Sick Beauty [Rebirth] Chapter 57

Chapter 57 Immortal Palace 

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Ye Yunlan raised his eyes and gave a light glance at Chen Weiyuan, then looked away. 

There was a burning pain from the seven emotion needles in his soul, but his expression was blank.

He had already decided in this life, he wouldn’t give this person even half of his gaze. 

He had no hobby of reclaiming trash. 

Trash should stay in the rubbish heap. Any corruption or festering had nothing to do with him. 

Seeing Ye Yunlan’s indifferent appearance, that he didn’t even express his initial anger or hatred, Chen Weiyuan’s gentle smile became slightly stiff. 

The golden folding fan hit the palm of his hand. Chen Weiyuan’s expression then returned to his natural expression. He smiled: “Yunlan, I haven’t congratulated you yet. Your disciple is the first to reach the top of this climb. Now, every faction is spreading the name of this master and disciple duo.”

Ye Yunlan was indifferent. On the side, Shen Shu folded his arms and said: “We don’t seem to know each other.” 

He emphasized the words “don’t know each other,” then curled his lips into a mocking smile, “Also, who do you think you are to directly address my Master?” 

Chen Weiyuan’s eyebrows moved slightly. He looked at Shen Shu, then said: “How do you know that I don’t know your Master?” 

Shen Shu: “I only see a dog skin plaster persistently entangling with my Master.” 

Chen Weiyuan’s expression didn’t change: “Fellow daoist’s cultivation is deep and showing off is a good thing. However, you need to pay attention to your words, or else you will shame your Master.”

When he said this, a slight pressure was revealed, pressing down on Shen Shu. 

The energy on his body had almost reached transcendence.

Those who have the ancient bloodline are far more talented than those of the normal world. It is rumored that the young master of Tianji Pavilion never participated in the Tianchi Mountain Dao Conference, not because of him being scared to compete, but because it was beneath him.

The attack was silent and directly hit his mind. Chen Weiyuan expected that Shen Shu would lose himself. He didn’t expect that he would stand there, unruffled, with his arms folded. 

Ye Yunlan seemed to perceive something. He said coldly: “Naturally, my disciple is to be disciplined by me. It is also up to me to determine if he had embarrassed me, it has nothing to do with you.” 

His long eyelashes lifted. He carried the nirvana sword intent and his eyes appeared like a sword. 

Chen Weiyuan’s pupils shrank slightly. Pure sword intent couldn’t force him to back down. 

It’s just that he remembered when Ye Yunlan’s bloodline recovered on the Ye Clan Flying Boat, he had looked at him exactly like that— eyes extremely sharp, and extremely bright. 

It was like he was a god above the sky, overlooking the world. 

He put away the smile on his face, then sighed slightly, “Yunlan…” 

“Senior Brother Chen” Xu Qingyue pulled Chen Weiyuan’s sleeve. He shook his head and walked forward a few steps. Towards Ye Yunlan, he said sincerely, “Daoist Ye, being able to teach such an outstanding person, Qingyue admires you. After I got back from being able to exchange moves against fellow daoist last time, I benefited quite a lot. I still have not had the time to thank fellow daoist.” 

After half a month, Xu Qingyue’s sword intent was deeper and firmer. It seems that being defeated by his sword last time did not affect his dao but instead made him more stable. Now, he has taken a few extra steps forward on this path.

Xu Qingyue hesitated, then said: “After Qingyue thought about it for a long time, I still have not changed my mind. I can’t help but ask again, can fellow daoist accept me as a disciple?” 

Speaking this part, he bowed deeply towards Ye Yunlan. 

To sincere people who respected the sword, Ye Yunlan had always given some respect. 

He leaned sideways to avoid Xu Qingyue’s bow. His expression of indifference disappeared a bit: “I can’t be your teacher. I have said that my personal disciple can only be Shen Shu. One person is enough. It is not because of your qualifications or temperament. It’s just that it takes too much effort to teach and cultivate disciples. I have no more cultivation base in this body, and I am sick and disabled. I will stay in this world for decades at most, and I really don’t have the energy to teach any more people.” 

Shen Shu heard this, and his expression changed. 

Xu Qingyue’s clear and bright eyes showed disappointment, but he quickly put away his emotions: “This will be Qingyue’s last time asking, I hope that fellow Daoist will not be offended. Qingyue will not use this to bother you anymore.” 

Ye Yunlan: “Uphold your heart and don’t allow it to be disturbed. Practice ten years without another’s guidance, and you may be able to reach small success.” Xu Qingyue’s eyes again appeared bright: “Thank you, fellow daoist, for your pointer.”

He thought for a while, then looked at Shen Shu with a smile on his face: “Qingyue heard that Fellow Daoist Shen only managed to reach the top in less than ten days. It’s really amazing. Qingyue is not talented, I spent seventeen days and barely climbed to the top. Fortunately, I was ranked among the top 20 of the ascension steps and can participate in the Floating Cloud Summit. I would like to have a fight with fellow daoist. I hope fellow daoist won’t hold back.”

