Sick Beauty [Rebirth] Chapter 56

Chapter 56 Applying Medicine 

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Ye Yunlan stood under the purple cloud tree. Although his complexion was still pale, his ear tips showed a tinge of red. 

He said: “…Enough.”

Shen Shu tilted his head, curled his thin lips, and said: “Is Master not going to check me thoroughly to see if there is any demonic qi contamination? How could you do a thorough check if I don’t take it all off?” As he said this, he raised his hand to his waist. 

Ye Yunlan pursed his lips. The youth’s body was very young and not yet fully grown.

Although he was young, he had developed the physique of an adult man due to years of cultivating martial arts. Thin muscles covered his whole body, and every place was full of power, ready to be unleashed. This was especially the case when the clothes were not removed. A huge shadow can be vaguely seen, which was almost intimidating. 

Seeing Shen Shu stretch out his hand to remove the clothes, Ye Yunlan finally couldn’t bear it: “Demonic energy can pass through wounds on a cultivator’s body. If you are not injured, there is no need to check.” 

After that, before Shen Shu could speak, his pale face was the first to turn red. 

Shen Shu stopped moving. 

He didn’t actually want to take it off, he only couldn’t help but want to tease this person a bit. He just wanted to teach this person not to look at him coldly. 

… But he was not unwilling to actually take it off in front of this person. 

Shen Shu threw the hair crown in his hand into the pile of clothes and said with a smile: “Disciple is not injured, Master does not have to worry. Please check the remaining places, Master.” 

Seeing that Shen Shu no longer moved arbitrarily, Ye Yunlan slowly stepped forward.

After being injured by the divine fire, his eyesight was limited. He would have blurry vision if he looked from a distance. This may have been why he misunderstood Shen Shu when he saw him come out of the ascension steps. 

There were many small wounds on Shen Shu’s body. The price he had paid for climbing to the top within ten days was definitely not small. 

When Ye Yunlan examined him, his frown tightened. He grabbed Shen Shu’s shoulders, making him turn around, then raised his hand to brush away Shen Shu’s long black hair strewn on his back. 

A long and narrow scar was revealed. 

The scar stretched across Shen Shu’s back, from shoulder to waist. Although the wound was long, it was extremely narrow, as if it was cut by a very sharp blade. 

He said in a deep voice: “How did this injury come about?” 

Shen Shu saw Ye Yunlan’s awareness on it, and sighed lightly: “This is the injury I accidentally suffered from when I fought with the demonic soul.” 

Like water, Ye Yunlan’s face sank. “Tell me in detail.” 

Shen Shu was silent for a moment, then said: “The demonic soul I met was a demon cultivator of the Heavenly Demon Sect from three thousand years ago. It had a strong cultivation base and became a demonic soul after death, lurking for thousands of years on the ascension steps. It used geomantic geography to arrange a phantom array to look for a suitable physical body to seize.” 

“I was the ‘prey’ of that demonic soul.”

“The phantom array arranged by the demonic soul was silent and quiet. It silently intruded into my mind and wanted to consume my soul when I was unaware.” 

“If it wasn’t…” He paused. A dark color flashed across his eyes before he continued, “If it weren’t for these ten thousand years and the power of the demonic soul being consumed by the power of heaven and earth, it would have succeeded.” 

“The demonic soul slammed into the depths of my soul’s memory and gave me a dream.”

“A deep memory of a dream.” 

When Shen Shu said this, he smiled lightly. “That dream was chaotic and broken. It seemed real and illusory, I almost couldn’t wake up. That demonic soul had been waiting for the opportunity to devour my soul, it’s just that I won the battle in the end.” 

“The demonic soul saw that it was impossible to win, so he wanted to die together and activated the ultimate move in the array. At that time, Disciple was not completely awake and could only avoid it. The critical point was that I still suffered some injuries.” Shen Shu paused, then continued, “It’s not a serious injury, so Master doesn’t need to worry.” 

He said this lightly. But if he fought with a demonic soul and was not careful, he would have gotten destroyed. Ye Yunlan only listened but felt himself becoming emotionally affected.

Although Shen Shu won the battle, in the end, Shen Shu’s mind was inevitably affected. 

…This may be the reason he felt that Shen Shu’s tone and demeanor were different today. 

He dragged Shen Shu to the bank of the pond and made him sit down.

Shen Shu: “What is Master going to do?” 

