Sick Beauty [Rebirth] Chapter 62

Chapter 62 Partner

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The surrounding people buzzed with noise, and Shen Shu’s face darkened as he listened. 

Although he heard some cultivators covet his master before, he didn’t expect this group of people to be so straightforward. —— Didn’t they say that cultivators are all pure-hearted? That they have little desires? That they strive for fate and allow things to naturally occur?

The Eastern Sea’s Chaotian Palace’s young master, Hai Jiujiu, saw that his initiative had attracted jackals, wolves, and tigers to Ye Yunlan. Feeling embarrassed, he blushed even harder, then cautiously squeezed out another sentence.

“Senior Immortal, I, I’m sincere. If Senior Immortal is willing, I would like to personally go to the Eastern Continent to ask your noble sect lord for permission. I would also order the sea dragon to ride through the fog and spread red silk for thousands of miles. I will never neglect Senior Immortal even for a little.” 

Ye Yunlan: “…” 

This Hai Jiujiu looked very young, not older than sixteen or seventeen years old.

Not just Hai Jiujiu but also the group of people surrounding him. Judging from their demeanor, they were not over thirty. 

Although he was still under thirty in this life, he had experienced more than three hundred years in his previous life. Now surrounded by a group of juniors wanting to be his pillow, it was very strange. 

The information on his injury was leaked. He was angry, but in the face of a group of juniors, Ye Yunlan had no way of flaring out. 

However, he didn’t want to talk too much on this matter, so he looked slightly cold and said. 

“You are blocking the road, please get out of the way.” 

Hai Jiujiu’s expression froze slightly. His face was already very thin, and he was even more ashamed at this moment. He said hurriedly: “Senior Immortal, yes, I’m sorry…” 

When the Fox Clan girl saw this, she covered her mouth and chuckled. She whispered to the sister next to her, “Bad goods with p*rverted intent but without a p*rvert’s courage.” 

She glanced again at Ye Yunlan in a flirtatious manner and chuckled: “Senior Immortal, please stay for a while. With young master Hai’s body, he would be unable to bear it. Thus, it is normal for Senior Immortal to look down upon him. However, my fox clan is different. The clan sisters absorb essence all year round and know the principles of yin and yang, the universe, and the harmony of life. I am sure that Senior Immortal will be satisfied.”

Hai Jiujiu: “You, your fox eyes are looking down on people!”

His face flushed: “I have the blood of the ancient dragon clan, and I have a body that can return to ancestor. I am fierce and do not just rely on one’s appearance alone! Don’t look at me as if I’m a stupid big fool who just looks tall. When it’s really time to get to business, you can never compare to me!” 

The tall young man from the War Soul Tribe heard this and anxiously said with a loud voice: “My War Soul Tribe also has the blood of the ancient bear clan. In terms of physical strength, we have long-lasting physical fitness. I have never lost to anyone!” 

He stared at Hai Jiujiu, then bulged his arm muscles. The sun shone on his bronze skin, glowing like honey. 

Unwilling to show weakness, Hai Jiujiu stared back but shrank subconsciously. 

There was a lot of noise all around. 

Young people were high-spirited and wouldn’t bow down to anyone, so the more they spoke, the more outrageous it became. 

Ye Yunlan didn’t understand it. 

When the Demon Lord was with him back then, he also said a lot of nasty things. He had to make him blush before he was willing to let him go. 

But this did not mean that he was willing to be treated like a rare commodity by a public crowd. 

He was just about to stop them, but Shen Shu was a step faster than him. 

“You guys… are too presumptuous!” Shen Shu took a step forward, unsheathing the iron sword in his hand. The sword let out a sharp sound. 

The noise quieted down. He still wanted to move forward, but Ye Yunlan raised his hand to stop him: “No need.” 

Ye Yunlan looked at the juniors who were red-faced in contention, then passed over their faces to look away in the distance to the floating clouds. 

His expression was very calm. His eyes looked very empty as if no one in the world could burn a figure into his eyes. 

He said: “I already have a dao companion, I won’t look for another one.” 

Everyone was in an uproar. 

Shen Shu’s hand that held the sword suddenly froze. 

Ye Yunlan’s appearance was nonchalant, and he repeated calmly. 

“Please make way.” 

Hai Jiujiu reacted slowly, showing disappointment on his face. When he saw Ye Yunlan on Floating Cloud Summit, his heart was moved at first sight. It was not an exaggeration to say that seeing him was as if 10000 years flashed by. When he heard of Ye Yunlan’s serious injury, he hesitated for a long time before finally plucking up the courage to come to offer himself. But at this moment, learning that he already had a dao companion, how could he not be sad? 

There was a little mist in his eyes. He took a half step back in silence to make way for Ye Yunlan. 