Shen Shu’s scarlet and malicious eyes flashed and disappeared towards the person who always entangled himself with his Master and wanted to become his junior brother: “Don’t worry, I won’t hold back.” 

He looked at Xu Qingyue’s beautiful and flawless face. If this was the so-called cultivation world’s number one beauty… sure enough, there is still no other person better looking than his Master. 

His mood suddenly improved again.

He curled his lips, “I want to remind Daoist Xu of a sentence. You might know the person but not really know him. Sometimes it is not a good thing to only know how to cultivate.” 

Xu Qingyue blinked, a bit puzzled. 

Wang Daoyan was on the sidelines holding the scroll for a while. At this moment, he made a look to the side. A disciple of the Ink Sect then came over and said a few words in front of Chen Weiyuan, wanting to lead him into the spectator seat. 

Chen Weiyuan listened, then with a polite expression on his face, nodded lightly. 

Before leaving, he looked at Ye Yunlan wanting to say something, then suddenly heard— a soft “chirp”.

His eyes fell on the golden furball that protruded from Ye Yunlan’s clothes. His eyes narrowed, and his fingertips pinched towards his palms a few times. He had no more interest in speaking.

Seeing that the two entered the immortal palace and disappeared, Wang Daoyan turned to Ye Yunlan: “You two daoists, let’s go. The immortal palace is huge here, and there are many seats for watching the battle. The seats arranged for the East Continent’s cultivators and the North Territory’s cultivators are far apart. You two don’t have to worry about being disturbed.” 

Although he looked tired and lazy, he was a Senior Brother in the Ink Sect, after all, so he saw people’s hearts transparently. This statement was probably said to soothe them. 

The young master of Tianji Pavilion was not an individual that was easy to deal with.

But the master and disciple duo in front of him, although one was a mortal and the other one only a golden core, they felt dangerous to him. 

The Dao Conference was organized by the Ink Sect this time. He didn’t want to cause any trouble and increase his workload for nothing. 

Ye Yunlan nodded, and the two followed Wang Daoyan into the immortal palace. 

When one enters, the magnificence of the carved columns and jade can be seen. There were many corridors in the hall and many colorful paintings on the walls. The colors were gorgeous, and the designs were lifelike, but they didn’t look like they were made by the people of today. Instead, there was a breath of ancient savageness. 

Ye Yunlan looked at these patterns, somewhat fascinated. 

The contents of these designs were mostly about sacrifice and inheritance. 

He saw one of them. The painting was of a man sitting on the high throne. He couldn’t see his face clearly, but he was dressed in an imperial crown, surrounded by scorching flames, and behind his back were a pair of wings covering the sky and the sun. Countless people worshipped him under the throne. 

He also saw a huge city located in the deep valley. The city stretched from east to west like the wings of a phoenix, quite similar to his dream. 

There was also a picture with an ancient tree that was red and cloudlike. The Divine Phoenix surrounded by golden flames soared around the ancient tree like a cloud of smoke.

Wang Daoyan saw that he seemed interested and said: “Speaking of which, the immortal palace here is a relic from the age of the demons. At that time, the human race was weak, and the demons were prosperous. Countless humans were forced by demons to become servants and were not allowed to cultivate. The situation didn’t improve until after the Demon Emperor was born. The Demon Emperor believed that the people in the world were equal, and the strengths of individuals were different, but there is no difference between clans. Therefore, the Demon Emperor established the “Meeting of All Races”. Young people of all races and all generations could participate. They could obtain cultivation methods and spiritual inheritance from the Mountain Spirit’s treasury. As long as there was a strong, young person who performed outstandingly, they could have a face to face meeting with the Demon Emperor, and receive advice from the Demon Emperor. It is said that the Tianchi Mountain Dao Conference was the evolution of the “Meeting of All Races” set up by the Demon Emperor. Later, the world changed, and through the many changes in the system, it changed to the present. For thousands of years, the Tianchi Mountain Spirit still existed. Thus, after the observatory was destroyed, it was the Tianchi Mountain Spirit who appeared to summon the palace here. This way, the Floating Cloud Summit could continue the martial arts contest.”

Speaking thus far, Wang Daoyan stopped, “Only here could one see the painted remnants of the Demon Era. You could also see the Demon Emperor’s grandeur of that year. It was said that he was the closest creature in the world to an ‘immortal,’ and no one has been able to surpass him. If there is a chance, I would really want to meet the Demon Emperor. Unfortunately, ten thousand years have passed, and all records have been annihilated. Only legends are left.” 

Ye Yunlan listened quietly to Wang Daoyan. 

It’s just, he didn’t know why, but he didn’t really like the “remnant” term in Wang Daoyan’s mouth. 

“Two fellow daoists, we are about to arrive at the place where the cultivators of the Eastern Continent Sky Sect can watch the battle.” 

Wang Daoyan said this, but before reaching the destination, a figure in red appeared at the corner. 

After seeing him, Wang Daoyan’s complexion changed slightly. He bowed down in greeting. 

“Greetings to the distinguished mountain spirit.”

