Sick Beauty [Rebirth] Chapter 60

Chapter 60 Soup 

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Accompanied by the deep and hostile voice, a strange force came at his neck, slamming Rong Ran to the sidewall. 

The back of his head collided with the wall, making a “bang.” Rong Ran felt the world shake and saw stars. 

He lifted his hands up and struggled to remove his neck restraint, but he couldn’t touch anything. The feeling of suffocation became more and more serious. 

Shen Shu walked out from Rong Ran’s side calmly and coldly stared at Rong Ran. With a lift of his finger, Rong Ran seemed to be picked up out of thin air by some force, then thrown against the wall again. 

The body impact made a terrifying sound, and severe pain spread throughout his limbs. Rong Ran’s upright appearance disappeared in a short time. He was hit against the wall and wanted to scream for Shen Shu to stop, but no sound came from his throat. Finally, it became clear that the other party was not asking him questions at all but was deliberately torturing him! 

In the silent room, Shen Shu stood blankly with his arms folded. 

As early as three years ago, he had been displeased from seeing this person. In the past few days, he wandered through Tianchi Mountain and listened to all the rumors about Ye Yunlan, suspecting that the target of the news spreader was Rong Ran.

It was not the first time that Rong Ran offended Ye Yunlan.

Three years ago, at TingFeng Pavillion, Rong Ran prescribed a drug for Ye Yunlan. But later, because of Qiyun Jun’s protection, nothing happened. 

That was ok, Shen Shu thought. 

Master was too lazy to teach Rong Ran a lesson in these years. He can get it back ten times, one hundred times, on behalf of the other party. 

The creepy voice lasted for a while before it finally stopped. 

Rong Ran’s limbs spread on the ground. His hair was scattered, his body in an embarrassing state. 

The face once called the number one beauty of Sky Sect was bluish and purple, stained with blood. 

He was dragged in front of Shen Shu by an invisible force. His body laid on his stomach, with only his head pulled up. Seeing Shen Shu standing condescendingly in front of him, as well as the toes of the other party’s black satin boots, Rong Ran’s pupils shrunk.

Looking at Shen Shu’s gaze, he finally took on an unconcealed panic. 

His face was trampled on. 

“This foot is for Master.” Shen Shu curled his lips slightly, indifferent and mocking, “So as not to dirty Master’s shoes.” 

Rong Ran had a good face, so he especially cherished it. 

His facial features became distorted in this crushing humiliation, but he felt a lightness in his neck. 

He could talk. 

Countless verbal abuse wanted to be extorted but was forced down by reason. Rong Ran only felt his chest being tight and wanted to vomit blood. 

Shen Shu’s strength far exceeded his estimates. He didn’t understand how a young man he didn’t look highly of could become so strong in just three years.

His face was stepped on again. 

Rong Ran screamed, “It’s not me!” 

Shen Shu removed his boots and looked at him coldly. “Oh?” 

Rong Ran, “That news was not spread by me–” he said, “I am Ah Lan’s Senior Brother, who cherishes Ah Lan. How can I reveal his injuries secretly and attract others to covet him? You have to believe me! Believe me!” 

Shen Shu’s dark pupils looked down at Rong Ran. 

He could perceive the negative emotions of the people around him, and Rong Ran was full of panic and fear at the moment, but he had no guilty conscience—Rong Ran wasn’t lying. 

Shen Shu tilted his head. Rong Ran thought he was going to let him go, but he was welcomed by another kick in the face. 

“Look at what you look like now,” Shen Shu said in a cold tone, “You still have the face to pose as a Senior Brother? You don’t know your own abilities and is searching for death—” Sharply, the sound of a bone shattering rang out. Rong Ran shouted in horror: “Shen Shu! I’m a direct disciple of Qiyun Jun, you can’t kill me—” Shen Shu’s movements paused. Qiyun Jun’s name made his eyes turn scarlet, and he was stifled by this reason. 

Qiyun Jun was in the transcendence realm. 

Killing Rong Ran will cause trouble to Master, so it was not time to do it yet. 

“This time, I will spare your life,” he said blankly, “But remember, in the future, if you dare to think about my master…”

He sneered, his scarlet pupils staring at Rong Ran. 

“——I’ll kill you.” 

Shen Shu left. 

It took a long time for Rong Ran to regain his strength. 

He slowly got up from the ground and looked towards Shen Shu’s departure direction. His eyes were full of resentment and fear. 

After a while, he seemed to think of something and hurriedly pulled his clothes, reaching into his chest. He touched an object at his chest, breathing a sigh of relief when he found that it was intact.

Suddenly, he heard the sound of unhurried footsteps. 