Ye Yunlan, “I’ll treat your wound.” 

Shen Shu thought for a while: “Master, don’t worry, my body is different from ordinary people. This injury is nothing. It will recover soon…” 

Ye Yunlan: “Shut up.” 

Shen Shu shut up obediently. 

Ye Yunlan took out the healing ointment brought from Sky Sect, opened it, and a faint fragrance of medicine wafted out. 

He put some ointment on his fingertips and applied it to the wound on Shen Shu’s back. 

The ointment was cold. However, when applied to a wound, it would cause a burning pain like fire. 

But to Shen Shu, this pain was not intolerable. 

It’s just that when the other party’s cold fingertips scratched the wound, there was a kind of unbearable itching that penetrated his heart rather than burning pain. 

Shen Shu frowned, and his voice was hoarse. There was a hint of coquetry in his low voice. “Master, it hurts…” 

Ye Yunlan didn’t comfort him this time but said coldly: “Aren’t you good at tolerating pain? When we were going down the mountain, you didn’t even mention the injury to me.” 

Shen Shu blinked his eyes and stopped talking. 


He took a breath, slightly raised his head, and looked at the purple cloud tree in the sky. His Adam’s apple moved. His fists hanging on his side were clenched, and he restrained the abnormality deep within his body. 

Ye Yunlan lowered his eyes to apply the medicine on Shen Shu. 

The back muscles of the young man in front of him were tight, and his shoulder blades were slightly raised, like two wings spreading out. 

Beautiful, young, and full of vitality. 

Very attractive. 

It’s just. 

Ye Yunlan closed his eyes and thought of the other person’s body. 

He understood that person’s body even more than his own.

That person’s body and the word elegant didn’t go hand in hand. If he had to use words to describe it, it would be “sly” and “tyrannical”. 

Tight muscles, broad chest, pitch-black demonic patterns that were like living creatures winding on the other party’s body, and his scarlet eyes revealed under that hideous ghost mask. 

When the man leaned over to embrace him, a dark shadow would entangle them. 

He would struggle in the shadows as if he was drowning in the deep sea, unable to even move his fingertips. 

Sometimes he would not even be able to tell whether it was the strange shadows or the other party’s body that was entwining him. 

The man said that he was born out of the Demon Abyss, a gathering of all the “evil” in the world. 

Although the person didn’t make it clear, he actually knew the person himself did not vaguely treat himself as a human being. 

(Treat himself, not Ye Yunlan.)

Shen Shu was different. 

Although he suffered misfortune in his childhood, he was born a person first and foremost. He had blood relatives, and Ye Yunlan personally watched his disciple grow up. 

These two are too different. 

Isn’t it enough to make a mistake once? He shouldn’t have made such an absurd guess, let alone continue to look for that person’s shadow in Shen Shu. 

This is not fair to that person or to Shen Shu. 

Ye Yunlan thought quietly, showing slight exhaustion on his face. 

After treating the wound on Shen Shu, he said: “You have collected a lot of dust climbing the ascension steps, so you should wash up here and change your clothes. Be careful not to get water on the wound. Your Master will go to the cultivator’s market for a quick trip.”

As he said this, he leaned forward and put his hand into the water to carefully clean the five fingers soaked with ointment. He dried them with a towel, then put another clean cloth towel and the ointment bottle by Shen Shu’s side. Shen Shu can deal with the remaining small wounds on his body by himself. 

Shen Shu looked at him sideways and said, “Okay.” 

Watching Ye Yunlan’s back disappear at the cave’s entrance, he did not touch the clean cloth strip but picked up the cloth towel that Ye Yunlan had just wiped his hand with. He soaked it in water, then slowly washed away the dust on his body. 

Ye Yunlan went to the cultivator bazaar in the communication stream. 

After walking around in a hurry, he quickly found what he wanted to buy and returned to the cave. 

At this moment, Shen Shu had changed into a new outfit. His upper body was naked and sat on the stone bed with one leg bent. He slowly applied the ointment onto his body. 

This time, he didn’t cry out in pain. When stimulating medicine was applied to the wound, it burned terribly. He was still expressionless and apathetic . 

It wasn’t until he heard the movement of Ye Yunlan coming back that there was a fresh look on his face again. 

Ye Yunlan took out a bottle of pill from his hand. 

“This is a Jingshen Pill. It has the effect of removing demonic energy and clearing the mind. You should take it three times a day.” 

