Sick Beauty [Rebirth] Chapter 59

Chapter 59 Deep Kiss 

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After Ye Yunlan understood what he meant, his complexion went red and white. He gritted his teeth and spat out: “…Impudent!” 

As if puzzled, Shen Shu stared at Ye Yunlan, unmoving.

“How is it impudent?”

“You–” Ye Yunlan said, “Shen Shu, I am your master!”

Shen Shu looked at Ye Yunlan’s red eyes with anger and laughed hoarsely. “To share Master’s troubles is what a disciple should do.” 

Ye Yunlan couldn’t predict that Shen Shu would say such words. He trembled when Shen Shu held his pale wrists. He could hardly restrain himself from wanting to grab his Queying sword on the table. 

He took a deep breath, suppressing the urge to draw out his sword. His icy voice filled with anger, “Shen Shu, if you really remember that I am your master, then you shouldn’t forget. I have taught you for the past three years. What is morality, what is courtesy, what is righteousness and shame? What is respect for the teacher and——” Shen Shu could no longer hear what Ye Yunlan was talking about.     

Countless negative undercurrents surged from the cracks in his soul. The suffocation that he had been suppressing in his heart over the years was pulled and enlarged. The fragments that plunged into his mind were chaotic and shattered, and the world seemed to stand upside down in a confusing phantom image. He couldn’t see clearly. There was only one thought in his mind.         

Ye Yunlan was his.     

He should be his forever and ever.     

He felt thirsty.     

His throat was so thirsty that it was about to burn. It hurts and itches.     

In his gaze, the thin lips of the person in front of him were closing and opening. Perhaps it was because he had just tasted tea, but his lips were still slightly glistening from the moisture.     

His adam’s apple rolled. He was finally unable to restrain it. He leaned forward and kissed him.     

Ye Yunlan’s voice stopped, and his eyes widened. He was too shocked, losing his senses.

Shen Shu took this opportunity to raise his hand to pinch his pale and sharp jaw, leaned over, and kissed deeper.     

There was a faint sound of water between their lips and teeth.

Shen Shu grabbed the thin lips of the person in front of him and bit down like a hungry wolf. 

The other party’s thin lips were softer than petals, and the nectar inside was as sweet as imagined with the slightly astringent fragrance of tea leaves. 

Shen Shu greedily usurped all the nectar. The burning flames in his eyes became deeper and deeper. Nian Er suddenly said next to him: “Little brother, why did you suddenly bully Older Brother!” 

Furball in Nian Er’s palm also widened his black pepa eyes. It looked at the two of them, revealing a humane shocked and excessive appearance. Then he fluttered his wings, trying hard to fly. At the same time, he made an angry sound, “chirp chirp.”

The noisy sound in his ear finally made Ye Yunlan recover from the shock. 

Then there was a crisp sound. 

Ye Yunlan slapped Shen Shu on the face. 

Shen Shu didn’t dodge but took the slap firmly. His head tilted to one side, and a clear five-finger handprint appeared on his handsome cheek. 

Ye Yunlan stood up. His expression was cold, but his hands and heart were trembling constantly, indicating his uncontrollable anger. 

“Are you awake?” 

Shen Shu tilted his head and said nothing. 

Ye Yunlan’s expression grew colder. 

He dropped his stinging palm and said coldly. 

“In these years, I have accepted you as a disciple, regarded you as a son to educate, to lead you into the Dao. I taught you swordsmanship and never hid anything from you.”

“I have no more nostalgia for the world, but I had high hopes for you.” 

“But Shen Shu, you have disappointed me.” 

Shen Shu’s expression changed. 

The thirst in his throat had dissipated in his impulse just now. The dark part of his soul felt satisfied, and his mind gradually became sober. 

But he didn’t regret what he just did. 

When he eavesdropped on his Master’s m*sturbation through the wall, he still didn’t know how he felt about his Master at that time. But when his body grew, and he met his Master in his dreams, he already knew that he desired his own Master. 

He kept this secret very well. 

In accordance with Ye Yunlan’s expectations, he practiced his cultivation steadily, respected his Master, and made friends. Just for Ye Yunlan’s appreciation. 

But at this moment, he didn’t want to hide it. 

He didn’t want to be treated by Ye Yunlan as a disciple only. He didn’t want to be ignorant all the time. He didn’t want to look at his master and have Master lie under another person because of his Master’s injury—what other people can do, why can’t he do it? 

Shen Shu met Ye Yunlan’s gaze. Only for a moment, the pale color on the lips of the person in front of him had disappeared. The lips were bright red and swollen from the kiss. His lips were even bleeding from the skin, condensing a thrilling red colour. 

He whispered: “Master, I just want to help you.”

“Stupid!” Ye Yunlan has never been so angry. He flicked his sleeves, and the teacup on the table was swept to the ground by him, making a cracking sound. 

“…Get out!” 

Shen Shu didn’t move but continued to ask: “Since others can recommend themselves to be Master’s pillow, why can’t I?” 

Ye Yunlan didn’t answer but continued to pant deeply. 

