud tree and looked on. 

A few years ago, he had helped Shen Shu touch his bones. In order to get rid of the filthiness in Shen Shu’s body, he even prepared a medicated bath for him so that he would soak it every day while he watched and guarded by his side. 

At that time, Shen Shu was still young, and he would always go straight into the hot medicine bath after taking off his clothes with his ears blushing red. 

But now, the uncomfortable person has become himself. 

He watched Shen Shu untie the dusty and torn clothes, then shortly after, his inner garment. The young man’s slender body slowly unfolded, smooth lines without a trace of fat. There were many new scars on it that had not been recovered yet, but it didn’t compromise its beauty and health. 

The clothes were thrown aside by Shen Shu until only a pair of obscene trousers were left. He raised his hand to remove the crown on his head. Like a waterfall, his long black hair unraveled. 

He turned around, curled his lips, and smiled: “Master, should I continue to take it off?”

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