Rong Ran was startled. He didn’t want outsiders to see him in such a sorry state. He hurriedly gathered his clothes and shrank into the shadow of the corner. 

The half-closed door was opened again. 

A figure in white walked in slowly. 

The man saw the dying face curled up in the corner. He raised his eyebrows, and a trace of unnoticeable disgust glided across his eyes. He approached and said warmly. 

“Daoist Rong, do you need help?”


Xu Qingyue took a deep breath when he stepped onto the martial arts stage. 

Tan Qing Sect was a medicine cultivator sect. He was the first Tan Qing Sect person to set foot on the Floating Cloud Summit competition platform for hundreds of years. Many junior brothers and sisters came to support him. 

Chen Weiyuan also looked at him in the audience, his eyes gentle and encouraging. 

He was calm, and the discussions of the people around him were slowly ignored by him. 

The long sword was unsheathed. Xu Qingyue stroked the blade with his fingers and then looked clearly at his opponent. 

“Daoist Shen, please.”

Just let him see what level of sword dao the disciple trained by Ye Yunlan himself has.

Xu Qingyue always regretted not being able to become Ye Yunlan’s disciple. 

Suddenly, he remembered the rumors that had been spreading all over the world recently. 

Ye Yunlan said that because of his physical injury, he would only have Shen Shu as a disciple. But it was rumored that someone could cure his body with the method of dual cultivation and could become his dao companion. The relationship between dao companions was naturally closer than that of a disciple and Master. They could exchange sword skills all the time, cuddle and depend on each other… 

Xu Qingyue’s face blushed, then he immediately came back. This is a delusion, a flaw in his mind! 

He wanted to regain his concentration, but Shen Shu had already grasped the flaw he had just shown and brazenly unsheathed his sword.

Xu Qingyue hurriedly raised his sword to block him, but his figure took a step back. 

Shen Shu’s sword light paused slightly, then he attacked more fiercely. Because of his weakness just now, he was forced to retreat again and again. 

Obviously, it was just an ordinary piece of iron. 

But the sword light could be raised so bright that Xu Qingyue could see something similar to Ye Yunlan from Shen Shu. 

They were so similar that he could even see the figure of Ye Yunlan pointing his finger at Shen Shu. 

He suddenly felt a little envious.

Envious that Shen Shu could have a close person like Ye Yunlan.

He and Chen Weiyuan will become dao companions. Chen Weiyuan could be regarded as someone close to him that knew all his preferences. He embraced him to watch the beautiful scenery, like a couple, respecting what he wanted and asked, but it seemed that something was missing. 

Xu Qingyue was confused. 

And this time, to try to compete with Shen Shu in the sword, he did not try to use a powerful cultivation base to suppress people. He instead controlled his cultivation base to a realm similar to Shen Shu. 

After dozens of hundreds of moves, he still lost the battle.

Shen Shu took his sword back into its sheath and said indifferently: “You have too many things disturbing your heart. If you continue to practice like this, no matter how many years, you will not be my opponent or Master’s.” 

Xu Qingyue thought for a while, bowed slightly. “Thank you for your advice.” 

When he stepped off the stage, he avoided Chen Weiyuan’s hand that wanted to help him. He whispered softly: “Brother Chen, I want to be alone.” 

Chen Weiyuan was startled, then said warmly: “…Okay.” 

Xu Qingyue walked on Tianchi Mountain Road alone. He stopped under a lone pine and looked at the clouds outside the mountain until the sunset was silent. 

His mind went in circles recalling what Ye Yunlan said to him in front of the gate of the immortal palace. Uphold the heart, don’t disturb it. In another ten years, your sword dao may reach a small success. 

Xu Qingyue looked at the sky and the earth with empty eyes, until the setting sun disappeared from the ground, before he took back his thoughts and made up his mind.

He returned to the immortal palace and walked through the winding corridor. 

The rooms to watch the battle for the cultivators in the Northern Territory were very close. Next to Tan Qing Sect was Tianji Pavilion. 

Before he got closer, he heard someone talking inside. 

“Rong Ran is very grateful to the young pavilion master lending a hand to heal me. But such a precious material, how can I easily accept it…” 

It was the gentle voice of an unfamiliar young man with a soft and weak voice. It made people listening want to dote on them. 

“This thing is useless to me, but it is what Daoist Rong wishes. I cultivate the actions of Tianji and pay particular attention to seizing opportunities. Since I can help grant someone’s wish, there is no reason not to help.” Chen Weiyuan said with a smile. 