It was just that the fox girl next to him was bolder and didn’t want to retreat so easily. Instead, she asked: “Dare to ask Senior Immortal who this dao companion is?” The fox race had a different culture from the human race. Even if there was a dao companion, it did not hinder them from courting others.

Ye Yunlan paused and said blankly, “He had passed.” 

The fox girl wanted to say something when she heard these words, but then she saw Ye Yunlan’s long eyelashes drooping slightly with a distinct expression. He obviously showed no expression. However, there was an indescribable fragility. He was like a handful of snow that fell on a winter branch. 

The explicit words that were thought up could no longer be spoken. Instead, a bit of maternal softness emerged strangely. 

She looked at Ye Yunlan for a moment and sighed: “It’s a pity, Senior Immortal.” 

Miao Yue wanted to say something to comfort him, but he came from a barbarian tribe and was really not good at speaking. In the end, he scratched his head and showed a little apologetic expression to Ye Yunlan. Then, he turned his body sideways. 

The people around gradually gave way. 

The fox girl watched the white-clothed fairy pass through the sea of ​​people, followed by the black-clothed, sword-bearing disciple behind him. His figure was distinct, still standing in the mundane world, but it was as if the wind could blow at any moment and whisk him away. She couldn’t help but sigh to the sisters around her: “No wonder Nalan Jiejie persuaded me not to come. With such a character, how can my several words move him? It’s just that when I look at his face, he really will not have a long life. If there is no one to help him, I am afraid that he will not live past a few years.” 


The two, Master and Disciple, walked all the way to the foot of Tianchi Mountain. There were still people who wanted to step forward but were coldly yelled back by Shen Shu, who was already wary. 

He had an impatient face and a fierce look in his eyes as if someone owed him billions of spiritual stones. With a glance, one would feel suffocated, making them want to retreat.

He walked beside Ye Yunlan. His palm clenched and loosened, and he stopped talking. 

But the whole time they walked over to the flying boat, Ye Yunlan didn’t explain anything to him. 

They set foot on the flying boat. 

In the flying boat was the Xumi nagaizi formation, and thus the space inside was vast. Hundreds of disciples were excitedly exchanging the results of the conference. 

Seeing the two entering, they all cast their eyes over. Only one person with a little embarrassment on his face took a sneaky look at Ye Yunlan. Then, he hurried back to his own room.

As soon as he returned to the room, Chen Xianyu turned around and bolted the door tightly. He made a lap around the room with a sad face. He even threw his most cherished beauty book on the side table. 

There was heat on his chest, and a message was sent from the transmission stone. Chen Xianyu paused and sighed. He drew a talisman in the void in his hand, condensing a water mirror.

Seeing his brother’s figure appear in the water mirror, Chen Xianyu bowed his head respectfully: “Brother, I have done what you told me to do.”

With his head down, Chen Weiyuan held the astrolabe in his hand and wiped it. “Good job.” 

Chen Xianyu hesitated, then said, “I don’t know why Elder Brother asked me to spread the news about the injury of Junior Brother Ye. This is not related to the purpose of Brother sending me to Sky Sect. It seems that it has nothing to do with……” 

He had always had a soft spot for beautiful people and always cared for and loved them, but his actions have pushed Ye Yunlan into an awkward spot.

So just now, when he saw Ye Yunlan, he unconsciously avoided him, feeling ashamed. 

Chen Weiyuan looked at him from the side. 

Chen Xianyu suddenly realized that his older brother’s eyes were bright silver at this moment. It was the legendary appearance of one’s bloodline power being stimulated to the extreme.

In this state, the Chen Clan’s stargazing technique was extremely powerful, almost omniscient. 

Chen Weiyuan: “I sent you to Sky Sect to look for the traces of the demonic star. In these three years, you have gained nothing.” 

Chen Xianyu was ashamed. 

Chen Weiyuan: “The demonic star was born, accompanied by the hidden star. The hidden star following the demonic star will allow it to flourish. The two are entangled. If the hidden star is pushed to the cusp of the storm, the demonic star will show its path.” 

Chen Xianyu was taken aback, “Brother, you mean…” 

Chen Weiyuan slowly wiped the astrolabe without saying anything to clarify. He only said: “If you follow that person’s side and investigate carefully, you will find something.” 

He waved his sleeves to disperse the water mirror, then wrapped the wiped astrolabe with brocade and returned it to its original place. He sat in front of his window, raised his hand, and picked a branch of white blossoms from the vase. He held it in his hand, playing with it. 

The bright silver color slowly faded from his pupils, and he pinched the white blossom in his palm. He sighed in a low voice. 

“The tree wants to be quiet, but the wind keeps blowing… Yunlan, you want to live a calm and peaceful life before meeting death, but your husband can’t give you what you wish for.”


“Junior brother, you really have made me look for you these few days.”