The blush on his face caused by his anger made him become more and more beautiful. Then, he suddenly bowed his waist and coughed violently. 

A touch of bright red dripped from the cracks. 

Shen Shu’s pupils contracted. He quickly held Ye Yunlan to let him sit down. He wanted to pat his back for him, but Ye Yunlan threw his hand away. 

Shen Shu’s hand stopped in the air and froze. He turned his head to Nian Er and tightened his brows, “Ancient Xinzhi, give it to me!” 

Nian Er looked worriedly at Ye Yunlan, who was coughing. She gave Shen Shu an angry look and said anxiously: “Although Nian Er is in charge of the treasure house, it is our emperor who imposed restrictions on the treasure house. It must be opened according to the rules. Floating Cloud Summit is not over yet, the treasure house… Nian Er can’t open it.” 

Nian Er spoke with tears rolling in her eyes due to her anxiety: “It’s all you! It’s all because of you that brother suddenly became like this!” 

Shen Shu looked at Ye Yunlan’s frowning eyebrows due to his coughing. He saw the bright red between his fingers and finally panicked.

He was silent for a moment, then knelt in front of Ye Yunlan on one knee. 

The broken porcelain on the ground sank into his knees, and the hot tea soaked his clothes. He didn’t seem to notice it, but he just crawled to Ye Yunlan’s knees. 

He opened his mouth and said: “Master, Disciple is wrong.” 

“Disciple is just too worried about Master’s injury, so… I spoke nonsense.” 

He clenched his five fingers into the palm of his flesh. 

“In the future, if Master doesn’t like Disciple mentioning this matter, Disciple…will not mention it again.” 

Ye Yunlan’s violent cough finally calmed down. 

Shen Shu took out a handkerchief and straightened up. He tried to wipe the blood from his lips, but Ye Yunlan raised his hand to block it. 

Ye Yunlan’s long eyelashes were drooping. Looking at Shen Shu who was kneeling in front of him, his pale face showed deep exhaustion. He said in a low voice, “Go away.” 

Shen Shu looked at him for a long time. He stood up, folded the handkerchief, and placed it on the table. He cleaned up the broken tiles on the ground, then left. 

Before leaving, he said, “Master, Disciple will win the Floating Cloud Summit and bring the Ancient Xinzhi to you.”

Ye Yunlan didn’t give him a response. 

When Shen Shu disappeared, Nian Er asked worriedly: “Older Brother, that little brother just now, how did he make you so angry?”

The unsullied mountain spirit in Tianchi Mountain, even though it has been ten thousand years, she still didn’t know much about many things in the world. 

It was just a mouth bumping into another mouth and some broken skin. Nian Er didn’t understand why Ye Yunlan was so angry. 

Ye Yunlan shook his head. He took the handkerchief by the table and wiped the blood on his hands. 

He closed his eyes and was silent for a while. 

He was not an inexperienced virgin. 

When Shen Shu forcefully kissed him, his eyes were exposed. They were burning hot and passionate as if he was going to eat him. 

He knew what this meant. 

But he didn’t understand when Shen Shu had such a rebellious heart for him. 

For such an offense, he should have felt disgusted and resistant. 

But when Shen Shu kissed him, at that moment, his first feeling was not disgust. 

But… warmth. 

Furball fluttered his wings and jumped on his knees, interrupting his thoughts. 

A warm golden light melted into his body, making his frustrated and painful chest much better. 

Ye Yunlan raised his hand and gently rubbed the head of Furball, then looked at the misty clouds in the distance. 

He remembered what he had read in a book in the past. 

Teachers are like fathers, responsible for their disciples. When a disciple makes a mistake, he should not be ignored and must be guided by his actions, and guided by his heart.

His time was running out in this life. 

Neither Shen Shu nor he could make any more mistakes.


Shen Shu’s heart was overcast. 

This kind of sentiment was reflected in his treatment of his opponents in the Floating Cloud Summit. His moves became fiercer and crazier. 

Until he defeated the seventh opponent with a violent wind sweeping the fallen leaves, the eyes of the people around him looked at him with fear. 

After defeating his opponent, he did not go back to the immortal palace. Instead, he wandered in Tianchi Mountain all day, seeming to be looking for something. 

On this day, the bell of Tianchi Mountain rang again. Shen Shu jumped and landed on the competition stage. 

His opponent was an acquaintance, also a fellow member of Sky Sect. 

Sky Sect Senior Brother, He Lanze, already won the first prize in the last Tianchi Mountain dao conference. This time, he was able to participate in the dao conference and was eligible for the Floating Cloud Summit competition. The other eligible person was Rong Ran.

Rong Ran was one of only a few Nascent soul cultivators in this dao conference. He was also a well-known beauty on the ranking of beauties, and many people were very optimistic about him winning the first prize. 

Therefore, not only was the audience seated in the Immortal Palace full, but many cultivators gathered outside Floating Cloud Summit. 

Rong Ran stood quietly opposite Shen Shu. 