“The young pavilion master is broad-minded and makes one look on in admiration. After Rong Ran’s defeat, Rong Ran can no longer ask for treasures from the mountain spirit treasury. The young pavilion has really solved this person’s emergency… then, Rong Ran will accept this item. If the pavilion master needs anything in the future at any time, you can order someone to send me a message. And Rong Ran will naturally… help with anything.” Speaking to this point, it may have been Xu Qingyue’s illusion, but he felt that the soft voice was a bit seducing.     

The door was pushed open, and a man in a green outfit walked out. Xu Qingyue saw that the other party had an excellent face, picturesque eyebrows but a frail body, showing a sense of weakness and inducing a little bit of pity.     

Seeing him, the man in the green outfit settled on his face for a moment, then smiled beautifully and walked away.     

Xu Qingyue stepped into the room, where Tianji Pavilion watched the battles. Only Chen Weiyuan sat alone at the table, and there was no other Tianji Pavilion person.    

 ——Tianji Pavillion never participated in these competitions. Chen Weiyuan only came for him this time.     

It was also convenient for what he was going to say.     

Chen Weiyuan was pouring a glass of wine. He looked up to see Xu Qingyue. He smiled: “Qingyue, you’re back?”     

Xu Qingyue gently nodded, turned around to close the door, then walked to sit down opposite Chen Weiyuan.     

He said: “Brother Chen, I want to tell you something.”     

Chen Weiyuan poured him a glass of wine, then took a wine glass and shook it in his hand: “Yes?”     

Xu Qingyue: “It has already been three years since the appointment of Senior Brother and I being arranged to become dao companions.” 

Chen Weiyuan looked a little softer when he saw him mention it.     

Xu Qingyue continued: “In the past few years, Senior Brother has treated me very well and has taken good care of me everywhere. Qingyue is very grateful. It’s just that the bond of a dao companion couple is a significant event. Qingyue thought about it carefully these past few days, and no matter how I think about it, it feels wrong.”     

“Brother, Qingyue is afraid…that he will have to cancel this arrangement.” 

After saying this, his heart seemed to have dropped a big stone.

The wine glass in Chen Weiyuan’s hand fell. His calm and indifferent appearance finally changed color. 

He seemed to be unable to understand Xu Qingyue’s words. He frowned: “Qingyue, do you know what you are talking about?” 

Xu Qingyue: “Senior Brother Chen, the agreement between us, let’s give it up.” 

The wine glass rolled on the table in a circle, then to the ground, falling into pieces. 

Chen Weiyuan shook his head and smiled: “Qingyue, you shouldn’t be joking with Senior Brother.” 

Xu Qingyue: “I’m not joking.” 

Chen Weiyuan was silent for a while, then said: “Why?” 

He seemed to have thought of something and said, “Qingyue, if you are brooding over what happened with that person earlier, it’s really unnecessary to care about that person and have a temper with Senior Brother. That person is a disciple of the Sky Sect. He was seriously injured for some reason and was rescued by me. He was recuperating for a while, and there is nothing between him and me.” 

Xu Qingyue: “It’s not because of that.” 

Chen Weiyuan said solemnly: “Qingyue, you should at least give me a reason.” 

Xu Qingyue shook his head, his brows tightened. “Senior Brother…you, you don’t understand.” 

He had a thin face, and after he finished talking about this matter, he faced Chen Weiyuan’s gaze. Uncomfortable all over, he didn’t wait for Chen Weiyuan to continue to ask. He got up, walked to the door, and hurried away. 

Don’t understand? 

Chen Weiyuan looked at the open door.

Xu Qingyue once admired him, adored him, and sacrificed his life for him. No one knew him better than himself. 

What is it? What went wrong? 

Chen Weiyuan looked uncertain, then he threw the flask on the table to the ground, got up, and went out. 


Shen Shu’s opponent in the final battle was the Spirit Sect’s Senior Sister, Shangguan Rou. 

In the previous few times when Shen Shu competed in the martial arts platform, Shangguan Rou also came to watch the battle. She admired Shen Shu’s sword dao strength and knew that she was not his opponent. 

It’s just that in the last battle, she still tried her best to fight against Shen Shu for hundreds of moves. 

After the victor was determined, Shangguan Rou wiped the sweat on her forehead and said, “Fellow Daoist’s swordsmanship is superb, I am ashamed. This time’s Leader of the Dao Conference title, fellow daoist is worthy.” 

Shen Shu slightly nodded. 

Shangguan Rou looked at Shen Shu with admiring eyes. The young man’s handsome face was still a little green, but his figure was already very vigorous and tall, and his strength was very powerful. His appearance was something that female cultivators liked.