He Lanze drank the tea directly, with Ye Yunlan opposite him making tea by hand. He carefully observed Ye Yunlan’s complexion. He knew that his injury was much better, and his worried heart relaxed.

“Since the Crown Prince’s Flying Boat returned, Senior Brother has not been able to find you. I heard that you appeared on the Floating Cloud Summit, but the disciples of the Sky Sect were not able to see you in the place where they watched the battle. Senior Brother was worried about what happened to you and if you were caught by some demon or spirit.” 

Ye Yunlan: “By chance, I met the Tianchi Mountain Spirit. In those days, I was invited by the mountain spirit to be their guest.” 

He Lanze, “So that was the case.” He hesitated for a moment and continued, “Senior Brother has heard rumors about you recently.” 

Ye Yunlan’s tea-making hand paused. He said indifferently: “Yes.” 

He Lanze: “Junior Brother, this matter is definitely not something Senior Brother spread. Do you believe me?” 

Ye Yunlan gave a soft “en” and said: “I believe you.” 

He Lanze took a long sigh of relief and said seriously: “After learning about this, I have warned the disciples in the sect not to spread these rumors. Were there any disciples who didn’t have eyes that approached you today?”

Today, the disciples who recommended themselves to him were disciples from foreign sects. The ones of the same sect were very well behaved, probably due to He Lanze’s warning. 

Ye Yunlan: “No, thank you for your trouble Senior Brother.” 

He Lanze smiled, his expression showing a bit of softness, “Junior Brother, with how long we have known each other, there is no need to thank me.”

“Rumours are rumors, how can the world understand your real injury?” He Lanze whispered. 

After hesitating for a while, he said: “Junior Brother, you know that I have a rare heavenly fire root. Since Tianchi Mountain, I’ve had some realization. In a few days, my cultivation will have a breakthrough. At that time, I will have a 30% chance to subdue the divine fire.” 

Ye Yunlan was silent.

He Lanze waited for a long time but did not receive an answer. He shook his head and chuckled, feeling a little embarrassed. 

However, his face had been tempered these past years. He sat for a while, spoke a few words about sect matters before getting up, and said: “It’s not early. Rest well, Junior Brother.” 

He got up to the door and hesitated again. “Today, I heard that Junior Brother already has a dao companion, is this true?” 

He didn’t take it seriously when he first heard about it. He only felt that this was an excuse for Ye Yunlan to reject those troublesome people. After all, since Ye Yunlan entered the Sect, he had only stayed with Rong Ran. After falling out with Rong Ran, he never got close to others except for his personal disciple. If someone said that Ye Yunlan had a dao companion, he would be the first disbeliever. 

However, Ye Yunlan said this personally, so He Lanze couldn’t help but verify it again. 

Unexpectedly, Ye Yunlan said: “This matter is true.” 

He Lanze’s face stiffened, “When did Junior Brother form this dao companion? Why hasn’t Senior Brother ever met him?” 

Ye Yunlan: “The bond was made a long time ago, so naturally, Senior Brother has never seen him before.” 

He did not lie. 

It had indeed been more than a hundred years since he mentioned the bond contract to that person.

He Lanze misunderstood what he meant and said with difficulty: “Junior Brother is saying that you made the bond before you entered the Sect?” In his heart, he cursed “beast” to the person he made the bond with. 

Before he entered the Sect, how old was Ye Yunlan? 

Some cultivating families do have the habit of arranged marriages. They would ask a stargazer to calculate their compatibility, and the birth date needed to be matched in order to be able to conclude the bond contract. 

He hadn’t heard that Ye Yunlan was from a prestigious family, and assumed that he might have been deceived by someone. After all, Ye Yunlan hadn’t worn a daily mask before he was in Sky Sect, and it was normal for someone to covet him. 

Fortunately, that person was already dead, and the bond contract disappeared naturally. 

With Helan Ze’s cultivation’s eyesight, he could consciously perceive that Ye Yunlan’s virtue was not lost. 

——He still had a chance. 

Ye Yunlan was silent. He Lanze thought he was tacitly agreeing, unwilling to speak more. Thus, he whispered dozens of curses, secretly calling that man a beast before he closed the door and left. 

During the conversation between the two, Shen Shu sat by the bed, wiping his sword. 

His fingertips accidentally rubbed the sword’s blade, and a little bit of red blood came out. Shen Shu raised his hand to lick it and placed the sword into its sheath. Then, he looked at Ye Yunlan sitting at the table.

He wasn’t willing to be silent anymore. He took the initiative to speak. 

“Master, can you tell Disciple what kind of person was your dao companion?” 

When he said this, his tone was extremely low. 

Ye Yunlan looked back at Shen Shu. 

Even though the previous incident was over, he knew that Shen Shu still had an obsession with him. 

——It would be better to take this opportunity to completely cut it off. 

He thought, then replied lightly. 

“He is the only person in this life that Master sees as a partner.”

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