Shen Shu raised his hands with ointment on them, “Master, help me.” 

Ye Yunlan looked at it. With that glance, he poured out a few pills from the medicine bottle. 

Shen Shu approached, lowered his head to take the pill, and the tip of his tongue touched Ye Yunlan’s palm.

Ye Yunlan’s hand stiffened, and he almost subconsciously wanted to take it back. 

Shen Shu’s canine tooth held the pill in his mouth. After chewing a few times, swallowing it, he smiled, “Disciple only learned today that a Jingshen pill could be this sweet.” 

After Shen Shu took all three pills, Ye Yunlan quickly retracted his hand and hung it by his side. 

He didn’t look at Shen Shu again and just walked to sit at the stone table under the purple cloud tree. He closed his eyes to rest. 

After Shen Shu finished applying the ointment, he put on black clothes and came to sit down beside Ye Yunlan. 

He propped his head up with one arm and looked at Ye Yunlan for a while: “Since we happen to be free at this moment, how about I tell Master what I had seen and heard at the ascension steps to relieve Master’s boredom.” 

Ye Yunlan did not open his eyes but only lightly said “En”.

Shen Shu: “As soon as I entered the ascension steps, I found that I was at the bottom of the mountain, and there were endless mountains above my head. There was mist all around my body and only a winding mountain road ahead.” 

“On the ascension steps, there were many tests and trials. There were tests of formations, and there were also trials of the heart. Disciple had learned a lot and also learned a few ancient sword techniques. When we go back, Master can take a look.” 

“I also met Nangongqing and his elder brother who had provoked Master before. I gave him a severe lesson, so I think he should not dare to be disrespectful to Master again.”

“There were no day and night changes on the ascension steps. The bottom steps were the dark night stars, while the top was the fiery sun. It was clearly just a path up the mountain, but looking out from the mountain, you can see the scenery of the five continents and four seas, changing and turning. There was also the landscape ten thousand years ago, which was very magnificent… ” 

Shen Shu spoke slowly, then heard steady breathing in his ears. 

His voice stopped. 

Ye Yunlan was already asleep. 

The person was resting on the stone table, with long black hair scattered, and his eyelashes drooped, showing a quiet appearance. 

Shen Shu looked at him, his eyes gradually darkening. 

It was overflowing with uncontrollable deep desires. 

Countless vine-like black shadows spread their teeth and claws from under his feet. Separated by a slight distance from the other party’s skin, they climbed around him in circles.

There were a few that were ready to move, wanting to leap onto the other’s clothing happily. 

Shen Shu licked his dry lips. 

… He really wanted to entangle this person completely, be one with him completely, and to be never be separated. 


He murmured. The overwhelming black shadows whizzed and danced around him, hideously bare.

But in the end, he just laid his head on the stone table. He stretched out his hand and carefully touched the cold fingertips of the other party. 


For a few days, Master and Disciple rested in the cave. Then, they went up Tianchi Mountain again. 

At this time, it had been more than half a month since the opening of the ascension steps stage. Cultivators, one after another, walked out of the stone gate at the exit of the ascension steps stage. 

It’s just that the difference from before was that the observatory damaged in the earth’s movement has disappeared. Also, a magnificent immortal palace was floating in the void of the Floating Cloud Summit. 

Outside the immortal palace, many Ink Sect disciples were entertaining cultivators from all sides. 

Seeing the two of them approaching, an Ink Sect disciple walked up with a scroll. 

Ye Yunlan noticed that this Ink Sect disciple had an ordinary face, but had a pair of long, narrow, raised phoenix eyes. They were half-closed, he had a lazy expression on. 

The other party clasped his hands together: “I am Ink Sect’s Wang Daoyan. The Floating Cloud Summit Tournament will begin soon, but this time, it will be different from previous years. Due to the damage to the observatory, the place to watch the battle has changed. I will lead you two fellow daoists there. ” 

Ye Yunlan lightly nodded, “Thank you for your trouble. ” 


His foot that was about to take a step forward was stopped by a warm sound. 

Ye Yunlan looked up, and Chen Weiyuan, dressed in white, stood not far away. Next to him was Xu Qingyue, who was standing tall and carried a long sword. 

Beside Ye Yunlan, Shen Shu narrowed his eyes slightly. 

The colour of scarlet sat deep in his eyes.

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