Although she was older than Shen Shu by more than a few decades, cultivators cared less about age than mortals. Therefore, she could not help but change her way and called out boldly: “Shen Langjun, once the Floating Cloud Summit ends and different factions’ disciples mingle, are you willing to come to where my Spirit Sect sits?” 

(“Langjun” is usually an adoring term to a husband or someone intimate.)

Shen Shu leaned sideways to create more distance. He said lightly: “No. I already have someone I want to please.”

Shangguan Rou was disappointed. What else could she say? Then, she suddenly saw dazzling gold. A phantom of a tree condensed in mid-air. There was also an ancient treehouse on the tree, and the door of the treehouse was opened. There was a golden light inside, but she couldn’t see what was inside.

At the same time, a little girl in red showed up. 

Shangguan Rou knew that the mountain spirit treasury had opened. Those who have won first place in this competition only needed to pray to the mountain spirit to get the rewards they wanted. 

Shen Shu was the leader this time, so he was the first to come forward to pray. 

As soon as he took a step forward and before they saw him praying intently, the mountain spirit took out something from the treehouse and threw it to him, seeming to be a little angry. 

Shangguan Rou was a little curious and leaned over to take a look. She saw a blood-colored Lingzhi lying in Shen Shu’s palm. It was delicate, petite, and very cute. 

Ancient Xinzhi. 

Nine-rank elixir. 

Shangguan Rou had doubts in her heart.

Although nine-rank elixirs were extremely precious, ordinary cultivators would not choose elixirs. Most of them chose rare books or magical weapons, things more beneficial to their path long term.

It was important to know that there is an ancient heritage in the mountain spirit treasure. If you miss out on this opportunity, there would be no other opportunity.

Those who would choose an elixir are generally in urgent need.

 Shangguan Rou observed Shen Shu.

Shen Shu was fierce on the stage. She watched his battles several times. She really liked the look in his eyes when facing his opponent. Otherwise, she wouldn’t make an invitation to the other party abruptly. 

But at this moment, Shangguan Rou realized that Shen Shu was holding the Lingzhi, and his brutality was gone. Instead, there was a tinge of gentleness.

Shangguan Rou felt moved in her heart and asked: “This thing is for the person you admire?” 

Shen Shu: “Yes.” 

Shangguan Rou was a little envious of the person Shen Shu liked. 

She stepped forward to pray to the mountain spirit. After getting what she wanted, she found that Shen Shu had hurried away. 

Probably to give medicine to the person he admired. 

Shangguan Rou sighed, finally withdrawing her feeling of adoration. 

Shen Shu did not return to the immortal palace. He first went down the mountain to buy some things. He walked around Tianchi Mountain, picked what he was looking for, and then spent a few hours in the immortal palace. 

Ye Yunlan laid on the garden chair with his eyes closed, resting. He was covered with a blanket that Nian Er brought to avoid the cold. A few strands of black hair fell down from the chair, and the sky reflected his pale face like snow. 

Furball lay on the table lazily, spread out like a flat cake. 

He watched Shen Shu’s last match, and there was no suspense in winning. 

It was just that the killing intent in his sword was getting deeper. Too cruel. It lost its agility, and there were many flaws.

Ye Yunlan was exhausted after writing down everything.

Before that, he was agitated by Shen Shu, and his mind was turbulent. Although Qiyun Jun had left behind his spiritual power, his body was still slightly injured, and his chest was aching. 

But if he didn’t mention it, no one would know. 

Suddenly, he heard slight footsteps. 

Ye Yunlan opened his eyes and saw that Shen Shu was coming over, holding two things.

Shen Shu put the things on the table, a porcelain bowl, and a porcelain plate. 

The amber-colored soup medicine in the porcelain bowl did not smell bitter, excluding a strange and delicious flavor with the fragrance of Lingzhi. 

“This is the chicken soup that I cooked slowly with the ancient Xinzhi. The chicken is a spirit chicken from the mountain. It was slow-cooked to get rid of the bitterness of the lingzhi. It is easy to eat, and it also has many benefits for Master’s injury.” 

Shen Shu spoke to this point, then he paused. He put the other porcelain plate in front of Ye Yunlan. 

On the porcelain plate, there were several small apricot blossom mung bean cakes sold in the small town under the mountain. The surface of the pastry was also carved with a fine apricot pattern, which looked very delicate and tastes sweet. 

Shen Shu’s black clothes were stained with flour, even his handsome face seemed to be stained a little, but he didn’t realize it. 

His long eyelashes hung down. He looked at him and his eyes burned with tenderness. 

“This is the apricot blossom cake I made. I used the fresh apricot blossoms from Tianchi Mountain and freshly ground mung beans…” 

“Master, do you want to try it?”

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