Wearing his green clothes, his appearance was picturesque.

It was just that, compared to his gentle and elegant exterior three years ago, after being punished by Qiyun Jun to face the wall to reflect, his complexion became a little paler. There was also a gloomy expression on his face. 

Rong Ran’s hand held a blue spirit sword. He smiled: “It’s been a long time, Martial Nephew Shen.” 

“Three years ago, you were rude, and I had told Ah Lan that I wanted to discipline you. Today, I finally have the chance.” 

Even though it took Shen Shu a shorter time to ascend the ascension steps, Rong Ran didn’t think he was weaker than Shen Shu. 

There was a huge difference in cultivation level between nascent soul and golden core realm. Unless Shen Shu’s sword dao was extremely high, he would never be his opponent. 

He would just be another outer disciple. 

Remembering that this outer disciple had lived with Ye Yunlan for the past three years, the gloomy color in Rong Ran’s eyes became even heavier. 

A scarlet color flashed across Shen Shu’s eyes. The iron sword in his hand was unsheathed, and his lips were curled into a sneer, “With you? You think you are worthy of being my Martial Uncle?” 

The bell rang again. 

The battle began. 

Sword light raged on the field. Rong Ran resisted with his deep cultivation base, but his steps were retreating unconsciously.

After he realized this, he realized, shocked, that although Shen Shu was only in the late golden core realm, his sword dao could compare with He Lanze, maybe even stronger! 

As time passed, Rong Ran’s heart became more and more shocked. 

Three years ago, Shen Shu was clearly still an outer disciple. Now, he had enough strength to suppress him! 


In his heart, he felt his jealousy grow crazily. 

A dark color flashed in his eyes, and the long sword was no longer in a defensive posture. Out came a majestic aura that attacked Shen Shu. 

But this was not his real ultimate move. 

The majestic aura turned into water mist, blocking the sight of most people. Then in the sleeves of Rong Ran’s clothes, several invisible black spots shot towards Shen Shu! 

Over the years, while studying the training of Hehuan Love Gu, he had conducted more in-depth research on the Southern Frontier Gu insect method, realizing that this was a cultivation method that was more suitable for him than the sword.

He studied under Qiyun Jun, the world’s number one powerhouse, but he really didn’t have a talent for the sword. Until now, he had not yet obtained the true teachings of his sword, but he needed strength.     

This “Sword Poison Gu” was newly refined by him and was able to transform into sword qi. The moment it invades a human’s body, it would gnaw on the internal organs of the person infected by the Gu, causing them to lose resistance.     

Rong Ran’s face was already showing his winning face, but in the next moment, he suddenly froze.

He didn’t sense anything wrong. The Sword Poison Gu did indeed enter Shen Shu’s body. However, as soon as it entered, it seemed to be swallowed by something extremely evil! 

How could it be?! 

The Sword Poison Gu was refined by him, controlled by him, and connected to his mind. Thus when the Sword Poison Gu died, Rong Ran’s heartfelt violent turmoil. His sword technique was full of flaws, and his chest and abdomen were hit by Shen Shu’s sword aura. His whole body flew horizontally away a few meters.

He suffered from pain all over his body and could barely open his eyelids. When he saw Shen Shu standing in front of him, the long sword rose in the air. Scarlet eyes stared coldly at him.

In those eyes, Rong Ran seemed to see boundless corpses and the terrible blood purgatory. 

——Did Shen Shu really want to kill him here?

Rong Ran’s mind was already about to break. Realizing this, the tight string in his heart broke. 

The item he entrusted his mind towards refining was not finished yet. His bird that had flown away from him had not yet returned to him. No matter what, he can’t die here. 

He couldn’t help screaming: “Don’t kill me, I surrender!” 

The onlookers were in an uproar. They did not expect that the result of the Rong Ran, who was viewed so optimistically, would so embarrassingly admit defeat. 

Shen Shu snorted coldly. His long sword fell and inserted a thin blood mark on Rong Ran’s neck. 

Rong Ran’s face was like a dead fish shocked alive. His face was pale, and he laid on the ground, trembling like a worm for a long time before returning to his senses slowly. 

He knew that he had lost his face today. The image that he had worked so hard in Sky Sect these years was considered to be half-collapsed. He couldn’t help but glance at Shen Shu gloomily. He got up with difficulty, staggered, and walked away. 

It was just that he couldn’t see a shadow sneak into his shadow. 

After Rong Ran walked back to the immortal palace, he frowned and sped up his pace. He hid in an empty room. 

Rong Ran grabbed the clothes at his heart. His face was distorted, seeming to have a cold sweat. 

With his shaking hands, he took out the pill bottle from his sleeve and poured out a large amount of pills into his hand, and took it all. 

After this, he seemed to be better. 

But immediately, he felt that something was confining his throat. It tightened deep, the suffocation making his complexion turn blue. 

A cold voice came into his ears. 

“The news of Master being injured and requiring dual cultivation with others, is it you?” 

The author has something to say: Master: I treat you as a son, but you want to marry me as a wife? ? ?

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