The mountain spirit nodded at Wang Daoyan, her pale and delicate face was very tender and lovely, but it lacked energy. 

Only as soon as she flew over, she threw herself over to pull on Ye Yunlan’s clothes. She raised her head, showing a bright smile. 


Ye Yunlan: “Nian Er.” 

Nian Er: “Nian Er saw Brother was injured due to the ground movement and was worried for several days. I forgot to water the flowers in the Valley of Flowers.” 

Ye Yunlan touched her head, “I’m fine.” 

Nian Er blinked, “Does Brother like this sacred Phoenix Palace? My emperor used to come here to rest in the palace when he was in the Central Continent.” 

Ye Yunlan thought about it: “It’s not bad.” 

Nian Er laughed, then said: “Brother came here to watch the battle? Nian Er will take Brother to a good place.” 

Ye Yunlan looked at Wang Daoyan next to him. 

Wang Daoyan’s half-closed eyes opened because of his surprise. He looked at Ye Yunlan deeply, but he didn’t look on curiously. He just said, “Since the distinguished mountain spirit is leading the way, then I will leave first.” After that, he bowed and turned around to leave the immortal palace. 

Nian Er pulled Ye Yunlan’s sleeve and walked forward. 

Suddenly remembering something, she turned her head to look at Shen Shu with a smile: “Little brother, you are here too.” 

Shen Shu: “…” 

In the eyes of the mountain spirit, the age of himself and his Master was not far off, so why call Ye Yunlan older brother, and him as little brother. 

The immortal palace had six floors. 

The two arrived at the highest level of the Immortal Palace and entered the wide hall. 

This was an open-air garden in which countless rare flowers competed with each other. It was truly beautiful. 

On the side, there was an ancient and beautifully carved round table with a few chairs and a large couch. 

Looking out from here, one can see the top of the Floating Cloud Summit in its entirety. With a broad field of vision and seeing the mass of flowers and clouds, one would feel refreshed and happy. 

Ye Yunlan and Shen Shu sat down. Nian Er’s laughter blew by like the mountain breeze into their ears.

She held it in the palm of her hand—a golden plush thing to play with. 

“What’s its name?”

Shen Shu: “Furball.”

Nian Er kneaded Furball in her palm enthusiastically, causing Furball to cry out in protest, “Furball’s body has an aura that Nian Er is very familiar with.” 

Ye Yunlan watched quietly, with a thoughtful expression in his eyes. 

The rising sun on the horizon rose to its apex, and the bell rang. 

The Floating Cloud Summit tournament began. 

Nian Er’s hand pointed to the side, to a blue magic circle: “Just step there and it will be able to teleport you to the Immortal Palace’s first floor, and then go to the Floating Cloud Summit competition platform.” 

Shen Shu looked at Ye Yunlan. 

Ye Yunlan opened his mouth and said: “Go.” 

Shen Shu smiled, “I will not let Master down.” 

He walked two steps, then walked back. He leaned over to Ye Yunlan’s ear: “If disciple wins, can Master give disciple a reward?” 

Over the years, Shen Shu had not called him less to give him a reward, but his rewards were usually not too much. Sometimes, it was just a trivial matter of telling him to drink medicine.

A reward was something this master and disciple duo have gotten used to. 

But this time, Ye Yunlan felt that it was dangerous. 

At this moment the bell rang again. It was the Ink Sect disciples who were maintaining order urging the contestants to come on stage.

Ye Yunlan’s eyes revealed a sense of helplessness. “Okay”. 

Only then did Shen Shu step into the teleportation formation. 

The other party in the first round was not very strong. 

After Shen Shu settled it neatly, he thought it wouldn’t take him long to get on the ranking, unlock the mountain spirit treasure, obtain the elixir that Nian Er mentioned, and give it to his master. 

That person was afraid of bitter things, so he should send the elixir together with the apricot blossom cake he made himself. Ye Yunlan would definitely not refuse. 

He curled his lips thinking about it and stepped off the competition stage. 

Some cultivators were still standing around the martial arts platform. Most of them were cultivators who were participating in this martial arts contest. Their eyes were surprised and solemn after they saw his appearance.

Shen Shu’s ears were keen, and he heard two people whispering, so his footsteps paused. 

“Is he the first to ascend the ascension steps, the disciple from Sky Sect, Shen Shu?” 

“He’s not bad.” 

“I heard that his teacher is now the number one beauty in the cultivation world.” 

“It’s Ye Yunlan at the top of the ranking list. I was waiting at the Floating Cloud Summit that day and caught a glimpse. I don’t know how many senior sisters and junior sisters got charmed.” 

“Not to mention them, even me…” 

“It’s just a pity to hear about his serious injuries. He has no cultivation base, so his life will be short.” 

“Oh, a beauty’s life is always unlucky. Hearing from Sky Sect disciples, his injury is severe, and medicine can not cure it, there is only one way for it to be resolved.” 

“What way?” 

The cultivator looked around, then with blushing cheeks, he said a few words into that man’s ear.

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